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Is Your Business Getting Stale? Here's How to Keep It Fresh!

There’s no doubt about it – the world is moving fast.

And if your business is not constantly adapting and changing with the times, you WILL be left behind.

Not long ago, a business could stay the same and ride a steady wave for years and decades. No changes. Never rocking the boat. Nice and comfy.

However, those times are now a distant memory.

And your business half-life changes even faster online.

Don’t believe me?

It was only 10 years ago and some of the sites that filled out the “Top 10” for most traffic included: neopets,, and geocities.

Google was #12 and Facebook or Youtube didn’t even exist.

And remember when adding “audio buttons” to a long-form sales letter was a breakthrough?

Yes, my friend, things move pretty quickly – and if you are keeping your head in the sand, you WILL be left in the dust.



Does your site look like it’s always new and updated.. or does it feel like a ghosttown?

The one sure way to make your business bullet-proof (and keep it fresh) is by being prolific.

How often are you updating your blog?
Posting on facebook?
Emailing your list?
Creating new products?
Updated old products?
Communicating in new ways (webinars)?

Sadly, for most, the answer is “not enough”.

They are busy – hopelessly hopping from “guru” to “guru” looking for the magic bullet software — trying to implement new tactics and praying for a miracle. Believe me, if that software did exist, they sure as hell wouldn’t sell it to you for just $37, would they?

You MUST dive head-first into your market. Only when you get a real “feel” about what they want, what their biggest desires are and make true connections — that’s when you can keep your business fresh (and leapfrog over your stale and tired competition).



Here’s a simple checklist on how to keep your business fresh and exciting…

  • If you’re just selling $29 ebooks – create new products at different price points
  • Create a continuity program
  • Change your logo
  • Update your site design
  • Try a video sales letter and test it against your current site
  • Do live online events (webinars and teleseminars)
  • Create new multi-media products for iPads and tablets
  • Bring on new experts to add a different content slant to your site
  • Look at new pricing models ($5 NanoContinuity, etc.)
  • Do video blogging
  • Get more interactive and FUN!

There you go. Some simple ways to breath life into your business.

Now get out there and keep it fresh… you will be rewarded!


P.S. If you want to stay current of “what’s working now”, click here.

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IC Training #12: Quick Tweaks To Your Site to Crush Your Conversions (and Sales)

This was another great Inner Circle Training session.

Our special guest, Michael Fishman, spent the entire hour doing site reviews looking at copy and layout. Tons of valuable nuggets – so watch it now!

Download mp3 Here

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First Annual Thanksgiving "Give Yourself a Plug" Day!

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the United States.

And as my way of giving thanks to YOU, my loyal subscriber – you have a chance to plug your own product, service or web site.

Unlike other marketers, I firmly embrace the spirit of “abundance” – as there’s plenty for everyone. And with hundreds of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs tuning in here everyday for their latest shot of bullshit-free marketing, you never know if you make some sales or find a new JV. Just one person can change your life.

Feel free to mention your web site, product and what you offer to the world below.

So go ahead, give yourself a “plug”. Don’t be shy…


P.S. If you want to stay updated on the latest in the world of marketing, click here. But do it NOW as all of the bonuses are disappearing soon…

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Don't "Force" Continuity!

If you’ve been in the marketing game for any length of time, you’ve likely heard the term “forced continuity”.

It’s when a customer is literally forced into signing up for your ongoing program (membership site, newsletter, etc.). Sure, they can cancel – but if they want your front end offer, they MUST take the continuity program.

However, there is another side to continuity programs.


Yes, continuity program is THE holy grail for wealth. Nothing comes even close.

The recurring revenue. The guaranteed monthly income. Less reliance on bringing in new members all the time.

The list goes on and on…

BUT – and this is a big-ass but, not every topic works well for continuity.

Believe me, most topics lend itself to recurring revenue, but trying to “force” your topic into a continuity program just because YOU want more money, is not only a bad business move.. it’s downright unethical.



My wife and I have created our own system that can have your baby sleeping through the night in just 6 weeks. It has worked for ALL 4 of our kids and for anyone we’ve taught it too (we don’t sell it, we just help friends and family).

However, it’s a simple system. It takes just a few minutes to explain. And it does NOT lead itself to a continuity program.

Think about it – if the system works, overwhelmed parents will still have their babies sleeping through in just 6 weeks. That’s barely one-month of billing.

Yet, people would try to force continuity into it. Then no one signs up and they think “the continuity is a bunch of BS!”



Using our “baby” example above, you can still sell the system as a one-time product. But offer another continuity on the backend.

Since your customers will be a parent, here are a few ideas off the top of my head that might work…

  • Private online group for parents
  • Fitness DVD-of-the-month for new parents
  • Paid coupon club
  • Teach them how to start a home-based business
  • And much more…

Do you see where I’m going with this?

By getting off the obsession of trying to fit YOUR topic into continuity, think about how you can offer recurring revenue programs on the back end if your topic doesn’t fit.

P.S. If you like this – just wait until you see what else I have for you here.


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Inner Circle #10: 5 Top-Secret HIDDEN Money Opportunites Right Under Your Nose!

Another great IC session.

This week, Valerie Young gets you to flex your brain a bit and will give you so many ideas to make money online by finding hidden opportunities.

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11 Continuity Income Models

Since today is Novemeber 11, 2011 (11/11/11), I thought it would be fun to give you 11 different continuity income models.

I’m a BIG fan of continuity income (aka recurring revenue). And EVERY entrepreneur should find a way to incorporate recurring revenue into their business.

There’s nothing better for your business (and lifestyle) than having GUARANTEED monthly income without the constant pressure of always having to find new customers.

So without further ado… here are 11 continuity income models…

#1. Membership Site: Offer 2-3 new articles/videos/audios per week along with a discussion forum and you have a full-fledged community membership site.

#2. Inner Circle: Less volume of content but more “interaction” and coaching with the guru. An Inner Circle usually gets a higher price than an ordinary membership site.

#3. DVD-of-the-Month: This works great for any type of training where there is new content each month and it’s more “visual” (fitness, computers, technical, software, etc.).

#4. CD-of-the-Month: Perfect as a monthly interview. It’s easy to find other experts in your niche, record and package as a CD to ship to their door.

#5. Print Newsletter: As inboxes are more crowded, it’s time to think about moving to a print newsletter. It’s a great way to get 100% opens and keep your relationship strong.

#6. High-End E-Newsletter: Deliver as a PDF file via email. If you pack it higher-end, more specialized content, you can charge a bigger fee.

#7. Nano Continuity E-Newsletter: Offer niche content, but not as detailed as the high-end version. And charge $5/month to get more people into the program.

#8. Micro Membership: Membership has a specific start and end time, so you can deliver time-released content. This is a good option for a set training program that lasts for a few months.

#9. Software: Turn your information into a web-based software program. Charge monthly fees for people to continue to access their accounts and use the software.

#10. VIP Club: If you sell a lot of products, you can charge people for VIP access and exclusive discounts (think Costco, Sam’s Club and Barnes and Noble).

#11. Combo Continuity: Mix and match any of the above models. For example, an Inner Circle with a print newsletter. Or a membership site with a monthly DVD.

There you go.. there are literally hundreds of combinations but this can get you moving in the right direction.


If you want to get people to join (and STAY) in your continuity program, you must develop a strong relationship and work your ass off to overdeliver value.

Bottom line.. show them you CARE.


P.S. If your want to create an easy, low-cost continuity program, click here.

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How High Are You Aiming?

What are you scared of?

Why have you not reached the level of success you want?

Watch this short video, by Les Brown – one of the best motivational speakers on the planet.

This stuff is like my classical music. It’s just so good for your soul.

With so many negative influences and people trying to pull us down, it takes a lot of “good stuff” to keep you growing.

Enjoy and aim high!


P.S. Click here for great resource on personal development.

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Inner Circle Training #9: How To INSTANTLY Turn Your Blog into a Paid Membership Site

Here’s another one of our Q/A LIVE Training calls. Filled with so much great content… well, just watch it and see for yourself!

MP3 Coming Soon…

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How To Save THOUSANDS Of Dollars.. With Just 7 Simple Words…

On this site, I am always teaching you how to MAKE more money.

Whether it’s ebooks, membership sites, coaching programs or workshops – there are virtually unlimited ways to turn your passion and talents into passive income online.

But today, let’s change it up – shall we?

I want to give you 2 examples of how I saved over $1,000 in the past week with just 7 words. That’s right, over $1,000 right back in my pocket.

It’s so simple but it really does work.


My family and I just moved into a new house. And since moving a family of 6 is a BIG job – we got a few moving quotes (there was no way in hell I was doing it myself!).

The one moving company we liked (and used in the past) also gave us a quote. And because they did a great job for us last time, I came back to them at the end and gave them a final shot at the job.

They had a quote for around $9,000 (we had to move twice.. long story!).

So I simply asked him this question..

Is that the best you can do?

Then, I shut my mouth.

After around 30 seconds of silence he said he can knock another 10% off the price.

That came to around $900 savings – just for asking.

I used this same tactic a few days ago when booking space for my Vegas event.

When the sales rep from the A/V department gave me a high price for Internet access for the room – I asked the same question (this was all done via email).

She immediate knocked off 25% PLUS no additional “per user” fee.

Another $400 or so back in my pocket.

I was happy. Very happy!


Anyone can make money online (I truly believe it), but it’s very easy to blow your money quickly too!

It’s a fact – your spending will rise with the amount of money you make. Ask anyone who started with nothing and made money. They just keep spending more and more. And that’s when you get into trouble.

The next time you get a price quote on anything (DVD duplication, car, electrical work, office space, moving, etc.), just ask those 7 little words, save some money and you can thank me later.

click here to get my final coaching program for just $97.

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The 3 C's of "Continuity" Income (aka Recurring Revenue)

For years, people have called me the “continuity king”. I still have no idea who came up with that name – but I’ll gladly accept the crown.

Maybe it’s because over the past 10+ years I’ve created close to 100 different continuity programs and consulting with well over 1,000 others.

Unfortunately, many people get it wrong. Dead wrong.

They haphazardly throw up a membership site that, for a number of reasons, bombs from the beginning.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times. And it’s usually the same scenario…

The marketer is excited about their topic and really want to create a web site with recurring revenue. They spend 3 to 6 months (or more) creating lots of content that will be in their membership area. And, after all of that time, money and effort they launch and then…. nothing.

Maybe a member or two trickle in, but it’s a total disaster. The site is like a ghost town.

So, in an ongoing effort to simplify online marketing (and more specifically, continuity income), I came up with a simple solution. I call it the “3 C’s”.


Here’s a 3-step solution you can begin to implement today that won’t cost you a dime – but it will greatly improve your chances of success…

#1. CONTENT: You first start by putting our good content. Not generic watered-down crap everyone else creates. Put out stuff that people really WANT. This can also be called “marketing” as you should syndicate your content on other sites (besides your blog) to places like Facebook, Ezine Articles and other blogs too.

#2. CONNECT: Next, you start to build relationships. Get people to post on your blog (and answer them!). Hold free webinars with no pitching. Give freely on facebook. ASK people what they want (do you see the trend here?).

#3. CONTINUITY: Now, it’s time to launch your continuity program. You’ve proved you know your stuff by cranking out good content. You showed you actually care by connecting. Your continuity program is the next logical step.

Give freely.

Never stop connecting and building long-lasting relationships.

Create so much value so people would be insane not to join.

Make it so f*cking good – it will make your competition nervous.

If you are going to create a continuity program or membership site, set out from the beginning to make it an industry game-changer. Something that people in your niche will buzz about. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

That, my friend, is the way to become continuity royalty…


P.S. Get my entire marketing system right here. A $2k program for $97?

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