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Super-Serve Your Niche… 4 Things I Learned About Business from Edward Burns

My incredible wife knows how much I love movies and surprised me with tickets to a movie opening followed by a Q/A with it’s star/director. 

The movie was called The Fitzgerald Family Christmas by Edward Burns (picture of my wife Janet, myself and Edward Burns to the right)

If you are not familiar with Edward Burns, he burst onto the movie scene in 1995 with his first movie, The Brothers McMullen which he created for just $25,000. It was based on his childhood of growing in up a middle-class Irish neighborhood in Long Island and it was a BIG hit.

His next movie, She’s The One, was set in the same type of family/neighborhood. Again, another hit.

But after that film, he explored different movies, themes and settings. He went away from movies set in Long Island. We went away from the Irish family. And he admitted it’s been ups and downs.

After the screening of this new film, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, he sat on stage (we had a nice seat in the front row), and did about an hour of Q&A with the audience.

When asked about returning back to his roots and basing a film on what he knows. What he lives and breathes. He told a story about what Tyler Perry said to him over a year ago.

Perry is a massively commercially successful producer/director creates a very specific type of movie for a very specific type of audience. He asked Edward how come he hasn’t create a movie his AUDIENCE loves? Why did he get away from movies like Brothers McMullen and She’s the One?

Then Tyler Perry summed it up with these words…


Think about it for a minute.

Whatever you are creating – whether it’s Edward Burns writing a movie about an Irish family in Long Island, or you creating a kettlebell fitness product your customers love – give people what they want.

So he took that advice and wrote a movie about what he knows (and he knows resonates with his core fans).

I’ve been guilty of straying away from what I know as well. But whenever I get back into what I do best – it works with almost 100% certainty. And the process is always more fun too.



Another reason why Edward Burn’s movies that are set in his “wheelhouse” work so well are because of the authenticity.

It’s what he knows and no one tells those stories better. In fact, he filmed his latest movie just 7 houses from the house he was raised in. How’s that for REAL?

When you watch those movies, they just feel real. The emotion is palpable. The characters feel like people you might know.

Following the lead of my new best friend, Edward Burns (ok, we only chatted for about 2 minutes – but I instantly liked the guy), here are 4 ways to grow your business…

#1 – LOVE What You Do: There’s no doubt about it, Edward Burns LOVES to make movies. What do you LOVE to do? What would you do for free? Start there.

#2 – Make it Personal: Tell more stories. It’s not just about “selling products”, it’s about connecting on a deeper level with your customers. Open up, be real and be authentic. Talk about things you know like the back of your hand.

#3 – Super-Serve Your Niche: And once you connect with that source – go deep into your market. Know your market. Find out what they want – and simply give it to them. You can make a VERY good living serving a focused niche market.

#4 – Be Likable: After the Q/A he stayed around to shake hands and take pics with everyone! I’ve met other celebrities (and even non-celebrities) who can’t wait to get off the stage and get away from people. Not Burns and he instantly won over EVERY person in the audience. Never underestimate the likable factor and always show people you care.

Oh yeah – my wife and I really enjoyed the movie. So if you’d like to support Edward Burns go to iTunes or Amazon and buy/ rent The Fitzgerald Family Christmas.


STORY UPDATE!!! Edward Burns liked this so much – he’s posting it above his computer. Pretty cool (and I think I’m starting to develop a man-crush.. don’t tell my wife).



 P.S. If you’d like to see 9 ways to build a loyal following, check this out.

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Will You Be Missed?

It was April 11th, 2010 – and when the clock struck 2am, my world would never be the same. Never.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer in January 2010 and after 3 months of secretly and bravely fighting the deadly disease – she was gone.

She was the rock of my family. Always there. Always supportive. Always so damn strong (much stronger than my dad and I combined!).

And, just like that.. 3 months and she was gone forever.

Over the years, I have lost many people in my life. Grandparents. Friends. And lots of children I had worked with at the Children’s Hospital, but nothing came close to the feeling of utter devastation I felt when I lost my mom that morning. The sadness I experienced was almost unbearable. I think the only time I temporarily stopped crying during those initial days was while I was delivering some final words to the hundreds and hundreds of people at her funeral. I still have no idea where I found the strength to get through that.

Even now, 2 and a 1/2 years later, my eyes are tearing up as I’m writing this. Have you ever just been knocked on your ass so hard – it’s a struggle to just get up? That was my moment and man.. did it hurt like hell.

Why am I spilling my heart on this blog? What does this have to do with business or marketing?


I once heard business guru, Seth Godin, say something to the effect of “Will They Miss You When You’re Gone?”.

He was talking about your business and your position in the marketplace.

If tomorrow you were gone, would your market truly miss you? And I mean REALLY miss you.

Would your absence be felt?

Would there now be a hole in the marketplace that won’t be easily filled?

Would people speak fondly of you? Of your business?

If not, then you better get to work on leaving an impact. Do whatever you can to make your presence felt. Great products. Blogs. Articles. Videos. Events. Webinars. Speaking. I don’t care what you do, just do something and do it greatly.

I truly believe, with every ounce of my soul, you CAN build a business that leaves an impact AND gives yourself financial security at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, the two can co-exist. They are not mutually exclusive. 


My mom’s absence is still felt by me and my family every day.

Every birthday. Every holiday. Every anniversary. The sun does shine now – but these events are always bitter-sweet as my mom cannot enjoy them with us.

She is truly missed.

Will you be missed if you disappeared tomorrow from your market?

That’s the core of your business. And when you can answer the question with a resounding “YES – I will be missed”, then you’ve done your job. You are making an impact. You are changing lives. And the money WILL be coming in, I guarantee it.

If I were gone tomorrow, would I be missed? And not just by my family, but by my customers and subscribers? I don’t know the answer to that yet, I’d like to think so – but I have committed the rest of my life to make it an absolute yes.

I WILL impact the lives of millions. And I will do it while holding my head held high knowing I did the right thing for my customers.

Sure, I’ll make mistakes along the way. Lots of them. We all will – we’re human. And trust me, I’m FAR from perfect. But I’ll never, ever stop trying.

Here’s all I ask of you. Please, go out there and create something that truly matters. Help people achieve their goals. And become such a positive, unstoppable force that when you are gone… you will be missed.

That, my friend, is what it’s all about.


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Compromise with Perfection

Can I be blunt?

Your product will NEVER be perfect.

Your headline and copy will NEVER be perfect.

Your graphics will NEVER be perfect.

Your autoresponders will NEVER be perfect.

Your membership site will NEVER be perfect.

Your sales funnel will NEVER be perfect.

Your spelling & grammar will NEVER be perfect.

As an entrepreneur, do you know what you have to do?


That’s right. You must learn to “compromise” with perfection and just hit go.

I’m not saying put out crap. Nope – you still must create programs and products that deliver outstanding results. In other words, you must strive to really kick ass. That’s the crux of what I teach – QUALITY is what stands the test of time (and it’s how to create rabid fans).

BUT, my dear subscriber, I hate to burst your bubble… your business will never be perfect. It’s why so many wannabe entrepreneurs go to the grave with their “idea” that’s never fully realized. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t live life with regrets.

The moment you get over it. The moment you accept that simple fact you must “compromise with perfection” is the day the chains are unleashed and you can take your message to the world.

Now get out there and change some lives, will ya?


 P.S. If you are ready to get your business up and cranking, check this out.

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10 Places to Syndicate Your Content for FREE! (Part I)

Yo want to grow your business, right?

OK, now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to get off your butt and let the world know about you.

One effective way is to go where people are. Makes sense.

Find out where people are actively looking for information – and get in front of there. Again, common sense.

I recommend you SYNDICATE your content.

There are hundreds and hundreds of places that accept content from people like YOU – and it’s all free.

Here are 10 listed before (along with their current “alexa” traffic rankings).

Will each one bring you thousands of visitors? Probably not. But it’s a game of lots of small victories that add up to massive wins.

Get out there, syndicate and change the world…
1. SlideShare: Add your powerpoint presentations to this popular site (alexa ranking: 164)

2. Scribd: Add your documents and articles to the massive database (alexa ranking: 203)

3. WikiHow: Share your “how to” articles with the world (alexa ranking: 489)

4. Issuu: Upload and publish your content. Free, but there is a pro account for 19/month  (alexa ranking: 599)

5. HubPages: Your own blog format where you can share content (alexa ranking: 434)

6. Instructables: Share training and “how to” content on their network (alexa ranking: 1,284)

7. How Stuff Works: Submit your content in dozens of categories (alexa ranking: 774)

8. Examiner: Contribute content with a “local” spin (alexa ranking: 565)

9. eHow: Popular site that accepts “step-by-step” content (alexa ranking: 120)

10. How to Do Things: Publish your “how to articles (alexa ranking: 22,959)


P.S. Did you know this resource features all of these and hundreds more just like it? And new resources are added every day! Add this to your toolbox today.

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2nd Annual Thanksgiving "Give Yourself a Plug Day"

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the United States. And just like stuffing your face with Turkey, cranberries and mashed potatoes has become a tradition – so is my “Give Yourself a Plug Day”.

It’s my way of thanking YOU for your support.

Here’s how it works.. simply plug your website/company below. Tell us how we can help you and/or how you can help others. That’s it.

Hundreds of thousands of people will see this post, so don’t be shy. Plus, you can link right to your site. And it’s totally cool to brag!

I am 100% committed to abundance and it’s awesome to see so many different companies, products and innovative entrepreneurs.

Just one connection can literally change your life.


P.S. Did you know there’s an area of FounderFly where you can promote your products and look for affiliates? Oh yeah, it rocks hard.

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N.Y. Times Bestseller

This might be somewhat of a selfish post – but I really need your help.

One of my BIG life goals is to write a N.Y. Times Bestselling Book. I’ve already written 2 and contributed to a handful of others, but the NY Times list remains elusive.

Not sure why I want it so badly – but I do. And when I have a goal, I will do whatever necessary to achieve it (legally and ethically, of course).

So, I’ve been speaking with a major book agent who knows I can write one a NY Times Bestseller (and sell enough books to make it on the list). And he knows some major publishers who would be interested – but this is where YOU come in.

I can write on so many different topics in the world of business.

So I’d love your feedback, my dear subscriber.

Please tell me what TOPIC you’d like to see me write about for my next book.

Be as general (or specific) as you’d like. All ideas are welcome.

That’s it, just write your ideas below for my next book and let’s get this done together. I owe everything to you and truly value your feedback.

I can’t wait to see your book ideas…


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Let Them See You Sweat

There used to be a popular commercial for deodorant that said, “Never Let Them See You Sweat”.

In the “new” world on marketing and selling – it’s not only OK to let them see you sweat, they SHOULD see you sweat! You can be a sweaty mess – and it’s perfectly fine.


I’m not sure exactly when it started, but things are different.

I admit, when I started, I tried to appear perfect. I was always “real”, but I wasn’t always 100% transparent. Then, I become comfortable in my own skin and just started to open up.

People are tired of the lies. The slickness. The hype.

I don’t know about you – but when I see someone who is a little too slick (you know what I mean), my radar comes on. And I”m on guard.

Your customers and subscribers just want you to be REAL. That’s it.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

They don’t need to read through 20+ pages of sales copy. Sometimes, you looking straight into a camera for a few minutes is not only good enough – it might actually convert better than trying to right copy that isn’t you.

If your last product didn’t meet expectations. Or your customer service dropped the ball. Or there was a technical issue – it’s OK.

They would rather see you stand up, explain the TRUTH, take responsibility and do whatever you can to right the wrong.


If you were at DCX – you saw me personally greeting everyone. Walking around during lunch to meet as many people as I could. And you saw me running around a few times like a maniac as well.

Whether I was making sure the videos guys were set or the speakers were mic’d up – to say I was “sweating” is an understatement.

We had some A/V issues – and people knew that. Heck, one of the doors was locked and the attendees couldn’t get out for a few minutes (thanks to Dean Hunt for the polite text alerting me about it!).

Not only didn’t I hide this, we had fun with it.

And you know what? I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said how they appreciate how “real” I was. I wasn’t hiding on some secret room. I was on the floor, hustling and it was on display for all to see.

Other event producers think I’m insane.

I remember speaking at one event – and you won’t believe this…

The event started on Thursday and the producer (who was the STAR of the event.. his face was on all the banners), didn’t show up until Friday??? I’m dead serious.

He’s a very well known marketer (and actually paid me to coach him for a few months.. although he didn’t listen to me at all), and when I asked why he wasn’t there – he said he was speaking at another event on Thursday. He said it didn’t really matter he wasn’t there.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. And he wondered why his business was falling apart.

Which event would YOU rather go to? His or mine?

People keep asking why my business continues to grow while other people in the “Internet marketing” space are disappearing. That, right there, is the answer.

I ain’t perfect. Not close. And you know what, neither are you. And it’s cool. Embrace your imperfections and turn them into a strength.

I’m notoriously frugal. Why spend $5 on handouts with a full-color front page, when the front page that was black & white cost just $1? It’s those small savings that allow me to keep my events lower for attendees. And again, I make fun of this fact – and my clients know it too!

What’s the bottom line?

Be transparent. Be there for your customers.

And, oh yeah, let them see you sweat. If you get too sweaty, just grab a towel and get back in the game.

Your coach has spoken.


P.S. Want access to ALL the DCX Videos? Over 30+ hours of ALL the DotComXpo training is now FREE for FounderFly members.

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The Truth About Big-Ticket Products

Ahhh.. information marketing.

Pure and simple, the best business in the world.

You can build a business around your passions, hobbies and expertise.

You can work from anywhere (I’m writing this post from Starbucks!).

You can live anywhere (my wife and family lived in Florida for 2 years for a change of scenery).

Oh yeah – the margins are insane.

I have re-created the information marketing funnel – and here’s the graphic (I originally posted this last month).

Today, I’d like to focus on “Big Ticket” products.


I LOVE creating (and, of course selling) big ticket products.

There is always a percentage of your customers who WANT the big full-blown training system. And they are willing to pay a premium for it.

It took me about 3 years until I fully understood this. And when I released a $200 training program over 10 years ago- I was shocked with a $20,000 payday.

But when some of my fellow “Internet marketers” talk about creating big ticket products, they usually say you can charge $2,000 (or more) without a problem in ANY niche.

And the moment someone says that, I know instantly they have ZERO CLUE what they are talking about. I’ve created a lot of products in the fitness niches – and it’s a big challenge to sell a $1k information product to consumers. And that’s the fitness/weight loss market!

I believe they are living in a fantasy world. They’re used to selling only “how to make money online” products – not softer topics. And by softer topics, I mean hobbies, personal development, etc.

A ceiling price “pure” information product (one that doesn’t include a live experience) varies wildly on the market.

Do you REALLY think you can sell a “how to knit better” DVD set for $2,000? I’m a pretty optimistic person – but even I know it would be almost impossible to pull that off.

The reality is many of the “hobby” markets will consider $200 a big ticket price. Very big.

But here’s the good news – you can still impact a lot of people AND bring in a very nice income with a $200 product as well.

Let’s look at the math.

You create a one-day workshop on a topic that resonates with your market in the gardening niche. ***That’s important – you must create something that people really, really want.***

Let’s call the workshop “How to Start Your Own Home Gardening Business”. You sell the recordings for $200.

You follow my traffic advice (and use this program).

You hustle and things start to happen.

Before you know it, you are selling ONE a day.

But, even at just selling ONE a day – you are bringing in $6,000 PER MONTH. That’s $72,000 PER YEAR. Most people would be happy with that income, and that’s just at one a day.

What if you average 2 sales a day? Or 3? Well, you can see the potential.

So whether it’s a $200 product or a $2,000 home-study course, you should start to generate ideas on how to create products for people who WANT premium.

If you want to build a true online empire, follow the chart above and create products in EACH category. And never forget BIG TICKET!


P.S. For the first time, I am revealing EXACTLY how I have created Big, Fat Paydays on this free live webinar, Register here.

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I Was Wrong… Here's How to Get DotComXpo Videos – For FREE (kinda)

Last month, hundreds of people came from all over the world to experience DotComXpo. The FIRST true step-by-step Internet marketing conference – with ZERO pitching.

And based on the feedback (the average attendee score was 9.34 out of 10), we knocked it out of the park. Check out the video below:

But I was wrong.

I got a bit blinded by the “buzz” and realizing I could turn the videos into a massive payday – I forgot my golden rule.


And when I launched FounderFly a few months ago – I promised it would change the face of marketing. It would be transparent and simply blow everything out of the water.

I had considered offering ALL of the DCX videos for free to FounderFly members – but my greed got the better of me. I knew my FounderFlyers are my best customers and if I simply gave them the videos, I’d leave around $150,000 in pure profit on the table (maybe more).

I even had a new site setup with really strong sales copy. And I’d sell the videos for up to $500. In fact, it was set to go live this Saturday.

BUT – I did some soul searching last night as I was getting ready to notify my affiliates. And I asked myself question that I always tell you to ask yourself.

“What Would I Want if I Was the Customer?”

And the answer became 100% clear.


Yes, I am losing A LOT of short-term income. And yes, my fellow marketers will think I’m insane.

But I’m OK with my decision.

It wasn’t easy. I almost didn’t do it. But if I am to truly practice what I preach, it must be done. It had to be done to prove I was 100% committed to the cause of raising the bar of “Internet marketing”.

So here’s the scoop…


In addition to the 30+ products ALREADY in there – I will be adding approximately 30 NEW videos from DCX. That’s right, it will literally double the database.

One or two new training videos from DCX will be added every week or so to the database.

If you missed it – here are just a handful of the 30+ sessions from DCX FounderFlyers will have access to:

  • How to do launch a full media-buying campaign – from scratch (and bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors)
  • How Chris Farrell went from zero to 7-figures in 24 months with his membership site
  • A step-by-step to outsourcing your entire business (so you can have MORE freedom)
  • Stu McLaren delivering over 15 killer membership retention tactics
  • Why AppSumo has become so successful – and you can model their success
  • How to create your sales hook in just 60 seconds (with real-world examples to model)
  • Real-time dissection of a viral youtube video by two world-class youtube experts
  • The step-by-step blueprint to $588,000 per year within 12 months
  • How to setup a PPC campaign with this “secret” search engine
  • How to create your own paid membership site – in just 60 minutes
  • How to make your blog SELL MORE
  • And over 30+ more hours of pure content

Again, there was NO PITCHING – so it’s all content and training.

Here’s the next step.

If you are a FounderFly member, click here to login and access the first video already up.

If you are not a FounderFly member – get started for just $1.

If you are not a FounderFly member and you still don’t  join – then you don’t know a deal-of-a-lifetime if it came up and bit you on your butt. I probably can’t help you and we can part as friends.


P.S.  If you want to access the DotComXpo videos – try FounderFly for just one measly buck.

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My U.S. Presidential Prediction

In the United States – it’s election day. And by tomorrow, and either Barak Obama or Mitt Romney will win.

Pretty simple. Pretty cut and dry.

And while I will be casting my vote in a few hours (which I will NOT make public), I can assure you of the following.

Whether the person I vote for wins OR loses, my life will go on. In fact, it won’t skip a beat.

No matter who my president. Or state senator. Or governor. Or town mayor. It won’t change what I do. Not in the least.

In other words, YOU are responsible for your destiny.

If the taxes go up, then I’ll just work harder, smarter and more strategic to bring in even MORE income to offset the higher taxes. Focusing on the negative won’t help me move towards my goals – so I just focus on abundance.

And if you have a job and have a set salary (I also worked for a salary for 8 years), then it’s up to YOU to get off your ass and start taking control of your destiny. Create your OWN sideline income.

Wake up an hour earlier.

Go to sleep an hour later.

Work on the weekends.

Stop watching TV.

Make phone calls with potential partners, customers or vendors during your commute to work.

If you don’t drive, then work on your laptop on the bus or train.

When I worked in a full-time job, I spent EVERY free minute working on my part-time business.


No one owes me anything. And they don’t owe you anything.

When I was working in a children’s hospital, I could have just stayed on the easy path. Stable income with a modest “cost of living” raise each year. 6 weeks vacation. Full benefits. It was easy.

But I chose a different path. I chose to build my own business. I chose to sacrifice all my free time to WORK on building freedom. Lunch breaks? What’s that! I worked during my “lunch” breaks for over 8 years.

I started my first business selling baseball cards back in 1985 when I was just 13. Ronald Reagan was president.

I started my first online business in 1994 when Bill Clinton was president. And I grew it through George Bush’s administration and recently, Barak Obama’s administration.

What’s my point?

Don’t make excuses.

Whether Obama wins. Or Romney wins. You MUST soldier on.

You must take 100% responsibility for your life. For your freedom.

No one owes you anything. Just get out there. Deliver tons of value. Build relationships and live the life of your dreams.

There’s no magic button. It’s all within your reach – it’s just a question of how badly you want it.


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P.P.S. If you want to join THE community for freedom-focused entrepreneurs and for people who do NOT make excuses… click here.

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