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The Death of Masterminds? A BIG Change is Coming…

If you’ve been paying attention to what I teach – you know I always tell you to LISTEN to your customers. Don’t guess – just shut up and listen. It’s pretty simple.

And yes, I’ve been listening to you…

Coming in a couple of weeks – a BRAND NEW Inner Circle.

But it will be way beyond just an “Inner Circle”. In fact, it will have a completely new name (I’m keeping that a secret for now).

I’m never satisfied and even though we have, BY FAR, the lowest refund rate in the industry. And we were voted “Best Membership Site” by Wishlist – I am going to make it even better.

You told me you wanted a vibrant community where you can not only ask questions, but connect and build relationships with incredible, caring like-minded entrepreneurs.

You told me you want stay updated with the latest business/marketing tactics – but you don’t have a lot of time.

You told me you don’t want to feel like it’s just a “tease” for more expensive “mastermind” groups or coaching programs.

You told me you don’t want to pay $97 (or more) per month.

Well, like I said — I’ve been listening.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming soon very shortly…


There will be private interactive discussion groups. You can ask me and my team of world-class marketing and business experts your most burning questions. AND meet thousands of your fellow passionate, heart-centered entreprenuers.

And without naming other forums.. (ah, screw it – Warrior Forum. There I said it) – we will be 100% d-bag free. The people who pretend to make money with the shitty “special offers” for $7 while sleeping on their buddy’s couch. C’mon… get real, will you?

I won’t have that garbage in our house. Heck no.


If you want to spend $10,000 or $40,000 to sit around with a “guru” for a few days a year – go for it. That’s your priority. I’ve run expensive masterminds and have been a guest at other ones. There are advantages – but it’s expensive as hell. And no matter how good the information or “connections” might be, that’s just a hard, expensive pill to swallow.

Within the new area you will be able to form your own LOCAL MASTERMINDS. And there’s no cost. That’s right, you DO NOT have to pay for these. We’ll list schedules of local masterminds for you and your fellow members, we’ll get special guests to come and yes, I might even show up for some of them :)  And we we also have groups outside the US (I have A LOT of members in the UK, Cananda, Australia, Germany, and beyond..)

No traveling. No five-figure checks to write. Ahhh.. so refreshing.

And with the kind of people I attract, you won’t feel like you have to take a shower after meeting some greasy marketers. Great peeps. Great meetings. Great results. And really, really light on your wallet.


Each week, you’ll get the latest business and marketing training – in a short, straightforward tactical video.

No fluff. No stories. No pitching… It’s just straight-up, how-to information you can immediately use in your business.

And the videos will be brief – all less than 10 minutes so you can get the information, take action and get on with building your business.


I can’t reveal the price yet – but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. VERY pleasantly surprised. It will be in line with my mission over truly over-delivering.

I will tell you this. It will be SIMPLE. One level. No “upgrades” or “VIP bullshit”.

EVERYONE will get EVERYTHING. You will ALL be first-class. Period. No compromise.

The first goal is 100,000 heart-centered, passionate entrepreneurs. And I won’t rest until we build the biggest community of people who want to create a business that truly matters!

People who are tired of the bullshit and the lies.

People who are tired of constantly being sold to.

People who are tired of buying a $2k product – only to be told you must join their $30,000 mastermind to get the “real” meat.

It’s done. It’s over. And the new chapter begins in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE! If you think you have great content to share with our community, please apply here to be a contributor.


As we are building out the member’s area – tell me EXACTLY what type of content you want to see. What are your goals? Heck, you can even tell me your LOCATION so we can get the first local groups ready to hit the ground running.

This will NOT be “just a membership site”. It’s ground floor of a full-fledged marketing movement.

Now, please take just a minute and tell me how I can help you?




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My New Obsession with Apple…and Simplicity – Part 2

I recently wrote an article about Apple and Steve Jobs (and the 3 books I’ve devoured). And the one thing that stood out was Steve’s obsession with SIMPLIFICATION. The focus of that article was simplifying your product line.

Now – let’s go into another lesson of simplification. And we’ll take it a step deeper..


As information marketers, we often get caught up in focusing purely on profits and not what’s best for your customer.

Years ago, Apple had a popular graphics software program. And since the company is always looking to improve their products – they purchased the rights to another software program which was essentially enhanced coloring. It was VERY expensive. In fact, this other software used to sell for $10,000 PER PERSON – so Apple bought the company and the program.

One of the teams at Apple figured, “hey, we invested a lot of money in this software company and people have paid $10,000 for it in the past.. so let’s create a PREMIUM version of our current software program. One basic (the current one) and one with the enhanced coloring package”

In other words, if Apple had their regular software which sold for $100, they can offer the Premium version (with the new color feature) for more money.

They spent weeks on the name of the premium product. On the special packaging. On the pricing. They worked hard to separate the new enhanced product from the regular offer.

They ran the numbers and figured out how many will take the premium. It all made business sense.



The team was excited to run the new idea by Steve Jobs.

And, according to the book, he simply look at them and after one minute said, “No. It’s too confusing. Let’s just include the new $10K color feature IN the current product. ONE PRODUCT. That’s it”.

They told him how much money they would sacrifice by not offering a premium – but Steve just said no. It’s ONE product. It’s INCLUDED with the product. Period. End of story.

And that’s what it became. One product WITH the enhanced coloring upgrade included in the price.


A lot of my fellow marketers would never go for that. Not in a million years.

They’d see the money they are leaving on the table – BUT they don’t see how much better it is for the end-user.  And how much good will they are building.

And yes, the argument could be made that by NOT offering the premium you are doing your advanced users a disservice. Or there is psychological pricing at play. And about a dozen other reasons why you should offer a premium version.

But stop for a minute and really think about it…. think about what is TRULY best for your customer. Think from your heart instead of from your bank account.

If you are the customer – wouldn’t YOU want the best product available? Or would you want to be forced to pay extra for another feature?

I’ve bought expensive software in the past only to be sold more “modules” and it never sat right with me. Why not just offer it ALL for one price. Especially since I knew they just had to click a button to enable that new feature.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I’ve been just as guilty of this in the past. I’ve offered features as upsells just to increase my profits when I probably should not have. But I vowed that I now will ALWAYS put my customers before my profits.

Ok, back to simplification and offering premium versions…

Now, I’m not talking about programs that require more bandwidth for advanced users that costs the company more money. Or one-on-one coaching which is more time intensive. I’m talking about FEATURES that have already been developed and tested.

Does this sacrifice some initial income?


But what does this do to the RELATIONSHIP you are now building with your customers.

You are seen as the company that puts your customers before profits. You are seen as their trusted resource. You are seen as truly caring.

And that is the power of simplicity.

So look at your products right now. Look at your upsells and your downsells. What can you do to truly deliver outstanding value. What can you INCLUDE in your offer….to show the customers you truly care about creating the best products. To show everyone you are in this to help people, not just line your pockets.

It’s one of the reasons why Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world.. and why so many “marketers” aren’t living up to their potential.

Are you ready to join the movement and deliver products and services that make the world a heck of a lot better?


P.S. Oh yeah.. it’s on.

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My New Obsession with Apple…and Simplicity – Part 1

While I made the switch over to Apple and Mac about 4 years ago – I never considered myself an “Apple fanboy”. Not even close.

I don’t rush out to buy the new iPhone the day it comes out nor would I ever stand in line for more than 10 minutes with the rest of the crazies.

However, the past couple of weeks I have really been digging into the company to see what’s the real secret to their success.

During the past 2 weeks I’ve been on a tear and read the following books about Apple and it’s founder, the late Steve Jobs:

  • Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success
  • The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success
  • The Steve Jobs Way – iLeadership for a New Generation

Oh yeah – I’m hooked.

In fact, I’ve read each book twice already and plan on about a dozen more readings of each one (plus a bunch more to buy!).

I thought I was getting better at simplifying my business and product line – but I’m a big, fat bloated mess compared to Apple and Jobs. And these books have given me a BIG idea about the new direction of my business (you’ll see the results in a couple of weeks).

In the meantime, I want to share some insight about Apple & Steve Jobs. But, in true “Ryan Lee” style (yes, I did just refer to myself in 3rd person), I will give you specific takeaways you can implement in your business in case you don’t have a few billion in cash reserves like Apple does :)

There are so many lessons to take away from these books – the BIG one I got can be summed up with one word.


Over and over again, the books talk about how obsessed Steve Jobs was with simplicity. They used a phrase to “hit it with the simple stick”.

There are a few great examples of infusing simplicity in your business – but it today’s first post (in an ongoing series), I want to focus on one core principle…


Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985 – but when came back in 1997, the product line had already ballooned to lots of models with confusing names like Centra and Quadrus.

The first thing he did at a meeting was draw a simple chart with just 4 boxes. And in each box he put the 4 type sof computers Apple will create…

  • Laptop for Business
  • Laptop for Personal
  • Desktop for Business
  • Desktop for Personal

That’s it. Just 4 models to choose from. And with that simple chart, there were MASSIVE benefits…

He made it SIMPLE for the customers to choose a product.

He made it SIMPLE for customer support to recommend the right model.

He made it SIMPLE for manufacturing to create great products by focusing on a few core models.

He made it SIMPLE to run his company.

He made it SIMPLE for his employees to focus.

Think about how that type of thinking can transform your business.


I’ve been just as guilty of creating too many products that don’t match – with too many confusion options. And believe me, there’s no one who has more entrepreneurial ADD than me. I’m addicted to creating products.

So I know how difficult it can be to focus and simplify.

I’ve come up with a SIMPLE assignment for you.

See if you can draw a chart with just 4 sections and fit your products (or future products) in those 4 boxes. That’s all you get. 4 products.

It will be difficult – but I know it can help get you thinking in terms of simplicity.

Trust me, you’ll thank me for it :)

Rock ‘on.


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P.P.S. Want to transform your business? Check this out.

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Member Spotlight: David Garland

It’s time for another member’s spotlight where I feature one of my members who is “bringing it”. Someone who is taking action on the principles and methods I teach – and changing the world.

This month it’s David Garland. He has his own online show called The Rise to the Top.

He monetizes the site through a combination of affiliate programs, sponsorships and his own product (David created a product called Create Awesome Interviews, based on the teachings from my 1K Per Day Formula).

David has found success because he has 3 things going for him in spades…

1. Hustle
2. Personality
3. Branding

I don’t think David sleeps.

He’s always marketing and connecting with future guests. David’s preferred choice of relationship building seems to be Facebook.

And you’ll see whether it’s on his blog or his Facebook page – David ALWAYS responds to comments.

So many people in the “business education” world are as dry as toast.

But David oozes charisma. The guy is funny and he is different.

He makes all of the interviews relaxed – and he comes off as very likable. You can just tell he is just being himself and that’s why it works so well.

David is also a big believer in building a solid brand.

His logo. His colors. His high-quality graphics. Even his message.

It’s all top-notch and carried out consistently throughout his site. And the extra effort show and stands out from the pack.


David’s formula is simple.

He found a niche market, he is passionate to the core about his topic, he truly cares about his customers, he pays attention to graphics, he puts out good stuff and he works hard.

He doesn’t use tricks or push-button software. He doesn’t hop from “niche to niche”.

David is building relationships and trust.

And if he can find success and build a platform from scratch in an ultra-crowded – what is your excuse?


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P.P.S. David is doing such a great job – I invited him to be a speaker at DCX 2012. He’s going to show you how to create your own online show!

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Inner Circle: Recruit and Manage Affiliate Program

This week’s expert, Andy Hussong, is one of the top JV managers online. And he reveals his formula for attracting the best affiliates with a sneak-peek at his JV attraction funnel too!

Download mp3 Here

Andy’s site is Affiliate Management Insider

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10 Years of Online Entrepreneurship.. 61 Lessons Learned…

It was June 2002.

The setting.. the roughest neighborhood in the South Bronx, NY called Hunts Point.

And it was my last day as a full-time employee.

That’s right. It’s been an amazing 10 years since I left the job as a Gym/Health teacher in search of a new path…


It took me 3 years to be able to build my online business to the point where I had the balls to leave the comfortable world of a paycheck, sick time, vacation and benefits. But I reached the point where I needed to go.

While working full-time as a recreational therapist, personal trainer and then a gym teacher – I spent EVERY free minute learning my craft and taking chances in my business.

So I took a deep breath, walked out those doors of the school and have not looked back.


It’s been 10 years since I’ve set my alarm clock. Or had to ask for a day off. Or had to write a resume. Or had to answer to a “boss” (although my 200,000+ subscribers are essentially my bosses!).

And what a ride it’s been.

Lots of successes and lots of big mistakes too.

Here are some valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way – and I hope they inspire you.

LESSON #1: Follow your gut – it’s usually right

LESSON #2: Look at your competition and ask yourself how you can make your product/service/offer 10 times better. Then do it!

LESSON #3: Treat your customers and subscribers how you would treat your own family. Never, ever take them for granted.

LESSON #4: Marketing is an ongoing process, NOT just a one-time campaign.

LESSON #5: Focus on building a consistent brand throughout your business. Never deviate from your core message.

LESSON #6: Only partner with people who have skills that complement yours. If you are a big idea starter – you need a detail-oriented follow-through partner.

LESSON #7: Never, every get attached to your idea. If it’s not working, dump it and keep moving your feet.

LESSON #8: Read at least one new book a week. And take ACTION on the big message you took from it.

LESSON #9: Find a way to create continuity income. It’s everything.

LESSON #10: Treat your employees and vendors like gold.

LESSON #11: If you have an idea, take IMMEDIATE action on it. Put it into motion because someone else also has the idea too – and they will beat you to it if you sit on your ass.

LESSON #12: Think long-term wealth and never promote products you don’t 100% believe in.

LESSON #13: Guard your time. Never answer your phone or instant messages when you are working on profit-producing activities.

LESSON #14: Be different.

LESSON #15: If you have to “hide” your identity with a product/company or use a fake name because you are afraid people will attach you to it – then do NOT start that business.

LESSON #16: Your product will NEVER, ever be perfect. Accept it. Deal with it. Get over it.

LESSON #17: Whenever possible, fund your business yourself.

LESSON #18: Be prolific. Blog posts. Social media updates. Emails. Never stop.

LESSON #19: You have nothing without your health. Eat better. Exercise more.

LESSON #20: Create multiple streams of revenue.

LESSON #21: Find one market and dominate it. Do NOT even consider a different market until you are at the top of one first.

LESSON #22: Get lots of sleep. The all-nighters are a waste of time since you won’t be as effective anyway.

LESSON #23: Invest money in a good computer and don’t spend it on things like fancy office furniture or expensive rent.

LESSON #24: Almost everything is negotiable. You have nothing to lose by asking.

LESSON #25: Learn to say no. There are more opportunities than time.

LESSON #26: Get off lists that only try to sell you something – it’s far too distracting.

LESSON #27: Be careful who you model your life after. If your “guru” is a cranky or nasty guy with a trail of broken relationships… then you might end up following in their footsteps.

LESSON #28: Fire clients who treat you, your staff or fellow clients disrespectfully. It’s not worth it.

LESSON #29: Always ask people – how can I help you? (not, what can you do for me?)

LESSON #30: There’s no better skill on the planet than being a good communicator. Learn how to be comfortable speaking in public.

LESSON #31: People are NOT dumb. Treat them with respect.

Be transparent. Tell them WHY you are doing what you do.

LESSON #33: Stop listening to talk radio and listen to positive, empowering audio programs in your car.

LESSON #34: Never check email first thing in the morning. Otherwise you are playing defense all day.

LESSON #35: You gotta always hustle.

LESSON #36: Do a trademark search at before you start a new business. It will save you lots of headaches.

LESSON #37: Come up with your own list of things you will NOT do for money.

LESSON #38: Call one person a day just to say hi and keep in touch. Relationships are everything.

LESSON #39: Start your own mastermind group.

LESSON #40: Do everything in moderation INCLUDING moderation.

LESSON #41: Always take time to reward yourself with small victories. Put up your first blog post – treat yourself to a small reward (could be a frozen yogurt, a movie or a dinner out with a loved one).

LESSON #42: Don’t get cheap with customer support – it’s the lifeblood of your business.

LESSON #43: Follow-up. Follow-up. Follow-up.

LESSON #44: Read every book by Seth Godin – I think he’s brilliant.

LESSON #45: Eliminate negative people from your life (if you can’t avoid them, then limit time with them)

LESSON #46: If a person tells you about an incredible “opportunity” to make money – then simply ask how much they are making. I’ve been approached by so many network marketers who are making $175 per month and they will show me how to become rich? No thanks.

LESSON #47: Always set money aside for taxes.

LESSON #48: Technology changes – but people don’t. It always has been and will always be about building trust and relationships.

LESSON #49: People will buy because of your content, marketing or sales copy. But they will stick around because they like you.

LESSON #50: Never let your lawyers and accountants run your business.

LESSON #51: Outsource before hiring full-time employees.

LESSON #52: Find more reasons to smile everyday.

LESSON #53: Work like a sprinter. Shorts bursts of effort followed by rest and recovery.

LESSON #54: Just tell the truth. People might not like to hear it – but they will respect you for telling it like it is. (I just said no to a vendor for DCX 2012 because he wasn’t the right fit – and he thanked me for my honesty)

LESSON #55: If you want to get creative, get away from your computer. Take a drive. Take a walk. Get a massage.

LESSON #56: Don’t be afraid to show your emotion. And yes guys – that means it’s ok to cry. There’s probably not a man who cries or tears up more than me, and I’m ok with it :)

LESSON #57:Get deep-tissue massages. Your shoulders and neck take a beating being on the computer so much. I get one a week. You’ll thank me for it. Trust me.

LESSON #58: Get a professional head shot taken… NOT a cut-out pic of you at a wedding.

LESSON #59: Always find a way to tie in “time saving” benefits for your products or services. People are BUSY. Very busy.

LESSON #60: If your mailman or waitress is telling you about an opportunity (buying Facebook stock, real estate, etc.) then you already missed the window. It’s too late. The big money was already made.

LESSON #61: Don’t think “what’s the most I can get for this product?”. Instead think, “what the most I can GIVE at the best price so I build lifelong fans?”

BONUS LIFE LESSON: Tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell my dad, my wife and my children that I love them.

After losing my mom 2 years ago to cancer – it really knocked me on my ass for a while and hit home just how precious life is.

And that’s why I’m so fiercely protective of my time and building a business that will make my family proud.

Now get out there and create a business that truly impacts people and changes lives. Something that matters. Something that will leave a legacy.

Stop with crappy auto-blogs. Stop trying to “get rich” with zero-value “private label rights” products that doesn’t help anyone.

We all have greatness in us.

Let your greatness shine, my friend. Create a business that matters…


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P.P.S. To celebrate my 10 year FREEDOM anniversary – when you get the 1K per Day Formula – you’ll also get my COMPLETE 30+ hour “Ryan Lee Method” training system for FREE. A to Z on building your own business that matters – from scratch. Get it now ***HURRY: OFFER EXPIRES ON FRIDAY, JUNE 22ND***

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Inner Circle Q & A

Want more marketing? Take a look inside my business to see how we run things here…

Download mp3 here

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Does Your Business or Idea Pass the "Barrier" Test

First, let me say I LOVE the Internet. Absolutely love it.

It has made building a business accessible for anyone – including a former recreational therapist/personal trainer/gym teacher.

When I was 12 years old and started my baseball card mail-order business. To build a list, I had to buy an ad in a baseball card magazine (yes, I actually did a paid ad when I was 12 — I was born an entrepreneur!).

But now, all you need is about $8 for a domain name, a free wordpress download, a few dollars for a web host and you’re in business.

That’s a blessing… AND a curse.


Here’s the problem with a low-barrier to entry…. it’s easy for EVERYONE to do and therefore, breeds a lot of competition.

Granted, most of the competition will likely be crap. People who just put the minimal amount of effort in and just pray for the best. And, like I said, that’s the majority of people.

That’s why a business, product or service that takes MORE EFFORT to build will instantly put you in a better position.


Because there are less people playing in that space.

For example – anyone can become an affiliate. There’s no cost and virtually zero barrier to entry. Just throw up a few free articles written by the publisher and you’re in business.

Easy, right?


Because there are tens of thousands of other people doing the exact same thing! And it’s much harder to stand out.


But the person who takes the effort to actually write their own ebook or create a video training series has done something even less people will do. Because so few are willing to put in the work.

Why “become” an affiliate when you can be a publisher and “run” your own affiliate program?

Yes, it takes more work to create a product. And handle customer support. And actually RUN a business.

But so what?

It’s a f*cking business!!! We are talking about income that can replace (and far surpass) what any “full-time” job can pay you.

Show me anyone who is making (or claims) to do at least 7-figures online – and I’ll show you someone who is working. And likely working their ass off.


Stop playing small. And start thinking BIG.

Start asking yourself where are some HIGHER barriers to entry and how can you play there? What are the things my competitors won’t do…

  • Live events instead of webinars
  • Media buys instead of facebook ads
  • Create a product instead of settling for just being an affiliate
  • DVD of the month instead of CD of the month
  • Magazine instead of a newsletter
  • Software program instead of an ebook
  • In-person interviews instead of skype interviews
  • Start your own network marketing company instead of joining one
  • Your own web show instead of written blog posts

These are just a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction.

It takes more blood, sweat and tears – but it will pay off in the end. Big time.


P.S. Here’s something that few people are willing to do

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Doin' It Right – 4 Simple Steps to Dominate in Niche Marketing

Yesterday I did a coaching call with 2 guys who are partners in a new company within the “videographer” market.

Right away – I liked them and loved the approach they were taking with their new business.

Here were a few of the takeaways of why I KNOW they will be successful…

Success Clue #1: They Know Their Craft!

These guys know exactly what videographers want because THEY ARE videographers.

They don’t read a few books and “pretend” to be experts – they live and breathe it.

And by being in the industry for so many years, they understand what it’s like to run your own videography business (and all the specialized language used in the industry).

Takeaway: Know Your Sh*t!


Success Clue #2: They Started Internally First

Rather than pour money into paid advertising or even line up affiliates, they started their marketing internally. Meaning, they contacts their facebook friends, email lists and friends in the industry.

It was a smart move. They could see for themselves what people really wanted – and what is unnecessary.

And while I can’t give details about their programs due to confidentiality, there was one big surprise they didn’t expect. It was a good thing they tested first!

Takeaway: Start Your Sh*t!


Success Clue #3: Top Quality Design

I can’t tell you how many coaching calls I do – and the person’s site looks simply awful.

Low-quality, blurry graphics. Mismatching fonts. 35 different color schemes. Just terrible.

Not these guys. Great logo. And the colors/fonts was carried over through the entire site. And let me tell you, that makes a BIG impact.

Takeaway: Create Great Looking Sh*t!


Success Clue #4: One Word – Overdeliver

Instead of putting out a crappy membership site with re-hashed articles (or worse, private label rights reports), they spend not one.. but TWO hours a week with live group coaching calls.

But the members LOVE it. They are quickly becoming rabid fans and word is already starting to spread.

That’s they way to do it.  The members KNOW these guys care and it really shows.

Takeaway: Give a Sh*t!



We spent most of the coaching call going over their sales copy (getting that much tighter), their membership site (I came up with a new tiered pricing structure that will likely double their revenue overnight) and the marketing strategy to dominate their market (it works!).

While I can’t get specific, after just one month they are already closing in on a six-figure business run rate. Not bad at all.

I have zero doubts they’ll hit that six-figure milestone soon – and within one year be one of the top companies in the videographer niche. No doubt at all.

Listen, the days of hypey, bullshit, and hopping product-to-product are done.

Build a real, sustainable brand that resonates with your market.

Does it take a little more work?


Is it worth the effort?

Hell yes.


P.S. If you like this, please “like” “tweet” and “+1” it.

P.P.S. This is the first industry event that will show you how to build a real, sustainable biz.

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The Official "Don't Buy" Marketing Product Checklist… (aka Don't Buy From a Douche Checklist)

Let’s start to peel back the curtain.

I vowed to show you the truth about building a REAL, sustainable online business – now it’s time to reveal my first “official” checklist on how to protect yourself from buyers remorse.

So here’s the deal… if you are even considering buying a product or joining a membership/coaching program that promises to show you “how to make money online” – run it through this checklist first. Always.

And yes, I admit it. There have been times I’ve gone down this road and have been guilty of some of these awful tactics myself..  I’m going through every one of my products, one by one, to make sure I will be walking my talk.

Here you go, the “Don’t Buy From a Douche” Checklist in all it’s stunning glory…

  • Do NOT buy if they put a picture of their car in any way, shape or form. That also includes them in a car, in front of a car, or the worst.. in front of many cars. (Being able to spend $400 a month for a Mercedes lease is not a sign of wealth. Sorry.)
  • Do NOT buy if they are smiling with their hands wide open standing in front of a big house (hint.. it’s usually not even their house!)
  • Do NOT buy if they are pics or videos of them either getting onto or getting off a private plane. Private plane. Really?
  • Do NOT buy if the person in a picture or sales video is wearing a baseball hat sideways. And if you do wear a hat sideways – please stop now. It screams douche.
  • Do NOT buy if they claim to be a “social media expert” and have a few hundred Facebook fans or twitter followers.
  • Do NOT buy if the ONLY product(s) they have created are exclusively in the “how to make money online” niche. Ask for proof of products outside the IM world. And if they don’t reply – you have your answer. (I am still active in the health and fitness markets).
  • Do NOT by if they make outrageous promises of hundreds of thousands of dollars with a “secret” software. Even if they have so-called “proof”. It’s bullshit. If it made them millions – do you really think they’d sell it to you for just $27? Smarten up, my friend.
  • Do NOT buy if they say over and over again how it’s so EASY to make money with no skills and no work. It’s a fantasy. Run away from these offers.
  • Do NOT buy before Googling their name. See what other people say about them and their products. Ask if you can speak to other people who have had success with their programs. And if nothing comes up – buyer beware.
  • Do NOT buy if their only testimonials are by their buddies with generic garbage like, “Yo, my man Eric is off-the-chain smart. Buy his stuff dude!”.

There you go.

A simple checklist to give to go through before you buy a marketing product.

And if, in the future, I do any of these tactics (including showing you my house, cars or wearing a sideways hat), please don’t buy from me either. Trust me, I will understand.


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