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Is 8 Enough?

During my latest free speed coaching sessions on Facebook, I received the same question a couple of times:

“Is spending 8 hours a week on my Nano Continuity program too much?”

And my answer is.. YES!

My 75/25 Rule

Well, it’s no so much a rule as a strong guideline.

I spend around 25% of my time on content creation, and the remaining 75% on focused activities that will grow my business.

Here are some revenue-generating activities that make up a bulk of my day…

  • Joint venture partnerships
  • Webinars (internal)
  • Webinars (to other lists)
  • Social media marketing (facebook, youtube, etc.)
  • Interview other experts
  • Interviewed for other sites/blog
  • Calling top producing affiliates
  • Targeted discussion forum participation
  • Article writing/distribution
  • Speak at events
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing

That’s just the tip of the Iceberg.

So here’s the question of the day.. what are YOU doing everyday to GROW your business? (feel free to leave your comments below)

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My Brand New Cutting-Edge Organizational Tool.. Just $1.99!

I’m always trying new ways to stay organized and productive.

As my list of businesses (and the size of my family) continue to grow, staying organized is a must.

So last week, I decided to take it “old skool”! I went to Staples and picked up a composition notebook.

That’s right. For a buck ninety-nine, I purchased a 200 page notebook.

For the past year or so, I’ve been using iGoogle to keep track of my daily to-do’s. But lately, it’s become unruly. So I went back to basics.

The Notebook Returns

Oh notebook, how I missed you so.

When I first started my online business back in 1998, I used a simple notebook to stay organized.

All of my contacts, to-do lists and follow-ups were stored in there.

Since it’s not possible to keep thousands of my contacts in a notebook anymore (thank you gmail!), I am now using the notebook for my daily ‘to-dos’

It’s So Simple

Before I leave my office for the day, I spend about 10-15 minutes going over my important things to get done for the next day.

It could be tasks like “finish sales video” “create webinar presentation” “call 10 potential affiliates” “write an article”, etc.

Then, when I arrive the next morning, I hit the ground running.

And notice how I didn’t write things like “check email”. That’s done in chunks only AFTER my important tasks are completed.

When a task is done, I just cross it off. And let me tell you, crossing off that completed task feels REALLY good.

In a world that’s plugged in 24/7, there’s something that feels so natural about simply unplugging and writing in a notebook.

Oh, the joys of simplicity.

And for just $1.99, you can’t go wrong.
How do YOU organize your business? Comment below…

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Free "Speed Coaching"

Things have really been cranking here at RL Headquarters.

My trusted staff, Shirley and Demetria, have been getting flooded with hundreds of business/marketing questions. And since I only have 24 hours in the day, it’s just not possible for me to answer every question in details.

So, following the lead of my good friend Alwyn Cosgrove, I’m going to spend more time on Facebook answering your questions with “Speed Coaching”.

It’s my way of helping my loyal subscribers (and still having time to enjoy with my wife and kids!).

Here’s what to do..

Step 1: Go to my Facebook page and click “LIKE”

Step 2: Watch the updates to see when the next Speed Coaching session is taking place (I will also update you through email – so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter at the top of this site).

Step 3: Get on the post and ask away. I’ll answer EVERY question that comes my way during the session.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Lessons of a Last-Minute 6 Figure Product Launch (Part IV)

We are now on Part IV of the ongoing series taking you “behind the curtain” of my recent super-fast six-figure product launch.

Part I – Don’t be THAT Guy
Part II – The EPC Myth
Part III – Motivating Affiliates

Now, in Part IV, I dig into a strategy that motivated the Top affiliates.

Top Affiliate Motivation

So you see how my contest for the “Top 10” Vegas experience got a lot of people who were “on the bubble” motivated to mail over and over.

But what about the Top 2 or 3 affiliates?

If they already secured the Top 10, what would get them mailing again?

Ego (And Some Extra Prizes!)

For the Top 3, I created “titles”.

If you came in first place, you were the “Top Dog”.  Second place was the “Playa”. And so on…

And in addition to the title (after all, who doesn’t want to be top dog?), the affiliate with the most sales also got some other perks…

  • $1K in chips (or cash) at the casino
  • Private car pick-up at the airport
  • 1 bedroom suite (instead of a traditional room)
  • Massage at the spa

The next spots were given other titles, and the gift value declined. So instead of $1K in chips, second place got $500. And third place got $250.

When they see their name in the number 2 spot – and they’re just 15 sales behind first place, they will be motivated to be #1.

Did this work?

Heck yeah.

The top 5 were mailing over and over again to try and break into the Top 3.

It was worth at least an extra $25K in sales.

In the next part of the series, I’ll share THE one thing that set this apart from other launches.. and it’s the #1 mistake 99% of marketers make.

Now, click here to get more “inside dirt” for just one measly buck.

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