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Your "To Don't" List

If you’ve attended any business seminar or read a productivity book (heck, ANY personal development book for that matter), there is always one common activity throughout all of them.

“Create a To-Do List”

And yes, I agree that having a “To Do” list is vital to your business. I make one every day and there’s nothing better than crossing the items off when they are complete.

But – there is also something just as important and get’s much less attention than the popular To-Do…


These are the things you should NOT be doing. That’s right – the things to AVOID doing.

They are the things that waste your time. They suck your energy dry. They kill your business. They make you really cranky. And they get you further AWAY from your goals.

I’m not sure why more “gurus” don’t talk about this stuff. But you really gotta have your list.

And your “To Don’t” list will depend on your business, your role in the business and your goals.

Here are a few of my “To Don’t” favorites… feel free to add them to your business (or just ignore them at your own peril)…

  • Refunds: Do NOT waste excessive time trying to save customers from refunding. Yes, make a first attempt, but it’s much better for them (and for you) to simply give them a full refund and thank them for trying your products/services. Believe me, I learned this the hard way.
  • Phone Calls: Do NOT answer your phone when you are “in the zone”. Chunk your calls at a designated time (I make calls when I’m on the treadmill or in the car). **IMPORTANT: Of course, I always answer the phone when my wife calls… because I am terrified of her!
  • Pitch Meetings: Do NOT take “pitch” meetings with people you do not know. Especially if they won’t tell you their “idea” first via email. A red flag is when they say “I’ll tell you about it when we meet in person”… Ummm… No.
  • Pick Your Brains: Do NOT meet with someone who uses the phrase “Can I pick your brains?”. I’ve talked about this one on the blog before. You have been warned.
  • Techie Stuff: Do NOT spend 3 months trying to figure out how to program your site. Hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Personal Development: Do NOT read personal development books, articles, blogs, etc… BEFORE you get your “Profit-Producing” activities done first! I love personal development, but WORK always gets done first… personal development is during my breaks, driving and at night.
  • Endurance Runner: Do NOT plan on working all-night. Work in short spurts and give yourself plenty of breaks throughout the day. Workout. Get a massage. See a movie. Take a hike. Do something to give yourself a mental break.
  • Common Sense Money Savings: Do NOT stand in line for an hour at Wal-Mart to save $.18 cents on a notebook when you can be in and out of a local stationary store in 1 minute. Your hour is worth much more than $.18 cents!
  • Abusive Customers: Do NOT work with abusive people. Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right. If a customer curses or is verbally abusive to my staff, they are immediately refunded, taken off our list and no longer allowed to purchase from us. Yes, it’s harsh but I draw a line in the sand on that one. It’s about mutual respect.

There you go.

Some of my favorite things to NOT do if you want a kick-ass business (and life)!


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P.P.S. Here’s one thing you should DO. See this page and register today :)

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IC Training: WordPress Super Plugins For Your Blog!

When it comes to plugins, fellow IC member Rob Barbour is your guy. Check out his all-time favorite FREE plugins that will supercharge your blog!

Download mp3 Here

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The 30 Truths for Marketing Success

To quote Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”…

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

The truth is making a 6 or even 7 figures online is NOT easy. And despite all the new “Internet marketing” products that flood the market on a daily basis (by people who have no right teaching you how to make money), this world is not for everybody.

Making a few hundred bucks a month? Pretty easy.

Sitting on your ass and playing video games all day while the money just rolls in and you become rich.. a pipe dream.

I have, arguably, the best track record for success stories on the planet for people who have gone through my programs and created massive online businesses.

Here are a bunch of random “truths” I’ve discovered over the years and have taught my students… Some are common sense and others are the things the “gurus” will never tell you…


TRUTH #1: It takes work to build an online business. Don’t expect to install shitty software, push a button and become a millionaire. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

TRUTH #2: Work like a sprinter… and this relates to the first truth. Working 20 hours a day and working “smart” are two different things. Be ruthless in guarding your time and eliminate ALL distractions. Learn how to say NO. Work hard in sprints, then take a break. You’ll get much more done.

TRUTH #3: Build a strong brand. Don’t create generic products with generic names that just blend in with every other product. Stand out.

TRUTH #4: You either have to kiss the asses of other “big players” in your marketplace to get them to mail for you OR you focus entirely on the customer. The second path takes longer – but it builds a stronger, more sustainable business over time.

TRUTH #5: Most of the old ways you’ve learned about marketing are DEAD. Social media has changed everything. Focus on caring about your customer, NOT trying to “extract” every dollar from them.

TRUTH #6: You won’t make any sales without traffic. Either you learn to do it yourself OR you hire someone to drive traffic for you. And if you choose to learn it, then you will focus on traffic most of the day – which may (or may not) be fun, depending on your skills and personality.

TRUTH #7: It’s not what you “make” that matters, it’s what you KEEP. If you have 40% refunds, it’s time to create a better product before you worry about traffic.

TRUTH #8: If you want to run an Internet business full-time, then you better love being online. If you aren’t committed to spending hours on your computer – then don’t even bother. Seriously. It’s not for everyone.

TRUTH #9: Promoting a product purely for commission or “reciprocation” might pay off in the short term – but it can harm your business, your brand and your relationship with your subscribers over time.

TRUTH #10: Stop focusing on the small, details. Who gives a sh*t what microphone you use – just get out there and start speaking the truth. Be honest. Be open. You don’t need to buy a $2,000 course on “how to podcast”. Get real.

TRUTH #11: Building a long-term online business takes time. Don’t expect to make millions in days, weeks or even months. I launched my first site in 1999 and didn’t leave my full-time job until 2002.

TRUTH #12: Design DOES matter. Make your site and products look good.

TRUTH #13: Before you buy any products (especially one on “how to make money”), find out who they have helped make money (aka PROOF!).

TRUTH #14: The BIG money is made by building a loyal group of buyers and treating them like family. It’s much easier than always trying to find new people and just “turning them over”.

TRUTH #15: You must be prolific. I’m sorry, but putting up one blog post 3 months ago ain’t gonna cut it. Show your subscribers you care and you are in this for the long haul.

TRUTH #16: Buy from people you have heard of. If someone claims to be a “Facebook” expert and only has 350 fans.. then don’t buy from them, no matter how good their sales copy is.

TRUTH #17: You are NEVER done learning. I’ve been doing this a long time and I still invest in new products, books and seminars every week. I read 2 new business books a week. The minute you think you know it all – you are in big trouble.

TRUTH #18: You gotta REALLY, REALLY want it. You must live and breathe your topic and your market. It’s what separates the top tier entrepreneurs from the rest.

TRUTH #19: If you are desperate for money and need it fast, the Internet is not the place. Go out and get a job to make “guaranteed” money to pay your bills. I have a cousin who was in a rut and got a job delivering pizza at night to pay the bills – and there’s no shame in that.

TRUTH #20: Be YOU. Don’t try to be me or Frank Kern. People can smell when someone is not being themselves a mile away.

TRUTH #21: Always GIVE first. Pretty simply, huh?

TRUTH #22: Get off your ass and go to events in your niche market. Meet people face-to-face. Connect. There is nothing more powerful.

TRUTH #23: Always, always, always make every product and offer an absolute no-brainer. Make it so good people won’t be able to take their credit cards out fast enough to order. Most people don’t come close to offering a no-brainer offer. What can you do to make yours irresistible?

TRUTH #24: Trust your gut. If you get a bad feeling about someone or a product – trust your instinct and stay away.

TRUTH #25: Many marketers (not all) offer low-price front-end products because they sell your name to “coaching” companies that try and sell you $5K to $30K coaching programs. Say NO to those cookie-cutter programs.

TRUTH #26: You do NOT need to join $30,000 “mastermind” programs. Just start your own. I created one in NYC with 15 incredible marketers.. and it’s free for us to come and share for one day every 3 months.

TRUTH #27: You will never reach your highest level of success until you get into great physical condition. Eat better and exercise more. You’ll think clearer and have more energy. There’s no excuse.

TRUTH #28: Never be boring. Make teaching in your niche market fun and exciting. People will not come back and rally behind you if you are boring.

TRUTH #29: Keep your overhead low. Work from home or from your public library. Outsource staff instead of hiring employees. Buy used office furniture on craigslist.

TRUTH #30: Only YOU are responsible for your success. Man-up (or woman-up), take responsibility, stop making excuses, spread your message to the world and leave a legacy!
There you go.

A bunch of random thoughts, truths and ramblings.

Live it. Breathe it. Enjoy it. Share it.


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P.P.S. Registration is coming next week for the NEW Industry event for online marketing… DCX is coming…

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Should We Start Naming Names?

This morning, I posted here about the issue of “naming names”.

The point of the article was to open up dialog about if we should really “out” marketers since there is a ton of heat on the “IM” world right now. But in the article, I posted a video about another marketer.

What happened was all the comments started focusing on Anthony – when that was not my intent. It was purely to use the video as an example and start a good discussion.

So my original question remains.

Not just in the marketing world, but in ALL markets – should we start “naming names?”

Or, do we just focus on ourselves and put out the best products/services possible – and try to raise the bar?


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IC With Kevin Roger… Copywriting

Want to see how to create your own “story” in 40 seconds? Get the formula from Kevin Rogers right here… one of the best copywriters on the planet!

Download MP3 Here

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BREAKING NEWS! No Longer Accepting Affiliate Commissions.

After some long and hard soul-searching, I’ve decided to take a BIG step. And while this will cost me a lot of income in the short-term, I think it will prove my devotion to the cause of cleaning up the world of marketing and restoring trust:


What does this actually mean?

It means if I mention a product or service – you can be sure it’s because I think it’s really, really good. And there’s no financial incentive for me to promote it.

The online marketing waters have become so cloudy it’s hard to tell who truly has your best interest in mind.

You don’t know if they are promoting a product because of a big commission or it’s a “reciprocation” they are doing for someone else.

What used to be just one marketing tactic or another way to earn extra income has now become how the entire industry operates – and it’s all bullshit.

I’m done with it. All of it.

I’m sick of getting emails touting how high their EPC is – even though their product sucks and provides zero value to the customer.

I’m over the “hey Ryan, can you promote my product even though I never made a dime online and all the information is purely bullshit and made up?”

The “Ryan, I’m a social media expert and can you endorse my new Facebook product (even though I have just 79 fans!)” emails will be a thing of the past.

Launches? You won’t see me mail for them with an affiliate link.

If you send me an email bragging about how much commission you pay or how much money I will make with “just one email”- Shirley and Demetria have instructions to delete it immediately.


I’m putting my money (A LOT of it) where my mouth is. It’s the only way to prove you I’m 100% dedicated to earning your trust and cleaning up the “industry” (and I use the term “industry” very loosely).

If I think a product or service truly delivers knockout value… then I will still tell you about it. However, I will not use an affiliate link and I will not receive commission. I will only promote it because I believe it will help you. Pure and simple. No hidden agenda.

And I’ll use whatever influence I have to also get you a discount if I think the product is valuable. Instead of taking a commission – I’d rather give that money back to you.

Yes, I know this is a crazy move and a big risk, but that’s the way I’m rolling from now on.

Open. Transparent. And dedicated 100% to changing the way we market. I’m not doing this half-assed, I’m ALL IN!

Will other marketers follow in my footsteps? I don’t know. I hope so but I have a feeling this will be met with some resistance.

But one thing is for sure. If you want the REAL, 100% un-biased, non-commission TRUTH – then the choice is becoming pretty obvious.

JUST ADDED TO THIS POST: Remember, this is the right move for MY business. If I’m stepping up as the leader of this movement, it needed to be done. For YOUR business – affiliate links might be the right thing. But, if you DO choose to promote with commissioned links – ONLY endorse products you truly believe in and be transparent that you will receive commission for the endorsement.


P.S. If you want to help spread the transparency movement.. please like it, tweet it and +1 it below!

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Inner Circle Q/A

A full hour of in-depth site critiques and marketing goodness…

Download mp3 Here

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Game Over (Let Your Voice Be Heard)

I am simply calling this “GAME OVER”.

As you can tell from the tone of my recent posts – I’m done with the usual Internet marketing bullshit. All the lies. The scams. The hype. The pitchfests. The rip-offs. Every email being just a pitch. The marketers only trying to “extract” money from you – and thinking that’s a good thing. Every product ending in a f*cking 7! It’s over.

And I’m out to change the way you and millions of other people will build a successful online business.

You’ll get the REAL deal. The REAL strategies and tactics. The REAL methods that I use in my business (and my successful students do too).

There’s a reason I have the best track record of student success stories. While it might sound cocky, I am convinced no one on the planet can create better business training programs that DELIVER RESULTS than me. Just about every well-known successful person in the fitness industry went through my training programs before I went out the mass public. That’s just a fact!

So here’s the scoop…

I’m here for YOU. I am going to create very affordable laser-focused products. But just because they will be affordable, don’t assume the quality won’t be top-notch. Like all my products, they will absolutely kick-ass and be worth AT LEAST 10X what you pay, guaranteed.

I talked to Beau Blackwell from Clickbank yesterday about my plan – and he was shocked when I told him how low I want to go with the pricing. He even said he’s never seen guys sell for that low because affiliates usually won’t promote low-priced products.

The reason I will be able to make it so affordable is because I DO NOT rely on affiliates.

The affiliate-game is a bunch of ass-kissing – and I never kiss ass. And many affiliates will only promote products with a high EPC (earnings per click).

And since I don’t play the “you mail for me and I’ll mail for you” game AND my products will be low-priced – they wouldn’t mail for me anyway.

So I say.. F*CK THEM!

I don’t need them – I’m taking my stuff right TO YOU!

I want to become your one-stop shop for EVERYTHING you need for your Internet business. No fluff. No hype. Just all REAL meaty step-by-step training products.

Forget the bullshit WSOs. Forget the bullshit $37 products that you have no idea if the person is actually successful. And forget the bullshit hard-pitch $97/month continuity programs that give you lame-ass content and are only designed to get the “guru” rich.

The game is about to f*cking change, my friend!

My fellow marketers will either step up and create better products that truly deliver results at a great value OR I will put them out of business. Pretty simple. I’m from NY, I’ve got a big mouth and I never, ever give up. I gave them a fair warning to get their asses in gear. To do the right thing. And the warnings are over. The gloves are off and it’s time to get really real.


Tell me EXACTLY what you want? Facebook marketing? Traffic? Membership sites? Blogging? Content creation? Email marketing? Webinar training? Launches? Affiliate programs?

Don’t be shy, ask away and you shall receive.

It’s not about me – it’s about YOU.

No longer will you have products shoved down your throat that you don’t want. No hype. No sneaky persuasion tactics. Just tell me what you want – and it’s done.

And if what you want is not exactly in my wheelhouse (even with my super-powers, I admit I don’t know everything), I will find the expert to team up with and give it to you on a silver f*cking platter. (*** If you have a very specific type of marketing/biz expertise and would like to team up with an affordable product for my subscribers, message me at Facebook)

So go ahead.. tell me below how I can help you grow your online business… and let’s change the game together.

Are you with me?


P.S. If you are ready for a change – spread the word. “Like it” “Tweet it” and “+1” it.

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My Virtual Office… An "Inside" Look at How to Run Your Company from a Coffee Shop!

Two weeks ago, I met an old friend for breakfast. We’ve known each other since we are 8 years old and since he reads my emails, he asked me, “Do you REALLY work from Starbucks every morning?”.

My answer… YES!

I outsource just about everything I can. My only 2 employees are Demetria and Shirley who keep the Ryan Lee ship sailing smoothly.

I believe it to my core it’s entirely possible to create a VERY profitable business AND still have a kick-ass life. There’s no need for expensive office space, fancy furniture and dozens of employees.

Today, I’d like to show you some of my favorite resources I use to run my empire.. all from Starbucks with virtually zero headaches and no stress:

It’s no secret I’m a Mac fan. My laptop of choice is the 11-inch MacBook Air.

This bad boy is light (weighs around 2 lbs), small and fast. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than most PC versions – but since my business is pretty important to me, it was worth the extra 15% or so in price.

COST: $999 for entry-level model (the one that I use)

No Apps or software for me. To keep track of my “to do’s” for the day, I go old-school.

That’s right, a good old-fashioned composition notebook just like when I was a kid. There’s something magical about crossing off my tasks for the day on paper.

COST: Around $1.50

Even though I never take incoming calls (all calls are by appointment), I still have my phone with me.

My phone of choice? The iPhone of course. I use it for calls, email and to store all of my audiobooks (which I listen to every free moment)

COST: From $199 depending on plan and carrier

I’m not sure how I would live without DropBox.

I keep all of my word files and powerpoint presentations “in the cloud”. And I can easily access ALL of my files from any computer. This simply rocks.

COST: Free for up to 2GB of storage

As I continue to experiment with different systems to manage numerous projects – I recently came back to Basecamp.

We are currently using it to run my upcoming live event, our supplement company and even my entire re-launch of this site.

My graphics guy and programmer all have access – so every file we share and each conversation is easily tracked. It truly makes project management super-simple – just how I like it!

PRICING: Starts at $20 per month


So there you go.

My favorite tools and resources I use every day to run my business lean and mean.

What do you use in your business?


P.S. Here’s my step-by-step to running a profitable biz from anywhere.

P.P.S. If you enjoy this, please “like it”, “tweet it” and “+1 it”

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5 Resources for Great Looking Products!

I used to believe it – big time.

The idea that your information products should be ugly and look “homemade”. And to some extent, it made sense (at the time).

When I first started creating products, back in 1999, technology was not nearly what it is today.

Creating really slick, high-quality graphics was much more difficult (and expensive) back in the “golden days” of the Internet (and yes, life existed even before the Internet).

Now – there’s no excuse to create an ugly site or unprofessional product graphics.

Believe me, people want something that LOOKS GOOD. The days of creating ugly looking products are slowly coming to an end. Everyone knows how easy it is to create something that looks professional – and if you don’t follow in line, it looks like you simply don’t care enough to put the effort it.

And by looking like you don’t care.. it will cost you. Big time.

Here area few resources I personally use in my business every single day to create inexpensive, professional-looking graphics and packaging (and yes, some of these are affiliate links – dude’s gotta pay the bills!).

Optimize Press: Create clean, formatting sales and landing pages using WordPress. Very easy to use. I used this to create the site for 1K Per Day

Box Shot: Love this! Create those cool looking digital covers, membership cards and more… Used this to create all the graphics myself for 1K Per Day

99 Designs (Logo Store): Not many people know about the “logo store”. Find great logo templates and have them personalize for just $99. Again, it’s what I used to create the logo for 1K Per Day Great place to find someone to do custom work like professionally laying out your digital products like ebooks. Need a quick, inexpensive graphic? Video introduction with your logo? Find it here.. for just $5.

I hope these resources help you.

Oh yeah – and if you are going to put your picture on your site – please spend a few bucks to get a professional photographer take one. Cutting out just your face from a group picture with 6 other people at a wedding doesn’t cut it! Please don’t be “that guy”.. it makes you look like an ass :)

Get out there. Create good work. And put a little bit of effort into the design to show people you care about them and your business!

Rock ‘on.


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