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Robo Commissions.. Saturday Launch?

If you want to succeed, sometimes you’ve gotta challenge the “established” rules.

So that’s why I am choosing to launch Robo Commissions tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday and yes, that’s a blatant plug!).

Who cares that I’m launching on Saturday? What does this have to do with you?

Well, for some reason about 5 years ago – one person “launched” their product on a Tuesday, made a killing – and that was all she wrote.

Now EVERYONE launches on a Tuesday. But you can guess what happens, can’t you?

That’s right – you are now competing with dozens of other offers in your niche market because everyone else is promoting on that day.

I’d rather play on a less crowded field.

I’d prefer to be the only food vendor at a busy shopping mall than one of 30 other vendors all fighting for a the same customer.

So tomorrow, on October 1st, I’ll have almost no competition. The field will be wide open.


But what about open rates? Don’t they go down on the weekends?

Here’s my philosophy..

When product launches became part of the information marketing vocabulary all those years ago – the Internet (and people’s surfing habits) were MUCH different.

Not everyone and their mother had a laptop with wireless Internet.

Not everyone had Internet at home (you do, don’t you?)

That was then people mostly used email and the Internet for “work” and not much else (well, maybe porn too!).

Back then, places like coffee shops and bookstores CHARGED $10 to $20 for a few hours wireless web access (now, it’s free).

Heck, you can go to any public library or even hotel lobby and get FREE Internet access.

And, think about YOUR web habits. Be honest and REALLY think about it.

I’m willing to bet you go online and check your email at least ONCE on Saturday, don’t you?

C’mon – be honest.

In fact, I bet you check your email 2, 3 or even 8 times on the weekend.

You are probably shaking your head in agreement as you’re reading this. It’s ok.. you can come clean.

That wasn’t the case 4 or 5 years ago – but everything has changed.

I’ve had good success with Saturday emails. I suggest you try it to.


The minute everyone starts telling you that you MUST do something a certain way.. that’s the perfect time to start thinking differently.

That’s where the golden opportunities await you.

And in those spots. Those places where no one else has the balls to go.. that’s where YOU make a fortune.

That, my friend, is why I’m going to rock the house on a Saturday – while my competition sits on their asses and waits for Tuesday.


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The Rosh Hashanah "New Years" Checklist for Unlimited Success Online

Today is Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year. It’s the year 5772 (thank you Wikipedia – I never said I was a very observant Jew :)

Even if you don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, why not make TODAY the day to start some new goals.

And keeping with the theme of this site – I’m going to make it simple for you to reach your goals. So instead of focusing on 5 to 10 things – let’s break it down to just ONE GOAL.

That’s it, one simple goal. Are you with me?

Here it is…


There is so much noise online. So much competition.

When I first started back in 1998/99, my first site got to the top of the search engines for ALL my keywords – usually in a matter of hours.

Why? Because very few fitness professionals had an email address back then – and you can forget a web site.

Fast forward to 2011 (or should I say 5772), there are hundreds of thousands of fitness and sports training sites fighting for clients.

So you MUST do what you can do stand out.

To be make noise.

To be different.


With my Robo Commissions coming out soon – we have a lot of affiliates battling for the top prize. And there is a duo of marketers who are working together. Their businesses generate millions of dollars each year. But they want to win this contest – badly.

So what are they doing to STAND OUT?

They contacted me and simply asked if I can do a video interview for their list. The only time we could do it was 10pm last night. We were both tired – but they knew that EXCLUSIVE video would stand out among their competition.

These guys didn’t make excuses. They thought differently and got their hustle on.

While most other affiliates will simply promote a link – these guys are going the extra mile to make noise in what will be a busy promotion.

Do you wonder why THEY are making millions?


Here are a few actionable ways to stand out this year and beyond…

  • Pick a Fight: Every market has an “enemy”. It could be the Government, big companies, lazy people, conservatives, liberals, etc.. It doesn’t matter – just pick one and rally the troops!/li>

  • Draw a Line in the Sand: Don’t be afraid to take a stand in what you believe in. You WILL find people who agree with you – and they will be loyal until the end.
  • Never Be Boring: Never, ever put out a blog post or video that is boring. Never. Got it?
  • Be Raw: Now more than ever, people want real. They want raw. So don’t stress over professional video production – just get it out there and they will respond. Did you notice I put “Rosh Hashanah” in the title of this post? It’s my faith and I’m just being me. Be YOU and never hide who you are.
  • Be Controversial: It’s ok to have some controversy. Just make sure you have thick skin because there WILL be lots of “haters”. Just don’t engage in the negativity.
  • Go On A Marketing Blitz: Over the course of 30 days.. do EVERYTHING you can to market the hell out of yourself. Interviews, guest blogging, comment on blogs, comment on forums & facebook groups, etc.
  • Niche Down Further: If your market is too crowded, keep narrowing your focus until you can be THE #1 player. Here’s an example.. Fitness => Sports Training => Baseball => Kettlebell Training for Baseball.
  • Be Prolific: Most people give up – but not you! Keep communicating with your subscribers. Do it FIRST thing in the morning BEFORE you check your email. Believe me, they will appreciate your effort and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Entertain: It’s not JUST about the content. You can make even a boring topic like accounting fun – can’t you?

That’s just a starter..

There’s more to come.. as you know – I’ll continue follow my own advice and be “prolific”. After all, when you LOVE what you do – it’s not work. And I really LOVE helping people.

Now, figure out what you were put on this planet to do – and STAND OUT starting NOW!

P.S. This is where I usually give a gentle plug for one of my products.. but it doesn’t feel right doing it on one of my holy holidays.


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Inner Circle Training #3: How To Force Google to LOVE Your Blog (Part II)

We pick up right where we left off last session.

David Sinick dives into powerful link building tactics, answers your questions AND we give you a complete summary of your next ACTION STEPS.

Enjoy your next Inner Circle training… yes, I know. It rocks!


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Finally! Revolutionary New Software Makes Creating Your Own Graphics Super-Simple (Live Demo Video Replay!)

I did a “top-secret” webinar for just a handful of my coaching clients as a test.

And they flipped out over the program – so I decided to let you check out the replay right here.

You’ll see EXACTLY how you can create you own killer graphics in just a few minutes (and save a lot of money!). I’m talking ebook covers, ipods, ipads, membership cards, manuals, software boxes and much more…

And the best part is, it’s so friggen easy.

Be prepared to be blown away.. I wish I had this 10 years ago!!


P.S. Yes, it’s an affiliate link and I will receive a commission when you purchase.

P.P.S. I have my own account and I’m setting up my assistants too so they can create these graphics for us really quickly. If you sell any information products online – you MUST add this to your toolbox today. You’ll thank me for it.

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How To Make BIG Money By Staying Small – The Checklist!

I don’t know about you – but I like being “small”.

I’m not talking about my height (although I’m 5’8″ – I am still the tallest in my family!), I’m talking about the size of my business.

In business, it comes down to one very important (and overlooked) fact…

It’s not what you make… it’s what you KEEP that matters!

I’m not sure about you – but I’d much rather have a business that grosses $5 million in revenue (with $3 million in profit) than a business with $30 million in revenue and just $500,000 in profit.



The first step is to figure out what type of LIFESTYLE you desire.

Do you want a large business with a big office and dozens of employees?

Or would you rather keep it lean with little overhead (and some of the isolation that comes along with it).

For me, it’s a no-brainer.

Lifestyle, freedom and as little stress as humanly possible is my goal.

I’ve seen too many wanna-be entrepreneurs spend all their cash unnecessarily. Don’t make that mistake.

Here’s a simple checklist to keep your business SMALL and PROFITABLE.

  • Ditch the office: Only get office space when 100% necessary. Otherwise find a space at home (it can be a closet with a desk), or bring your laptop to the library, coffee shop or bookstore
  • Outsource instead of hiring full-time employees: Whenever possible, hire people on a project by project basis. You can even find customer support on an hourly basis.
  • Self-fund: It’s so inexpensive to create an information product. Do it youself first so you can take the profit and self-fund your next product
  • Cheap furniture: I have a friend who spent over $45K on office furniture! Are you insane? When we started prograde we bought $25 desks from Staples and used stability balls as a chair. Seriously!
  • Think Multi-Purpose: Buy a printer that can serve more than one function. Most now can also make copies and fax too.
  • Work In The Cloud: I keep all of my word docs and powerpoints on Dropbox. I never have to remember a flash drive (or worry about losing it!)
  • Forget the Gadgets: Start with just one computer – preferably a laptop so you can work wherever you want (Yes, I’m a Mac snob – but I highly recommend the MacBook Air. Built in video camera, iMovie for editing and it’s perfect for an online entrepreneur)
  • Outsource Products: Instead of spending thousands of dollars on inventory, use a company like or Selby marketing to products, store and ship your products.
  • Go Guerilla: Start with FREE marketing tactics. Blogging, guest blogging, facebook fan pages, commenting on blogs/forums, etc.

  • Credit Cards: If you’re testing the online waters… instead of spending thousands on shopping cards and merchant accounts – try it first with 3rd party merchants like or Paypal.
  • Get Bids: Rather than hiring a “local” firm for $10k to build your web site – get bids from marketplaces like and

Follow these strategies and you can thank me for it later!

Be smart. Be frugal. And kick ass.

Your coach has spoken…


P.S. If you want to see EXACTLY how I build a seven figure MONTHLY business with just a laptop at a coffeeshop – click here.

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How to Create a Powerful Name for your Continuity Program (The Checklist)

Never, ever underestimate the power of your product NAME.

The right name can make you money on day 1 and the wrong one… well, let’s just say having the wrong name really, really sucks.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve come up with well over 100 names in the fitness and marketing space.

Everything from Mike Hill’s CPA Tsunami and Kevin Rogers and Ben Johnson’s Conversion Kings to Andrew Lock’s Nifty Clicks. And I couldn’t even begin to list all the fitness names I’ve created (if I created one for you, share it with us in the comments below).

I’ll write more in upcoming posts about my methods for creating memorable branded product names – but for today’s purpose, let’s stick to naming your “Continuity” program.


I’ve lost track on how many continuity programs I’ve created over the years. And one thing I’ve learned over the years is getting people into your continuity program is definitely a challenge. So nailing the right name is essential.

And when I say “continuity” program, it can be a membership site, nano continuity program, print newsletter, online community, etc.

You must have a name that is powerful, memorable and gets people excited about joining.

So here’s a simple checklist (well, it’s more of an idea generator but “checklist” sounds cooler) to give you some ideas for your next continuity program. Just add another name/benefit/keyword at the front and see what gels..

  • Blueprint
  • Digest
  • Gazette
  • Journal
  • Monthly
  • Newsletter
  • Periodical
  • Secrets
  • Report
  • Dirt
  • Scoop
  • Owner
  • Experts
  • Legends
  • Giants
  • Gurus
  • Breakthrough
  • Inner Circle
  • Coaching
  • Review
  • Weekly
  • Insider
  • Masters
  • Case Studies
  • Underground
  • Renegade

And this list is just scratching the surface. I get paid $1,000 an hour for my branding advice – and you just got some love for free.

Who says marketers don’t give back :)


P.S. If you want to build your own continuity program that pays you month after month – join my Inner Circle and get access to ALL of my $2k continuity coaching systems AND all 3 continuity summmit videos.. for just $47. Go there now before these bonuses disappear…

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Robo Commissions Is Coming October First… Sneak Peak Here…

I know not everyone wants to build a full information marketing business. This became clear during a long lunch with my dad a few weeks ago.

Yes, there are other ways to make money online. Way behind the scenes, I’ve made money with affiliate programs, videos, domain names, etc…

But I’m so sick and tired of the “bizop” bullshit – so, for the first time, I’m putting out a program with REAL value that literally give you an easier and much more simplified way to make commissions.

No one-click article software, automated blogs, or forum submission garbage.

Here’s the poster we just created…. and I’m excited to release it soon.

Oh yeah, as you can see below — game-time is over!

You can get on the Robo Commissions VIP list here.


P.S. If you have a good business or marketing list and would like to be an affiliate, open a support ticket and tell us about you, your site and your list. The top affiliates are coming to a 2-day VIP party with me in Vegas!

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Inner Circle Training #2 Replay: How To Force Google to LOVE Your Blog (Part I)

Here’s the video from IC Training #2.

You’ll get an indepth look at how to make your blog very google friendly…


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Product Reviews

PRODUCT REVIEW: Austin's Incubator?

A few months ago, I had planned on doing more product reviews.. but I went on a writing tear on this site and just never got back to it. That’s just what happens sometimes.

But something got my attention. Or should I say someone.

I had a big launch for my Nano Continuity, and one of the top affiliates was a guy named Austin Walsh. He was just 19 and I couldn’t believe how many this young gun had sold.

So I checked out his Facebook system as my first “product review” – and while I though it was good, it didn’t blow me away. I just couldn’t figure this guy out.

We met in Vegas and I liked him instantly. The kid lives and breathes marketing and motivation (a killer combination). Plus, unlike some smart marketers.. he’s got an actual personality hanging with the “older” guys like me :)

Fast forward to last week and relaunched my Inner Circle. And again, Austin finished in the Top 10 earning a spot back to Vegas with just one or two emails to his list. They were really responsive and you can tell he has been working hard to build trust with his list.

Then, about two weeks ago he sends me a text that he has a new program out I should review. He was confident I’d love it.

I told him even though he was one of my top affiliates, he should know I will NEVER sell my soul and give a positive review just because I like the kid. His confidence is palpable and said to roll the dice. So here’s the review…

Right away, I saw there was more than his previous Facebook product. A LOT more.

Instead of a piece of software and one session from a seminar, this is a COMPLETE training system.

Check out the screenshot and see all the training videos to the right:

Screenshot of Austin's Incubator


What I liked were the multi-media options to review the material. I like to listen to mp3s and print out the written material so I can read them in bed while my wife watches Jersey Housewives!

Multi-Media Options

My favorite resource was definitely his handbook and this is where Austin’s program stood out from the rest.

Depending on how long you’ve been studying “internet marketing”, you might already know a lot of the material in the workshop. Things like niche selection, creating a funnels and squeeze pages might not be new, but it is refreshing to hear a different take on it (especially from a 20 year old who has some serious marketing chops).

But the workbook and the “INTERNAL” lessons really shined.

You can tell he has been heavily influenced by people like Les Brown and Jim Rohn. It’s pretty apparent throughout this program (and that’s a good thing!)

And while the workbook is just 14 pages, it asks questions that you must be able to answer if you want to succeed. You have to really think about what he’s asking you.

Too many marketing products just throw tactic upon tactic with no focus on your internal motivation – but that’s where the real success happens.

Is the workbook a complete innovation? No. But the fact that Austin took the time to drill these down to a very manageable 14 pages was refreshing. It’s the type of workbook you’d print out and put in your binder to continue to reference.


The “List Building Mania” was a solid 60 minute training video.

But I really enjoyed the bonus training videos covering everything from crafting a good “story” from Hollywood Producer Gary Goldstein to adword training by Perry Marshall. There are 15 training videos in there – and I haven’t had time to go through all of them. But I’m sure in each 60 minute training – there will be at least 1 or 2 big takeaway.. and that’s all you really need.

He also has some “Private Label Rights” products, but I think that cheapens the offer. If it were my program, I’d remove those as I think Austin’s material is stronger than that and certainly doesn’t need it.



I have no doubt if this program were released 2 years ago, he would have charged $1,000. There’s no question.

But Austin knows the market has changed and is selling this system for just $67.

To recap, some of the “marketing” training is stuff you might have heard before, but I’m sure you will still pick up some new tactics. And the workbook, the motivational sessions and the bonuses make the $67 price tag a really, really good deal. Heck, I spend more than that just taking my wife out to dinner and a movie.

Congratulations Austin, you have won me over..



P.S. This is an affiliate link so if you buy, I will receive a commission. If you believe I am being 100% truthful in my review – you are correct. If you think I’m just doing this review for a commission.. then you really don’t know me and what I stand for :)


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The "How to Connect with the BIG Players" Checklist (and the one thing to NEVER say to them!)

Yesterday, I wrote a post called Don’t be THAT Guy, and I covered some of the things you should NEVER do if you want to build a successful online business.

Today, I’m going to drill down on one of those points. And by following my advice, you will build a personal rolodex that will make even the biggest marketing stud jealous.

The first part of the equation is what to avoid like the plague. It’s one question that will kill any chance you have of developing a relationship before it even starts.

Here are is the deadly question…

Can I pick your brain?

There is no phrase in the English language that makes my skin crawl than those dreaded words.

It implies the person wants to suck all of the knowledge and experience you have – and is not willing to even offer to pay for it.

You are being setup for a one-way relationship – and it never ends good.


Because they almost never take action on the advice you give…. because it’s free! But if they paid you $1,000 for that session, I can bet they will be taking copious notes and will more than likely take action on at least a few nuggets of wisdom.

As painful as it sounds, sometimes you’ve gotta ante up and buy your way in.

That’s right.

When I first started and had almost no money – I’d buy products just because they came with a bonus 1:1 call with the author. And you can bet I took advantage of those calls 100% of the time! And I’d grill them for every minute of the call.

I didn’t write in and ask to “pick their brains”, I plopped down some cash and paid for it.

When I ran my first event almost 8 years ago, I wanted some advice from a friend who had just run a big event, Yanik Silver. Again, he is a friend of mine – but I still offered to PAY for his time. He accepted, the call went great, I took action on everything he said and the rest is history (Since then, I’ve spoken at 2 of Yanik’s events and he has spoken at 2 of mine!).

There are a some “stealth” ways to get an in with someone you want to work (in any market) with WITHOUT spending a fortune for 1:1 coaching. Here are a few… Just don’t use all at the same time or you will start to look like a crazed stalker…

  • Provide a great written testimonial of their product (But never lie. I’m assuming you actually LIKE their product!)
  • Give a powerful video testimonial (this is a sure-fire way to get their attention!)
  • Comment frequently on their blog posts (I certainly look favorably on people who are involved in my blog and I definitely remember all your names!)
  • Attend their events and offer to volunteer! Help with order forms, registration, etc.. You’ll get to know them personally and also get a “behind the scenes” view of how things work.
  • If they are at another event, offer to treat them to a coffee (NOT a full meal because they are probably busy with other meetings) and pay them for their time.
  • Comment on their Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Write something positive about them on your blog/facebook page.. then let them know it’s up!

That’s just a start.

I’ve said hundreds of times that RELATIONSHIPS are everything.

If you want to get attention – you must first be seen.

And when you take my advice and become visible, please – whatever you do – do NOT ask to “pick their brains”.


P.S. My Inner Circle members always rise to the top of my list. Here’s how to become part of the IC family...


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