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Your Internet Marketing Blueprint: How To Turn Your Advice into Information Products

If you want to turn your knowledge, passion, skills, expertise and even hobbies into a revenue stream – here is an graphic that shows you all the exciting possibilities (Share it. Print it. Put it on your wall. Let it motivate you).

Internet Marketing Blueprint

==>Download Graphic in PDF Format Here<==

Think about it.

By creating information products, you can help more people, create more leverage in your life and stop trading your hours for dollars.

Here is a little more about the types of products you can create…

Print Book: This is the big credibility builder. Nothing gives you more credibility than writing a book.

E-book: The sky is the limit with e-books. Sell directly with clickbank, sell it for Kindle owners, and much more.. 100% profit.

Audio Products: An easy product creating process. Record interviews, live teleseminars and turn them into CDs or downloadable mp3s.

Video products: Record live workshops, webinars or even power point presentations and sell them as DVDs or streaming video online.

Multi-Media Digital Products: Combine audio, video and text to create true downloadable multi-media products. You can also charge more for these products and help people with different learning styles.

Special Reports: Inexpensive chunks of content allow people to try your content without a big financial committment.

Workbooks: A great education resource. All your customers to take action and “fill in the blanks”.

Coaching Program: This is where the big money comes. High end coaching, masterminds and even online programs can command top dollar.

Live Events: When done correctly, a live event can be a massive payday. Everything from small intimate workshops to full-blown multi-day, multi-speaker bootcamps.

Association: Create your own trade association and build a fiercely loyal community.

Certifications: Turn your knowledge into a “system” and create a certification program. This can work in just about any niche.

Magazine: Print magazines are still alive – and with email open rates dropping, more savvy entrepreneurs are re-examining going back to print.

Software: Have a programmer turn your expertise into downloadable software, a web-based program or even an app.

Continuity Programs: The holy grail of marketing. Even just 1,000 rabid fans paying $19.95 per month for your program will net you $19,900 PER MONTH.

Licensing: All other people to license your products and programs for a royalty fee.

Home Study Kits: Package up your training course into a big home study kit and charge anywhere from $300 to $3,000+.

Other Publishers: If you don’t want to create your own products, consider public domain, private label products and even resell rights.

Done-For-You Services: Don’t just teach people how to fish – you can fish for them, cook the fish and even serve it to them.

There you go.

Dozens of product ideas. But the key is to pick ONE first, get it done, market it like your life depending on it, and change lives.

If you want me to coach you and show you the way to create your own online empire – this is what thousands of smart entrepreneurs choose..


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The 4 Rules to Making MORE Money with Upsells (and Keeping Customers Happy as a Clam!)

My post yesterday about the Louis C.K. challenge brought me a lot of heat.

The fellow “marketers” got it and LOVED the content. The others… well, let’s just say it was the first time in my life I was called a “suit” :)

So I’d like to spend a minute going over the key to finding that delicate balance between making more money and pissing off your biggest fans.

The Balance

The balance between lining your pockets and keeping your raving fans happy is always the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs. And I think it’s where the entire “marketing” world went off the rails a few years ago.

Marketers started realizing how much more you can make with compelling, complimentary upsell offers – they went overboard and forgot about the key ingredient: “complimentary”.

So they just starting throwing together pitch after pitch. I remember ordering a popular product from an infomercial (I do this to see their offers, upsells and packaging). And they proceeded to offer me not 1, not 2, but NINE upsells.

That’s right 9 upsells!

Did those nine upsells make the company more money? Yes, I’m sure it did.

But at what risk?

Now, the customer is likely agitated and annoyed. But these companies only thought about things “short term”. And while they had some good months and even years – the music has started to fade. But these companies only thought about things “short term”. And while they had some good months and even years – the music has started to fade.

KEEPING customers (and keeping them happy), my friend, is where the REAL money is. That’s it. It’s everything.

It’s SO MUCH easier and less expensive to keep them happy and resell them – than it is to go out and find new customers. And it’s a more fun and fulfilling business to run. I still have clients buying my products over 12 years later – and believe me, it doesn’t suck.

So, back to my point regarding upsells and customer happiness.

Properly placed upsells will bring in more money (Yes, that is still the goal of running a business. What you do with the money is up to you).

There is always a percentage of your buyers who want MORE. MORE of your products and programs. MORE training. MORE access to you.

You have an obligation to your treat your customers like gold – but you also have an obligation to your business. And by not offering more products for people to purchase (who want to purchase) and by not making your company as profitable as it can be (legally and ethically, of course), I’d go as far as saying it’s irresponsible.

And yes, even if you offer just one upsell it will upset a few people. That’s just part of the territory. There will be people who hate anything that even smells “commercial”. They hate Starbucks, they hate Apple, and they despise anything that actually makes a profit.

Since you can NEVER please everybody – don’t even try to. It’s that simple.

Here are some simple rules to keep the balance between bringing in more money and keeping your fans happy…


The first rule is your upsells, cross-sells or downsells must compliment your original offer.

Just because you have the resell rights to a copywriting video, it does NOT mean you offer it to customers who just bought your fitness program.

Your fitness program can have upsells related to more workouts, nutrition, meal plans, recipes, flexibility and even mindset.

You would think that’s common sense – but believe me, I’ve seen it happen too many times.


If your original product was supposed to give customer a specific benefit, your upsells should not be a key missing ingredient.

It would be like Louis C.K.’s original video only have the joke “set ups” and the upsell video would have all the punchlines. Ok, that’s an extreme example – but you get the point.

Another example is in the “how to make money” world.

The original product might be “how to make money with Facebook” and the upsell is “Well, the program only shows you how to setup a page, not really make money. If you want to make money, you have to buy this extra component for it to work”.

That is how you get refunds, cancellations, chargebacks and a group of people who think you are a sleaze ball. All of that effort you spent GETTING the buyer is now ruined.

Sure, maybe the don’t cancel. But the chances of building a long-term relationship where they will not only buy again, the would also refer other customers – is virtually dead. And that’s a terrible way to build a business.


You must also make your offers irresistible.

Packaging $500 worth of advanced training products for a one-time fee of $99 or even $50 is irresistible.

Packaging $500 of training products for $450 is NOT such a great bargain.

The person just bought a product – so now is the time to deliver a deal-of-a-lifetime they will find it almost impossible to say no to.


Now, I’m going to start with the usual cop-out phrase of “you must always test first”, but I’ve found that using a maximum of 3 upsells works best.

Any more and it upsets customers and when you have less, you are leaving money on the table.

NOTE: There is a special sequence I teach in my “Ryan Lee Method” course, along with my best-converting offers – so if you want the advanced training on upsells, click here.

There you have it.

Some simple rules to help you find the balance between profits, happy customers and a pretty kick-ass business.


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Inner Circle Training: Selling More with Powerful Stories

This is a good one.

If you want to sell more – you’ve gotta tell stories. And Roberto Monaco (Tony Robbin’s #1 Revenue Generator) gives you a complete blueprint on the right way to do it…

Download mp3 Here

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My Challenge to Louis C.K. – An Extra $1.6 Million Plus $2 Million MORE a Year in EXTRA Income…

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how comedian Louis C.K. brought in over $1 million dollars in 12 days by selling a $5 downloadable video.

So I started thinking about it.

How incredible it was for Louis and his charity – but also, just how much money was also left on the table.

If Louis hired me as his business coach I’m confident we would have brought in A LOT more money. More than double – plus another $2 million per year in recurring revenue.

Louis didn’t hire me – but, since he is giving away a large percentage of the money to charity, this influx of MORE MONEY would only help the charity — so I will give him a few of my strategies for free right here :)

(and hopefully, this brainstorming will help you on your business too!).

He brought in over 200,000 BUYERS – so I will work off those numbers.

Here are my “bigger bucks” tactics for Louis…


The first place I’d concentrate is on creating some type of continuity program. He is literally leaving millions of dollars on the table by not having one.

One obvious idea is some type of “fan club” (the equivalent of an “inner circle” for information marketers).

This online program can feature exclusive clips of Louis. Live group calls where they can ask him questions. Discounted tickets (and reserved seating) to his live events and discounts on future products.

I’d dig in deeper with Louis, but since he seems really busy, I wouldn’t go with a full fledged membership site. The lower hassle club would be a better fit for his lifestyle.

He can go with a $10/month program or even a Nano Continuity program for $5/month.

I’d add this as a “bump” on checkout (with a checkbox).

Even if he had just 20% of his video buyers to join the $5/month program.. that comes to 40,000 people (@$5/month) = $200,000 PER MONTH.

Yes, that’s over $2 million PER YEAR of additional income. And with such a low price point, assuming Louis provides some value, they will stick around for a long time.


When I work with clients, I like to first try to monetize without having to create more work. After all, who the heck wants to more work?

So the obvious upsell is give the customer the opportunity to purchase the PHYSICAL DVD for an additional price. In my experience, up to 30% of people will opt for a physical version of your digital products.

But I’d take it one step further.

I’d have UPSELL #1 as a premium DVD shipped to their door.

For $29.95 or even $39.95 – they would get a the DVD with a personalized autograph from Louis C.K. himself. Maybe he signs their name or even drops an f-bomb. Either way, it’s 100% personalized for the buyer.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, so people will pay extra for it. You could probably even get more – but I’m being conservative on these numbers.

And since duplication would be just a buck or so, it’s almost all profit. It just takes a few minutes to sign the DVD.

Again, if 20% of the people go for that upsell, that 40,000 people at $30. Another $1.2 MILLION. That’s right – he would DOUBLE his profits with this simple upsell.


Then, I’d go with a DOWNSELL for people who don’t want to spend $29.95 or $39.95.

The reason they wouldn’t buy is probably because of the price – so I would have the option to purchase just the DVD (NOT autographed by Louis) for just $19.95. Or, maybe it’s still autographed, just not personalized with their name and message.

Again, almost all profit and if 10% take the downsell, you’re looking at an additional $399,000 in almost pure profit.

Do you see where I am going with this?

His customers would be happy with the special product opportunities.

Louis would be happy with a bigger payday.

And his charity would be happy with an even bigger donation.

Louis… let’s talk :)
(if you have a twitter account – make sure to let him know about this article. His twitter is @louisck)


P.S. This is just a taste of the kind of things you’ll learn in my Ryan Lee Method program. Get it now for just $97.

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1,000,000 Dollars in 12 Days… with a $5 Video???

This is a GREAT story – and shows you the power of building rabid fans AND an irresistible offer.

Louis C.K. is a comedian with a big following. His material is cutting-edge and his fans love him (those who find his material “tasteless”- can’t stand him). **Personally, I think he’s funny!

Anyway, he filmed a live event at the Beacon Theater in NYC, but instead of going the traditional $19.95 or $29.95 route (and trying to get it into retail stores), he slashed the price to just $5 and sold it directly on his site as a download.

Louis also pledged a significant amount of sales to charity (always a good thing!).

And in just 12 days brought in 1,000,000 in sales.

You read that right – a million dollars in 12 days selling a $5 downloadable video.

Yes, he already had a strong following. And he used his clout (especially on his social media accounts) – but there are a few things to pay close attention to for “information marketers”…


The first ingredient was Louis’s rabid following. He does it with outrageous content (in his case, it’s comedy). In my case, it used to be “fitness” and now it’s “Internet marketing”.

So the question to ask yourself is “what are you doing to attract die-hard fans?”. Are you creating compelling content or are you putting out generic, boring crap?

Now is the time to be honest with yourself.


Louis primarily promoted the deal to his social media accounts (like twitter).

Yes, Louis has been on TV (and even had his own show) – but that’s not the point. You can build your own large following online as well. People who have big followings online now (like Tim Ferriss or Gary Vaynerchuk started with nothing).

So you have to ask yourself… are you connecting with your fans? Are you answering their comments?

Or do you just try to sell, sell, sell?


I’ve been telling you that a $5 deal is almost impossible to pass up. In fact, I just did a $5 promotion and sold A LOT of these (it was for a $1k product for just $5).

Do you have a product you can sell for $5 to bring in lots of fresh, new buyers?


When you combine the three ingredients above, your “sales letter” almost doesn’t matter.

You won’t need a $20,000 copywriter. Nor will you have to stress out about creating a story.

Here’s the simple page Louis used to sell over $1 million of his $5 video:

Louis C.K. $1 million sales

His copy, was as follows..

“You’re here to buy the Louis C.K. – Live at the Beacon Theater special. This is only available on this site at a cost of $5, worldwide[1], paid via PayPal. Out-takes from the special (this material is not in the special)”

And a button that says “BUY THE THING”.

Plus a short, 4-minute clip from the video (via youtube).

That’s it.

This flies against everything so many “marketers” have taught you over the years.

You see, when you really connect with your subscribers.

When you say SOMETHING that moves people.

And you create an offer that’s impossible to refuse – selling becomes so much easier.

It’s why the “gurus” who don’t live and breathe this have to rely on “tricks” and “tactics”. It’s why they are building a business that is paper thin (and they are teaching you the same thing). It’s why their subscribers are leaving at record pace (and yes, they are now following me and other people like me who are teaching marketing differently).

And it’s why YOU are going to stop listening to all the BS you’ve been fed over the years – and start building a real f*cking rock star business.

You with me?


P.S. Like I have said, there are marketers who “get it”. This guy is one of them (and he is giving away a really good $997 training course for $5).

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Inner Circle Training: Being "Present" with Paul Lemberg

This was a really fun (and different) session.

Paul Lemberg, a top paid consultant who charges up to $100K retainers, spend the hour teaching us some simple ways to be “present”. It will get you more focused and more productive.

Watch this great training session now…

Download mp3 Here

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8 Days of Hanukkah Giving… One of My Top 10 Books – For FREE! (Present #3)

I read this book a few months ago and was simply blown away.

It’s the kind of book that can change your life. It’s called “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter. It shows you how to setup up true systems in your business. He even gives you the actual system sheets he used in his company.

BTW, he has a higher percentage of 5 star ratings on Amazon than books such as “4 hour work week” and “7 Habits”.

They have given me permission to give a digital copy to ALL my Inner Circle members for free!

No opt-in. Just click below to enjoy the book in PDF format (this is only for YOU – please do not share it with anyone else.)



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My Semi-Famous Predictions for 2012 – Part VI

Please, be strong and hold back the tears as this is my final prediction for 2012.

I know, I know. But have to fear, I will continue crank out the killer content you have come to expect in the coming year.

Ok, let’s get to my final prediction…

2012 will be the year “INFORMATION MARKETING” shifts to “ADVICE MARKETING”.

What’s the difference and what does that mean to you?

As you may recall, in my 2nd prediction, I mentioned the overwhelming amount of INFORMATION and we need to start creating “systems”.

This takes it one step further.

If you want to thrive, you have to stop thinking of creating just “products” and “information” – but get into the business of selling ADVICE.

It might seem like a subtle difference – but it really is BIG.

Bottom line… this is the year you MUST start positioning yourself as a trusted advisor – not someone who just cranks out products.

Products come and go. You launch, they sell, then it drops off and you have to start all over again.

This trend has been coming for a few years – and this will be the tipping point. The year that just selling products is NOT enough. And with more competition coming online every minute, if you are not positioning yourself as a trusted “advisor” – you will struggle mightily.


When you position yourself as an “advisor”, you are in a powerful position.

Think about who you go to when you want real advice. Is it someone who just tries to sell you products or someone who educates? I’m guessing it’s not the person who pitches a new product every day, is it?

Becoming an advisor is the name of the game. It’s how you WIN. And it will become even more vital this year as trust is the new currency.

People come to YOU for advice.

You can sell more of your own products.

You can recommend other affiliate products.

You can fill more seats in your webinars or live events.

You can rely less on hypey sales copy – and just be straightforward in your marketing message.

You will get A LOT more customer referrals (marketing becomes much easier).

Your content and incoming links will naturally move you up in the search engines.

In other words – it’s the best way to build a real lifestyle business that makes your wealthy AND actually helps people.


Here are some ways to transition to an “advice” marketer in 2012… (some of it is similar to my checklist in the first prediction).

You don’t have to do them all – but the more you do, the more impact you’ll have.

Trust me, the hard work will pay dividends for years to come…

  • Be focused on your CORE message. And stick to it no matter what.
  • Stick to my 90/10 formula. Educate them 90% of the time and sell 10%.
  • Stay in ONE market (don’t setup 100 different blogs in niche markets to make $.25 cents with no relationship building).
  • Turn your content, knowledge and ideas into step-by-step systems.
  • Build trust by proving GOOD content on your blog.
  • Provide resources that will help them (and recommend others if you can’t provide the answers).
  • Expose them to other experts who can help them reach their goals (live in abundance).
  • Never stop delivering VALUE.
  • Answer all your blog comments, tweets and facebook replies.
  • Write a book. Nothing gives your authority than being a published author.
  • Speak at your niche industry events to give more credibility.
  • Get on radio shows (and let your list know how much media exposure you are getting!)
  • Be a guest blogger on other niche sites (and deliver more killer content)

There you have it.

My sixth and final prediction for 2012. The year of the “Advice” marketer.

If you enjoyed this and want to stay on the cutting-edge of marketing (and let me by your personal success coach in 2012), then click here.


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8 Days of Hanukkah Giving… 18,000 Members @ $59/month Case Study (Present #2)

Here’s your second Hanukkah gift.

It’s a killer video case study with a guy who brought in over 18,000 PAID members (at $59/month).

Check out his powerful affiliate video strategy… this video alone is worth a lifetime of IC dues…

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My Semi-Famous Predictions for 2012 – Part V

That’s right, it’s time for my 2012 prediction #5.

Here we go…


“Nano Continuity” is a term I coined last year. And it is for continuity programs that charge $5 per month and less. I had seen the trend happening for a while – and it’s going to pick up a lot of steam in 2012.


First, a big issue is that people’s credit cards are getting maxed out as banks are lowering the limits. And while $97 might be a stretch – they will always find room for just $5 more.

And since the economy went in the toilet, consumers are looking over what they spend money on VERY closely.

This is where Nano programs will step in.

It’s such an easy sale and you don’t need heavy persuasion to get someone to try it.

Every day I get emails from entrepreneurs launching their own Nano Continuity programs. EVERY DAY – and it’s only going to pick up steam this year.

Heck, even big names like Glenn Beck put his TV show online and charges $4.95 for people to watch it (he reportedly has 200,000 subscribers!). Like him or now – $1 million per month is pretty damn impressive.


The other reason is will gain more momentum this year is because Nano Continuity programs are so easy to create. All you need is a way to accept credit cards and an email system (like aweber) and you are set.

I’ve also been speaking with Beau at Clickbank and having them lower their minimums to allow for $5/month billing (right now, the minimum you can charge is $7.99 per month). They are working on it! And once Clickbank opens the doors – the floodgates will open.

Because it’s so easy to start one, you’ll see more and more entrepreneurs offering their own “Nano” programs in 2012.


But I have to warn you.. you are going to want to get in on the trend early.

The $5 per month is easy for people to swallow – but once they have 5 or 10 different programs, it will begin to add up. Then, they look to eliminate programs.

So you want to get in early AND make sure you are still providing lots of value to KEEP them.

Nano Continuity will heat up this year. But remember, for most people, it will be just a piece of the puzzle. You need a lot of members to turn it into a 7-figure business.

So get out there and think about how you can turn your passion and content into a Nano Continuity program in 2012…


P.S. If you want help starting your own Nano Continuity program in 2012 – here’s your blueprint.

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