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Reverse Engineer 6-Figures a Year Online

Yesterday, I wrote about creating deadlines by getting it down on a calendar.

So today, I’d like to explore the idea of reverse engineering your business.

Now, a word of caution – this might not work for everybody. Once you figure out the numbers, don’t ever forget about providing life-shattering value for your clients. After all, they ARE your business.


With the thousands of coaching calls I’ve done over the years – whenever I ask what their financial goal is, the majority say “$10,000 per month”.

And, when I first got started, that was my goal too.

Believe it or not, I was never (and never will be) purely driven by money. I was happy making $26K working in the children’s hospital and I’m still happy now when I make that in a day.

But even $10,000 might seem like a huge hill to climb – so I like to break it down to smaller, easier to visualize numbers.

Ok, so if your goal is $10K per month, let’s break that down more…

WEEKLY: That comes $2,500 per week
DAILY: That’s approximately $333 per day

Now, when you break it down to just $333 a day, it starts to feel more real.

So it’s time to come up with a plan to hit those numbers.


When you have your daily goal, amazingly your brain starts to formulate the plan to get there. And it happens almost instantly!

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing…

  • Membership sites/Continuity programs
    Approximately 3 members per day at $100/month
    Or 10 members per day @ $30/month
    Or 100 members per day at $10/month

    **Remember, once you hit the numbers for a continuity program and KEEP them, the next month the number of new members you need plummets to virtually zero.

  • Lower priced products/ebooks
    13 sales per day at $30
  • Premium product
    1 sale every 3 days at $1,000

When you look at the numbers above, you can see it’s certainly not impossible to hit those goals.

Look, the list above is not meant to be all-inclusive, but it gives you an idea of what it takes to hit your numbers. And obviously, if you are paying for traffic and have a strong “backend”, those numbers will change.

But, when you follow my “method”, and do things to right way – those numbers become pretty easy to hit.

The point is when you break down your goals to smaller, easy to attain goals that FEEL REAL – you put the plan into action.

And that, my friend, is when the good shit happens!


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The #1 Way to Get Products Done.. Fast!

It’s no secret I work from Starbucks every morning starting around 8am and going until Noon.

That’s my focused work time. It’s the time I write my blog, send my newsletters, create products and write copy.

During that time it’s no instant messages. No interruptions. And no calls (except from my wife, because I am terrified of her :)

I see a woman at the same Starbucks in Stamford a few times a week and we started chatting recently. She told me she’s writing her first book and when I asked how long she’s been working on it.. she said 2 YEARS. I’m serious – 2 years!

And when I innocently asked “are you almost done?”, she said she has another year to year and a half to go.

I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not. Unfortunately, it’s much more common than you’d imagine.

My goal is to write a new book every year (and, if I didn’t have so many other things going on, I’d probably aim for 2-3 books a year).

So how can I (and most of my students) get SO MUCH done, so quickly?

There are a lot of “secrets” and systems I’ve created and revealed over the years.. and here’s one of them.


If you leave a product (or any project) open-ended with no real deadline, it will never get done. Or if it does get done, it takes much longer than necessary.

The FIRST thing I do when I have an idea for a product (whether it’s a new ebook, event or membership site), is get the LAUNCH date in the calendar.

Now, I have a date to work towards. And when I see that clock ticking, I work my ass off to meet my deadline. And nothing will stop me from meeting that date.

I’ve gone from a product IDEA to a full six-figure launch in 14 days.

I’m talking writing the copy, recruiting affiliates, filming videos, and even CREATING the entire product. In just 14 days (you can ask Jit Uppal, my affiliate manager and he can tell you I’m not exaggerating!).

This is not to brag and tell you how great I am (ok, just a little). It’s to show that when you get it in your calendar, it becomes real and you have something to shoot for.

When you are a true entrepreneur, you don’t have a “boss” telling you to get something done. The manager at Starbucks doesn’t hand me my latte and say “Hey Ryan, are you almost done with Module 7 of the Ryan Lee Method?”.(yes, another very subtle plug).

You have push yourself. Motivate yourself. And give yourself a kick in the ass when you’re not pushing.

If you want to create a really powerful online business, you’ve gotta hustle. And if it means skipping an episode of a cheesy CBS comedy for a night so you can record another module for your product, then you skip the damn show!

So next time you have an idea – don’t sit around for 3 months. And don’t say “ok, I might work on that some day”.

Take out your calendar, write down the day is going live and GET TO WORK.

Yes, it’s a really simple idea, but sometimes it’s the most simple solution that gets the biggest results.


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Inner Circle Training: January 17 Live QA

Another killer LIVE QA for my Inner Circle elite.

As always, watch the entire video to pick up that ONE tip that can transform your business…

Download mp3 Here

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Who Do YOU Trust? The Most Trusted Entrepeneurs Online…

I give a lot of my fellow information marketers a hard time. And truthfully, many of them deserve it (and they know it!).

Some stopped caring long ago – and, to be honest, there are some that NEVER cared about their clients success.

But the world is not all gloom and doom. And I’m certainly not the only one trying to overdeliver.

There’s a movement happening right now. Some are making the change and some never veered off the path.

Today, I’d like to focus on the POSITIVE in the world of information marketing.

There are A LOT of really smart marketers doing it right.

Providing great products that deliver results. Marketing with integrity. Going the extra mile for their customers. And overdelivering.


We should celebrate the renewed spirit of “entrepreneurs who actually give a sh*t about their customers”.

So below, tell us who YOU like? Who delivers value? Who really cares about your success? Who would you feel comfortable endorsing?

They can be in ANY market (it does NOT have to be just “internet marketing”).

Let’s hear about people in all different markets. I don’t care if it’s coaching, fitness, parenting, real estate, internet marketing, health, etc… (and to make sure there is absolutely no hidden agenda, you can include links but NOT affiliate links).

I’m looking forward to sharing the spotlight with deserving entrepreneurs…


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The Stand: How to Be Trully Independent Online

No matter what niche market you are in, there comes a time whether you want to “play the game” or not.

And by “play the game”, I mean promote someone’s product in return for them promising to promote yours. In the IM space it’s called “reciprocation”. Believe me, it happens in EVERY market – whether you know it or not.

If you play nicely and kiss enough ass, you can have people promoting your products. And you might make some money in the short term – but it can come back to bite you. Hard.

My support team, Demetria and Shirley, get dozens of these requests every single day. EVERY day!

Now, we get emails about things I haven’t promoted! Here’s an email we just received (I removed the name of the person and product being referenced).

Do you REALLY think that the hundred or so people who promoted this product really reviewed it, or are they just doing it for the commissions and for future favors?

Think about this as well, because I chose NOT to promote this product (and almost every other one), that decision alone makes me stand out from the pack.



If you offer to blindly reciprocate for another marketer, it CAN bring you a big windfall.  And the money can range from hundreds to thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars (although, that is becoming VERY rare indeed).

But, since they “mailed” for you, now you OWE them one.

And what if their next product is absolute shit. Trust me, most of the products that come across my desk really suck.

It’s usually filled with 60% “fluff”, stories, testimonials from their friends and pictures of their cars. And the “content” is just a bunch of thrown together “tricks” that you know they never even tried themselves.

I couldn’t imagine what would happen to the trust I’ve built up with you over the years if I endorsed a product like that.

As an ADVISER, your role is to guide your subscribers. To teach them. To protect them. To advise them.

It’s NOT to whore out a shitty product because it has a high EPC! (earnings per click)

And once that trust it broken it’s almost impossible to repair. People may forgive you – but they NEVER forget. If you had a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse cheat on you – then you know the feeling (yes, I had my first love in high school cheat on me and I cried like a baby). It’s like a big fat punch in your gut.

I don’t care if you are endorsing a product for $20 or $2,000 – it’s about TRUST. In today’s new world of transparency and social media, that’s all you got! And when you promote a product only because you owe a favor or the commission is high, then you risk breaking that trust.

I’ve been online for a long time. Since 1999 and while I’ve had my share of screw-ups and bad decisions, I wouldn’t still be here if I treated my subscribers like garbage.

So the million dollar question is.. do you take the cash or do you stand on your own?



I’m here to tell you that you CAN stand on your own.

You CAN do the right thing for your subscribers. You CAN choose to put your subscribers before your checkbook. You CAN choose long term relationships and profits over short-term cash.

Now I’ll be honest – when you stand alone, the journey will be tougher.

It will take you longer to gain traction in a market. You will face more obstacles. You will have more challenges. You may even have people talk behind your back and think you are a jerk.

BUT – here are the benefits..

You will attract BETTER colleagues into your life! Since I’ve taken this stance, I’ve become close with really brilliant business minds whose ethics and morals are unshakable. People like Andrew Lock, Chris Farrell, David Frey, Lewis Howes, Jim Kwik, Brian Kurtz, Michael Fishman, Marie Forleo, Mike Litman, Jason Fladlien, Jit Uppal, Peter Hoppenfeld, John Sanpietro, Tim Kerber, Rosh Khan, Mike Hill, Valerie Young, David Risley, Beau Blackwell, Stu McLaren, David Riklan, and too many more to mention here…

You will sleep BETTER knowing you are doing the right thing. I love showing my 8 year-old daughter my businesses and we talk about marketing all the time. She’s hooked!

You will have a BETTER business. Your business will continue to grow as your customers become your biggest cheerleaders. They will help you and become your best source for new leads.

You will attract BETTER customers. Now, I have the best customers and Inner Circle members in the world. Smart. Caring. Loyal. Passionate. Ethical. Hard working. And I protect them from the bullshit with everything I’ve got. I’d run through a wall for them – and they all know it, every one of them! And if it makes me an outcast within some marketing circles by not “playing the game”.. then, I just don’t give a f*ck.

If it sounds like I’m angry – well, I am.

I’m fed up with all the bullshit. All the ass kissing. And all the “marketers” who only care about themselves and their padding their bank account.

The answer is so obvious and sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one who sees it…




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Smashing the F*cking Box!

If you’ve ever ready a business book or magazine, you have heard the overused cliche “outside the box”.

Now, while I find that phrase really annoying, the idea behind it makes sense.

In essence, it’s “breaking the rules”. And there’s a time and a place for that.


If you look at the core of making money online, there are really 2 ways..

1. You follow the rules
2. What rules?

And both of these can (and do) work.

Following the rules is safe. It won’t get you into trouble. And you can have somewhat predictable results.

If everyone is doing a “video sales letter” because they are converting better now, then you know a video sales letter will probably work well for you.

BUT – and this is a big-ass but…

You will also blend in with everyone else.

And when you choose to blend, it becomes more of a challenge to gain attention.

The path you choose depends on a few factors.


First, I believe we are all wired differently.

While I was a “good kid” growing up, I never liked being told what to do. I always tried to find different ways to get things done and would constantly challenge the norms.

When I was 12, I loved baseball cards but instead of selling them at card shows, I took out a space ad in a magazine (yes, at 12 years old) and sold cards through the mail. Screw waiting around and only reaching a few hundred people at a baseball card show – let me reach thousands in the baseball card magazines. People actually sent me cash in an envelope and I fulfilled right out of my bedroom!

How are you wired? Do you like to challenge the status quo?


The more competition you have, the more difficult it is to stand out.

This requires you to get attention – and that usually means breaking more rules.

Think about how you can be different in terms of your web site design and graphics.

Different marketing methods.

Different front end offers.

Different price points and guarantees.


Never, and I repeat NEVER get emotionally attached to your products.

I’ve tried so many products and while a lot are a success, there are tons that fail. More than I can even remember. And I’ll continue to take chances and fail.

But I never sit around and mope. I get off my ass, dust myself off and get right back up. Then, I take a quick step back, analyze WHY it failed and learn from my mistakes. And you can bet I won’t make the same mistake twice.

If you are emotionally tied to your product, I don’t care if it’s your book or your membership site, you are screwed!


Don’t just be “outside the box”… you should smash the f*cking box. And when you do that, you WILL have hits and misses. It’s all part of the game.

If you don’t fail – it means you aren’t smashing the box hard enough. You aren’t being different enough. And you aren’t doing anything new.

If your competitors are all charging $50 for a DVD and you charge $39.95, you aren’t really smashing the box… you are gently tapping it. Stop being such a wuss!

BUT – by offering 2 DVDs and giving it away for “free + shipping” to get people into your funnel, now you are making some noise. Now you are doing something different. And now you are becoming the leader and making your competition play catch-up.

Now get out there, think differently and smash the f*cking box!

And yes, I used the F-bomb a few times… I do this when I get emotional. If you find it offensive, then please get over it.



P.S. If you are tired of the typical “internet marketing” bullshit filled with hype and lies — then join the #1 most trusted marketing club online right now. And see why thousands are now breathing a sigh of relief!

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The Product Format Checklist

Here’s a question I get all the time by people in my Inner Circle

What kind of product should I create? Video? Ebook? Audio?

And my answer is simply…


And when I say “yes”, I mean create different learning formats to cast the widest net.

You see, people like to learn in different ways.

Some love to watch video on their laptop or desktop.

Others prefer audio as an mp3 so they can listen while they drive.

And a group would rather have it in print so they can read and highlight material.

By ONLY creating content in one format, you are possibly losing a lot of sales.

I always recommend my clients create products in different formats. But there is a secret to the way you create and position these products.

Some components could be labeled a “bonus” and others, a potential “upsell”.



Here are a few ideas for different product formats you can create…

  • Online video (via flash player)
  • Downloadable video (mp4)
  • DVD
  • Downloadable mp3
  • Audio CD
  • PDF file
  • Print book/manual


It really is a simple solution – so why don’t more information marketers offer multiple learning formats?

I think it’s just laziness and not being resourceful.

They are thinking of their business and products from a ME-centered world. It’s all about ME. What’s easiest for ME to create? What will make life easier for ME?


But it’s not about you – it’s about your potential client.

So, the next time you are going to create your own product, put your client FIRST and create multiple formats. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it later!

Oh, and in case you care, my preferred learning format is an audio mp3. I listen while I drive and workout :)

P.S. Want to see EXACTLY how I create multi-format products in just one hour? Click here for the solution.

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Inner Circle Training: How to Do Great Interviews and Find Experts

If you want to do more interviews with experts… check out this powerful Inner Circle training…

Download MP3 Here

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The Easy Way to Create Great Looking Sales Pages… Really Fast (Plus Checklist!)

Yesterday, I did a full hour of live Q/A for my Ryan Lee Method students.

And during that hour, I did a handful of web site reviews.

One of them for was a guy selling “baseball training” and, since my students know they’ll always get the unfiltered TRUTH from me, I said it looked like it was 8 years old.

The template was tired. The font was small. The text area was way too narrow. The header looked old.

No matter how good the product was, there was simply no way this page was going to convert.



I can’t blame him – when I first started online back in 1999, that’s how my sites looked.

Here’s a screenshot from one of my first membership sites from January 2001…


Now, there is simply no excuse to create ugly looking, archaic web sites.

Here are 2 solutions that let you create really slick looking sales pages.. with no coding experience.

I have been using this program for around 2 years. It’s a wordpress plugin, it’s pretty easy to use and the sites look great. I created most of my current sales pages using OP.

2. PROFITS THEME: I just signed up for this program – and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m pretty excited. My favorite part is being able to build a clickbank integrated membership site with no additional plug-in needed. It makes it very easy for dripped content.

Both of these wordpress plugins are pretty similar.

The each allow you to create membership sites, launch pages, squeeze pages, sales letters and even video sales letters. And they are both push-button simple to use!



The type of page that converts best depends on a lot of factors including your market and pricing.

In general, here are a few simple things your sales page should have..

  • Strong Headline. If you are stuck, you can’t go wrong with a “How To…”
  • Video: In most cases, a video will help your sales. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even just YOU being YOU may help your conversions (in other words, don’t try to be like me or Frank Kern – just be yourself!)
  • Benefit Bullets: Pick out the 5-7 best benefits of your program and list them in bullet format
  • Social Proof: Testimonials, case studies and even screen shots of positive facebook comments or tweets can help your page
  • Guarantee: Offer a money back guarantee to take away the risk of doing business with you.
  • No-Brainer: Make your offer so good, they’d be insane to say no.
  • Add to Cart: Make it EASY for them to order. Don’t give 15 options.. just give one, really good offer and make the sale (you can always offer more as upsells)
  • Act Now: Give them a reason to buy NOW. Either price hikes or taking away bonuses.. just give incentives to buy immediately.



Creating a sales page does not have to be complicated.

And when you’re building trust online, your sales letter becomes even less important as your conversions will rise simply because you are creating strong relationships.

If you have a product (or are creating one), I highly recommend you check out both Optimize Press and Profits Theme.



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How Badly Do You REALLY Want to Succeed?

How badly do you REALLY want success?

Are you willing to do what it takes?

I first came across this video a few months ago – and I simply love it. And while I agree with almost everything he says, I still need my sleep :)

Take a few minutes to watch this and see what it takes to succeed..


P.S. Click here for my entire blueprint for success online.

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