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The Official "Sneak Peek"

I firmly believe if you are going to do anything.. you might as well go big. And yes, I’m going “all in” with my new program.

The NEW site is coming on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at 1pm EST.

I’m trying to try and raise the game and finally give people like you and me ONE place to go for everything related to business, marketing and success. Think of it like your “Virtual Starbucks… but for passionate entrepreneurs only”.

There will be private forums. We are forming local meetup/mastermind groups. Over 100+ hours of training videos. And new training updates every week.

Plus, you have my promise… NO upsells or levels. NO egos. NO hype. NO push-button software.

Here’s a top-secret screenshot of what’s to come…

Oh yes.. I’m going big on this one.

But as with everything I do – the focus is on SIMPLICITY.

One simple dashboard to see everything.. right at your fingertips.

No jumping around between hundreds of pages. Nope. Not here.

One page to quickly find what you need. When you get inside – you’ll be amazed at how simple it truly is. One of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.



As always, I’m going to be fully transparent.

I am going to see if my “affiliates” will promote this program on Thursday… but I will likely not get a lot of “support”.

Why? Because I’ve been very vocal about what is going on in the world of “Internet Marketing”. And many of my fellow marketers aren’t very happy I’ve been spilling the beans about how things really work behind the scenes.

Plus, I don’t participate in “reciprocal” mailings (nor do I ever kiss ass) – so it’s likely just a few will get behind it.

Hey, I’m not asking you to feel sorry for me. Not by a long shot. I have a big list and it’s very responsive because I always treat my subscribers with respect… not like a name to be bought and sold.

But I would love your help. The more members we have = the more local groups and more interaction. And I’m on a mission to impact 1 million entrepreneurs. One million people who are looking to take control of their life, once and for all. One million people who are tired of the BS.

And if any of my products or free articles over the years have helped you at all… I’d love your support.

So once I go live on Thursday, please help spread the word. Emails. Facebook love. Tweets. Pin it. And whatever crazy social media tool you use.

Thank you for your inspiration and constant feedback..  I look forward to sharing this new vision with you on Thursday…


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The Secret to a Fun, Lifestyle Business

In the past, I’ve talked about how I can get so much done in my business and still have virtually unlimited time for my family.

And it’s all about working like a SPRINTER.

Forget the long, 12-15 hour days. Or working until 3am to get stuff done.

Nope. Not me.

I work hard in short bursts – then recharge my batteries.

It’s the way I trained when I was a competitive sprinter running the 100 meter dash. And it’s the way I have always run my business.

The key to making this work is to find simple rewards you look forward to.

You should NOT feel guilty about taking breaks during the day. It’s not about the volume of hours you put in.. it’s the QUALITY of those hours.

For example, I can write copy for one straight hour with zero distractions. No email. No IM. No cell phone.

While you can work on copy for the same hour BUT during that time you are answering a skype message. You get a few texts. Take a quick 5 minute call.

You can bet I will get A LOT more writing done during that same hour.

I like to get most of my work done in the morning (it’s why I NEVER do coaching calls or interviews before Noon). When I get a few hours of intense work done in the morning.. I can spend the afternoon as I please.

But coming back to my original point, I like to reward myself for the intense, focused work. It’s helps me get away from my computer and gives my brain a rest after the work.

And I find that by giving myself rewards each day – it makes me work even harder knowing that something fun is coming in a few hours.

Here are a few of MY favorite (and simple) rewards..

  • Go to the movies (Yes, I love to go to the movies by myself in the afternoon. And no, it’s not as creepy as it sounds!)
  • Get a massage. Another one of my weekly rituals. Great for the body and the mind
  • Wrestle with my kids. And yes, they all know about “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and prepare for my splash off the bed!
  • Go for a walk in the woods. So simple, but so relaxing
  • Go to the track to do some sprints. The most effective fat-burning exercise on the planet
  • Take a long drive and explore new backroads
  • Get a professional, straight-razor shave. There’s nothing like it and G.Albert in my town of New Canaan is the best
  • Weekly date night with my wife. Usually dinner and a movie
  • Relax and listen to a business or motivational audiobook
  • Take a lesson in a new sport. Going to take a tennis lesson next week!
  • Go to the local Y and sit in the sauna or steam room (and avoid eye contact with the older, naked men at the Y)
  • Head over the to frozen yogurt shop for a treat
  • Go to the bookstore and just walk the isles
  • Walk around Staples. I have no idea why I love going to office supply stores – maybe it’s an entrepreneur thing
  • Watch a fun crime show. I’m a sucker for the shows.. “Monk” and “Psych”

There you go. It’s my personal list of rewards. I’m sure yours will be different.

As you might have noticed, most of these activities are either free or relatively low cost. I don’t get wrapped up in acquiring “things”. The only items I ever buy myself are Blu-Rays and DVDs. It’s about the simple things in life and enjoying every moment.

And I’d love to hear how YOU reward yourself!


P.S. Everything changes next week. The NEW site is coming. Local meetups. New products. Community forums. New content and much more.. Watch here and on my FB page for details coming soon.

P.P.S. If you’d like to contribue to the new site – click here.

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How To Deal With Competitors.. and WIN!

I’ve always been a love/hate relationship with competition.

There were some times, like when I was running track in college, where I hated to lose.

And other times, like in the classroom, when I just wanted to put the minimum effort to coast along with a solid “B”.

Now – there is the world of business competition. And this is where things get interesting..

My philosophy can be boiled down to this quote by the late, great Patrick Swayze from the cult-classic “Roadhouse”…


You can always count on Swayze to set things straight in the crazy world. And this nailed it with competition.

I’d MUCH rather work WITH people than against them. It’s just in my nature.

And when you find people you can work with harmony – it’s a great thing.

But there comes a time, and believe me, that time WILL come, when your back is against the wall and you gotta come out swinging. But by “not being nice” – I don’t starting a negative campaign. In fact, it’s the opposite. You are building your business so strong that you are being “not nice” to your competitors. Because they can’t beat you. Let me explain…

The first time I felt it was when I had my strength and conditioning web site about 10 years ago.

Things were humming along and suddenly, the competitors started coming out of the woodwork. Some I could work with.. and others wanted no part of me. And I had a new competitor with a GREAT domain name and a good looking site. So it was time to get off my ass and ramp things up to solidify my position at the top.

And work I did. I came out swinging so hard – that within about 7 months I ended up BUYING my top competitor’s web site.

Remember, when you CREATE YOUR CATEGORY – you will start with a 100% market share. But as the category grows, you will get competitors. It’s only a matter of time. And as the category grows you will lose the 100% market share. It might get down to 50-60% – but you are at the top and it’s your spot to lose.

So that’s when you get to work.

We all tend to get complacent when things are going well. But when the sh*t hits the fan, that’s when you show the world what you are made of. And while I do tend to let things coast.. when I get knocked down I ALWAYS get back up swinging.

I’m not talking about doing things maliciously or playing dirty (things like negative SEO or fake calls to the District Attorney). No, I never play that game. I prefer to stay positive.



Instead of focusing on the negative – put all your energy into making your product, brand and service even stronger. Become unstoppable. Become unbeatable.

You get to work. You study your competition. See exactly what they are doing. Buy their products and study their back-end product. Study their marketing materials. And figure out why people will choose them over you (WARNING: just don’t get obsessed with your competition. It’s not worth it).

Then, you find out how to make your offer even better. Even more outrageous. Even more remarkable. In other words, you take back your customers and give them a reason to continue to fall back in love with your company… You play fair, but you become so good it really isn’t “nice” to your competitors.

Here are a few ideas, depending on your current position in the marketplace, on how you can beat a strong competitor…

  • Work your ass off and become more prolific! More press releases. More articles. More speaking gigs. You outwork them (it’s another reason to choose a market you are passionate about!)
  • SIMPLIFY your offer by focusing on doing one thing even better (and eliminating distractions)
  • Change the pricing. You could go lower, higher or offer trials. Can you make the front-end free and monetize on the backend?
  • Bring in new experts on your panels, as interviews or on your board of advisors
  • Reach out to your customers even more with personal calls just to thank them for their business
  • Remind everyone how you were the FIRST in your category. You are the leader. People like to do business with the leader.
  • Add new products that are even better than your competition
  • Create a new brand to compete with yourself and your competition – and dominate the market

There you go. It’s how I deal with “competitors”.

It’s not about being mad. Or getting dirty. It’s about making your business so unbeatable – they will be begging for mercy :)

When in doubt… always listen to Swayze!


P.S. My new site is coming in a couple of days… You will see exactly how I am going to create a new “category” to deal with my competition. Business is about to get serious.

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Taking a BIG Risk…And Creating a New "Category"

There may come a time in your business when you have to take a risk. A calculated risk – but a risk nonetheless.

As I’ve said over and over again, in today’s fast-moving and hyper-competitive world – you must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the curve. If not, it’s only a matter of time before your sales begin to drop. It’s inevitable.

You’ve seen it before.

A product or way of selling that seemed really HOT just a few years ago (heck, just a few months ago), can lose favor in a heart beat. And quickly it feels outdated and “uncool”.

Just look at how quickly the “launch” model for some of the more well-known marketers have tanked. Many went from an almost guaranteed 7-figure launch to MUCH, MUCH less today. I’m talking a tiny fraction of that.

Or the long sales letter. Then audio sales letter. Now video sales and webinars. What’s next?

In other words, if you believe you can create one product and sitting back and watching the money roll in forever and ever without lifting a finger or making a change – you are surely mistaken.


But all hope is not lost.

You can make small changes (risks). Maybe it’s a new headline. Or new graphics. Or a new “hook”.

And these small changes can have an immediate boost to your bottom line.

Heck, even just changing the color of your site or changing the font can have a drastic impact.

Or maybe you make some bigger changes like adding webinars to your sales process. Or video sales letters. Or even creating an entirely new product or sales method.

The bigger the change – the more of an impact it will have on your business. Either positive OR negative. Remember, it’s called a “risk” for a reason and there is never a guarantee it will work.

If you truly want to be an entrepreneur, you MUST have some tolerance for risk. It’s a requirement. Entrepreneurship is NOT for the person who always wants to “play it safe” and who only interested in “days off and benefits”.

Nope – if 100% security is what you are after, I’m sorry but this game isn’t for you.

And you’ll find that sometimes you have to take big, ballsy risks to make a statement in your marketplace.

Something that can make massive waves in your market. And something people will NOT be able to ignore no matter how hard they tried.

The kind of change where your competitors say “why didn’t I think of that?!”.

It’s what separates the six-figure businesses from the 7, 8 and even 9-figure businesses. And this is what usually requires the most risk.

After all, if you are going to try something completely different – there will be risk.

However the payoffs can be massive. Because what you are doing is not just creating a “new product” – you are CREATING A NEW CATEGORY.


There is no better position to be in than to actually CREATE a new category in your market.

Back when I was a personal trainer – I was the first trainer in my area to offer in-home training for young athletes. Now it’s commonplace – but 18 years ago in my town, I was the first. And because of that, I had parents calling me to train their children.

I literally created a new category.

Yes, online it’s a bit more difficult – but it can still be done.

In the “IM” world, Jeff Walker created the “launch” category. My longtime client, Josh Henkin, created the “Sandbag Training” category.

You could come up with a new type of pricing model. Or a new way to deliver your products. Or a method of combining 2 or more different systems into one.

The point is this… YOU create the category and you own it. You took a risk, but you reap the rewards.

You have to think creatively and get ready to make a splash.

And this is exactly where I find myself today.

Don’t get me wrong – things are good here at “Ryan Lee Headquarters”. Really good in fact, but I’m never one to settle for just “really good”. It’s just not in my DNA. I love to shake things up and find new ways to deliver mind-blowing value.

So I’m going to try and create a “new category” in the online marketing space.


In about one week, I’m rolling the dice and risking a lot. No, I’m not risking everything. We will not lose our house and be out on the streets if it doesn’t go as planned. But there is definitely a lot at risk…

I will be closing down my highly profitable and award-winning “Inner Circle”.

I will be taking almost all my products off the market.

I will be focusing my marketing business entirely on ONE program. That’s it. You are either in or out. I will only focus on the people who are serious about building a REAL business. I don’t want the tire-kickers and “bizop” seekers who only seek to get rich while providing zero value.

It’s an effort to simplify my business and provide MASSIVE VALUE to all my clients. It’s truly a win/win. Well, actually because I’m giving away so much.. you will get a much better end of the deal – but that’s fine with me! (and yes, making my business even MORE profitable is another goal too!)

It’s always been my dream to build something that can have massive worldwide impact. Something that can not only educates – but brings people together. And, as always, with my brand on “tell-it-like-it-is” straightforwardness.

No hype. No constant webinars trying to sell you something else. No upsells. No “levels” where you have to pay-up to get more of what you should already get.

Will my new vision succeed? Or will I fall flat on my face?

The answer remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, I will by laying all my chips on the table.

You might look at this new site and say “wow! that’s awesome” or “OMG, I can’t believe he’s giving all that away for such an incredible price” or even “Ryan – this blows and you are full of crap!”.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a fun ride and I can’t wait to share this new vision with you…


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Read This BEFORE You Create a Product. Branding… Made Simple.

I LOVE coming up with names and “hooks” for products and businesses.

Over the years, I’ve come up with hundreds for myself, my clients and friends including… “CPA Tsunami”, “The Conversion Kings”, “Fat is NOT Your Fault”, “Underground Strength Coach”, “Nifty Clicks”, “NanoContinuity”, “The SAM Event” “DotComXpo” and more…

But before I get to the naming process I use (I’ll cover that in a future post), let’s dive into the big question first.


When I first started online back in 1999, the general idea was to come up with a keyword rich generic product name and URL. And that would supposedly help get you found easier in the search engines.

For example, if you created a fat loss program, you would likely call your product something like “The Fast Fat Loss Program” or “Ultimate Fat Loss Program”. And for years, that’s what everyone did.

Really generic names that just blended in with the competition.

There was no real differentiation between the products. It was one big blur.

And yes, there are some entrepreneurs who still create products with these generic names. And some gurus who recommend that naming process as well.

But I recommend something different…


I won’t lie – it’s a more difficult road to take. At least when you first start.


Because if your name is made up or not filled with “benefits” – the public won’t “get it” immediately.

But that’s true with every big brand now. Names that immediately bring up a very clear image when you hear it.

Think about it for a minute…

Do you believe “Google” would have the same power if it was called “”. Or if “Amazon” was called “”. Or if “Zappos” was called “”. Or even if “P90X” was called “”?

I could spend days giving you more examples – but I think you get the point.

And yes, there are exceptions to this rule just as their are exceptions to every rule.

Going this route, your road may be a bit bumpier BUT the benefits are massive.

Once you get the ball rolling and people start to know your brand – you OWN IT. In the minds of your market, that is YOURS. And no one can take that away from you.

When I coined the term “NanoContinuity” – it became mine. Much more powerful than if it was called “”. And if the program was called “Low Price Membership Sites”, think about how easy it would have been for a competitor to come up with something like “Inexpensive Membership Site”, “Low Cost Membership Sites”, etc.

Do you see the difference?

By creating a name that I own – it put me in a great position. In fact, people now use the word “Nano” for a program that is less than $5 per month. Pretty cool, huh? There’s no way that could have happened with a generic name.

Want another benefit?

If you are creating this new brands (besides your own name), they are also easier to sell. Especially if your brand has built up a strong name in your market.

So get out there, put your creative hat on and create a memorable product name.


P.S. Stay tuned for the biggest, baddest marketing community coming soon…

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Inner Circle: Q/A (Membership Sites)

More of our world-famous Q/A sessions.. with a special focus on continuity and membership sites.

Download MP3 here

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Are You a Millionaire Yet? Is It Your Fault? Who Is Really to Blame?

I have a strong feeling this is going to get some emotional comments – but here we go..

In the “information marketing” world all of the product creators have been fed the same line that goes something like this…

“If someone is NOT successful with your product, it’s not your fault – it’s THEIR FAULT”.

But whose fault is it?

The big mouth who gets on stage to sell his $5K coaching program and doesn’t feel bad at all when his clients have a ZERO success rate because, after all, it’s not his fault – it’s THEIR fault.

Then, goes on to say to himself (and anyone that will listen)… “My other student, Joey, made $X with my system – so it must work. And if it doesn’t work for you, you can’t blame me”.

But is Joey’s success more of a fluke? Or good timing? Or does the system really, really work?

Look, there is no bigger proponent of taking responsibility than me. I firmly believe in personal responsibility in regards to your health and your wealth. No excuses.

However – with such a large percentage of people who buy “internet marketing” products getting zero results – are they REALLY to blame? Or does the problem go deeper.



OK, let’s get one excuse out of the way.

No matter how good the product is, if you don’t take action on what is taught – that is YOUR (the customer) fault. No ifs, ands, or buts.

But what about people who DO go through the product in detail but do not get results.

After selling A LOT of products with a track record which I believe is unsurpassed (just look at the fitness industry’s biggest success stories and 95% of them got started with my products), here are my thoughts…

The reason for failure (besides not taking action) is one of 4 reasons..



This is aimed at the “Internet Marketing” products. Many of the product creators either come up with an “idea” they think will work.. then slap some copy on it and sell it to the masses.

But the concept has either not been tested outside the “make money online” niche OR never tested at all.

When I first started, most of the “IM” products I bought were rooted in sound marketing concepts (stuff by Mark Joyner, Declan Dunn, Jonathan Mizel, and Marlon Sanders). But as the years went on… the quality of the content went down the toilet with never-ending launches and hypey products.

Which brings me to reason #2..



Another point that can’t be overlooked is the quality of instruction in the products. And it falls into 2 parts..

A) There is no step-by-step. The “guru” will say something like “create a squeeze page” and then you are on your own to figure out EVERY detail. WTF?

B) There is no progression. It’s just a bunch of random videos and PDFs with no system to implement.

A lot of recent products fit neatly into this category.



This one falls squarely on the shoulders of the customers.

They have their idea and are set in the ways no matter what. I’ve worked with clients like this in the past – and I can tell you it’s frustrating.  This can take the shape of many common blunders…

  • The market doesn’t want what you are selling (you never asked what people really want)
  • Your pricing is not realistic at all
  • You want to deliver content that should be a one-time purchase as a membership site
  • Your hook is weak
  • Your product/company name is terrible
  • You refuse to invest any time or resources in good copy. Or good design.
  • And the list goes on and on…

And finally, there is reason #4…



OK, it’s close to the “not taking action” excuse, but goes a little deeper.

This is someone who believes they can buy a product, click a few buttons and suddenly they are RICH!

Or, they put up one video on youtube and the orders should be flooding in while they sit on a beach watching the waves roll in.

Or they blog for one week and give up when they get no comments or traffic.

Nope. Sorry – that ain’t how it works!

You are going to have to put some sweat in and if you don’t enjoy spending time on the computer then go get a real job – this just isn’t for you.



My goal for this post is to open up some real dialog about what is going on in the world of marketing.

It’s stuff that is never really talked about in the open. And the “it’s our customers fault” has become so common – it’s time to REALLY take a closer look at it.

Please post your thoughts below and share this…


P.S.  If you want to join action-takers and real teachers, check out DotComXpo.

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Never Get Ripped Off Again! The Simple Way to Protect Yourself

First, let me get something off my chest.

There is no such thing as an “Internet Marketer”, OK?

As my friend Michael Fishman says.. “the Internet is one marketing CHANNEL”. So please, stop calling yourself an Internet marketer. You should be able to market “offline” too. Direct mail, events, etc.

Now that we settled that – I’d like to direct the first part of my rant to the fake-ass wannabes.

You know exactly who I’m talking about.

The people who will “teach you how to get rich”, but have never made any money themselves.

The people who have only created “get rich” products – but nothing outside of that niche.

The people who see Pinterest or Kindle getting hot – and crank out a product about it… even though they never made a buck with it.

I’m totally guessing, but from what I’ve seen about 90% of these “Internet Marketing” products are created by people who fall into one of the 3 categories listed above, most of the products simply don’t work.

So the question is “How Do You Know What Actually Works?”


This is going to both piss off a lot of so-called “Internet Marketers” and probably put many of them out of business. But that’s too bad.

Here’s a very simple method to use BEFORE YOU BUY any marketing product. Trust me, it works.

STEP 1: Contact their customer support email or ticket system

Right there, on the first step, about 50% of the people will never get back to you. Not even a reply. And if they don’t answer you – you should not do business with them.

Remember, I don’t care if you are selling a $10 ebook – it’s a F*CKING BUSINESS! And they should answer support questions. They usually are just working from their friend’s couch and don’t have anyone answering support questions.

Disclaimer: I have made some BIG mistakes with customer support during launches where we were way understaffed. I took my lumps, learned my lessons and vowed to not repeat those mistakes.

STEP 2: Ask them the following questions..

1. How long has the person been marketing products online?

2. Can you show me an example of where they have been successful with this type of program OUTSIDE of the “Internet Marketing” space?

My guess is they will likely ignore your email and label you a pain in the ass.

Or, if they do answer, they will NOT show you an example and give you some bullshit excuse like “well, it’s a secret and we don’t want to give ourselves more competition”.

Again, I call bullshit.

Is this method 100% fool-proof? Absolutely not.

Some pathological liars will say whatever they have to in order to make a sale…but I do believe it will weed out about 95% of the fakers and people who you should NOT be listening to.

And to answer the question about myself – in case you are wondering.

I started my first site in 1999 in the fitness and strength and conditioning markets. And I still have active sites and companies in that market – one of them being


Please don’t get caught up in the hype of BS of striking it rich online.

It takes effort. It takes persistance. It takes a strong hook. It takes great products & services. It takes a passion for customer service. It takes some risk.

And by using this simple 2-step plan above (which takes about 1 minute), you can begin the process of getting the RIGHT information you need to become successful.


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P.P.S. If this REALLY resonates with you, click here and join us.

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The Big, Fat "Marketing Funnel" Lie

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing it for so long.

Or perhaps I’ve been behind the scenes and have seen way too much of what “really” goes on.

But I am finding it almost impossible to stomach some of the stuff I see going on the marketing circles. Stuff that has been taught for years and years.. and we are led to believe it’s the ONLY way to run a profitable advice-driven business.


Since when does EVERY person have to be put through some funnel-of-hell?

Why must every product lead to a $10,000 platinum coaching program as the final destination?

I’ve seen some of these “experts” running $10K coaching programs – and I wouldn’t trust them to wash my car, let alone refer my friends or family to them.

When is enough truly enough?

I made a massive mistake about a year ago. One of my subscribers told me about the success he was having with a cool marketing system he created. He told me he’d love to come onto my Inner Circle and teach it. No pitching – he just wanted to share and give back to the community.

We talked about dozen times before I brought him on and I fell for his bullshit.. hook, line and sinker. I didn’t know that he would then get my customer info and offer a “free” coaching session – and do a hard pitch for a $5K “coaching” program.

I was PISSED – especially because 3 of my subscribers called me and told me he delivered ZERO value in his coaching program. I removed his trainings from my Inner Circle and learned a big lesson.

Here’s the thing.. if he just focused on helping them and then came out with a reasonably priced product at a great value – my subscribers would have scooped it up by the thousands. He would have made MORE money, built MORE good will and would have a really strong business right now.

Instead, he went for the big score and ended up with a ruined reputation and starting back at zero. Big, stupid mistake.

That leads me to the following…

Do you really have to monetize every single person.. to the penny? All in the name of “business”?

Some of it feels so manipulative.

I know one person who has every step planned out.

She gets them in with a free report. She upsells product #1. Then, gets them to a “free” event – where she sells them to $3K seminar #2. Then, at seminar #2, she sells them to big-ticket $10K seminar #3.

Is she done yet? Hell no.

Then, it’s the $25K coaching coaching program she sells at that event.

It never f*cking ends!

What’s next? Do we spoon together in your bed and you make me breakfast in the morning for $50K?

And again, we put people like this on a pedestal and try to emulate her business. We see her speak at marketing events and on teleseminars. And we spend $2k to learn her “system” so we can do the same in our niche. And the cycle of manipulation continues.. all in the name of “business”.

It’s all bullshit.

It’s no wonder “Internet Marketing” has become a dirty word.

Would you ever send your parents, or brother, or sister to her “free” event if you knew what she had in store for them?

I wouldn’t. Not in a million years.

But yet, you build YOUR business on that same platform.. and you wonder why you are not making any money.

I’ll tell you why.. it’s because deep down in your soul – you know it’s wrong. And when you fight against your gut. When you go against what you know is right – it never works out in the long run. Never.

Sure, you can string together a few hits. And maybe pull off a good launch or two. But trust me, this story will not end well. Not by a long shot.

The universe has a strange way of working things out. And the “gurus” who were partying it up just a few years ago are now feeling effects of the long hangover as they realize their business was built on a shaky foundation. And they are sucking wind. Big time.


So how do you monetize? How do you build a business that not only FEELS good… but is insanely profitable as well?

Start with your customers. Focus on creating just ONE product or service that blows them away and provides insane value.

The product should be something you would feel great about having your own friends and family buy.

And when they invest in your product or service – you treat them like gold. Then, you can explore creating more products and services.

Your business will be more FUN to run. More profitable. Simple. And you will feel good about it.

OR – you can create a 19-step funnel to get them into your “Platinum-coated Coaching Intensive Mentorship” program for $20K.

The choice is yours to make, my friend.


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The "Overdeliver" Formula

In the world of marketing, the word “overdeliver” has been used so often it’s starting to become a cliche.

And I admit, I’m guilty of using it just about every single day.

You can no longer only provide average service or average products and expect to survive. Nope. Ain’t happening.

The customers are more educated. There’s too much competition.

You gotta truly deliver kick-ass products and services. They must be no-brainers (and no, I’m not talking about just stacking 18 private-label rights products on top of your offer).

So the question remains.. how do you “overdeliver”?


As you may know, I’m obsessed with simplifying complex issues down to the most basic level so you can take immediate action.

So after going through my products and coaching notes – I’ve solved the “overdeliver” formula down to this ONE QUESTION you ask yourself..

Here are 9 simple words to ask yourself before you do anything…

What would I want if I was the customer?

Think about that for a moment.

I can’t tell you how many coaching clients are stuck on exactly what they should offer in the main product. Or what the pricing should be. Or if they should include a trial or multiple tiers or payment plans.

But when you are honest and ask yourself “What would I want if I was the customer?”.. you will quickly have your answer.

Ask this question…

  • BEFORE you consider adding an upsell
  • BEFORE you consider adding a downsell
  • BEFORE you consider the pricing for your product
  • BEFORE you consider what your membership site will include
  • BEFORE you consider if you should keep that in your product or make it a “premium” version

Do this – and the answer is obvious.

Treat your customers just like YOU want to be treated. It’s the stuff I learned when I was 5 years old, it’s the stuff I teach my young children today, and yet – once we become “marketers” we forget the simple lesson.

We get wrapped up in “extracting” money from our customer. We become obsessed with squeezing out another $.05 cents in our EPC (earnings per click). And we forget to simply treat people like we treat our own friends and family.

When you overdeliver, your customers will know you truly care. And that is how you build a big, profitable and awesome business!


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