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2 Simple Ways to Create a BIG Ticket Product

I’m a big believer in creating multiple revenue streams.

First, I always start with some type of recurring revenue program. ALWAYS. That’s the crux of my business.

But I also like to create big-ticket items as well. And the big-ticket items is what separates 5 and 6-figure entrepreneurs from the 7 figure earners.

Now the definition of “big” ticket will vary based on your industry. In general (and in today’s economy), I define big ticket as something $500 and above.

If you do not have AT LEAST one big-ticket item in your product portfolio – you are leaving money on the table. A LOT of money! Seriously.

Think about it. Even if you sell just one product for $1k every week – that’s 52 a year. Which comes to $52K per year. If you sell one a day.. that’s $365K. Not too shabby.

I remember being scared to create a product for more than $50 all those years ago. And when I launched my first product that was out of my comfort zone (a $197 program), I was terrified. But I sold out all 100 spots in a couple of days (and just about $20K in profit).

So, my fellow entrepreneur, here are 2 simple ways to turn your ideas and passions into BIG ticket items..

I love doing small group live workshops. And because of the personalized nature of these type of events, I have charged from $1,000 to $10,000 per person. (in fact, you can see one of my $10K workshops right here for just $1).

You can create these laser-targeted workshops in just about any niche and market. Think about it. Just 5 people at $1K each is $5K for one day. Just run one a month and that’s a $60K income… still more than most people earn in a year!

If you want to create even more leveraged income without having to do more than one workshop.. no problem. Simply record your live workshop and resell the recordings as a “home study” kit. You can charge $500+ for a niched home-study kit.

You can deliver it online as downloadable audio, video and pdf files.

Or offer it as a physical product like DVDs, CDs and printed workbooks.

I’ve helped people develop these kits in everything from fitness and parenting to marketing and stocks.


Figure out the biggest challenge in your market and develop a plan for at least one big ticket item. I like the idea of a workshop and then recording it.

Now get out there and change the world.


P.S. I have created the most comprehensive system that show you EXACTLY how to create big ticket products (everything from the tools you need, building a site in 10 minutes and even my best simple selling system). Check it out here.

P.P.S. Oh yeah, my 1K Per Day model is the most details system to date. Heck, even if you want to do a workshop, I’ll break it down to when to have breaks and where to find super-cheap (and free) space to run them. And even how to fill the room.

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7 Ways to Become an "Authority" Site

NOTE: This is a guest post by Troy Broussard. If you signup for his webinar below, I do NOT receive any commission or compensation. Enjoy the article…

One the biggest problems with Internet Marketing is that there are things that sell well and then there are things that are helpful to your business – and they’re not always the same. In fact, many times, the best sellers are some of the worst products.

The reason is very simple, what “sells” is “easy” and so you get hammered with short sited tactic after tactic and are left chasing what you think is a solution only to later learn that it was yesterday’s news and perhaps even hurting your quest to improve your business.

So what’s the difference between a tactic and a strategy?

A strategy is a longterm vision for your business that is solid and is not based upon “here today gone tomorrow approaches” to business growth. Tactics, however, are short term in nature. They may be very effective NOW but they may stop working at any time or lose their effectiveness over time.

Let’s give an example to bring home the point.

When it comes to picking a domain name, many people will use a “tactical” approach selecting a domain name that has their keywords in it since Google has, in the past, allowed EMD’s (exact match domains) a preference in ranking. So, if your primary target keyword was, “low resistance workout” you might ideally try to buy – a logical choice.

The thinking is that this will make it easier for you to rank for your primary keyword and so it’s a wise choice. And, from a tactical standpoint, that is true. However, EMD’s have already begun to lose a lot of their traction and this will likely continue as Google continually refines their algorithm. So, is it really wise to build your business around a “tactic”? (Hint: the correct answer is “no”)

A better choice would be a to pick a name for your site that represents your brand. While in the short-term it might be a tad more difficult to rank for your keywords, the long term strategic benefits for your brand are much more important. Your brand is something you have control over and can continue to build up over time.

By the way, for those of you honor roll types out there, yes, you can do the best of both worlds. In other words, you can build up your main strategic authority site as a branded domain and then, in time, add additional “tactical” feeder websites that are EMD’s targeting your main keywords. That, however, is a bit advanced and is not recommended until you’re making good money with your main authority site and just trying to expand with more traffic. It will cost a bit more to support these multiple sites and build them out, so definitely do NOT go this route until you’re rock solid on your main site first (you’ve been warned).

The Death of Mini-Sites

Another big “tactical” solution in the Internet Marketing space is this notion of creating a 100 mini-sites each making you $20 a month or even just creating 20 niche websites each making you $500 a month. This “mini-site model” has been immensely popular for years, but does it work?

Well, the sub-title kind of gives it away, but “hell no” is the answer and we’re really tired of seeing people fall for this sales pitch, so we want to take this opportunity to officially proclaim the “death” of the mini-site model. As readers of Ryan, we know you like it straight to the point, so that’s what we want to give you!

This model has is still being sold because it paints such an alluring “dream” that people fall for it. The concept is simple. Create a bunch of sites, throw some automated content and special “secret sauce” tools on them and “boom” you’ve got a formula for success you can just stamp out copy after copy of. Yeah, ok.

But here’s the problem. Google HATES these sites, HATES duplicate and spun content and is actively doing everything they can to take down not only these sites and tools but also the SEO tactics that prop them up.

So, what to do instead?

Enter the Age of the Authority Site

Now again, I know you like it straight to the point, so here’s the deal, it’s time to accept the facts that Google is shoving down everyone’s throat. Today it’s all about AUTHORITY.

The top sites in Google in most every niche and sub-niche are AUTHORITY sites. Gone by the wayside are all of these mini-sites and those that are left are on life support.

Google has been gradually shifting it’s favor towards authority sites for the past couple of years, but this year they really have made a pronounced and determined shift and the trend is only going to continue. Becoming an authority in your niche, however, is not as hard as it seems.

What does it mean to be an authority site?

Well, that’s really a bit of a tough question because the fact is there is no “definition” of authority from Google’s standpoint, nor is there some numeric value for authority like there is with PageRank – and that is exactly why it’s going to become even more and more important.

You see when was first launched, they based their search ranking algorithm around their PageRank formula. If you’re not familiar with PageRank, well, don’t worry, it’s really not that important anymore. But suffice it to say it’s a number from 0 to 10 that denotes the popularity and authority of an individual page on the Internet. You may have heard about a site being a “PR5” site, for example.

If you want to see an example of PageRank goto and put in and you’ll see (at the time of the writing of this post) it is a PR4 site.

So the problem is that because Google publicly disclosed PageRank values and a way to check them, smart SEO gurus figured out a way to manipulate site rankings by using PageRank to their advantage. Google has now done everything they can to reverse that trend and don’t expect them to ever come out with a numeric value to express a site’s AUTHORITY – they’ve seen where that road leads.

7 Killer Tips for Becoming An Authority

  1. Be an authority. Ok, ok, I know that seems like a BS answer, but it’s not. If you want to be an authority site, well you have to act like one. That means having some real content and providing some real value – you can’t do that with 20 posts on your site.
  2. Focus on large quality content. Sorry guys, SIZE MATTERS when it comes to content. LOL – I couldn’t resist! Quit the “minimalist marketing” approach (doing the bare minimum to try and achieve success) and instead do what 85% of your competition is unwilling to do. Create in-depth and quality articles for your site that are engaging and authoritative. Blogger Steven Pavlina is famous for it and we have built a 7 figure business around it as well, frequently writing 3000 word and bigger articles that are engaging and thought provoking. BTW, this article is around 2000 words to give you an idea. Why does matter? Well it shows Google you have something meaningful to say and it attracts tons of great rankings via long tail keyword phrases as well as other seo benefits such as keeping your readers on your site for a long time and giving you lots of content and cross-linking opportunities (all good things).
  3. Publish content frequently. If you want to be seen as an AUTHORITY well then you’ve got to have something to say! If you don’t publish content frequently then it just tells Google (and your readers) that you really don’t have much to contribute and that is the kiss of death. Your readers want to see relevance and expertise and they want to know that they can trust you. That trust is earned and built upon your content, so get in the habit of posting at least a couple times a week. While you don’t have to publish daily or anything, you need to be consistent and not let your site go stale.
  4. Find ways to creatively engage. This is not necessarily the easiest thing to do and you may want to spend some time finding your “angle” but get creative and really engage your readers. Ryan has talked about this before about how you need to entertain your readers – this is what keeps them coming back. Now I’m a former programmer (kind of like saying you’re a “recovering alcoholic” – once a programmer, always a programmer) and a former Nuclear Engineer. So obviously being “creative” is not one of my strong points, but I’ve found that the more I let my readers get to know me and have a little fun, the stronger those bonds become. Recently we introduced a caricature based “brain dump” feature on our site where Mike (my business partner) and I just post short little blurbs about cool stuff we find on the Net – sort of a way for people to get to know us a bit and the response has been very strong, so don’t be afraid to get creative.
  5. Be prolific. This means get your message out on as many channels as possible. This means intelligently repurposing your content and leveraging it. If you do this right, it’s not only easy but can get you 10x the exposure with very little additional time or effort. You can take content in one form (video for example) and then transfer it into various other formats and syndicate it out to numerous platforms for additional branding and lead generation.
  6. Diversify your traffic. Don’t just depend on Google traffic. Diversify your traffic from other sources such as forum traffic, blog commenting, JV partnerships, Facebook traffic, paid traffic sources and don’t forget offline traffic sources like industry events, speaking engagements, magazine articles and ads, and other sources.
  7. Go where your readers are. Now, I’m totally cheating on this one. This is straight out of Ryan’s book for success and he talks about this frequently, but I think it is absolutely critical, so I’m “borrowing” (after all, it’s his site, so not really stealing it – LOL). Find out where your ideal customer is and GO THERE. If that means going offline, then go offline. If it means participating in three big popular forums and establishing your leadership there, then GO THERE. The bottom line is find out where your readers are and get in front of them. Exposure leads to authority.

Wrapping it all up…

Okay, so we’ve talked about “tactics” and “strategy” and differentiated the two – you should be getting on the right path now. Building your authority online is not hard to do, in fact it is easier today than ever as there are more and more channels to market yourself today than there were 5 or 7 years ago.

Now the “pink elephant” in the room has you probably thinking that building an AUTHORITY presence online is “hard” and “will take time”. Well I’m here to tell you that yes, it will take some time, but anything worth achieving will – believing anything else is simply the same as buying fool’s gold. It is not, however, hard to become an authority. You do, however, need a solid blueprint to follow.

Recently Mike and I went back through our first 22 months online when we were able to launch a new business in 2010 and take it to a seven figure business in those first 22 months. We analyzed everything we did – the good, the bad and the ugly (oh yeah, trust me, there was some “ugly” as well). And what came out of that analysis and self-reflection was our flagship product, Building Authority Sites. We’d like to invite you to join us on a special webinar for Ryan Lee’s guests only so that we can present you with that AUTHORITY BLUEPRINT because no matter what your business monetization strategy or niche is, AUTHORITY is where it’s at.

Register for the Building Authority Sites Webinar Here

We will be giving away some cool stuff and even an opportunity for 3 lucky people to attend Ryan’s DCX (where Troy will be speaking) for FREE! So don’t miss this one…

Option #1 – 9/25/2012 @ 3pm EST

Option #2 – 9/25/2012 @ 8pm EST

You can also learn more about Troy at his site

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Confessions of a Reformed "Guru"

Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.

It’s a time when I reflect on the past year and begin to look to the future.

I’ve been doing a lot of deep soul-searching lately. Trying to not let my ego carried away (which I often do) and greed (which happens as well).

And while I always thought of being a confident guy, I realize now that some of my more aggressive posts which tended to attack were probably some deep-seeded insecurity.

So no more. It ends today.

I will focus on helping the hundreds of thousands who read this blog by lifting you up and not putting others down. I will focus on POSITIVE posts, articles, videos and products.

Look, the reality is you know there are some good guys and some not-so-good guys in “Internet Marketing”. The people who are successful and teach programs that work (and can be duplicated). And there are the fakers who take advantage of the public with crappy products and promises of overnight riches with push-button software.

To the people who take advantage of others… I hope you can turn it around and focus on creating programs that HELP your customers. You can become wealthy by putting out good stuff, trust me. It’s easy and a much more fun.


I’m going back to my roots. My first job was spent working at a Children’s hospital for 6 years. And when I worked with these children, I didn’t help get them better by putting down the other therapists. I helped them by building them up. And that’s what I will do on this blog (except, of course, focus on business!).

Don’t worry, I’ll still write and educate with passion. That will never change.

But I will continue to work on channeling my frustration with the industry into “good”.

With rock-solid education, programs and events (and yes, some misguided and inappropriate attempts at humor as well).

So with that, my dear reader, I need your assistance.

Please comment below with the following in mind.. how can I help you?

Where do you need the most help with your business? Just share anything you would like to see more of and I’ll get to work on it for you.

And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll bring on a guest columnist to share.

It only takes a minute. Maybe you want to see more about traffic. Productivity. Membership Sites. Product Creation.

I can’t wait to see your comments, roll up my sleeves and get to work.


P.S. If you are interested in joining the largest community of like-minded entrepreneurs, check this out.

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The Host Model

I talk a lot about positioning yourself as the “expert” in a niche market. Everything from your blog, products and platform – it’s about building your personal brand.

BUT – fear not, my budding entrepreneur. You do NOT have to make it all about you.

Meet.. THE HOST.



Do you know Oprah is a billionaire?

And Ryan Seacrest is quickly building an $300 million dollar empire?

And both of them are not positioned as topic experts – they are hosts. The best part is all you need is a passion for the topic and the ability to communicate. That’s it.

I coined the term “The Host Model”, because it’s exactly what you do. You HOST other experts.

You provide the platform and they provide the content.

The benefit is you don’t have to come up with the material (free content) and if they mention your blog/site to their list, you can some nice free traffic too (not a bad bonus!).

I’ve built entire sites and programs by being the “host”. In fact, one of my first sites was just me interviewing other successful personal trainers. That’s it.



Interviews are the cornerstone of the host model. Here are some simple ways to conduct interviews and become a host

  • Audio only (telephone or skype)
  • Video online (skype and videocam)
  • Video in person
  • Video online (record powerpoints)
  • Live webinars
  • Recorded webinars
  • Live events
  • Written interview questions

Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a passion about your topic.

Enjoy it. Embrace it. Host it.


P.S. This guy has made over $6 million just interviewing people. See how he did it here.

P.P.S. If you like this, please share it below (like, tweet and +1)

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The Simple Way to Create a System

There’s no point in building an online business only having to be stuck to your computer all day answering emails and putting out fires. That sucks, big time.

After all, this type of business is about FREEDOM.

And you need to master something that most people ignore. We focus on “traffic” and “google”, when you should start with this one word..


No matter what you do, you must be able to create a system out of it. And your system doesn’t have to be complicated to start.

If I have a new project, product or company I’m launching, I simply write down EVERY STEP and put it into a google doc to share with my team. That’s it. I don’t leave anything to memory.

But it’s not just about documenting a process, I also document what my team will do during a new product release.

For example, if I want Shirley and Demetria to be up-to-date on a new product I’m releasing, I might have the following in the document… (and yes, it’s a fictional product!)

1. Product Title and Summary: How to build your own membership site. It’s 4 online videos showing people how to build their own membership site. Step by step. We are going live on October 1st.
2. Price: $495
3. Delivery: I will use clickbank to process the orders.
Clickbank ID: “mymembers”
Password: XXXXXXX
4. Refund Policy: 60 day via clickbank
5. Online Access: Here is the page for members to login:
6. Admin Access: We are using wishlist and if you need to add/cancel a member, please use the admin login (, u=admin, p=mypass)
7. FAQ: this is where I’d add some typical questions like “is this for newbies?” “does it include software?”, etc.. and I’d give my team the answers.

Just by creating a simple document saves us dozens of hours in email and support.

Now get out there and start documenting everything.

Your coach has spoken.


P.S. This is the most comprehensive program I’ve seen that shows you how to “systemitize” your business.

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Are You a Creator or a Promotor?

Do you want to know the big difference between people who have businesses worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and everyone else?

It comes down to one word.


That’s right, while other people “promote” – the super-rich CREATE. Plain and simple.

The rich CREATE their own network marketing company instead of joining one.

The rich CREATE products instead of promoting them.

The rich CREATE membership sites instead of joining one.

The rich CREATE affiliate programs or networks instead of emailing for them.

Can you make money by joining a network marketing company? Or by promoting affiliate programs?


But if you are making six-figures in an MLM company, the person who CREATED the MLM company is likely making more. A lot more.

It comes down to risk and the person willing to start a company and take more risk will be rewarded.


If you want real wealth. I’m talking generational wealth, then you have to stop thinking small and stop being lazy.

Quit your wining. Stop your excuses. Stop hopping from “guru to guru” with promises of the next big thing.

C’mon.. do you really think spending $2k on the next “how to make money on Kindle” is the answer? Seriously, think about it. Is selling a few copies of your $5 ebook going to change your life?

The truth is you will have to work hard if you want to create a real business. You’ll have to take some chances. And you won’t be able to sit on your ass all day and push the elusive “magic button” to build your business.

But wrap your head around this.

If you want the BIG buckaroos. I’m talking “private jet” money.

Stop thinking small and start CREATING.

Your coach has spoken.


P.S. Join your fellow creators here.. for just $1.

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How to Protect Your Brand

I’ve made this mistake in the past.

In an effort to “get my name out there”, I said YES to everything.

Every interview. Every product. Every advisor role. Everything!

But I started to notice something.

My name would show up with other “marketers” that I didn’t trust on web sites and in products. They are known to put out terrible products and simply screw their customers over.

And just by having my name on the same site as theirs… it’s guilt by association.

What started as me agreeing to an interview turned into using my name to sell a sub-par product.

And yes, I have to admit, it’s much easier to be picky now that I have some name recognition, but if I was starting over today – I would be much choosier in what I say yes to.


While it might appear that I’m difficult, I am just protecting my name so whenever I now get a request for an interview.. we usually ask the following questions…

1. How is this interview going to be used? (on a blog, in a product, etc.)

2. Is this interview going to be sold (on it’s own, as part of a compilation product, etc.)

3. Am I required to promote this product?

4. Who else is confirmed as a yes and who else will be interviewed in this series?

Just by asking these 4 questions.. and variations of them.. you will instantly eliminate the time-wasters.

The people who have no-list and no real plan will usually just ignore your email (and the interview would have likely been a waste of your time anyway).

Each of these questions are important.

For example, I was recently asked to be interviewed by one of my customers – but when I dug in I discovered he wanted to use this interview and sell it on it’s own as a “Special Offer” on the Warrior Forum. I politely said “HELL NO!”. But if I didn’t ask, I would have had no idea.

Believe me, this stuff has happened to me before.

And I’m not just talking about interviews… be very careful if you agree to be on a site on a board of advisor role. If you don’t know (or trust) the management and they have a checkered past – when the FTC or Attorney Generals come a knockin’ – they will be looking at YOU too. Trust me on this one.

Keeping your ass out of jail (and having your assets frozen) is more important than doing a favor for a “friend” by being on their board.

Bottom line — promote yourself like a madman (or madwoman), but be sure to protect your brand too.


P.S. Build your brand here.

P.P.S. And get tickets to this too.

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