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New Facebook Fan Page CHANGES.. Why It's Good News For Entrepreneurs!

Facebook has just made a big change to their Fan Pages. MASSIVE change!

Coming soon, you will have no choice but to change your page layout to the “Timeline” format.

And some marketers are absolutely freaking out over the changes. From the panic in their emails and posts, you would think their family has just been kidnapped.

But secretly (ok, maybe not so secretly), I’m pretty happy about the new Facebook changes.

Here are a few of the big changes to the new Facebook Fan Page

  • All pages will soon change over to the “Timeline” format
  • No more sending people to custom tabs
  • No more custom landing pages (essentially, no way to create a squeeze page on Facebook)
  • Your new header cannot have, according to Facebook, “no purchase info, no contact info, no reference to “like” or “share”, no coupons, etc.

Now, why should YOU be happy about these new massive sweeping changes?


I’ve been saying for YEARS that your success should NOT rely entirely on your ability to create a “slick” squeeze page or some underground marketing tactic you picked up in a “guru” course or an e-book.

Why? Because it’s all built on a very thin foundation.

Facebook (just like any of these sites or resources), is just a TOOL – it’s NOT your business. That’s a BIG difference.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to be the best marketer possible and learn all of the cool tactics. BUT, I am saying that should not be your main focus. It should be another tool in your toolbox.

And if Facebook went away tomorrow – your business shouldn’t skip a beat.

So this change FORCES you to focus on the right stuff!

Too many wannabe entrepreneurs focus 95% of their energy on the latest bullshit tactic that come down the pike. And when you pour all of your effort into the wrong thing – your business is “thin”. Very thin. And a thin business never lasts. And when it all falls apart, you are struggling looking for the “next big thing”.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask the marketers, who were making big bucks just 24 months ago and now laying off their staff and struggling mightily, how those “tactics” are working for them now?

And compare that to other people, in the same space, like myself, Chris Farrell, Lewis Howes, Andrew Lock, Marie Forleo, Stu McLaren, David Frey and dozens more who find their businesses GROWING and THRIVING!

In other words, there’s no substance to those businesses that rely solely on tactics, manipulation and puffery.

You should be spending that time on creating the best products and services available. Value that is so good – people become lifelong raving fans.

Period. End of f*cking story. That’s it.

Got it? Is it sinking in yet?

How many times do I have to say the same thing and people still ask things like “Ok Ryan, but what about article spinning?” or “Should I buy CommissionTeaBag? It can create 200 shitty articles a week for me!”.

Really? Seriously?

Its like a riddle “If no one sees or cares about your shitty spun article – does it even exist?”.

Deep, huh?

Want a better idea?

Spend that time ANSWERING BLOG POST COMMENTS or FACEBOOK COMMENTS from people who are really interested in you — you f*cking moron!

What is wrong with you people?

Seriously, where did you grow up and learn how to treat people? I swear some of these “marketers” must have no soul or they just don’t care about anyone but themselves.

If someone walks up to you and asks you a question – do you ignore them? No, you give them the courtesy of a reply.

It’s like spending your entire day on the highway with a big sign that says “come to the side of the road for a free book” and when someone pulls their car over asks you about the book – you just ignore them and wonder if your sign should have more glitter? Or should be written in red, tahoma bold font?

And you just ignored the one person who was actually interested!

That’s how you use Facebook- you engage and have a conversation. You don’t just rely on turning it into a squeeze page or the next way to turn a “like” into an upsell.

There you go, that’s your next Facebook product – that will be $2,000 please :)


Whether you like it or not, this change to the Facebook Fan Page is just the beginning.

For the most part, Google doesn’t allow squeeze pages in many niche markets (yes, there are exceptions to this rule).

Facebook and Google are the two most popular web sites in the world. And right behind them is YouTube (yes, also owned by Google).

If your marketing even smells of a “slick salesperson” – people will start calling you a “scam”. Right or wrong, like it or not, it’s the new reality.

The public is getting sick of the old-school, in-your-face sales and marketing. So is Facebook and so is Google. And if you continue to rely on that for your online business, you will be left in the dust.

The entrepreneurs who connect and build long-term deep relationships by being prolific and providing massive value will survive. Period.


While the marketers are panicking and trying to figure out ways to turn the “profile pic” on Facebook to a “like” button – I am sitting back and smiling…

I’m smiling because of the years of blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into my business continue to pay off (and will continue to pay off for years to come).

I’m smiling because we built our supplement company, Prograde, the right way by putting our money back into research and customer support – instead of the some of the scumbag CPA networks. And we are the fastest growing nutrition company on the planet.

I’m smiling because my subscribers and clients know I really DO  give a shit about them and their success (and I will protect them from the rest of the crap online).

I’m smiling because my clients who have been following what I’ve been teaching for over a decade are also NOT nervous about the changes. Not even one bit (I guarantee you the new Facebook changes doesn’t worry long-time client Zach Even-esh at all!)

And I’m smiling because — it feels pretty damn good to be right :)



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P.P.S. Want to join the club with other success-minded entrepreneurs who “get it”. Click here.

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Stop Using "Tricks"… and Just F*cking Connect!

It’s time for another rant…

I spent A LOT of time with Andrew Lock and Chris Farrell this weekend filming our new TV show Lock, Lee and Farrell: Business Mavericks (maybe too much time LOL). And we talked for hours about business, life and the overall disgusting state of “Internet Marketing”.

When Andrew was filming an “on location” bit and freezing his ass off outside, Chris and I sat down in a nice warm restaurant to grab lunch :)

We started talking about marketing and what works best for each of us in our own business (plus, what works best for our clients).

It’s funny, Chris has grown his business from ZERO to a strong 7 figures in around 30 months. And he did it without any marketing “tricks”.

NO article spinning
NO bullshit push-button forum reply softare
NO awful network with 500 shitty blogs offering zero usable content

Nope, none of that. Go figure, huh?

He did it the old-fashioned way.

Chris connected with people online, built relationships, started speaking at events and worked his ass off to overdeliver and provide value.

That’s it. If you never buy anything from me now or in the future – you got the formula right there.

He builds his list by giving out good content and answering questions on his site and Facebook.

Seriously, that’s his marketing and it’s essentially what I do too.

I know Chris’s numbers and I also know the income of lots of “gurus”… and Chris makes more than 95% of them. And he does it the RIGHT way. We are both building a long-term business while the other guys are sucking wind and in BIG trouble.

Do you see the value in what Chris and I are doing?

Please, just stop with the bullshit!

STOP trying to find that one “secret” or “push-button software” to make you millions (it doesn’t exist and if it did, the idiots wouldn’t sell it to you for $27!).

The answer is right in front of you.

I teach it to you every day on this blog.

Open your eyes.

Stop using “tricks” and just f*cking connect!

Rant over.


P.S. Stay tuned as Chris, Andrew and I have a very special offer coming this week (plus a free ticket to our 2nd annual SAM event in Park City, UT)

P.P.S. I REALLY want to change the industry and positively impact millions of people. It’s my mission and will be my legacy – and I won’t rest until my heart stops beating. The new TV show and this blog is just the beginning. I’m still not sure what it will all look like – but I promise you things will change.

P.P.P.S. If this blog post resonates with you – please share the love. Click the “like” button, Tweet it or G+ it. I appreciate your support!

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Choosing the RIGHT Partners…

This weekend, I filmed a new TV show with two of my good friends and fellow marketers, Andrew Lock and Chris Farrell. It’s something I always wanted to do and it’s definitely a “passion” project.

During the filming and prep, each of our personalities really came through.

Chris Farrell was the organized one. He wanted every scene scripted, rehearsed and re-filmed. You can be sure I gave him a hard time between the takes with my cutting NY sarcasm :)

I was the opposite end of the spectrum. I didn’t want anything planned and I was the only one to 100% improvise every line. Reading from a teleprompter is just not in my DNA.

And Andrew Lock was right in the middle. He liked the balance of improv AND scripting. He found the balance between Chris and I.

During a lunch break – I mentioned how each of us are so different in our style and something just “clicked”. We looked at each other and had one of those moments where we realized why we all got along so well — and why the show is going to be a smash hit.

We all COMPLIMENTED each other.

If everything was entirely scripted and planned – the show might feel forced.
If everything was entirely improved – the show might feel too loose and unstructured.


Are you a more creative person? Someone who loves to “start” businesses and comes up with ideas – but you have trouble seeing it through to the end?

If that sounds like you – then if you are going to find a partner, it should be someone who is more structured. More organized. And a task-master.

If you are BOTH the creative and not finishers, you will have a lot of ideas but your business will never get off the ground.

And the same is true if you are both the structured ones. If neither are creative or the “idea” person, you will have trouble creating a business or marketing strategy that resonates or gains attention in the marketplace.

What seems like a perfect partnership on the surface can be a complete failure if you skip over this vital component. To me, having COMPLEMENTARY skills is the most important part of a strong, lasting partnership.

I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of teaming up with someone they “like”, but they’re way too similar in their strengths. And unfortunately, these partnerships usually fail.

Bottom line, partnerships CAN work. Just make sure that each of you know your strengths and have clearly defined roles before you begin.


P.S. Do you want me as your “partner”? Always in your corner? Click here.

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Free $67 Gift for My Subscribers… "Feeding the Panda.. Free Traffic – the Easy Way"

Recently at one of my events, I met a very smart guy named Troy Broussard. We started talking about search engines (specifically Google), and he blew me away with how much he knows. The content, updates and the formulas.. it was impressive to say the least.

In fact, during the past 24 months, he went from ZERO to a 7-figure online business just by understanding how Google really works.

And after talking with Troy a bunch of times, I decided to have him do the SEO/Link Building for my own site, Not only because of his smarts – but because he seems to be a guy with very high integrity. Someone who really cares about his clients.


Troy sells his book, Feeding the Panda, for $67 – and he’s sold a lot of them. (you can see the page where he sells it here).

As you can see, it’s not some bullshit free report – it’s a REAL program with REAL value. Especially, the checklists – I LOVE checklists :)

BUT, as a favor to me — for a limited time, he is giving a copy away to all my loyal subscribers for FREE. Yes, I said FREE!

To get a FREE copy of “Feeding the Panda” with no strings attached, simply email Troy directly at and ask for a copy. That’s it.

No opt-in. No “catch”. Just ask nicely – and he’ll send it over to you. Just give him a little while to get back to you since I have a feeling he is going to get A LOT of requests!

But DO IT NOW… since he does actively sell copies of this book every day, this FREE offer will end quickly – so don’t procrastinate.


Like I said, Troy is smart. And by giving away a free copy of his valuable product – he hopes to build a relationship with you. And if you want to do SEO for your own business now or down the road – maybe, just maybe, you’ll think of Troy first.

How can you do this in YOUR business?


P.S. If you are interested- this is the actual link building/seo service I signed up with for this site. It’s a great value and I’ll keep you posted on the results.

P.P.S. Full disclaimer. This is an affiliate link so I’d receive a commission if you sign-up. He offered me a commission – so I took it (I’d be crazy not too!). But, like I said, I also believe in this service so much I signed up myself and I’d never recommend a product I don’t believe in 100%.

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3 Powerful Business Lessons from a Childhood Hero

Last week, one of my childhood heroes died from cancer.

His name was Gary Carter.

Growing up I was a huge baseball fan. Maybe even borderline obsessed. I started my own baseball card business when I was 12 and followed my beloved NY Mets all season long. I could recite every player, every statistic and, of course, the value of their baseball cards.

During the 1980s, the Mets had an incredible catcher, Gary Carter. When he came to the Mets from the Expos, I liked him right away.

The Mets were known as a rowdy group during the mid to late 80s. Drinking. Smoking. And just kicking ass.

But Gary Carter was different.

No doubt, he was a great player. A future Hall-of-Famer. But he was also a family man and straight-as-an-arrow. He just seemed like a true class-act on and off the field.

You’d hear stories about him always staying late until every autograph was signed. And it was THAT trait that really struck a cord with me. I always though to myself “if I was a player, I’d love to sign autographs for every kid.”

And now, with 25 years  of life in the rear view mirror, I look back at the life of Gary Carter – and on the field he had 3 characteristics that will serve as a great model for your business (and life)…

#1. Always Smile:
Being happy is contagious and it’s almost impossible to find a picture of Gary Carter without a smile on his face. That’s what I remember most about him was his big smile. Gary played baseball with pure joy and enthusiasm – and that’s how you should “play business”. If you want a great business, a great life, and you want to inspire – then do everything with a sense joy!

And if your business doesn’t give you joy, find another business.

#2. Always Confident:
When he came to the plate in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, down by 2 runs with 2 outs and no one on base, he knew he was not going to make the last out. And, true to form, he came through and got a hit. The Mets ended up winning that game (and series) with one of the biggest comebacks in baseball history. When I create a new product, event, or even a blog post – I am confident in my material. And if you want to be a trusted adviser, you must also have confidence.

Bottom line, know your material inside and out. The more confident you are with the content – the better you will be able to deliver it!

#3. Always Gave 100%:
Gary gave it 100% every single day. In fact, during practice as a rookie, he would run every drill all-out at 100%. To and calm him down, the veterans starting teasing him and calling him “KID”. And that nickname stuck with him for the rest of his life. Do you really give it 100% effort, or are you looking for the easy way with the minimum amount of effort?

I admit it, I’m getting teary-eyed writing this post. It feels like a part of my youth is gone.

Gary Carter lived doing what he loved and he left this world a better place. He had friends, fans and family that adored him.

And when you look up his name online, it’s almost impossible to find people who have nothing but great things to say about him.

How will YOU be remembered?

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or starting a one-person online business from your local Starbucks… live and lead with integrity, be confident, always give 100% every time and do it with a big fat smile on your face.

Gary Carter did it right. Will you?


P.S. Join the club filled with other people who want to lead and inspire.

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Internet Marketing Voted Best Membership Site!!! (And a Checklist YOU Can Copy)

It’s official!

This site,, won the “Wishie” for “Best Overall Membership Site”.

I won’t do the normal boring “acceptance speech”, instead, let’s look at how YOU can copy my success.

Here are a few reasons why my Inner Circle is so popular and you can use this as a checklist for your membership site…

  • Easy to navigate: I’ve learned my lesson in the past with confusing navigation – so this time around, it was all about making it easy to get around the site.
  • Perfect amount of content: The WEEKLY sessions are the right balance between delivering enough great content without overwhelming my subscribers. If you give too much “bulk”, they will cancel.
  • Live: My members love the fact the training is LIVE. Recorded content is great, but nothing beats the feeling of live. You should make it a priority to include some “live” component to your site.
  • Clean and uncluttered: I’m borderline obsessed with keeping my sites and content clean and uncluttered. And in today’s world of clutter, your subscribers will appreciate your effort too.
  • Access to archives: Instead of trying to squeeze every dime out of my members, they get access to ALL my archived sessions. And believe me, the members appreciate it.
  • High quality: I always strive to provide 10X value. So if members pay $50 per month, it should easily be worth $500 per month. Based on member feedback, it’s working.

And finally, the biggest reason for the success of the Inner Circle is the following..


That’s it.

Once they know you actually care (and they are not just a piece of your “continuity” puzzle), they will stick around for a long time.

So there you have it.

Thank you for voting the “Best Overall Membership Site”… now get out there and kick some ass, will ya?


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Inner Circle Training: Make Money Fast with Jack Born

This session goes deep! See how to setup a real process to run your online business.

Download mp3 Here

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Why Most Internet Marketers are DEAD WRONG (and How You Can Be RIGHT!)

Let’s say you are in a niche market. You want to position yourself as the trusted adviser in your market and it’s time to create a product. What’s your first step?

Recently, I wrote a post about how to reverse engineer 6 figures online by working the math backwards. And while I still think it’s powerful to use this model, I did leave out a vital component.

And this one component is the key to your longevity and long term success.


I’ve told this story before but it’s a whopper so it needs to be repeated. And it illustrates what’s WRONG with the world of information marketing.

I did a coaching call with a young guy last year. He was probably about 23 or so and new to the world of information marketing.

And I asked my usual first question… what is his goal? His mission? His passion?

Do you know what he said? I swear, I’m not making this up or exaggerating one bit.

He said, “I want to create a $97 per month continuity program”.

I said, “In what market? Who are you selling to? What exactly do you want to create?”

And he replied “It doesn’t matter – I just want to create a $97 per month continuity program.”.

Immediately I asked, “but WHO is it for and what are you going to give them?”

He continued with “It doesn’t matter, I just want a $97 per month continuity program”.

This went on and one for about 10 minutes. I’m not kidding, I wish I was, but I’m not.

I was in shock that someone wants to build a business like this? Is this how far the information marketing industry has fallen?


How can you expect to build a real sustainable business when ALL you care about is the money and you don’t have any hint of providing value to the people who will pay you?

There will be an almost zero percent chance of this young guy succeeding when this was the foundation of his business. It’s almost impossible to build a following, a tribe, or a loyal group of subscribers when you come into the business with this mindset.

It’s the complete OPPOSITE of how to build an online business, especially one that will build real wealth for years to come.

Sure, you can hire an A-level $20,0000 copywriter and convince a few people to bite on your offer – but they won’t be back. And they certainly won’t tell their friends about your business (at least, not in a good way).

Here is the question he should have asked (and what you should ask yourself when creating any product, no matter the price).

How much value can I create so my $97/month continuity program is worth AT LEAST $1,000/month so I will get more subscribers to join, they will stick around longer AND they will become my best source for referrals and new subscribers

That’s a BIG difference. A huge difference. And it’s everything.

It’s the reason why myself and my clients don’t have to rely on living “launch to launch” like so many other information marketers.

Before you buy a domain name. Before you build your site or even think of a title for your product.. ask yourself HOW MUCH VALUE can I provide to my new clients – and you will be way ahead of your competition.

You CAN have it all.

You CAN create a great product that not only helps people but also makes you wealthy. Your sales and marketing becomes easier. You won’t have to stress of SEO optimization. You will no longer have to rely on “tricks” and a bullshit “50 sequence autoresponder series” to make more sales.

Now get out there and get yours sh*t straight!


P.S. You have just a few hours to get my entire “Ryan Lee Method” program – for FREE, when you invest in my new 1K Per Day Formula. Get it now before this offer ends on Friday!

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Member Spotlight: Chris Verrone

Some people just got “it”.

Whatever that “it” is, I can usually tell how much success someone will have in the competitive world on niche information marketing within the first few minutes of meeting them.

And Chris Verrone is one of them and he’s got it in spades!

So Chris is my first person to be featured in my “Member Spotlight” where you’ll see people taking inspired action and building REAL online businesses that matter!


I met Chris about 2 years ago since our daughter’s go to the same pre-school. He told me about his roofing business and I mentioned I do some online marketing (I keep a pretty low-profile when speaking with friends). And after we kept meeting at school functions and endless kids birthday parties – he mentioned blogging. and I told him that I do “some blogging”.  His eyes just lit up as we talked more about online marketing!

Here was the first clue to his success.

Instead of pulling the same old “hey, we’re friends so can I ‘pick your brain’ for lunch”, he asked what products of mine he should BUY? That’s right – he understood the value of paying for advice, even from someone he knew socially. I told him to come to my next Continuity Summit (which was just 2 weeks away) and he said he’ll be there.

He came early every day, sat in the front row and took notes like a madman!

Chris then paid to come to a full day mastermind meeting in my office and immediately bought a ticket to my Vegas workshop which came with access to my Ryan Lee Method program. And he always learns and takes ACTION on what I teach.

The other thing I noticed is that he’s a really “good guy”. Everyone at my Vegas workshop who met him said the same thing. They’d say.. “I met Chris and I really like him.”

What do people say about you? Are you likeable? Or when you meet people, are you just trying to take, take, take? (by the way, that’s another HUGE key to success.. be likable!)


Chris, with my urging, is building a “personal brand” (the site is so he’ll have some flexibility with his message and will be able to adapt quickly to the market.

Now, Chris is an expert roofer and contractor. He does super high-end work and is oozing passion.

Since he’s had a lot of success in this industry with his own business, we are positioning him as the “go to” guy for business and marketing advice in that market.

And now, he’s off to the races…

He’s created a blog and is starting to write. He’s creating video content. He’s finding his voice. And he’s started to build his list.

Chris is getting feedback from his subscribers – and he’s LISTENING. This is the key step most online marketer wannabes skip. They want to go for the fast cash and don’t have patience to do it right.

Now, while he is continuing to build his relationships we are going to work on creating new products for his to offer his subscribers… again, he doesn’t want to just throw out a product. He’s in this for the long haul.



There is a lot you can learn from Chris Verrone. Here are just a few things to think about…

  • Build your business around your passion
  • If you are going to be the “adviser”, then be a master at your craft
  • Don’t expect handouts and be willing to invest in your education
  • Consider a “personal brand” so you can never be duplicated
  • Work your ass off and never, ever stop!

I have no doubts he is going to build a 7-figure + online business. No doubt whatsoever.

It might be six months, a year or maybe even two – but it’s going to happen for him.

Let’s all congratulate a fellow member for taking inspired action and doing it the right way.


P.S. Want to be part of the “club” with fellow motivated entrepreneurs like Chris Verrone? Click here.

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F*ck the Latte!

It never really made much sense to me.

I’m all for saving and living below your means – but the idea of not having a $3 latte because that money, with 5% interest, will add up to thousands after years of saving.

Sure, I get it. Financially, it’s sound advice, however I’d much rather MAKE MORE money and buy whatever I want.


Look at the numbers for a minute.

$3 per day x 365 = $1,095 per year.

Ok, a thousands bucks. That will impact many people’s lives – but it’s also living in the “lack” mentality. I fully embrace ABUNDANCE.

But why not have both?

Instead of talking about saving the $3 – why not talk about making an extra $6 per day? Now, you can buy your latte AND still save the $3! But no one in mainstream media ever talks about that because it doesn’t “sell”. And if they don’t get eyeballs, they don’t sell advertising. And the cycle of the poverty mindset goes round and round.

Why are you limited to your current income? Why can’t you make more – even if it’s just part-time?

When I worked full-time at the Children’s Hospital (long before the “Internet”), I hustled my ass off. Woke up at 5am to train a client at their house. And ran fitness classes and sports training groups at night after work while still putting myself through night school for a Master’s degree.

17+ hours a day.

You know what? I earned my f*cking latte!

(Thankfully, because of the Internet, I don’t have to work that hard anymore. In fact, I’m writing this from Starbucks. But if I had to do it again, I’d get off my ass and get it done!).

Why not MAKE the extra $1,000 AND buy your lattes? What is stopping you? Seriously, what is holding you back?

We always hear the same old bullshit.

Study hard. Get a good job with benefits.


There is only ONE person you can rely on for your financial future.

It’s not the government. It’s not your employee. And it’s certainly not a shitty $27 push-button software. It’s YOU.

I’m NOT telling you to go out and blow all your money on a Ferrari if you can’t afford it. Not at all. That’s just dumb. You’ve gotta be smart with your money.

But what I am telling you is to stop making excuses. Stop watching the news and buying into all the hype.

All the complainers. All the people who bitch day and night about the “economy” and “it’s tough out there”.

Believe me, there is PLENTY of opportunity for all of us. In every market. In every niche.

We are just at the beginning of the Internet. And the window is wide f*cking open!

Get off your ass. Set a goal. Figure out a plan of action. Provide massive value to your clients and customers. Never stop caring about their results. Take steps forward every single day – even if it’s just one blog post or Facebook update. And don’t ever stop until you reach it.

And then, take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy your latte — you have earned it, my friend.

P.S. If you want to make that $1k per DAY and drink as many lattes as you want.. click here.

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