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It's NOT Luck: The $540 Million Dollar Blueprint

In the U.S. the lottery (Mega Millions Jackpot) is now up to a record $540 million dollars.

Good luck!

Did you know the odds of winning are 1 in 176 million. Yes, you have just one chance in ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SIX MILLION to win.

Yes, people are lining up for hours and spending hundreds of dollars to gobble up tickets like crack.


If you want to be a millionaire, don’t put it to luck or chance. And, I’m sorry if this offends you, but that’s for losers and excuse makers.

I know A LOT of millionaires. Most of my friends are millionaires. And I’m not talking about bullshit lying “gurus”, I’m talking real millionaires.

And not one made their millions through “luck” or winning the lottery. That’s right, not a single solitary one of them.

I have NEVER bought a lottery ticket – even when I was working in a Children’s Hospital making $26K per year.

I’d over hear other hospital employees talking about buying tickets together. Getting excited. And even asking if I wanted “in” on their tickets. Of course, I politely declined. I had other plans to get to millions.

Meanwhile, while they were going to the local convenience store to buy their tickets and praying for a miracle — I was at Barnes and Noble during my lunch break and investing that time/money back into my BUSINESS education.

That’s why my businesses now generate 7-figures A MONTH, while they are still buying lottery tickets and complaining how “it’s tough out there” or “there aren’t a lot of jobs”.

Here’s what kills me…

The same people who say, “Ryan, I REALLY want join your program but I can’t afford the $47 a month” are the ones who go out and blow $50 PER WEEK on lottery tickets.


YES – you DO have the money, it’s about PRIORITY.

Invest the money back in YOU.

Become better at running a smart lifestyle business.

That’s how you can become wealthy.



One thing that gets me crazy is when someone sees what I’ve built and says “you got lucky!”.



Are you kidding me?

Luck doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Sure, great timing helps. Absolutely. But luck? Not a chance.

Walking 4 blocks past gangs and drug dealers in the South Bronx just to use the Internet at the public library during my break when I was a gym teacher in 2001 to build my business… wasn’t luck.

Driving 3 hours to pitch my sports training membership site and having a table at future events held by Perform Better over 11 years ago.. wasn’t luck.

Having people tell me NO over and over again when I first started – and never, ever giving up. Speaking at events. Writing articles for magazines. Working my balls off. And eventually, they ALL came crawling back to me.. wasn’t luck.

Shutting my mouth, listening to people and just giving them what they want with products that delivered kick-ass value.. wasn’t luck.

Taking time to answer people’s blog posts. And Facebook comments. And writing email newsletters for over a decade. And always working hard to build long-term relationships…. wasn’t luck.

Do you REALLY want to have it all?

STOP BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS and start taking control of your own destiny.

That, my friend, is how millions are truly made.

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Your Online Business "Spring Cleaning" Checklist

Now that Spring is here – it’s time for some good ol’ spring cleaning.

I’m not talking about cleaning out your closet – I’m talking cleaning out your business.

As you may know from reading my blog, I’m slightly obsessed with finding out how to make everything in life more simple, especially in my business.

When you have clutter in your business it’s so much more difficult to focus and get stuff done. You get distracted and a distracted mind gets you into trouble.

Here are some things to help you clean up your business, simplify and get laser-focused..

  • Guru Cleanse: Unsubscribe from any “marketing” email list that does not provide value. If they only “pitch” and try to sell to you – get off the list immediately. And don’t say “I use it for swipe copy”. Bullshit. It only distracts you from your goals.
  • Donate Books: I LOVE reading business and marketing books. But once I go through them and put the highlights into a notebook, I’m done. There’s no need to have them all over my office. The size of your library doesn’t impress me, it’s the action you take on what you learn that gets you results. Donate them to your local library.
  • Clean Your Inbox: Try to get it down to zero. Setup folders and delete old emails. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.
  • Clean Your Desktop: Get all the old files off your desktop. Put them into a 5 or 6 main folders and, then subfolders from there. Buy an external hard drive and get those files off your computer hard drive.
  • Clean Your Desk: Only keep what you need every day on your desk. For me, it’s my laptop, a composition notebook (my to-do list), and my cell phone. That’s it.
  • Clear Your Mind: Focus on just ONE THING. I don’t care what it is or what market you are in. It could be a membership site for fitness. Or a workshop for dating. Just do that one thing and don’t get distracted with other “ideas”.
  • Get Your Ass in Shape: OK, this isn’t really “spring cleaning”, but you’ll never reach your highest level of success until you get into top physical condition. Make better eating choices and break a sweat every day. It’s not always easy, but it’s pretty simple.

There you go.

Some practical strategies to get clarity and simplify your business.

Rock ‘on!


P.S. Make sure to “like” this below!

P.P.S. This is the most simple, straightforward way I know to make 6-figures a year.. with just one product.

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Want to Go on a Marketing Date? (The Easy Way to More Sales!)

Marketing is just like dating.

When I met my now-wife back in college, I didn’t say “Hi, my name is Ryan and would you like to get married?”.

Heck no. Even after 8 or so beers – I simply knew better.

We started off with a conversation. I asked her questions. We talked. And we laughed.

Janet and I started off as friends first. Then, I finally got up the nerve to ask her on a date. And yes, I was a big spender back in college… Pizza Hut and a movie (The Distinguished Gentleman with Eddie Murphy). Oh yeah – I was quite impressive!

And, after 6 years of dating I finally proposed.

OK, what’s my point? What the heck does this have to do with marketing?


Marketing is about building relationships.

It’s about finding out what THEY WANT.

It’s about asking questions.

It’s about getting to know each other.

It’s about being real and authentic.

Sure, you can throw up a slick site with some high-pressured marketing and fake scarcity – but what does that REALLY accomplish?

That type of marketing usually comes with more refunds and negative word-of-mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make A LOT of money pretty quickly. But you still have to do it thinking about the long-term effect.

In 2012, if you under-deliver or screw people over, it will be on the web for people to see. Forever. You no longer get a second chance.

Screw me and I’m gone.

And not only am I gone – I’m telling everyone I know just how much of an asshole you are. That’s right. Facebook. Twitter. Heck, even a blog dedicated to telling the world just how much you suck.

Don’t believe me?

Just Google some of the well-known marketers (in almost any category) and you’ll see what I mean.


I once did a coaching call with a young personal trainer. He was so eager to make a sale – his site was too hypey, too forced and it wasn’t him at all. You can tell he just read a few copywriting courses and threw it online.

So I gave him this advice…

For the next month, do NOTHING but give and build relationships. DO NOT try to sell a thing. Get on the forums. Join the groups. Contribute to the communities. And keep on giving back.

When I told him the homework, he immediately felt a sense of relief. Like he can stop trying so hard to sell and he can just help people.

That is when you are in the “marketing zone”. And that, my friend, is when the magic happens.

So get out there – and start “dating” already, will you?


P.S. Get LIVE coaching from me (and other world-class marketers) every single week. For about $1 a day.

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Inner Circle: How to Start Your Own Online Show!

Special guest, David Garland, will show you EXACTLY how he brings in 6-figures a year with his own online tv show…

Download mp3 here

Get David’s complete training program here!

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Inner Circle Q/A Time!

Here you go.. another hour of pure content and live questions and answers! You are always going to pick up nuggets of instantly usable content in here!

Download mp3 Here

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3 Simple Steps to Get Sh*t Done (The Myth of "Working Hard")

First, a disclaimer.

The men who get up at 5am and mow lawns all day in 95 degree sweltering summer heat.. they work hard.

The single women who work 14+ hours a day and still take care of their kids.. they work hard.

Me, working from Starbucks while sipping a girly skinny vanilla latte and working on my 11″ MacBook Air.. not really working hard.

Sure, being an “information marketer” is mentally draining – but when I used to sweat my ass off working until 10 at night at the Children’s hospital.. that was the kind of work where I would collapse after a full day.

So you’ll never find me complaining about what I do. Never. And if I do complain, please give a gentle smack in the ass (in a non-sexual way, of course!).



Inc. magazine just published an article about the 40 hour work week.

Here was their synopsis after going through handful of studies looking at productivity “clocking over 40 hours a week just makes you unproductive”.

I never believed you had to work 70+ hours a week to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, I used to work long hours when I started, but I didn’t have great leverage at the time. And I NEVER pulled an “all-nighter”.

I was purely trading hours for dollars.

If I trained a client, I made $50 for the hour. And if I didn’t train someone at that time, I didn’t get paid. Simple. And easy to understand.

Now, as I transitioned away from only getting paid “per hour”, I started to truly understand the idea of getting sh*t done. And STILL having a life.

In fact, it’s common for me to see, at least, one movie a week in the middle of the afternoon by myself (yes, I am a movie addict and have a slight problem). I also get a weekly massage in the middle of the day. And spend HOURS at the bookstore and library. And still coach Kindergarten soccer and 2nd grade lacrosse.

My wife and I have a long understood agreement. I will be home by 5pm every day – and I’ll provide us with plenty of income – just don’t ask where I was all day :)



Here are 3 simple steps to follow to get more done and still have an awesome ass-kicking life.

STEP 1: Schedule your day

There’s an old saying that if you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know.

My wife and I have 4 young kids under the age of 8. Do you think I have time to waste with bullshit “meetings” from people who want to “pick my brain” or just “run an idea by me”?

Hell no. I schedule my day and block off time that is untouchable. I have zero tolerance for people who waste my time. If you want to meet, then send me a full written proposal first – and if you can’t be bothered with that, I can’t be bothered with you. It sounds harsh but you must guard your time.

There’s no such thing as “Hey Ryan, can I have just 5 minutes on the phone”. Five minutes ALWAYS turns to 10-15 minutes. It’s just the way things are – and I learned that the hard way.

The morning is my work time and I protect it with my life.

No coaching calls. No interviews. Nothing before Noon. Ever.

Schedule your day and figure out when your real “work” time is an protect it dearly, my friend.


When you have your focused work time, do nothing else but your work.

This time should be spent doing something that GROWS your business.

Could be sales copy, marketing, emailing affiliates, guest blogging, writing your newsletter, creating a new product, etc.

During that time, you better work your ass off. Don’t stop. Just keep at it and you’ll be absolutely shocked at how much you can get done in just 1 hour.

You can write a quick blog post, email your list and put that post on Facebook & Twitter.

You can email 20 potential affiliates or joint venture partners.

You can create a video sales letter.

You can create an entire module for one of your products.

Just turn off your cell phone. Shut down Skype and IM. And do NOT check your email.

Once you work for 45-60 minutes straight – take a 10 minute break. Stretch. Drink some water. Do some pushups. Anything – just give yourself a mental rest for a bit.


STEP 3: Rinse and Repeat

Do this for 2 to 3 focused work blocks of 45-60 minutes.

If you do this and you stick to it – I guarantee you’ll get so much more done. You’ll make more money. And you’ll have one hell of a great life.

I was a sprinter in college (1oo meter dash) and I believe you should work like a sprinter too.

Work really, really hard for short bursts – then take breaks and refresh yourself.

That’s it. It’s simple and it works.

Now get out there and get sh*t done, will you?



P.S. Get my real insider tips every week.. LIVE – right here for a little more than a $1 a day

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Do You Have a Product or a Business?

Much of the information you buy about “how to start your own online business” is a big, fat lie.

How can I make such a bold statement? Am I so full of myself, that only I, the great Ryan Lee, can teach you how to build a real online business?

No – it has nothing to do with my inflated ego and it has everything to do with the word “business”.

There is a HUGE difference between a BUSINESS and a PRODUCT.

My site and company,, is a BUSINESS.

We have products, services, membership sites, content, and systems that bring in predictable monthly income.

Our supplement company, Prograde, is a BUSINESS.

But, unfortunately, most “marketers” don’t have a real business. At best, they “pretend” to play business and, at worse, they are committing fraud.

If you have an idea for a product, let’s call it “Total Commission Domination Douchebag” or “The Ultimate Weight Loss Six Pack Tight-Ass MILF System”. And you do a “launch”, you run a contest and have a few upsells in place. After the big launch, a few weeks later sales nosedive. Then, you are back to square one (aka zero).

Now you have to start all over. New product. New niche. New launch. New asses to kiss. New people to promise to “reciprocate”.

You, my friend, don’t have a business, you have a PRODUCT. And that is NOT how you become wealthy.

Sure, you might be able to string together a few paydays but I can guarantee it will not last. Just look at the road littered with former “gurus” who now make their living traveling from pitchfest to pitchfest desperately trying to sell their $5K coaching programs.

If you have 100’s of shitty auto-blogs in 350 different niches – you don’t have a business. You just have a lot of disjointed products where there is no customer retention or relationship building. And the minute our friend Google slaps your ass, your “business” is over. Done. You got nothing. And the only people who made out are the scumbags who sold you the “software”.

Do you REALLY think a 20-year-old living off their friends couch is going to really teach you how to build a real, lifetime business for just $27? Get f*cking real, will you?



Here are some things to ask yourself before you buy any training program or starting your own business…

  • Can this business be scalable? What if you got 2,000 new orders tomorrow, can your infrastructure or systems handle it?
  • Can you get your own traffic or do you just rely on affiliates and launches? What happens if people stop emailing for you?
  • Can this business be duplicated? Or automated?
  • Does your business bring in dependable, monthly income?
  • Can you see yourself running this business 5 years from now?
  • Do you foster an environment that turns your customers into your best referral source?
  • Does your business really, truly work? Does it help people and solve their problems?

This list is not meant to be comprehensive – but it’s designed to get you to think about a real business.

It might seem overwhelming, but it’s really not. Just find the right teacher who has had REAL success (wink, wink) and watch what THEY do.

It’s time to get real. It’s time to stop “playing” business and start generating wealth and freedom.

Rock on!


My “Ryan Lee Method” is my exact formula (15+ hours of step-by-step training) to build a REAL online business – and now it’s FREE with 1K Per Day Formula (for a limited time). Get it now.

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The "Family" Rule: The One Simple Question That Will INSTANTLY Transform Your Business!

Most of my family is on my “business” email list (yes, they signed up themselves!).

So every email I send to my subscribers.. they get the exact same email goes right to my family and closest friends.

My dad. My sister. My cousins. Even my childhood friends I’ve known for my entire life – they all get my emails.

Every one of my blog posts. My rants. My webinar announcements. My promotions. And even my F-bombs. It’s all there for them to see.

And having them on my list is the best thing that could happen to my business. And it’s one of the reasons I’ve attracted the BEST, most caring group of subscribers on the planet.


Because it FORCES me to only send emails, promotions and endorse products that I believe in 100%.

It means I skip most of the big “bizopp” launches because many of the products are just absolute sh*t that don’t work. And if I wouldn’t want my own father to invest in one of these products – what business do I have telling my subscribers to buy it?

Some marketers give good lip service to how they truly “care” about their clients – but do they?

Think about it? And think about if YOU are truly doing the right thing for your subscribers.

And if you believe for a minute they won’t know the difference – I’m sorry buy you are wrong. Dead wrong.

There is no grey area on this one. It’s pretty black and white.


In the future, before you send any email. And before you promote any affiliate product – ask yourself this question..

“Is this something I would have my own (insert family member name here) buy”?

I don’t care if it’s a marketing product. A coaching system. A continuity program. A fitness ebook. A parenting system.

And, after you take a minute and REALLY think about it – the answer will come to you.

If it’s a YES – and you feel great about the message you are about to send.. then go for it!

But if it’s a NO – then do not click that send button.

Here’s what you will see when you follow this simple formula…

  • Your open rates will rise
  • Your clickthroughs will rise
  • Your sales will rise
  • Your subscribers will be more responsive
  • Your subscribers will post more on your blog (and social media pages)
  • You will get more positive “word of mouth” referrals
  • You will get people to line up to do business with you
  • You will be interviewed for radio shows
  • You will be asked to speak at your niche industry events
  • You will be asked to write chapters in books
  • Your refunds and chargebacks will drop to almost zero

Got it?


You may now build a kick-ass business.


P.S. See PROOF of why the Inner Circle has the highest rate of satisfied members in the industry.. by over 15X!

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FREE Joint Venture (JV) Connection Database! List Yourself Here.

OK, if you’ve been following (or stalking) me for any length of time, you know I really want to help my members and subscribers.

And you might have heard how powerful relationships and joint venture partners are. So here’s an opportunity to find one.

In the COMMENTS SECTION below, do the following…

STEP 1: List your name and NICHE MARKET below (be as specific as you’d like)
STEP 2: Tell us how you can HELP others (content, interviews, promotions, articles, email swap, etc.). It’s ALWAYS better to come from a giving place first!!!
STEP 3: Include a way for someone to contact you (facebook or twitter is best since I don’t want people to spam you)

Maybe, just maybe, there is a potential partner for you on my list.

An email swap? An interview? A product together?

Who knows.. but you never know until you try.


P.S. The more people we get on there, the more powerful it is. Please “like” “tweet” “+1” and share it!

P.P.S. Here’s the most “connected” group of online entrepreneurs..

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The 2 Most Powerful Words in Relationship Marketing and Building Trust Online…

It’s just 2 words and they are so powerful.


If you want to be successful in today’s competitive business landscape – you must put yourself out there. You must take calculated risks. You must connect with people. You must get out of your comfort zone. You must make a sale. And you must speak your mind.

However, when you do that – you will screw up. And that’s OK.

But when you do make a mistake, you should immediately apologize.

Don’t use the lame-ass “I apologize for the inconvenience” or something weak like that.

Man-the-f*ck-up (or woman-the-f*ck-up) and say I’M SORRY.

Speak exactly how you would in person.

If you spill your steaming hot latte all over the poor guy sitting next to you at Starbucks – you probably wouldn’t say “I sincerely apologize for burning your legs” or “It was not my intention to give you 3rd degree burns on your crotch”.

No – you’d say “Holy shit! I am SO SORRY. I’m REALLY SORRY. I feel so badly. I’m such an ass!! Here are some paper towels. Let me buy you a drink. Please forgive me. What can I do to make it up to you?”

That’s being real. That’s communicating. That’s taking responsibility.

That’s exactly how a normal person would respond and apolozie. So why is email so different?

Stop trying to sound like a corporate drone and stop making excuses, you pompous ass!

And you know what? Sometimes, you have to say sorry even when it’s NOT your fault.

If you have a virtual assistant and THEY made a mistake, you might have to take the bullet for them. After all, it’s still YOUR business! I NEVER throw my staff or team under the bus and they know I will always protect them (and that’s why in an industry where VA turnover is every few months, Demetria has been with me for over a decade).

Let’s say my team missed an email and the refund didn’t process. Even though I don’t personally handle that stuff, I say I’m sorry and offer some type of gift as my way of making it up to them.

None of us are perfect so don’t pretend to be. Just be sincere and people will appreciate it much more than you think. You can even turn a potentially really upset customer into an ally by just offering a sincere apology and then giving back more than expected.


Last week I had a few back-and-forth emails with someone who wants me to demo his software. For stuff like software demos – I only set aside about an hour a week (I’m a fanatic about protecting my calendar).

Without going into detail, he crossed the line between persistence and just downright rudeness. And I simply told him how I felt. It’s much better to always be open and honest in any relationship.

After I got it off my chest, he could have simply said, “You know what Ryan, you are right. I am sorry. It’s my fault and I should not have said that.”

But, here’s exactly what he wrote. “Not my intention to offend….My mistake for multi-tasking and trying to get too many emails out in the wee hours of the morning.”

I hope you don’t think I’m trying to nitpick, but that didn’t really like an apology. I certainly don’t expect him to kiss my ass because I’m so special (ok, maybe just a little :), but it didn’t feel like he took responsibility. Maybe I’m just hyper-sensitive to this stuff but that doesn’t matter. It’s how I FEEL and it’s exactly WHY you must always choose your words wisely.

Everyone wants to do business with someone who is real. Someone who is honest. Someone they TRUST. Someone they like. Someone they think cares about them. And someone who is sincere.

Bottom line…

When you screw up (and believe me, you will)- admit you were wrong.

Then be real and say “I’m sorry”.

2 simple words – yet, so powerful.


P.S. Click here to join the “club” with other online entrepreneurs who take responsibility.

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