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5 Ways To Create FREE Videos Online!

First, it was text sales letters.

Then came audio.

And now it’s video. And let’s face it, online video is here and it’s here to stay.

Not only can you use video to sell your products online, you can use it for product creation. I’ve used videos as stand-alone digital products, DVDs and even for coaching.

Creating video doesn’t have to be difficult and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are 3 programs that allow you to create screen capture videos for FREE (most even come with free video hosting!)




Screen Toaster


Happy creating!

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Cool Resources

Outsource Your Tech Team!

Over the years, I’ve hired close to 75 different “techies”. Everyone from hardcore programmers to general webmasters. And they have come from the US, Canada, India, Russia, Pakistan, The Philippines and a handful of other countries.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been using a great freelance site with powerful results so far.

It’s called oDesk.

I’ve used other freelance sites like elance and guru in the past – but oDesk has been quite impressive with their talent so far.

You can open a project for a specific time frame or something ongoing.

Simply create a project, set your budget and programmers from all over the world will bid on your project. You can see their feedback from other projects as well as their portfolio.

If you are looking for tech help – I definitely recommend giving oDesk a try.

Coming soon.. I’ll give you my best tactics for hiring the right person and making sure you don’t get burned!

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Cool Resources

"Spy" On Your Competition

Here’s a very cool tool for all online entrepreneurs.

It’s called “Attention Meter”.

This sweet resource allows you to compare traffic and statistics from multiple web sites at the same time.

Compare traffic from Alexa, Compete, Crunchbase and Quantcast in one place!

Oh yeah.. it’s free!

Attention Meter

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Your Wish Is Granted…

My business partner, Andrew Lock and I are planning a game-changing business/marketing event on April 15-16th in Park City, Utah. That’s right – we’re going to Park City baby! Home of the Sundance Film Festival.

It’s going to be application-only to attend. We only want attendees who are serious about business – and people who can contribute to the group.

There will be NO PITCHING or SELLING. Just 100% pure instantly usable information. Yes, you read that correctly. There will be zero pitching – only content.

We’re renting out the entire prestigious Egyptian Theater, (the same place they hold the Sundance Film Festival).

We already have some incredible speakers confirmed – but I want YOUR input to make sure we’re not missing anyone.

#1. Who is on your dream list of speakers you’d like to see live? Andrew and I have deep contacts, so reach for the stars. And if you have personal connections to any of the names, please contact us and let me know.

#2. There will also be a live musical performance. We’re speaking to a few big names musicians (including two different Grammy winners). So tell us who you’d love to see perform in an intimate setting (Ok, we have to be realistic on this one. Some superstars can run $1 million or more.. so think “big in the 80s” :)

Please post your wish list here and we’ll try to make it come true…

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Your Creative Space

My name is Ryan Lee and I’m a serial entrepreneur.

I can’t help myself. I LOVE creating new business and companies that help people.

You might wonder how I keep coming up with new ideas while still delivering fresh content.

Here’s one of my secrets… you need to find your “creative space”.

The most difficult thing to do is sit in front of your computer, at the same desk, in the same room every day and expect to come up with fresh ideas. I find the same environment, day in and day out, get’s stale. So here’s where I go to unleash my creativity…

My 2nd Office – the Local Bookstore

Within 10 miles of my house are 2 Barnes and Nobles and 2 Borders Bookstores. I like to rotate each of these throughout the week. Lately, I spend the mornings in a different one – and after lunch, I go back to my office for interviews, road maps, etc.

Yesterday was Borders in Wilton, this morning I’m at Barnes and Noble in Stamford.

I always grab a few books and magazines, buy a drink, connect with free wifi and I’m off to the races. I find the bookstore to be a great place to unlock my creativity. Maybe it’s all the books and smell of fresh-brewed coffee, but I am most creative when I’m at a bookstore.

Here are a few tips when working from a bookstore…

1. Join the Club. If they have a “membership”, it’s worth joining. I’m a paid member to Barnes and Noble and get 10% off everything (including food/drinks). And Borders has a free membership which gives special coupons and discounts.

2. Bring Headphones. Sometimes, you’ll have a noisy kid or a person speaking obnoxiously loud on their cell phone. I like to bring headphones, crank up some classical music through iTunes (free radio) and I’m distraction free.

3. Have an Agenda. Make sure to create your “to do” list the night before so you can hit the ground running. And don’t forget to give yourself time for “creative” projects.

4. Get there Early. If possible, get there when the store opens. You’ll have first shot at sitting at a table near an outlet. A big must if you have a laptop and plan on staying for a few hours (otherwise, just give a psychotic stare at a stranger sitting at the prime seat until they eventually move :)

I hope you enjoyed this peak inside the life of a serial entrepreneur.

What are your favorite creative spaces or tips to share?

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