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5 Simple "Non-Business" Changes = Double Your Results

I’ve cut back on my coaching schedule and have just 10 “Diamond” level coaching clients.

We get on the phone every 2 weeks and dig deep into their business.

One of my clients is a very successful entrepreneur in a spanish-speaking market (I can’t reveal his name or market due to privacy). But we were speaking 4 weeks ago and he felt ‘stuck’.

He was starting lots of projects but he was losing momentum.

He was starting to feel disorganized and spinning his wheels.

And his income was starting to drop.

So I took a step back and looked at his business from a ‘non-business’ perspective. I started with going through a “typical” day. And there was no typical day.

His sleep was erratic. He never exercised. He had no schedule at all. And he spent most of his day constantly checking his email.

For those 30 minutes, we went back to basics and put him on a simple schedule. Here is the advice I gave him to follow for the next 2 weeks..

  • Go to sleep at the same time each night
  • Wake up at the same time each day
  • Before you do anything in the morning, do some type of exercise/activity. I don’t care what it is, just get moving (he chose spinning and yoga classes).
  • After you exercise, start on your most important revenue-generating activity.
  • DO NOT check email until you’ve done at least 2 hours of productive work

That was it.

Can you guess the results?

That’s right. He is on fire!

Products are getting completed.

He has 100 times more energy.

He can think more clearly and is having some big business breakthroughs.

When we spoke recently, he sounded like a completely different person.

And it’s the exact things I do every morning (the only difference is I have to help bath and feed 4 kids after my morning workout, but you get the idea :)

Is the advice I gave simple? Yes.

Can anyone follow it? Yes.

Will it make a MASSIVE difference in your business and your life?


So the questions remains.. are you doing the same thing?

And if not – why not?

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SAM Retreat 2011. This Event Will Change Marketing Events Forever…

What: SAM Retreat 2011

When: April 15/16, 2011.

Where: Park City, Utah at the famed Egyptian Theater (home of the Sundance Film Festival)

Why: The entire model of “all pitch and no content” has ruined marketing events. But SAM is going to change that. Each presenter has just 21 minutes to give us their BEST ideas. No drawn out stories, no fluff and absolutely no ‘pitching’.

Who: We are filling the room with the smartest, most innovative and most giving business leaders in the world. This is NOT a typical “internet marketing” event filled with the same old people. Every attendee is a super-star in sales, advertising or marketing.

This event will set the standard for all future business events. The content. The networking. The breakthroughs. The sharing. And yes, it will be fun too!

Here’s just a a sample of a few who are already confirmed to attend this game-changing event…

  • Alex Mandossian – One of the most influential marketers on the planet
  • Mike Koenigs – Founder of traffic geyser. Will discuss new tactics for mobile marketing.
  • Jon Benson – THE originator of the “video sales letter”
  • Gail Kingsbury – Produced events and created platforms for all of the big players including Tony Robbins, Harv Eker and more.
  • Mike Hill – The top online media buyer and traffic expert
  • Travis and Jimmy Vee – The authors of Gravitational Marketing
  • James Malinchak – One of the top speakers and star of upcoming TV show “Secret Millionaire”
  • Kent Emmons – Infomercial producer of a program with 1.1 million members at $10/month
  • Gary Goldstein – Producer of blockbusters including “Pretty Woman”.
  • Andy Miller – One of the world’s leading sales experts
  • Chris Farrell – Top rated marketing coach and in-demand speaker
  • Lonnie Moore – Owner of the Dolce Group and over dozen celebrity restaurants in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

Want to add your name to the list of attendees?

CLICK HERE for a special discount for my subscribers only and bypass the application process.

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Internet Marketing

Take Your Business to the Next Level… Offline!

This weekend, I spoke at an event called “7 Steps to Launch”.

It was not the largest event I have spoken at, but it was still a long way from 13 years ago doing talks in front of a handful of fitness professionals at a gym.

I was allowed to “pitch” from the stage. And believe it or not, it’s not something I enjoy doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rewards from selling (I made more in those 90 minutes on Saturday than I used to make in 6 months as a teacher), but “teaching” is what drives me.

So what does this have to do with your business?

Here’s the kicker.

After I spoke (and yes, I rocked the stage!), I was approached by a few different people. One guy is known as a “super affiliate”. He loved my talk and said he will definitely support my next launch. That affiliate will probably bring in an additional $15K or so in sales.

There were also representatives from 3 large companies that offer back-end coaching. Each of these companies do well over $100 million in sales – and they all want to work with me.

Another attendee is a guy who helps create hundreds of best-selling book campaigns. And he wants to do something together.

But it gets better. Another attendee works for a very big name author. And he is going to connect us this week. Perhaps a potential joint venture? Maybe a webinar? Who knows, but all of this happened by getting on stage.

Which leads me to my point.

No matter what you are selling. No matter your market. No matter schedule.

You MUST learn how to be a powerful presenter and start speaking at industry events. Even if you don’t get paid at first. Even if you’re not allowed to pitch. Get on stage because you never know who will be in the audience.

I can give you literally hundreds of examples of how just one talk brought in thousands. In fact, I gave one talk back in 2007, which led to a product with an attendee, which grossed $1.7 MILLION dollars in just one week.

Just one person can change your life forever – but it doesn’t happen when you only spend your time behind the computer.

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Free "Plug" Day

That’s right – it’s my first annual “Free Plug” day.

Just post in the comments section your name, website, and any sales message you’d like to send to the world.

Maybe you are looking for new affiliate partners, have a new product to announce or perhaps you just want to sell your stuff.

Do it here.

It’s FREE.

A lot of people read visit this site. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Go ahead, plug away below right now!

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Recurring Revenue

Membership Sites Dead? Not a Chance!

Paid membership sites are not only alive, they are thriving.

In fact, major companies continue to roll out new membership sites on an almost daily basis.

Here’s the latest by CNBC. It’s called CNBC “Pro”.

They offer a 7 day free trial (with no credit card necessary). They have monthly and yearly options for membership.

Pay attention to their clean, uncluttered design and simple message. Plus the name “pro” says it all.

Look for more and more media companies to jump on this trend – and you should too!

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Internet Marketing

10 Ways to Get "Sneaky" and "Cheap" Traffic For As Low As $5

Getting traffic is the lifeblood of your business, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are 10 great resources that can find you traffic for as low as five bucks!

These sites are a virtual marketplace with freelances offering to do certain “tasks” for as low as $5.

You can find people to do everything from find you new facebook fans to creating and submitting videos to dozens of sites.

Here they are in all their glory…

If you enjoyed these resources, you are going to love this. – –

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The New Book is Here (Plus Over $1K In FREE Bonuses!)

It’s finally here.

After a year of delays and insanity, my brand new book “Passion to Profits” is ready.

Here are the specs…

  • 215 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 21-day ‘step-by-step’ system showing you how to go from idea to online business

And for a limited time, the book is coming with over $1,000 in FREE bonuses!

CLICK HERE for the book

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