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Why So Few People WIN – and Most Others Lose…

Let me set the stage.

It’s late Wednesday night around 9pm. My wife and I are having a date night in our favorite after-dinner place.. Barnes and Noble.

I start thinking about what everyone kept asking me at my last Continuity Summit – “what’s next?”.

So it hits me like a ton of bricks.

Call a friend who has done some KILLER products – but we’ve never worked together on a product. And lets see if we can come up with something great together.

I pick up my iPhone, dial his number and stand outside so I can have some privacy.

He LOVES the idea of working together. I tell him that I’ll be in Vegas TOMORROW morning (yes, on Thursday) with all of my top affiliates and he should come. He can network and we can tell the affiliates about our new product too!

Now this is where the winners are separated from the rest of the crowd…


They would make excuses. “Oh, I can’t make it tomorrow, not enough notice”, “It’s too far”, “I’m tired”, and on and on…

They would have wanted to think more about it. They would NOT have come, especially with just a few hours notice to fly cross country to Vegas.


My friend said, “I’m in! Let me just double check with my wife and book a flight.”

He knew how valuable the experience would be. And getting to network with a new group of marketers is priceless.

And at 3pm, Las Vegas time, we’re all hanging out by the pool in a cabana and my friend walks right in. 105 degrees of Vegas heat. With all of his clothes stuffed into a backpack.

That’s how a winner rolls…

Winners move fast.

Winners NEVER make excuses.

Winners embrace a challenge.

Winners do what it takes to WIN.

Right now, I can guarantee there are a lot of people who are reading this post are already thinking of the negative and the excuses – “sure, that guy can afford to fly to Vegas last minute – I don’t have the money” or “I have a full-time job and can’t just pickup and leave” Blah, blah, blah.

And I’d say to them, if you REALLY want it – you find a way…period!

You sell something. You borrow money from a friend or family member. Heck, you hitchhike if you have do. You call in sick. You find someone to watch your kids for a day.

I wish I had a dollar for everyone who told me they couldn’t make it to one of my events because “it was too far” – and they LIVE within a 4 hour drive.

At the latest Continuity Summit, we had people fly in from as far away as Israel, Australia and New Zealand to attend, but yet someone just a few hours away complained it was too far.

I bet you can guess how successful those excuse-makers will be.

And on the 5 hour flight to Vegas I worked my ass off and knocked out an entire sales letter for a new ebook – while most of the other people on the flight read trashy magazines or watched Laverne and Shirley reruns. Yet they complain they don’t have time or money to invest in learning more (I also bet a large percentage of those heading to Vegas were going to shell out some bucks on Blackjack!).

It’s purely a question of prioritizing what’s important to you.

“But Ryan, I don’t have time…”

I used to work 17+ hours a day. Training clients in the morning, working a full-time job, training clients after work, then taking night classes. Only to come home at 10 at night to work on my web site for another couple of hours.

Know what drives me insane?

When people say “Ryan, you’re SO LUCKY!”.

Lucky? Are you kidding me?

Do you know how many years of hard work and how many thousands of hours of studying marketing it has taken me to get where I am today?

Over a fucking DECADE of blood, sweat and tears – so I can take all of this information and condense it down to my subscribers in easy to understand chunks?

Luck ain’t got nothing to do with it, my friend.

The excuses and bullshit end today.

How BADLY do you really want success? And I mean REALLY want to succeed?

P.S. Winners also read this book :)

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What is the Biggest Marketing Mistake Ever Made?

The past 2 days I’ve done two radio show interviews.

One for an online show called “Get Rich Radio” and another for a local station in Greenwich, CT.

Both show hosts asked me the same question.. “what is the #1 mistake most people make when marketing online?”.

That’s a REALLY tough question because there are SO MANY mistakes people (including myself) make over and over again.

I’ll cover a BIGGIE today.


If you’ve been paying attention to this site and my facebook page, you see how I am always asking for your feedback. I don’t “guess” what you want – I ask and you tell me.

Then I do my best to deliver what you want. And when I deliver a product, I really try to over deliver with value.

It’s rather simple – but it works.

Most would-be entrepreneurs have it the other way around. They have an idea for an ebook, they work on it for months, create a sales letter and then wonder why they don’t make any sales.

It’s because no one wanted it in the first place.

I don’t care how good you are at PPC advertising and marketing, if no one WANTS your product (and I mean really want your product)- it just won’t sell.

Here are some simple ways to survey your market..

  • Read your blog comments
  • Read comments on OTHER competitor blogs
  • Go to niche forums and see what common questions keep coming up
  • Join related Facebook groups and see the conversation
  • Ask them using

Hey, I love talking as much as the next guy – but there’s a time to shut up and LISTEN.

People will TELL you want they want, then it’s your job to deliver a homerun.


P.S. You can avoid all the mistakes by following my 21-day plan in my new book, Passion Into Profits.

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Why You MUST Reinvent To Stay Relevant

I am accused of many things in my business – but being stagnant is NOT one of them.

If you’ve followed me over the past decade or so, you’ve seen a lot of changes. New sites, new logos, new business models, new software, new markets, etc.

So the question is… WHY?

Why do I spend so much time and effort always changing?

Back before the web, a business can have one logo, one mission and rely on one way of marketing themselves. But those days are long gone.

I’ve personally seen people build an entire business around just one marketing method or USP – and see it become irrelevant almost over night.

Don’t believe me.

Ask anyone who had relied almost exclusively on Google Adwords to market their business, only to be unceremoniously “slapped” by google. And 80% of their business is gone overnight.

Or the person who built their entire platform on charging a premium fee for a software program and have their legs taken out by a new company that offers a better service for FREE (because they have a big backend product or advertisers with big pockets).

You must move fast. And I mean really fast. And you can NEVER be happy with your current business.

Our supplement company, Prograde, is doing really well, but we are ALWAYS looking to change up the site, formulate new products, create new content and try new marketing tactics

Once you are content with what you have – you are a sitting duck.

Just ask many of the “gurus” who were raking in the bucks just 24 months ago and now they are struggling to pay their bills. They are the same guys who now pay ME to coach them on how to start over and build a relationship driven business because they got content.


People want the newest and freshest, there’s zero doubt about it now.

Your longevity (how long you’ve been in business) means almost nothing now.

I’ve been marketing online for over 11+ years now and NO ONE (not a single person ever!) made their decision to buy my products based on how long I’ve been online. No one has come up to me after I speak and ask “hey, I’d love to buy your product, but exactly when did you start your business?”.

There are new marketers who were barely out of diapers when I started – who have pulled off seven figure launches because they are NEW.

No one cares if you’ve been in business since 1982. In fact, sometimes that can actually hurt you since your potential customers might think your business is stale.

They don’t care about YOU or what you’ve done. It’s only what you can do for them NOW.


First, be honest with yourself. When was the last time you made a drastic change in your business? Or your marketing? Or your list building? Or your web site?

When was the last time you truly surprised your customers?

Then, look at your competition to see what they are doing – and ask yourself “how can I kick their ass?”

Seriously, what can you do in your business, your marketing and your positioning to really dominate your market?

Here are a few things to look at in your business…

  • Web site: If it looks like your site was built in 1999 with geocities, then please for the love of god, step into 2011. A simple wordpress site will do just fine!
  • Graphics: Spend a few dollars and get professional looking graphics. You’d be surprised how far $100 can do with a decent designer.
  • Pricing: How can you offer even MORE value for your customers than your competitors do?
  • USP: What do you really stand for? What makes your different? Can you change your current USP?
  • Your Market: Can you niche your market down even more so you can be #1 in that sub-niche?
  • Name: Does your business/product name convey what you are selling? Is it memorable?

Look at all the big rock stars that still sell out stadiums decades after they began?

U2. Bruce Springsteen. Madonna (ok, maybe she’s technically not a “rock” star and I think her music blows, but that’s not the point).

They didn’t just put out one album 30 years ago and sit back.

They all continue to crank out new products (CDs) and try new genres. They continue to hit the road to promote their new stuff (marketing).

So the question remains.. are you ready to be a rock star and reinvent your business?

Are you ready to surprise your customers? Are you ready to shake things up?

Please get involved below and share your comments and stories with the rest of the world…

P.S. If you want a blueprint, pick up a copy of my new book here.

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How Can I Help You? (Free Continuity Summit 3 Recordings!)

Ok, I admit it.

The Continuity Summit was the best live event I’ve ever put on (based on seeing the video testimonials, reading the feedback forms and just feeling the energy in the room!)

But after 3 days of leaving it all on the floor.. it’s Monday and I’m fully exhausted. It’s amazing how much energy you can exert just speaking on stage.

So here’s what I propose.

Tell me what YOU would like to learn.

In other words, what are your goals? What content would you like me to teach on this site? What do you want to learn?

**Just comment and I’ll pick a random winner. And the winner gets the recordings of the Continuity Summit 3 for free!**

As Jerry Maguire so gracefully said “HELP ME, HELP YOU!”

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and continuing to help you on your journey to an even better life.

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Have I F'd Things Up?

This morning, I had a deep conversation with one of my long-time clients, Zach Even-esh.

We talked about his journey from working around the clock – to a very comfortable living spending more time with his wife and young children.

But we also discussed the current state of the fitness industry.

You see, that’s where I started. And when I began first teaching fitness online in 1999 and then transitioning to helping my fellow fitness pros build their business – things were much different in that industry.

Personal trainers did one thing. Train. That’s it. They loved HELPING their clients and so did I.

At the time, they focused 100% on improving their training skills – but always neglected their business and don’t even get me started about their marketing skills.

I remember having a booth at my event – and selling some of my business kits. A trainer would ask me about the products, I would explain how much they would help their business and it’s just $197. And I’ll never forget them saying “it’s too expensive” and walk to the next booth to plop down $500 for yet ANOTHER certification program. Seriously!

Again, improving your craft it vital – but it’s only 1/2 of the equation.

And from day 1 I told them there must be a balance. You must have 50% of your time dedicated to improving your craft and the other 50% focusing on enhancing your business skills.

Unfortunately – that message has gotten lost along the way.

Now the fitness industry has become filled with a bunch of sharks looking for a quick buck. A handful of ruthless marketers prey upon the trainers.

And now a lot of the trainers spend all of their time on the business – and just throw together whatever shitty workouts they can. It’s become really sad – and I can’t help but feel partially responsible for what has happened to my beloved industry.

Their “copy” is just a bunch of hyped-up headlines. And they are pretending to be someone they are not.

And to clear things up – I ain’t no saint. I’ve done lots of dumb things too. I’ve done those expensive $10K mastermind groups – and I should have been more ruthless about who was ready to participate.

Plus, I taught some hardcore marketing tactics that I probably should have kept to myself all those years ago. I’ve screwed up too many times to count – and will likely continue to screw up.

All these years later – not a day goes by that my team and I don’t get an email from a fitness pro asking when I am “coming back” to the fitness industry to help clean up the mess it has become.

The answer is… don’t be surprised if I have another fight in me! I’m not done yet…

Message for Any Non-Fitness People

Ok, so how does this rant relate to you if you’re NOT a fitness professional?

It’s simple. Work on your CRAFT.

Just because Facebook marketing is a hot trend now, don’t think you can throw together a Facebook marketing course if you suck at it (yippee, you have 400 fans on your fan page – you’re an expert!).

Don’t create a 19.95/month membership site teaching people how to make money with a membership site if this is your ONLY membership site. (seriously, this really does happen and it would be really funny if it wasn’t true).

Dig deep into your topic. I’m not saying you have to spend 10 years learning Facebook marketing BUT you have to be dedicated to it. Then, you take action, give it everything you’ve got and you don’t stop until your last breath.

If you want any type of longevity in today’s highly competitive online space – you must specialize and dominate.

Yes – marketing is key. Without marketing you have nothing. But don’t make the mistake of taking your eye off your craft as well.

Business, just like life, is all about BALANCE.

When you find that passion, dig in deep, take action and find that delicate balance – YOU WIN EVERY TIME.


What do you think? Post your comments, thoughts and rants below.

P.S. Click here to get my system for online dominance.. for $5.

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Want to Make Lots of Money? Put Down Your Books!

First, a disclaimer.

I LOVE books. I read at least one a week (and listen to another 2 a week in iTunes).

99.9% of my books have to do with business, marketing, self-improvement and health. It’s my choice since I really enjoy those topics. I can spend hours just combing through the stacks of books at Barnes and Noble and the New Canaan Library.

BUT – there comes a time when you must put down the books and GET SHIT DONE!!!

That’s right. Stop “waiting” to take action until you read that next book or buy that shiny new course.

Most people I deal with either through coaching or just in day-to-day life never get stuff done. They are ALWAYS making excuses.

“But Ryan”, they say, “How can I start blogging? I need to read the 5 new books about blogging. And I just bought “Blogging for Dummies” so I need at least another 3 months of research before I can start my blog”

Blah, blah, blah….

It makes me insane!

Stop lying to yourself.

Stop making excuses.

The only way to succeed is to finally TAKE ACTION. You will never know everything. It’s not possible so don’t even try.

There’s an old quote that goes something like “you can tell how rich a man his by the size of his library”. And I agree to a point.

I know people with hundreds of books, but they didn’t do anything with that knowledge so it didn’t make them rich.

One of the first business books I read was by Jeffrey Lant years ago and took immediate action on what I learned. It started me to multiple seven-figure businesses. Again, just one book – but I took action. I didn’t need an entire library – just one book and a never-give-up spirit.

NOTHING was (or is) going to stop me from succeeding. Nothing!

Should you read and always learn? 100% yes!

But there comes a time (and it usually is much sooner than you realize) where you need to get off your ass and get something done.

Again, I don’t care if it’s a blog. Or a Facebook fan page. Or writing articles. Or creating a YouTube video. Or writing an email to a potential JV.

So put down the book. Cut the bullshit. And get something done TODAY.

Then, after you take action, pick up the book and read a little more.

Rinse and repeat.

Are you with me?

P.S. If you want to take action, check this out.

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How To Be #1 In ANY Market

If you are in this game (the game of selling products/services online), then you MUST play to win.

And if you really want to WIN – then here’s a great place to start.

Niche the hell out of your market.

In other words, don’t try to be everything to everyone. That’s rookie mistake #1.

On the thousands of coaching calls I’ve done over the years – the first question I always ask is “WHO are you selling to”.

And about 60% of the time the answer is something like “my product/service really works for everyone!”.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

You must keep narrowing down your target market until you find an opening where you can be the top dog.

As you may know, I started off in the “fitness” market. But instead of trying to be a general fitness guy, I picked a sub-niche of strength and conditioning coaches.

These coaches are men and women who specialize in training athletes. That was well over 11+ years ago – and since then, the market has sub-divided even more.

On of my early coaching clients, Zach Even-esh loved doing hardcore training. So we positioned him as the #1 “underground” strength coach. Since then, he has left his job as a gym teacher, has dozens of products in that market, his own training studio and now a certification. All of this was done by choosing that sub-niche and putting lots of sweat into being #1 in the marketplace.

Another client, Jason C. Brown set out to become the top guy for Kettlebell Training for athletes. And he’s also accomplished that goal – with products (and like Zach), now has a facility and a certification too.

Brian Grasso wanted to be the #1 person for youth conditioning. And a few years later, he is the undisputed leader in that marketplace as well.

They all went after the goals with 100% focus and a really strong work ethic. There was no “push button” software.

And if any of them had chosen to just be a “general” fitness guy, I have no doubts they would not have the success they’re currently enjoying.

What Is Your Niche?

How can you drill down you market into an even tighter market so you can be #1 in the eyes of your customer?

Feel free to post your comments, questions and even your niche market here!

BTW, if you want to become a rock star in your market for just $5, click here.

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