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Become an Agile, "Virtual" Entrepreneur With…

I LOVE running a digital company.

There’s something so free about working from a laptop. Lately, I’ve been spending every morning at a different bookstore or coffee shop doing my “thinking” projects. Everything from copywriting and Inner Circle updates to email newsletters.

And since all of these places also have free wi-fi, it’s a great way to have a change of scenery to keep my creative juices flowing.

One of my favorite tools for going virtual is DropBox. I signed up about 7 months ago – and I’m 100% hooked.

You get up to 2GB of storage for free and can access all your files from any computer.

All of my Word and PowerPoint files are uploaded to my dropbox account – and I never have to worry about losing a flash drive or being logged into one computer.

Believe me, the worst thing that can happen is having all of your important files on a flash drive and losing that drive. It happened two years ago – and it was an absolute nightmare.

Go there now and open a free DropBox account.

Let’s go “virtual” in 2011 together!

Big Opportunity: Let Me Sell Your Products in 2011

2011 is going to be your year. I can just feel it.

How do I know?

For starters, I am going to help sell your products.

Before you get all “Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis?” on me, let me explain.

It’s going to be a MASSIVE network that will reach over 200,000 to start. And it’s going to grow exponentially from there because of the proprietary software I’m having built from the ground up.

And I need great products to sell – and that’s where I can help you.

There’s NO COST for you at all. I sell your products in this new network and receive a commission for what I sell. It’s pretty simple.


Just fill out the form below to apply and have your product featured.


The network and software is going to be tested over the next 3-4 weeks.

Just make sure you have a great product to offer and a really nice discount for the network of ready buyers.

Let’s make 2011 the best year ever.

Are you with me?


My “Semi-Famous” Predictions for 2011 (Part III)

With Part I and Part II of my 2011 predictions in the record books, it’s time to move on to my 3rd prediction for 2011…

Start Selling Shovels!

It’s no secret in the United States during the 1800s Gold Rush the people who got rich (and I mean filthy rich) were NOT the people digging for gold, it was the merchants selling the shovels and axes.

Right now, there are millions of smart people out of work and need income. They are looking for home-based businesses with low start-up costs.

And the people who ARE working, are looking to supplement their income because there’s no such thing as “job security” anymore. Even an extra $500 per month is life-changing for most people.

There’s massive opportunity to create programs, products and offer coaching to people looking to earn extra income online.

**IMPORTANT NOTICE/DISCLAIMER** If you are going to sell programs on how to make money online, it better be high quality and it better work! I’m talking about building a long-term business, not a scammy offer where you charge their card without their knowledge.

There are also big opportunities to teach skilled professionals (coaches, trainers, physicians, brokers, agents, etc.) how to get more traffic to their web sites (I’ll cover that more in a future issue).

Yes, fortunes will still be made in every niche market too (weight loss, gardening, etc.), but I think there’s massive opportunity in 2011 for smart entrepreneurs who can teach money-making skills.

Just be reading my blog and being a part of my Inner Circle, you know more about online marketing than 99% of the population. Seriously!

But if you are going into this world, then you must…

Go Niche

I recommend you go niche and avoid the general “make money online” niche. It’s too competitive and too general unless you have really deep pockets to advertise your programs.

Dig deep into niche markets. Here’s an example of going niches..

Internet Marketing => Paid Advertising => Pay Per Click => Facebook PPC


Online Marketing => Health Care Professionals => Doctors => Chiropractors

So get out there are start selling shovels!

Stay tuned for Part IV coming soon…

*Comments are always welcomed.

My “Semi-Famous” Predictions for 2011 (Part II)

In Part I of my 2011 predictions, I revealed the importance of the personal brand and how you MUST brand to succeed in the competitive online world.

Now, let’s move ahead with Part II…

The Year of Continuity Income

There’s no doubt about it, 2011 will be the year of “Continuity Income.”

It’s no secret that many information marketers were hit hard in 2010 and it wasn’t just the “gurus”. I’ve did 1:1 coaching sessions with over 400 people in 2010, and many of them had strong online businesses go from 10K per month down to 2K per month because of the economy and Google AdWords changes.

Every marketer without continuity programs saw just how important creating ongoing revenue streams are in their business. This need to create continuity programs will only get stronger in 2011.

And, on a related note, as consumers are tightening their belts, I’ve seen just about every continuity program (from software and membership site to print newsletters) start with a low-cost trial offer.

Before the Visa/MC shakedown, “free trials” were everywhere. Even I was using and recommending free trials. But that was virtually eliminated overnight with Visa/MC becoming much more strict on what a free trial can be. If you look at the offers on CPA networks, they’ve all changed their wording from “Free Trial” to “Trial”, “$1 Trial” or “Try Us Now”.

$1 and low-cost trials have become the new standard and this will only continue to gain in popularity. If gives consumers a chance to try your product or service with low risk – and it gets more people in the door. I rarely now see continuity programs start off on day 1 with full price billing (especially with the economy taking a bit hit during the past year)

And there’s a HUGE opportunity being creating. I am asked on a daily basis about helping other product owners about creating continuity programs, but I have more business than I can handle.

Two Opportunities in 2011 for Continuity

Here’s where I would focus my time this upcoming year if I were you…

1. Creating more high-value continuity programs with trials starting under $5
2. Building relationships with other content providers to setup continuity programs for them for a share of the revenue

Stay tuned for Part III…

My "Semi-Famous" Predictions for 2011 (Part I)

Every year, I like to take out my magic 8 ball and make some bold predictions for the upcoming year.

How do I come up with these predictions. Here’s my magic formula…

33% is based on all the trends that I’ve studied and have been gaining momentum in the last quarter of this year

33% is based on my “insider access” to massively successful business owners and “behind the scenes” organizations like merchant account companies

33% is based on my conversations with clients and my knowledge of human behavior.

1% is completely made up by me :)

Ok, so now you know the formula, here’s my FIRST prediction for 2011…

This Will Be the Year of the “Personal Brand”

As consumers are getting more and more distrustful towards “marketers”, building a strong brand that stands for ‘something’ will be the only true way to make it through the shakedown.

When you have a personal brand – then things like a google “slap” or SEO don’t really effect you.

Do you really think people with personal brands like Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Jillian Michaels or Will Smith were effected when Google started coming down on squeeze pages.

So maybe you won’t be the next Oprah, but there’s no reason you can’t build a six or seven-figure business in 2011 with a personal brand in a niche market.

When I started in the fitness industry, I wasn’t famous by any stretch, BUT I was a celebrity in the fitness world. When I would attend events, people would ask if I’m Ryan Lee, take pictures with me and even ask for my autograph. And that industry made me wealthy.

Here are some examples of my clients who are building strong personal brands that are recession-proof in niche-markets…

1. Kevin Gianni – was doing ok in the personal development space. But he made huge gains as he built his new brand “Renegade Health” on his passion for health and raw food. Now, he’s running a 7-figure business doing what he loves. When people now hear the name Kevin Gianni – they think of raw food.

2. Zach Even-esh – another one of my long time clients. He took his passion for out-of-the-box hardcore training – and turned it into a gym, dozens of products and now a certification program called “Underground Strength Coach“. He went from a gym teacher to independent and living a great life with no worries about paying the bills anymore. When people now hear the name Zach Even-esh – they now think of hardcore training.

Do you notice how both Kevin and Zach paved the way in by going against the grain.

Kevin could have just wrote about “general health” and Zach could have played it safe and talk about “weight loss”, but they didn’t.

They found their PASSION and built a brand that doesn’t rely on Google AdWords or SEO. And they’re doing VERY well.

This WILL be the year of the personal brand. So, the question remains, what will you do to build a recession-proof brand in 2011?

Stay tuned for Prediction #2 coming soon…

25 Minutes.. With Me?

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Peep Laja from Traindom. It was my first Skype video interview – and although there was some technical hiccups, it went pretty smoothly.

He asked me about everything from marketing to branding to joint ventures to membership sites.

Jam packed into 25 minutes of pure marketing enjoyment for your viewing pleasure…

Internet Marketing Interviews by Traindom: Ryan Lee from Peep Laja on Vimeo.

What NOT To Get Your Wife or Girlfriend for the Holidays…

My friend, Vince DelMonte, showed me this video – and I just had to pass it on.

With everyone releasing their “Top 10″ holiday gift lists, I thought this was a perfect way to be a bit different.

I’ve been married for over 10 years (and together with my wife for 17+ years) and if you’ve been together with that special woman for a long time – you might be able to relate…

2 Examples of Offline Continuity Programs

Continuity income is EVERYWHERE.

It doesn’t matter where you look. Online or offline, it’s here.

As more traditional businesses are starting to understand the power of dependable monthly income, they are looking for ways to create recurring revenue in their business.

Here are 2 more examples of businesses not normally associated with continuity programs..

CASE STUDY #1 – Massage Envy
This chain of massage spas took a concept normally seen as a “one off” (massage) and turned it into continuity by creating a membership. Your monthly fee includes one massage at a steep discount, and the rest of the massages are also at a discount.

CASE STUDY #2 – Kennedy Barber Club
My friend, Nick Nanton, is one of the founders of this quickly growing barber shop. There’s a membership fee that entitles you to discounted hair cuts, appointments and more.

If these two ‘outside the box’ companies can turn traditional services like massages and hair cuts into continuity income – what can you do?