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The TRUE Value. Real, Raw, and Uncensored

As you probably know, I value your feedback.

No – make that I CRAVE your feedback.

After all, this site, my programs, my events.. it’s all to serve you. Yes, it’s a business and I certainly enjoying running a profitable lifestyle business – buy YOU are the lifeblood of it. And if you are not jumping for joy when you see my emails, read my blog or purchase my programs – then I have failed.

I like to keep my programs and sites fresh and on the cutting-edge. So I’m going to do a redesign of this site and update a few programs (while eliminating others).


The Inner Circle is my “coaching” program. Every week, we do LIVE (that’s right, LIVE) group training sessions right through your computer.

One week it’s an entire hour of Q/A with me. The next, it’s a world-class guest expert talking about everything from facebook marketing to media buying to product creation.

People love the site. In fact, we were voted “Best Overall Membership Site” by Wishlist (not bad, considering we were competing against almost 30,000 other site).

OK, enough bragging.

The membership currently costs $47 per month and I have a strong, growing membership base (and yes, most other “gurus” who have had 1/2 the success I have do one call a month and charge up to $300 or more).

BUT, and this is a big but, not everyone on my list is an Inner Circle member.

Now I’ve heard all the stats saying you will never get even close to 100% of the people on your list pay for your membership. But I am here to challenge that statistic.

So here are my questions…

1. If you are NOT currently an Inner Circle member, why not? Please be honest.

Is it the price? And if it’s too high – what would you want to pay?
Not sure what the benefits of the “IC” are? You don’t feel you need it?

2. If you ARE currently an Inner Circle member, what do you feel the value of membership is truly worth?
Go ahead, let me have it. I won’t censor your posts and I’m open to public criticism. I truly want to deliver a no-brainer program and your feedback is vital.

That’s all.

I am on a mission to change the lives of one million people. And with your feedback, we’ll change the world!


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Internet Marketing

Small Product. Big Profits?

Earlier this week I did a coaching call with another doctor. Because of confidentiality I can’t tell you his name or exact niche – but it’s an interesting story. Let’s call him Dr.T.

He started following my blog and bought one of my programs as he’s looking to leverage his time better. Right now, he literally trades hours for dollars.

Sees a patient for an hour. Gets paid.

Doesn’t see a patient. Doesn’t get paid.

Pretty simple.

So Dr.T basically took the information he provides to his clients – and created a home study course. He just recently released it about a week ago, but the problem is he hasn’t made any sales yet.



When we did the call – I looked at the site and immediately found one big problem.

His product was just too big.

The program promised “Over 80+ Videos”.. and it was aimed at parent’s of kids with a specific disability.

Now I don’t know about you. But I am a parent. In fact, I have four children. And I can tell you both my wife and I are busy. Really, really busy. Seriously – it’s insane.

Between sports, dance classes, endless play dates, girl scouts, birthday parties, and homework.. at the end of the day the last thing we want is to feel pressured to watch over 80 videos.

Again, it’s just TOO MUCH. I won’t even get into the copy.. I’m just talking about the actual product offer.

So we worked on finding the ONE THING that is the biggest issue the parent’s face. That most common challenge parent’s see him at his offer for.

And we honed in on that ONE THING to make a smaller, more easily digestible product the main hook (and the main product) instead of a massive home-study course.



After I did some digging and asking him a few specific questions… I came up with the perfect hook for this new, smaller, more-focused front-end product.

Then, I asked myself the golden question (you should ALWAYS ask yourself this):

“How can we make this offer a true no-brainer?”

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

We sell the front-end, more focused product for a really great price. Again, it’s about the 10X value rule.

Then – we offer this full, 80+ hour training as a FREE BONUS.

So the parents who really want to learn more and dig in – now have the option to do so.

And for those who just want the smaller, focused product see the 80+ videos as an incredible bonus.

Since the value of the big product is so high – it truly makes the front-end offer a no-brainer.


You know I like to wrap things up in a neat little bow – so here are a few takeaways for ya…

  • People are BUSIER now than ever. Instead of talking about the “bulk” – focus on how much time they save
  • Think about how you can pull out the “big” benefit and make that it’s own front-end product
  • Come up with an idea (or re-purpose something you’ve already done) to offer as a free bonus with massive value
  • Always ask yourself honestly if your offer really is a no-brainer. And if not – figure out how to add value so much value people cannot get their credit cards out fast enough to jump on your offer.

That, my friend, is how we do things here at Ryan Lee HQ. And it’s why our business (and our clients businesses) are growing like crazy.


P.S.  Here’s my proven formula for creating no-brainer, premium products.

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Internet Marketing

Is Your Business a "One Night Brand"?

C’mon. Admit it. We’ve all had that dreaded “one night stand”.

OK, maybe not everyone, but you still know what I’m talking about.

A great night. Lots of fun. But the next morning – you regret it.

Perhaps it’s during the “walk of shame”, a guilt trip or a nasty hangover, but make no mistake, you wish you could take it back.

It’s the same with your BRAND.


Your name (either your personal brand or your company brand) is EVERYTHING. Your reputation. Your trust. What you stand for.

At the end of the day – it’s all you got.

And with today’s networked and connected world (think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) if you are not building a long-term business built on trust and value – you will soon be out of business.

Think about all the products in your niche that came out with a bang and a few weeks later.. poof! They are all but gone. And the business owner is back at square one.

The “Internet Marketers” pray upon you with promises of becoming a millionaire with a new push-button software (or really, whatever their friends want them to promote).

And the cycle continues. You shell out your money for shitty products created by people who don’t know how to build a real, solid long-term business. It’s a big, f*cking game and you are getting taken for a long, expensive ride.

Here’s the REAL way to build a REAL business that will generate income for years and years (so you no longer have to think “launch to launch”)…

  • A real businesses brand is willing to sacrifice some of the shorter term money to focus on the bigger picture (and longer term wealth).
  • A real business brand focuses on how to create the BEST experience for their customer (NOT on how to give the minimal amount in an effort to purely to maximize profits).
  • A real business brand doesn’t hit people with 7 upsells in a row just to squeeze out an extra $3 per customer (because it upsets too many potential long-term customers).
  • A real business brand has an ARMY of happy customers who do nothing but spread the word about you and your business (and become your best referral source for new business).
  • A real business brand is very picky with who they choose to align with (they don’t get in bed with shady characters just because it might be a temporary payday).
  • A real business brand listens to what their customers want..  and simply gives it to them.
  • A real business brand doesn’t have to rely on hype or hidden persuasion tactics to make a sale. They are open, honest and transparent – and their customers appreciate them for it.

Yes, building a real business takes more effort. And yes, you’ll have to actually get off your ass and do something (I know, it’s a shocker huh?). And finally, a real business often sacrifices the fast cash for bigger money further down the road.

But I promise you, it’s well worth the blood, sweat and tears.

People ask me all the time how I got to the position I’m currently in. How I built my list. How I built my businesses. How I can sell-out events when others struggle to get 50 people in a room. How I rose to the top of not one, but TWO of the most competitive industries on the planet (fitness and Internet marketing).

I’m giving you the answers every single day right here. All you have to do is open your eyes to the TRUTH.

While my competitors are looking for the “secret” and scheming behind the scenes with new ways to part you from your money — I’m out here in the open. Raw. And connecting with you everyday. Providing more value for free than what they actually charge for.

Do it the right way. When you build a “one night brand”, the only thing you’ll get is a massive hangover and maybe an STD. And, believe me, it ain’t pretty.


P.S. Here’s the cure for the “one night brand”

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A "New" Kind of Event.. Tell Me Your Dream List…

Even though I swear each year that I’m done with doing live events… it’s like the Godfather when “just when I think I’m out — you pull me back in!”.

I was talking to my Prograde Co-Founder Jim last week and told him I just can’t stop. I think I’m addicted to them. They are just so much fun to do and I love connecting with my subscribers face-to-face.

Plus, to be honest, I’m so fed up with the crappy events. The pitchfests that provide zero value. It’s over. I am on a mission to raise the bar. Either everyone else steps up with their events and provides VALUE and CONTENT – or they will never be able to compete with the new breed of events. They will have no choice.

So here’s the scoop..

The BIG, BIG event in October is officially ON! You told me you wanted it – so I’m going for it.

It will be the weekend of October 12th, 2012 in Stamford, CT (and yes, you are getting PLENTY of notice). Block off your calendar now! Stamford is just a 50 minute train ride to the heart of NYC and near ALL the major NYC airports. And, it’s just 10 minutes from my house too – so that doesn’t suck :)

The event will be two-fold.

#1. Two full days of 100% pure content with ABSOLUTELY NO PITCHING from the stage. That’s right – no fake scarcity. No annoying “yes or yes”. No NLP and persuasion. No long stories about how big their house is. No bullshit “run to the back of the room”. That crap is dead and I will never have it at my events anymore.

The registration fees and sponsors will cover the costs – and there will be a bookstore in case you want some goodies to take home with you. And since there is nothing wrong with making money – yes, I hope to be profitable too!

#2. That weekend I will be celebrating my 40th birthday. So there will be a BIG party. Lots of networking. Open bar. And maybe even some dancing…. (what happens in Stamford — stays in Stamford).


Just like Bryan Adams sang in that awful song.. “everything I do, I do for you”.

So, to keep with that theme, tell me what YOU want.

In other words… WHO are some speakers you’d like to see? And what TOPICS do you want to see covered?

I already have a few of my trusted friends/marketers confirmed to speak. And I’m already getting more emails from others who would love to rock the stage for ya.

I’m very picky with who I let speak at my events, but I am open to suggestions…

#1. Tell me any speakers who are on your “wish list”. But please – do NOT pick people who are known to “pitch” and just sell and sell to their list. I want people “in the trenches” that can connect with you and will deliver really, really good content with zero hype.

I don’t care if they have a “big” name or not, I want great people who truly care about helping others. Maybe.. it’s even you?

I love giving talented people a platform. After all, it was just 2 years ago that I gave Chris Farrell his first speaking gig at my event – and now we are partners in Lock, Lee and Farrell!

#2. Tell me any specific topics you’d like to see covered. I’m considering adding some “breakout sessions” so be as specific as you want.

This event will be for you – so let your voice be heard. And I’ll do my best to create a weekend that will rock your face off and change your life.


P.S. If you are with me – please “like” “tweet” or “+1” this to spread the word.

P.P.S. Last chance for 1K Per Day at $97 before the price hike.

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Inner Circle Training: Site Reviews with Michael Fishman

You asked for it. More site reviews with myself and marketing expert, Michael Fishman!

Download mp3 here

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Internet Marketing

The "1 Video" Marketing Strategy?

Over the years I have done hundreds and hundreds of coaching calls with wannabe entrepreneurs.

And they often have a product on the market, just wilting away. They will ask something to the effect of, “Ryan, I am not making any sales – how can I get more people to my site?”.

Then, my immediate question back is, “What are you doing right now to actually market your site?”.

And that, my friend, is where the fun begins…


About 6 months ago, I did a call with a fitness professional who asked me how he can make more sales.

He said his product is good and he can’t understand why more people aren’t buying it. He was really, really frustrated.

And when I asked him to tell me EXACTLY what he is currently doing for marketing.. this was our exchange. I swear I’m not making this up…

HIM: I did some stuff with youtube a while ago.

ME: Ok, what exactly did you do?

HIM: I put a video on youtube.

ME: How many videos?

HIM: One.

ME: How long ago did you do that?

HIM: About 3 months ago.

ME: Have you promoted the video? Have you done anything else at all since then?

HIM: No.

ME: (silence)

Seriously, this was the conversation.

His entire marketing campaign was creating ONE video on youtube, then sitting on his butt and just waiting for things to happen.

Do you wonder why he wasn’t making any sales?

Creating one video and then doing nothing is NOT a marketing campaign. Sorry, ain’t gonna fly.

Marketing requires you to actually put some effort into it. That’s right, the dreaded word.. “effort”.

It means getting off your butt, hustling and making things happen. No one is going to do it for you. Trust me on that one.

The only person you can rely on is YOU – and you gotta want it really badly if you want success.

Every single person I have coached that now make six, seven and even eight figures with their online business works for it. Period.

Not one got rich with a piece of software that “automates it for them” while they sip martinis on the beach. It’s a nice dream, but it’s not reality.


Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you going.

You should be doing, at least 3-5 things EVERY DAY to market your site (and that does NOT mean buying crappy $37 push-button software!)

  • Write an energized blog post that gets people excited
  • Email a potential affiliate or JV partner
  • Comment on relevant blogs and add value
  • Get involved in niche Facebook groups
  • Create a video and put it on youtube
  • Submit a guest blog post to another site
  • Interview an expert and put that on your site
  • Attend a live event – and network your ass off
  • Create a Facebook ad
  • If you have a list – send them an email with good content
  • Write a powerful report you can give away
  • Write a press release and submit it to free release services
  • Contact an online radio show and ask to be a guest
  • Put in a proposal to speak at an event in your market
Yes, each of these take a little work – but the payoff is MASSIVE.


You deliver REAL value.


You build REAL relationships.


You get REAL traffic.


And you build a REAL business.


Stop being lazy and stop making excuses.


Now get out there and get it done! Your coach has spoken…

P.S. Here are all the marketing tactics and support you’ll ever need. Click me.

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Are You In?

This past weekend I had a blast running SAM with Andrew Lock and Chris Farrell. It made me realize how powerful it is to meet my clients face-to-face.

For a few weeks I’ve been thinking about doing another one of my big events.. And since my 40th birthday is coming up in October (oh yes, the big 4-0)… it could be the perfect time for a big get together.

The event would be 2 days of pure business & marketing content.

But even more important is what the event does NOT have:

  • NO pitching from the stage (there will be a bookstore if you’d like to purchase any products, but none of the bullshit “run to the back of the room right now”)
  • NO 10K “mastermind” upsells by “coaches” in the back of the room (I put “coaches” in quotes because they are just sales people). This is the new model marketers have been using to disguise the fact they are just trying to sell you. And I see right through the BS!
  • NO “NLP” with the “Yes or Yes?” lameness to get you to buy. It’s just awful and nauseating
  • NO speakers with 20 minutes of their “story” and 20 minutes of “pitch” with only 10 minutes of content. You will get ALL meaty content – nothing less.
  • NO shady characters. My events attract positive, action-taking, heart-centered entrepreneurs who like to help people AND build a rock-solid business too. It’s the BEST place to network with great people who can change your life.

And, as with all my events – it will also be lots of fun and tons of networking opportunities (including my world-famous “speed-networking” night) .  Plus, we’d have a big birthday party on one of the nights – what better way to celebrate than with you!

I also have VERY successful marketing friends – and my events always become THE place to come and meet potential partners and JVs.


So here’s the scoop.

I’m on fence because putting an event together this large requires work… but – if I get enough people to say they want in, I’ll have my team and army of volunteers to get it organized.

THE REGISTRATION: Still not sure of the registration fee (it depends on the number of sponsors I get), but I promise to make it very affordable (my 10X value rule still applies!)

DATES: Weekend of October 12th, 2012

THE LOCATION: Since I have 4 kids and want to celebrate with them too – it will likely be in Stamford, CT. (just a 50 minute train ride to NYC) and near all the major NYC airports.

If you are sick of lame-ass marketing events (that are just disguised pitchfests), let your voice be heard.

I will ONLY run the event if I have AT LEAST 200 of you comment below and tell me you would like to attend. My yearly marketing events usually draw over 500 people – and I have a strong feeling this one might double that number!

It’s pretty simple… if I get any less than 200 people say they will attend… then no event. It’s all up to you.

So tell me now..


P.S. If you tell me you want to come (and actually do attend), you will get a special gift when you arrive! It’s my way of rewarding you for following up with your commitment!

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Internet Marketing

How to INSTANTLY Cut Down Refunds, Cancellations and Chargebacks by 90%

It never made any sense to me…

You want to make money and build an online business. And you work hard (and spend money) driving new prospects to your web site – but after they buy, they request a refund.

So what’s your response to this?

You ask me, “Hey Ryan, how do I get more traffic?”


Never really made much sense to me.

Yes – you MUST be able to get more people to your site or you won’t make any sales. That’s a given. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

BUT – you must also make sure whatever you are selling not only “meets” expectations, it blows them away!

What is the point of driving traffic to your site if 10, 15 even 25% (or more) of the people ask for a refund?

It’s so simple and I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people don’t get it.



Here’s a screenshot of one of my clickbank accounts. If for my Inner Circle.

As you can see, the refund rate is just 2.44% and 0% charge backs.

Most products in the “Internet Marketing” space hover around 35-50%, yet mine is just 2.44%. Seriously, just ask anyone who sells IM products (with any decent volume) what their refund rate it.

I wanted to prove you can run a really clean business and keep people happy.

Here are a few strategies I use in my business to keep my refund rates down to record-setting levels – and how you can copy my success…

  • Live By My 10X Rule. Make sure whatever you sell delivers AT LEAST 10 times the value they paid. Give until it hurts. Pretty damn simple and this is the CORE of your business. Do this and everything else takes care of itself.
  • Allow Personal Connections. My Inner Circlehas LIVE trainings every week. How can you allow people to have more access to you? Live webinars? Teleseminars? Forums?
  • Deliver What You Promise. Don’t say it’s a live WEEKLY training session and then only do 2 a month because you are distracted with another product.
  • Never Use “False” Scarcity. Don’t tell people the price is going up on January 15th and then not raise it on that day. Just tell the truth. People do NOT like being tricked or lied to – and your refund rate will reflect how truthful your offer is.
  • Be Prolific. The more people see you and hear from you (blogging, facebook updates, etc.), the more trust you will build. And that will also reduce refunds.
  • Less Pressured Sale. The more you “force” someone to buy, the more pressure they will feel. Which also leads to more refunds.
  • Easy to Consume. Make your product or service easy to use. Simple navigation and put into neat categories. I’ve been on sites where it’s almost impossible to figure out how to use it. Don’t make your customers think too hard.
  • Give “Unannounced” Bonuses. Knock their socks off with surprise bonuses. For example, I give access to my “$1,500 Passion to Profits” workshop videos for all IC members – and they never expected it. (OK, well NOW they know!)
  • The Right Billing Name. This is important. Make sure you clearly state who they are being billed by. If your product name is “Fat Loss Secrets” and they are billed by “ABC Corp”, your chances of chargebacks skyrocket.
  • Show You Care. Let your customers know they are not “just a sale” to you. That you truly care about their results.

There you go.. a few strategies to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Learn it. Live it. Breathe it.


P.S. Want to see why thousands of people LOVE the Inner Circle? Click here.


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Internet Marketing

Is Your "Information" Business Ass-Backwards?

Yesterday I did a coaching call with a really good guy. He’s been a long-time subscriber and a full-time chiropractor.

He wanted help with his squeeze page but before we dove in, I started asking about the PRODUCT. In other words.. what exactly are you selling?

It turns out the product was a DVD filmed almost 20 years ago. And when I saw a few screenshots, I knew right away it was filmed almost 2 decades ago. The video, the clothes, the product value. Everything about it screamed “outdated” – like when you used to watch “sex ed” videos in school.

Even if the information was good – people would simply not be able to get over the outdated video.

I told him he MUST re-film the video or his refunds would be insurmountable. And even if the refunds were not 50% or more – he would never get repeat business or generate online buzz.

Imagine YOU are the customer. And you buy a DVD you think is new (or at least, filmed in the past 2 decades). You anxiously check your mailbox until it arrives. And when it finally comes, you pop it in and then.. you see the video that was clearly done decades ago (possibly before you were born).

How would you feel?

Would you ever want to buy from this company again?

The answer is you would feel pretty shitty and no, you wouldn’t buy again.


Here’s what really pissed me off.

He had talked to other “gurus” and they ignored the fact the video was old and outdated (to be honest, I don’t think they even asked about the product). They don’t care about his long-term success or refund rates – they saw him as a “target”. And they wanted to charge him thousands of dollars for new web sites, hypey sales copy and marketing services.


That’s exactly the opposite of what you should do.

You MUST, MUST, MUST start with your product.

You gotta make it kick-ass. If you don’t set out to create THE best product on the topic in your market – then don’t even bother.

The Internet is too competitive. And without repeat customers and referrals, you will have to work really hard just to keep re-filling the funnel. And it’s not only time-consuming, it’s expensive.

**BTW, it’s the reason so many “gurus” live launch-to-launch, because their products often don’t deliver on their promises**

I get so many questions about TRAFFIC and LISTBUILDING – but when I look at their products, most of them simply suck. And it’s usually in one of two areas.

The Design – It often an “ebook” thrown together into a word document. Really cheap clip-art that looks like it was done by a 5 year old on their daddy’s computer.

The Content – Awful. You can tell they just read a book or two on the topic and threw it together quickly. There’s no passion behind the product. It’s just a way for them to try and make a quick buck.

Again, I’m not even talking about your web site, hook copy or positioning. I’m talking about the actual product itself.

And even if it’s not an “information” product – you should still make it the best. With Prograde, we spent $223,000 on a breakthrough clinical study for Metabolism. We practice what we f*cking preach!

There’s a reason people in the fitness industry who went through my programs almost 10 years ago are STILL kicking ass and taking names. People like Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, Zach Even-esh, Jason C. Brown, Kevin Gianni, Mike Geary, Eric Cressey, Jason Ferruggia, etc… It’s because they BACK UP their marketing with really, really good products.

Whether you agree with their training philosophy or not, they are all passionate about what they teach and it’s obvious throughout every single one of their products and programs. And they are each in it for the long haul.

So ask yourself, is your product REALLY the best? And if not, what can you do to get it there.

That, my friend is where you begin. Not with traffic, but with a product that will make waves in your marketplace. The kind of product that is truly buzz-worthy. The kind of product that people talk about on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Now get out there and make us all proud!


P.S. If you agree with this post, please “like” “tweet” or “+1” it :)

P.P.S. Here’s the blueprint for creating the best product in your marketplace.

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Inner Circle with Alwyn Cosgrove

One of my long-time clients, Alwyn Cosgrove, went from a struggling personal trainer to THE #1 guy in the personal training industry. So many lessons to learn here – it’s scary!

Download mp3 Here

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