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Meet The Greatest Networker In The World…

So there I was, last week, in San Diego.

The organizer of the Internet Marketing Party, David Gonzalez, put together a special mastermind just for me. A group of 12 super-smart marketers who agreed to focus entirely on MY business for a few hours – no strings attached. That was a big perk for making the cross-country trip for a 20 minute speaking gig.

And one of the guys at the mastermind was Mark Anthony Bates.

I’d heard his name hundreds of times in the marketing circles – but we had never met or spoken before. Everyone told me we should meet.

So after a few minutes of chatting, I bet you can guess what he said to me…

“Ryan, how can I help your business?”

Yes, it was safe to say I liked Mark from the beginning (ok, I borrowed that quote from Shawshank Redemption – but that movie kicked ass and I’ll quote as often as humanly possible!).

We had dinner together and he never once asked me for a JV. Or a mailing. Or an introduction. Not even so much as a tweet or facebook post.

In fact, I kept asking him what I can do for him and he would just say he didn’t need anything. We both knew it’s better to just develop a relationship and see what happens from there.


So, now you know why Mark is so successful, why people want to genuinely help him and why he’s so connected (plus, he’s also really smart and knows his craft!).

Let’s contrast that with someone else I met at the same party in San Diego.

I just got off the stage (yes, I rocked the stage, of course). The sweat was still pouring down my face since I like to leave it all on the floor when I speak.

I’m off the stage for about 1 minute and a guy immediately gets in my face and within 3 seconds asks that ONE dreaded question..

“Can I pick your brain?”

Yes, he asked me that question.

I started smiling because I thought he was a subscriber and knew just how much I can’t stand when people ask me that. In fact, I just wrote an entire post about that very phrase. So I figured he was busting my chops and I started to laugh.

But no – I could tell by his deadpan delivery he was 100% serious (and obviously not a subscriber).

And before I know it, he lays down a multi-layered complex business question and then waited for my answer. It was the kind of question I’d need to sit down at the computer, look through his site, go through his goals, and spend at least an hour dissecting where everything fits together.

I politely told him I just got off the stage and would need time to think about the answer. I’d have to spend a lot of time learning about his business to give him the best direction.

So, what does he ask next?

“Well, then can I have your cell phone or email address so I can follow-up and ask you more questions?”

No hint of even offering to pay for my time or asking if there’s a program I have where it would help him.

Not even a… “hey Ryan, great job on stage can I ask you a quick question?”.

Nope. It was “Ryan, can you coach me through my entire business for free. And I will continue to just take and take from you. Is that ok?”


I have no idea where people learn to network or build relationships. You certainly don’t need a degree or a $2k product to learn how to act like a human f*cking being.

Even back in college when I was single and out at the bars looking for a fun night – I never just went up to a girl and said “Hey, my name is Ryan. Let’s go back to the dorm and have hot sex. Cool?”

I’ve said a thousand times relationships are EVERYTHING.

Get your head out of your ass – and provide VALUE to other people first.

Stop talking about YOU, your product and your damn affiliate program. No one gives a shit.

Help others, then connected like Mark Anthony Bates (and yes, myself too) and you can write your own f*cking ticket.


P.S. If you want to become a real marketer – then click here. It’s the only proven system that works every time.

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Inner Circle Training #8: From Zero to 7-Figure Information Product Empire!

In this training session, we dug DEEP into creating information products and adding tons of value.

If you want to create your own profitable information products, you need to watch this right now!

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Is The Tide Finally Turning?

This week, I flew all the way across the country to give the only “presentation” at the Internet Marketing Party in San Diego. I used quotes because the presentation was 30 minutes and in a crowded bar with hundreds of marketers who were drinking and networking. But I am always up for a challenge!

I am guessing there were around 350-400 marketers in attendance – so I figured it would be a good place to network and spread my message.

Now remember, a lot of the marketers at the party have been doing “traditional” Internet marketing for years. They represented all types of niche markets – everything from fitness and real estate to stock trading and dating.

Most have cut their teeth “playing the game”.

Trying to make as much money as the first priority and providing value to their customers as secondary.

That’s NOT to say they intentionally want to screw people over. I truly believe most truly want to help BUT we’ve been brainwashed about this particular style of aggressive Internet marketing over the years as the ONLY way to do it.

You know what I’m talking about. Focusing on EPCs, promising reciprocal mailings, creating a continuity program because YOU want it (not because it will help your customers) and just upselling customers into other products simply to make more per transaction without real thought about if the upsell is necessary to their success.


So, here I am on Wednesday night in San Diego. The doors open at 6:30 and I take the stage around 8:30.

By this time, the hundreds many of the attendees have had a few drinks. And it was my job to get up there, rock the stage and talk about continuity programs and customer retention.

And then I stopped and had them make a pledge with me. The pledge is something that will change a fundamental way we cross-promote and JV. It was that “we should NEVER promote or endorse other products blindly (without reviewing them)” – the crowd erupted with spontaneous applause.

I wasn’t sure how that would play over with the crowd. After all, so much of marketing is about networking and the old “you mail for me and I’ll mail for you” mentality. But you know and I know it’s all bullshit.

How can you endorse a product you’ve never seen?

Imagine your friend referring a dentist (who is actually a terrible dentist about to lose their license) just because it’s their buddy. How much trust would you place in your friend again? Would you still be their friend? Would you listen the next time they have a “recommendation”?

After the talk, just about everyone who I met told me the same thing…

They’ve been “marketing” but in the haze of fast-cash they have begun to lose sight of who it’s really all about – YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Each one told me how excited they were to hear a fellow marketer get up there and be so refreshingly honest. And that it’s possible to be a “marketer”, do it with integrity, help a ton of people and yes, make money at the same time.

That is how you build a business that will provide for you and your family for years and years.

The tide is turning, my friend.

Are you with me?


P.S. Don’t forget, it’s your last chance to signup for my “Ryan Lee Method” – the complete blueprints for helping a lot people, and making a boatload of money at the same time!

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Proof! How to Get 73% More Traffic.. For FREE!

Every day, my web site continues to leap right past my competitors in the highly competitive (and somewhat sleazy) world of “Internet Marketing”.

I have a few “secrets” to my success, but one of them is just plain old, ass-kicking blog content.

What? Blogs?

Yes, it still works.. Check out the recent study below by emarketer…

#1 is blogging with webinars on it’s heels.

Further down the list are things like video and podcasting.


Creating a MASSIVE business without the headaches of staff and large overhead comes down to leverage.

We all have 24 hours in a day. No more. No less.

And I don’t care how good you are with time management, you don’t get more than 24 hours. Sorry, but it ain’t happening.

So how you USE that time is critical.

If I was back working a full-time job and only one hour to market my site, guess which marketing method I would choose?

Blogging, Videos or Podcasting?

Yep. Blogging.

Don’t think it works? Check out how much the traffic to this site ( has been rising…

That’s right.. a 73% increase in traffic just during the past month.

Don’t be blinding by shiny objects. Yes, you want a well rounded marketing attack – but you still need to focus on marketing that gives you more bang for the buck.

Stop checking email every 5 minutes.

Turn off the instant messenger. Shut off skype.

And start marketing right now…


P.S. For the first (and last) time I’m sharing my EXACT daily marketing system. You’ll get my actual checklist of how to keep building massive traffic for free. Plus, you’ll see how to create killer content that your subscribers (and the search engines) will love. Get this system for just $97?

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8 Reasons You Should Run Through a F*cking Brick Wall For This System…

I like to always be 100% transparent and tell you what is REALLY going on.

My subscribers love the refreshing honesty – while my competition… well, let’s just say they are not to pleased.

So yesterday, when I announced the release of my “Ryan Lee Method” system, my FINAL training program, there was a ton of buzz in the industry.

Of course, no big “gurus” promoted it since I don’t play the “reciprocation” game, but that’s ok. I have hundreds of thousands of loyal subscribers who understand how to market with integrity and still crush it like a f*cking rock star.

With that being said, here are my unfiltered reason why you MUST take advantage of my insane one-time offer and discover how to build a real, rock-solid online business…

Reason #1: Shoestrings and Bootstraps. Since I started with nothing, there is a HEAVY focus on free and low cost resources and methods. You do NOT need thousands of dollars to get started – I’ll show you how to do it.. on the cheap.

Reason #2: 10+ Year Track Record.I’ve been perfecting this marketing method for over 10 years online. You’ll get thousands of hours of real-world marketing lessons distilled down to a simple system to follow.

Reason #3: 100% Step-by-step. The only way to truly have success, is to be given a system where it is broken down, step-by-step. This is NOT a bunch of ideas thrown together – it’s a true system.

Reason #4: Simple. That’s right, it’s all about taking even the most complex strategy and making it super-simple to follow. It’s the reason all of my original students in the fitness industry (they were personal trainers) have dominated the market.

Reason #5: Domination. You will discover how to go into ANY niche and simply dominate. All the subscribers and all the deals will flow TO YOU. If you are not a leader in your market, it’s just a matter of time until you start to slip.

Reason #6: Profit Forever. This system will show you how to build a business that lasts. One that will not only survive during recessions, but thrive.

Reason #7: 10 Products In One. Each training module can stand on it’s own. Heck, just the traffic module alone could easily sell for $1k – but you get EVERYTHING together – in a step-by-step system.

Reason #8: It Just Flat-Out Works. My students who follow what I teach, make money. Period. End of story.

Don’t wait on this. Check out why the “Ryan Lee Method” will change your life.


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Win a Scholarship to My Last Coaching Program…

As the new year approaches, I’m cleaning house and wanted to give you a quick update of what you’ll see here at in 2012 and beyond.

The focus of this site will remain on the great (yes, I think it’s great) content and the incredible weekly trainings in the “Inner Circle”. I’ll still do product reviews but I don’t have any new products of my own planned. My schedule is fully committed to the IC and Prograde.

So, to “connect all the dots”, I am doing one more live workshop (Vegas) and one last online coaching program.

The coaching program will be live training right through the web. It’s in response to the thousands of emails we received from people who would LOVE to come to Vegas – but just can’t make it out there.

This program will be called, appropriately enough, “The Ryan Lee Method” (yes, I have a very small ego).

It’s designed to literally tie everything together and FINALLY give you the unfiltered blueprints on going from ZERO to a dominant online business. One that can make you wealthy and is so much fun to run.


This coaching program will all be delivered online. It’s my usual style of no-fluff and right to the point. But this is different than anything I’ve done.

It’s a complete step-by-step system. Literally – step 1, do this. step 2, do that….

I have to warn you, it’s NOT some cheap $97 program. It’s over 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears I’ve poured into learning exactly what it takes to be successful online – and simplified it all for you. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, I know what works and this program will get rid of the clutter and finally give you the blueprint to follow.

This program WILL change the way you do business online. And it WILL change your life – guaranteed.

I also believe in giving back – so I’m giving away ONE FREE scholarship to this coaching program.

Just tell me below why you deserve the spot below.

You don’t have to give sob stories and tell me how you have no money.

Just let me know why YOU will be the person who has the fire. The person who doesn’t make excuses. The person who will hustle. The person who will take this information, apply it and change thousands of lives by spreading your message.


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The 2 Ways to Rock Any Stage and Give a Great Presentation That Crushes!

This post might get you out of your comfort zone a little bit.

It will require you to get off your ass, step away from the computer and speak in public.

For most people, the fear of speaking in public is right up there with death – BUT, when you get comfortable on stage, there is NOTHING that comes even close to building your business.


There’s no doubt about it. The best skill you can ever have in your business is public speaking. Period. Hands down. Everything else is a far second.

Just one talk can change your life forever.

My talks have been responsible for literally millions and millions of dollars in sales, deals, consulting and even job offers.

And I’m not talking about just “selling from the stage”.

When I was working full-time at the children’s hospital, I used to give a lot of talks at local high schools about fitness. And from those free talks – I picked up A LOT of private clients who paid me $50 for 30 minutes of training (and for a guy living in his parents basement, $50 was a nice payday for me!)

Now I don’t have a degree in communications, but since I’ve given literally HUNDREDS of talks over the years – I have picked up some tactics along the say.

I can literally spend days talking about not only giving a powerful talk, but selling from the stage and even running your own profitable events. My events generate six and seven figure paydays – but that’s another story.

So, keeping with the theme of this site – I’ll give you TWO tactics that you can not only use on stage, but in your online business too…


The key to giving a great talk is to really know your material.

You should know it so well that if your powerpoint stopped working, you’d still give a kick-ass session.

The WORST talk I ever gave was when I was working at the hospital. I gave a 30 minute presentation for ALL of the staff at the hospital (the MDs, physical therapists, nurses, etc.). It was about our sports medicine program and I was given a new topic to speak about. It was about training a specific population (for diabetics) and I had only trained a couple of kids with diabetes at that point.

I didn’t know the material cold – and instantly, I could feel the presentation going down hill.

I was sweating and even stammering on a few words.

From that day on, I vowed to NEVER agree to give a talk on something I didn’t know inside and out.

TAKEAWAY.. If you are creating products, writing blog posts or emails.. KNOW YOUR STUFF COLD! When you don’t know your shit, it shows. Big time.


When you are speaking in public (or writing for your site), make it as simple as possible.

Don’t try to cover 15 different points. Break it down to 3 (or, at most 5) simple concepts. That’s it.

Figure out the essence of what you are trying to teach and eliminate all the extra crap until you get down to the basic 3 to 5 mail points.

This makes it more enjoyable for the audience and easier to follow.

Did you ever notice how all my blog posts just concentrate on just one or two simple ideas?

Have you realized the material is easier to digest and actually take action (versus blogs with hundreds of overwhelming action steps)?

That’s why you keep coming back (and yes, buying stuff too!).


Now, even if you are not about to get on stage, think about these two concepts (know your material cold AND simplify your message) and how you can incorporate them into your business.

If you don’t know your material inside and out, then STUDY IT until you do.

If your message is too long and complex, the chop it down until you get to 3 to 5 main concepts.


P.S. For the first (and only) time I’m going to teach exactly how to create 6 and 7 figure paydays with your own events and workshops. Click here for details.

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Only Do Sh*t You Believe In

Since I first started online – I tried to follow an unwritten rule. But it was hard to verbalize that rule until Russell Simmons said it better than I ever could have…

Only do sh*t you believe in!

What does this really mean?

And bottom line, how will this help you make more money?

First, let’s address the usual comments that will likely start to flow whenever someone who has had success makes a bold statement like this… “Sure Ryan, that’s easy for you to say. You already have a big list, followers and money in the bank…”


If I had to make a guess, I’d say I gave up at least one million bucks my sticking to the “only do shit you believe in” motto.

Let me explain…

There are many marketers that will ONLY promote products if YOU agree to promote theirs first. It’s called “reciprocation”. And this happens in EVERY market (not just internet marketing).

Even if your product is a PERFECT match for their list AND they can make a great commission – they will simply not promote you unless you promote them first.

And, because I never do “blind reciprocation” (agreeing to promote a product BEFORE you have even see it), there are dozens of marketers with BIG lists that will NEVER promote my stuff. They have even said to my affiliate manager “yeah, Ryan’s a good guy and I really like his stuff, but he doesn’t play the game.”

So, because I refuse to “play the game”, I am losing a lot of potential income. It’s definitely in the 7-figures.

Now – I have a reputation for a guy who “refuses to reciprocate”.

Do you know what I say?


And while this might hurt my short-term income by not having more people promoting my products, it helps me in the long run because it helps build TRUST with my subscribers.

The trust and relationship you have with your list is EVERYTHING. Re-read that sentence again. It’s is everything!

It doesn’t matter what market you are in. Weight loss, marketing, personal development, knitting… it doesn’t matter. You must ALWAYS do what you believe in. Heck, you can even switch markets (I went from teaching fitness to teaching marketing and people still stayed with me because of the trust I’ve built with them). How many marketers can you say that about?

This should carry over to everything you do. With our supplement company, Prograde, we only put out the best products. We even spent over $200K doing clinical studies for our newest product – because it’s something we believe in (and our customers are loyal because of our dedication to putting out the best stuff no matter how much it costs us to manufacture). Sure, we could put out crappy product for $2 and slap our label on it, but it’s not in our DNA. And our customers KNOW the difference.


Even when I started and had zero contacts – I refused to promote anything I didn’t believe in and I highly recommend you don’t either.

Will you give up short term profits? Absolutely.

Will some people in your market be pissed at you and label you a “rebel”? Definitely.

But, the only people you should care about are your customers and subscribers. That’s it.

THEY are the one’s who will be with you until the end.

When you truly do stuff you believe in, your customers will know. They will feel it. They will sense it. It can’t be faked. And they will love you for it. Believe me.

You can’t TELL people you care about them and then – keep promoting crap to them just for a commission. There’s a disconnect.

However, when you only do stuff you believe it – it’s your customers and subscribers that will help build your business (Take a look below at a facebook post from a few days ago. The referred person joined my IC and bought a $1K ticket to my Vegas workshop).

Do you see what I mean?

That’s where you want to position your business – no matter what you are teaching or selling.


Few marketers talk about this because they simply don’t get it. I’m not sure what they did for a living before they started “online marketing”, but it probably had nothing to do with building relationships.

They’ll tell you “it’s all about EPC’s” and “choosing the right offer”. Yes, having a converting offer certainly matters – but it is not a primary concern if you are building a real long-term brand.

I guess the other reason is there are a lot of marketers who NEVER do shit they believe in – they just chase the dollar. And it’s hard to teach what you don’t actually do youself!

There are marketers who are really angry with me for these posts – but that’s ok.

I’m only doing shit I believe in!


P.S. If you only want to do shit you believe in, click here and join the club.

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Inner Circle Training #5: The Ultimate Guide to Free and Low-Cost List Building and Traffic

You want list-building and traffic? You got it.

Check out this in-depth tutorial by fellow IC member Ben Barroga showing you four great ways to get super low-cost traffic…


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No Money? No Problem. Here are 8 FREE Resources To Help You Become a Stealth Entrepreneur!

Out of all the excuses I hear about why people can’t make money online – by far the biggest one is “I have no money to get started”.

I can tell you as a FACT, that’s right not speculation but a flat-out proven fact, that not don’t you need a lot of money to get started – it can actually hurt your business.

When you don’t have thousands of dollars to fund your business, you are lean and hungry. You find every possible way to cut expenses and become profitable. You will work your ass off to get free traffic. To barter for web design. To negotiate the best rates.

You won’t believe how hard to I worked to find ways to keep my costs down when I first started. How hard I hustled to make deals and get free traffic.

But when you suddenly have money flowing in, you get careless. You made stupid decisions. Don’t think it won’t happen to you.. it will.

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted over the years. If I had to guess, it would be in the neighborhood of $250,000. I spent it on everything from a $10,000 online shopping cart (which I never used) to spending thousands of dollars on premium domain names (which I never even activated and let expire).

I’m talking really dumb stuff. Rookie mistakes. And if I can make those mistakes (being the super-frugal guy that I am), believe me, it can happen to you.

Ask anyone who started with nothing and they’ll all tell you how much money they’ve wasted in their business.

The web is littered with marketing “gurus” who started to make money and immediately hired dozens of employees. Now, they have a big-ass payroll and 4,000 square feet of expensive office filled with overpriced furniture. Then, when the money stops flowing so freely, they are in deep shit.

When the money is flowing in – is when you start hiring expensive $10K per month PR firms that never do a thing for you. Or some fancy video guy who charges $5K for a video that doesn’t make one sale.


Ok, enough of the rant.

Here are some great resources that will help you build, grow and manage your business that I personally still use in my business… and they are 100% FREE!

Create documents, spreadsheets and even online surveys. I use this to share documents with my team and other freelancers.

2. DROPBOX: Forget flash drives. I store all of my documents virtually so it’s easy to access from any computer. Plus, you can share the files with other people too. You get up to 2GB of storage for free.

3. JING: A free screencapture software program that lets you create both online videos and images. It sits on your desktop and stores the files online – which makes it easy to share.

4. MAILCHIMP: Although I don’t use this service, they do offer a free basic email newsletter service for up to 2,000 subscribers. The free service doesn’t include autoresponders – but it’s still a good option for someone with a zero budget!

5. WORDPRESS: That’s right, good ol’ wordpress is FREE. Granted, you need a web hosting account – but it’s still the most robust publishing platfrom on the web and it’s what I use to build all my sites.

6. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: There are over 700 million people on Facebook. If you don’t have a fan page for your business – you are missing out on a lot of potential subscribers and viral traffic.

7. PICRESIZE: I love this tool. It lets you resize, crop and even save images as different formats. It’s all online and yes.. free.

8. GOOGLE ALERTS: Find out anytime your niche keywords are featured online on blogs, news sites, forums and the web. It’s a great way to keep your fingers on the pulse of your market.

I hope you enjoyed this list.

But it’s barely scratching the surface. I want to hear about YOUR favorite free resources.. Let’s build a massive, kick-ass resource list below…


P.S. If you missed Wednesday’s latest Inner Circle training – go here. You’ll discover 4 great low-cost list building tactics that work!

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