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7 Minute Coach

The Speed of Trust – Exclusive Interview with Stephen M.R. Covey

I’m a big fan of Stephen M.R. Covey.

He was the driving force behind the book which had a HUGE influence on my life “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and he’s the author of “The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything”.

Listen to my 7-minute speed coaching session with Stephen as we talk about how to build trust…

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Internet Marketing

The Marketers Were WRONG (How to Market in the New Economy)

I’ve been to dozens of marketing events where the speaker will say things like “people are dumb”. And it always angered me. My late grandmother used to buy from QVC all the time (and it drove my grandfather insane!). So was my grandmother dumb?

My mom loved shopping so much so was on a first name basis with all the employees at Bloomingdales (seriously).

And all of my other friends and family that are “consumers’.. are they dumb too?

To paraphrase Whitney Houston, “Hell-to-the-NO!”

People used to fall for many of the “marketing tricks” that have become common place, especially in the online world. Things like “scratch and dent sales” and “my server crashed”. Or my all-time favorite – I can only sell “x” number of these ebooks (why would you ever limit the number of ebooks you sell, they are digital!)

But consumers know better now and they 100x more skeptical.

So instead of trying to act like your product or service is perfect – how about admitting your flaws?

Be open. Be honest. Be transparent. Be authentic.

You will gain their trust, build relationships and that, my friend, is how you build a long-term business that’s virtually recession-proof.

Watch this video to see how advertisers are staring to pick up on the overall marketplace skepticism…

Your comments are always welcomed here…

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Let Me Help You…

Normally I would do a video with me flashing my pearly whites – but since I have a bit of a cold (which I caught from all of my kids), it’s better to just write it instead.

So here’s the scoop…

I’m here for YOU.

I want to provide the best advice on this site. In fact, I want this site to become so valuable you really won’t need to go anywhere else (yes, that’s a bold statement – but I’m not here to finish in 2nd place).

Please take just 30 seconds and tell me what you would like me to cover on this site. What are your biggest challenges? Be as specific as you’d like.

I will read EVERY response – and add it to my list of content updates.

Enter it below…

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This Will Start Your Day Off Right!

My good friend, Sean Stephenson, is one of the most inspirational (and funny) guys I’ve ever met. Every time I talk to Sean – I can’t help but smile.

And he just put together a great video that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you feel great.

Here is Sean, in all his glory…

Enjoy and feel free to comment below. I know Sean reads this site and would love to hear your comments:

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Membership Sites Recurring Revenue

Membership Site Consistency

Every month, I held an hour long virtual training for my Platinum Inner Circle Members. And yesterday we spent a lot of time going over membership sites. (The complete recordings will be uploaded to the membership portal next week).

One of our IC members, Alex, runs a membership site for Real Estate investors. The site features interviews with successful investors, case studies, sample contracts and a private forum.

There were a lot of big breakthroughs for Alex as I did a complete membership site analysis.

One of them was “consistency”.

The “members area” did not match the sales message.

For example, his sales copy and images were loud and full of energy. But when you logged into the membership area – everything felt dull.

There were no more benefits (which are important to reinforce why people signed up in the first place)

And the colors were bland. There were no pictures – just lots of text. And no excitement.

The message for the day is carry over your consistency from sales to fulfillment.

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Momentum is a powerful thing.

It’s one of the main reasons so few really “make it” while the masses never get into gear.

If you need a little kick in the ass, then watch this video.

And as he says “if you see an opening… TEAR INTO IT”.

Share your comments below…

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What is REALLY Takes To Succeed Online (it has nothing to do with marketing!)

This week, I went through the process of cleaning my email list.

In addition to all the great content my subscribers get (at least I think it’s great!), I also offered a free report as an ‘ethical bribe’ to stay on my list.

But watch the video to see what happens.. and the lesson in it for you..

As always, your comments, thoughts and even outrage it welcomed!

Become a superhero

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Big Words

I used to work with a guy who liked to use big words. One of his favorites was “pulchritude.” It means “physical beauty,” which is certainly a nice thing to have or to behold. But it sounds like it means something else. A foul smell, maybe, or a state of physical decay. Imagine seeing that word for the first time. If you think it describes something bad, you can’t possibly understand what the author meant to say.

“Notoriety” is a different kind of word. It’s used interchangeably with “fame,” but it shouldn’t be. If you have notoriety, you’re notorious. You don’t become notorious for doing the right thing. You probably want to achieve some level of fame in your chosen pursuit – we all do. But we don’t want that subset of fame we call notoriety.

What happens when you use words like these in your own communications, in your emails, blog posts, articles, and books? Part of the audience will misunderstand your message, because you’ve used words that don’t mean what most people think they mean. And part of the audience will dismiss you because you’ve used a word in a way that suggests you don’t know its actual definition.

Between those extremes is language that conveys exactly what you mean to say, that can’t be misinterpreted.

Think of one of the most famous declarations of the twentieth century, delivered by President John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address in 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Complex thoughts can be expressed with simple words. And simple thoughts can be expressed with words that make them seem profound, if not magical. But nothing worth saying can be expressed with words you or your intended readers don’t understand.

Lou Schuler, C.S.C.S., is a journalist and author or coauthor of many popular books about strength training and nutrition, including, most recently, The New Rules of Lifting for Abs with Alwyn Cosgrove. A former fitness editor of Men’s Fitness magazine and fitness director of Men’s Health, he’s contributed to a long list of newspapers and magazines, including Shape, Men’s Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, and Fit Pregnancy.

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Cool Resources Wordpress

Turn Your Web Site into an iPhone App… For Free?

If you’re web site is not iPhone friendly, your business is losing money. With millions of iPhone users – the cost to make your site “iPhone friendly” has just become… free. It’s a killer plugin for WordPress

Watch today’s episode to discover my new find that turns your site into an iPhone app…

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Internet Marketing

WTF #3 – How Most People Screw Up Their Online and Internet Marketing

I can’t believe how many people screw this one up. If you have done any marketing for your web site – PLEASE watch this short video. I beg you. It will save you time and make your business more money too (always a good thing!).

Another video in the ongoing WTF series…

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