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Be Better (The Checklist)

I won’t sugarcoat it. Competition online is tough.

Because the barrier to entry is so low (it’s $9 for a domain name, a few dollars for hosting and wordpress is free), thousands of wannabe entrepreneurs are gunning for your customers.

How the heck are you going to stand out? How are you going to actually make the BIG bucks promised by the “Internet marketers”?

Two words: BE BETTER.

Sure, you’ve gotta market and hustle. That’s a given. And if you think you can push a button and millions of subscribers come beating down your door – well, I’ve got a $2K product to sell you.

But before you even think about the marketing you have to think about your position in your marketplace.

You CANNOT be another “me too” product. The world doesn’t need another $37 generic fitness ebook – we really don’t, trust me on this one.

There are a few ways you can go about building your online business…

  1. Try to innovate and take a big risk
  2. Copy exactly what everyone else is doing
  3. See the trend and make your product BETTER

I like #3 and it’s where I usually live.

I didn’t INVENT membership sites – but I saw what was happening and made FounderFly better by adding over 40 products.

I didn’t INVENT coaching programs – but I saw where most were lacking (no actual coaching) and made my Titanium and Gold groups 100% interactive.

Does your competition offer a $37 ebook that’s just a PDF? How can you make yours better? How can you take your idea to the next level?

So how can you be better than other products in your market? Here are a few simple ideas…

  • Be faster: get people faster results
  • Be supportive: give personal assistance
  • Be responsive: give faster support
  • Be physical: offer physical versions of information products
  • Be live: offer in-person events and workshops
  • Be multi-media: offer video and audio
  • Be comprehensive: go deeper into the solution
  • Be competitive: offer a more for a better value
  • Be transparent: be you and be real

There you go – a few simple ways to a simply better business.

Now get out there and be better.


P.S. If you’d like to talk with me and see if Titanium or Gold is right for you, schedule a free strategy session.

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Here's a Pep Talk

If you are going to do a video – make it great.

And if you want to make it great. And make it stand-out from the crowd – here’s how you do it.

Watch this as an example of pure awesomeness… (it brought many big smiles to my face)

Seriously, how good was this video?


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Are You a Titan?

First, I have to admit I’ve been guilty of getting lazy so I’m not writing this from my high horse. And every once in a while I need a reminder to

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… are you truly doing everything you can to grow your business?

Be honest with yourself. Can you do MORE to build your dream business? Are you REALLY giving it 100% effort?

People think they are marketing their business, but they are not.

I hate to break the news to you, but creating 1 youtube video 7 months ago is NOT a marketing campaign. It’s great you took some action, but it’s clearly not enough.

And jumping from the latest “how to get 1 billion visitors from Facebook” course to the “autoresponder miracle emails” product will not lead you to the promised land.

Want to know what the most successful people do?

They flat-out hustle.

Two weeks ago I was talking with my good friend (he is worth tens of millions of dollars) and we were discussing “lunch.” I said I cam come into NYC and we can grab lunch together… he literally laughed. He then told me he’s been eating at his desk for the past 15 years. He works while he eats EVERY DAY.

And yes, he still has a great work:life balance. But when he works, he works.


People in my high-level coaching program called Titanium have come up with a nickname for themselves. They refer to each other as “titans”.

A titan is someone who dominates by taking inspired action. And no, we never let up. Never.

While you are watching cute little cats rollerskate on youtube, the titans are out-hustling you.

While you are complaining “the economy sucks”, the titans are scooping up your customers (one recently sold a $2,000 training package in the fitness industry – her FIRST sale!).

They are taking over your niche market. They are literally taking money from your pocket while you are looking for the “magic button” software or spending another $10 on a miracle WSO.

Oh yeah, here’s a screenshot of what just one titan did during the past few days (we hold each other accountable and this is what he recently posted in our group)…


Someone who wins the lottery is lucky. Very lucky.

I’m not lucky. My “titans” are not lucky.

We are hustling… are you ready to get your hustle on?


P.S. Want to join my “Titanium” group? It’s by application only (we only accept caring, action-takers). You can apply for a strategy call and see if you are the right fit.

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The Magic Bullet Virus (by Dean Hunt)

This is a guest post by Dean Hunt

A virus is spreading through the business world, a virus that could be fatal to businesses if it continues.

I call it the “magic bullet virus”.

“What’s the magic bullet virus Dean you little tease you?”

Great question handsome reader.

Allow me to explain with a recent story…

A few weeks ago I got a call from a client of my creative agency, he was so excited that he brought his business partner onto the call too… he told me that the video I made for their homepage was converting at 450% more than their previous one.

I nearly fell off my chair.

*I will post the video at the bottom of this post*

Word got around, fueled largely from a Facebook post I made sharing the great news, and many business owners demanded to see the video. I was bombarded with private messages, emails and requests to see this magical video.

Here is the problem though, every single person that I spoke to who saw the video was looking for the “magic bullet”… the single “trick”, “tactic”, “headline”, “pop-up” or “gimmick” that got such strong results.

They were disappointed when I told them that there was no magic bullet, in fact, the only trick we used was to create something of such high quality that it stood out a mile amongst the competition.

Once I revealed the truth and explained that it was quality, not a magic gimmick that brought in 450% more sales, not one person followed-up further, asked about our rates, or attempted to do the same.

No magic bullet, no push button solution, no gimmick meant that no action would be taken.

This is a trend I have seen over and over again in the industry, and as long as people are peddling “push button riches”, it is only going to get worse.

Don’t get me wrong, looking for easier and more efficient ways to do something is not a bad thing, heck, Tim Ferriss is a genius at such feats.. but in a world of gimmicks, push buttons and 1-click solutions, things are going full circle, and now the biggest trick of them all is to out-quality your competition… do something so awesome that your competition won’t even try to compete.

What’s more, it makes you incredibly difficult to copy.

This won’t be a popular message for most people to hear, cheap, sexy, magic bullets and push buttons are what sell… but I don’t care about that, and nor does Ryan… we are all about doing what is best for your audience and for your business, and sometimes you have to kill them with quality (I should put that on a t-shirt).

So enough teasing, here is the 450% video, with some details below it.

Note: Aiming for quality doesn’t mean you have to take the longest and most difficult path… in this video we actually used a template as the original background/setting… which saved us approx 30 hours of my team’s time. We then added in custom graphics and animations, some additional sound effects, and hired a world class voiceover artist, I helped script the video to more of a story, and we wanted a dark and emotional video that emphasized the “uphill struggle” that fathers have in these situations.

So here is to quality, the biggest and best “gimmick” of them all.

Dean Hunt

PS: If you would be interested in me and my team creating a video for your business, here are a few types of videos we can do for you, simply email me at my personal address of and we can chat further.

#1 – A sales/explainer video – this is what you saw above, these are great for showcasing your best product or service… the key is to explain it in an interesting, clear and engaging manner.

#2 – A branding video – this is where we work with you to find your story, we create a hook based on the formula from copywriting legend Kevin Rogers (he will work with you personally on this too), and then once we have your story super engaging and tight, we animate it into a 30-60 second video for you to put on your about page, social media accounts etc… these bad boys can refer clients for years to come, and they make your audience connect with you on a much deeper level.

#3 – Other – hey, we are up for any creative challenge, if you have an idea, let’s talk.


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Premium Continuity: Part II (Inside the Numbers)

Since my first post revealing “Premium Continuity” (see the post here), there have been questions. A LOT of questions.

First, people wanted to know if this means you should never do a lower-priced continuity ($5, $10 or even $30/month). And the answer is… “it depends”.

I like to have multiple streams of continuity income. In fact, one of my most popular programs is FounderFly (and it’s just $19.95/month). Even a site I started (and recently sold) called is just $9.95/month.

Is there money to be made there? Absolutely. And the lower-priced continuity can be a great front-end for a premium continuity program.

BUT, and this is a big ‘ol but – if you forced me to pick just ONE thing to do. If you held a gun to me and said “Ryan, you have to make $50K-$100K PER MONTH from scratch, what would you do?” – it would be PREMIUM CONTINUITY. No question about it.

After literally creating hundreds of products (everything from DVDs, CDs and books to live events, ebooks, home study courses and webinars) and close to 100 continuity programs (membership sites, print newsletters, coaching and software) – nothing has ever been as profitable as premium continuity ($97/month – $1,000+/month).


It’s true – a premium continuity program will NOT appeal to everybody.

Here’s the truth. If you do a good job with a lower-priced continuity or even a one-time product, you can get up to 10% of the people to buy (that depends on your relationship with the list, your position in the market and the size of your list).

Now, if you create the right premium continuity program (most people screw it up!), you might get 3% or even 5% to take it. And while it’s 1/2 of the people who might purchase a lower priced product – you are charging 2X to 10X the price. Which means more profit. A LOT more profit.

This is just an example (you could obviously earn more or less). But look at how powerful this truly is to your bottom line:

$97/Month Premium Continuity
Get just one new member a day. That’s right JUST ONE.

After 6 months, that’s $17,460 PER MONTH in recurring revenue.

Obviously, there will be cancellations and some drop off – but you actually get LESS drop off at the premium pricing (when you follow my system).

Imagine if you spent 2 hours of your day just trying to get that one new member?

After only 12 months you are at $35,000.00 PER MONTH

Again, that’s just one person a day. Even if you are a terrible marketer you should be able to get one person a day.

$297/Month Premium Continuity
Here’s where the numbers get exciting.

With a few simple positioning techniques and a proven sales funnel – you can get a percentage of them to $297/month.

Let’s still assume you are a terrible marketer and still only get 1 person a day.

By this time next year – you are at $108,405.00 PER MONTH.

Yes, that’s a cool $1.3 million dollars a year – with just one new member a day.

Maybe one day you get 3 new members – and the next day nothing. You just have to average one a day.

Now, imagine you are a semi-decent marketer who already has a list. Or who is doing the right things to make an impact in your market.

2 new members a day? $216,000.00 PER MONTH by this day next year.

Remember, I’m talking RECURRING, DEPENDABLE income. There’s nothing that comes close to these numbers.

Do you see why I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I’m quickly transitioning all of my business back to this model? (why did I ever try anything else???)

And this doesn’t just work for the “Internet marketing” world. One of my friends is crushing it in the “self-improvement” world and I’m secretly testing it in the “fitness” market with awesome results.

Premium Continuity – I have a major crush on you.


P.S. Interested in attending the one-time Premium Continuity workshop? Get details here.

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REPLAY: Start-Up Master Class

Here’s the replay of my free training class called “Start-Up Master Class”.

If you want to create your own online business, make sure to watch this to see the 7 deadly mistakes to avoid…


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Are You Ready to Dominate?

Want to know the secrets to creating a kick-butt business?

It’s NOT about checking your email every 3 minutes. Or answer the phone every time it rings. Or even surfing Facebook for 2 hours a day.

It’s the small action steps each day that add up to BIG results. But remember, it must be activities that are moving your business forward.

I call them “profit producers”.

Here are a few example of profit producers a few of the people in my Titanium group got busy doing on Friday…

  • Albert: Started copy for his new dating product
  • Gail: Submitted presentation to a large industry event to speak
  • Beth: Worked on breaking out membership content into stand-alone products
  • Danielle: Finalized new layout for her web site
  • Mariah: Optimized her opt-in page to increase conversion
  • Tony: Wrote the outline for his product
  • Anh: Emailed 5 experts to interview for her podcast
  • Rick: Wrote a new blog post
  • Chris: Made the decision which market to target on his product
  • Lacy: Emails to potential affiliates
  • Zach: Re-writing copy for his certification
  • Gene: Followed up with 10 people he met at a recent conference
  • Jason: Wrote a guest post for another blog
Notice how no one said, “I’m going to check email for 4 hours”. Nope, it was all actionable items that will produce income. And it’s the reason they are all in hyper-growth mode so quickly.
So here’s the question of the day…
P.S. If you’d like to be considered for membership in my new Titanium or Gold groups, let’s discuss it on a free strategy call. You and I will talk 1:1 about your business and see if it’s the right fit for you.
P.P.S. Here’s what new member Jason Gracia said about the group, The private group is constantly active, with Ryan personally offering advice every single day on every single post. Where else could you get million-dollar advice on a daily basis? And often in minutes??  I’ve worked with many other coaches, and paid far more in fees, and I’ve learned

more from Ryan in the past four days. A millionaire at your fingertips, and one with integrity, compassion, and marketing genius. Can’t beat that combination.”
I’m only accepting members who are the right fit. If you want to learn more, let’s talk.
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The Million Dollar Potato Peeler Sales Pitch

**this is a guest post from Kevin Rogers**

1. Stop traffic.
 Once a small crowd has gathered Joe waves his audience in closer as a “courtesy” because it “saves me shouting.” He promises, “I won’t ask you for money” to differentiate himself from the panhandlers in the streets of New York City. (And technically he does not ask for money, he asks for a sale.)

You can use this when driving traffic to your offers by promising something of value for visiting your site. Tease curiosity with headlines like, “Exposed: How An Old Man With A Funny Accent Made A Million Dollars Selling Potato Peelers On A NYC Sidewalk”

2. Show your credentials. Notice that Joe surrounds himself with proof of his credentials; his Daily News article is on display, as is his feature article in Vanity Fair and a photo of his appearance on the Today Show. This makes the audience feel safe and provides Joe celebrity status.

You can use this on your website by displaying legitimate credentials about you and your business via testimonial blurbs, endorsements and “As Seen On” icons.

3. Big action opener. Once the audience is close, Joe doesn’t waste time making hyped-up promises or small talk, he just gets right to work demonstrating what his product does and why it matters to his prospects.

You can use this in your pitch by launching straight into a video that shows your product in action. Once you’ve won your prospect’s attention, you can begin to drill down the finer benefits.

4. Describe the tangible benefits. Joe knows his product will appeal to busy moms, so he says, “You do that with the kids, they’ll eat their vegetables.” There’s another brilliant example of some “beyond benefits” a minute or so later when Joe explains that if you fry potatoes and drink red wine like the French, “You’ll live forever, you’ll never die.”

You can use this by thinking through how each benefit of your product can have a positive effect on life for your prospects beyond the obvious.

5. Use humor to bond with your audience. “Does matter if you’re right handed, left handed, or like a politician — under-handed.” This is masterful use of the humor as bonding tool. It furthers Joe’s “man of the people” credentials even though he was a millionaire living on Park Ave.

You can use this with your audience by finding a common enemy to poke fun at, but keep it lighthearted unless your market is extreme in its beliefs.

6. Show the dreadful alternative. Joe holds up the common potato peeler most of us have in our kitchen drawer and says, “You can’t slice potatoes like that with one of these things.” This simple reference to the norm makes what we’ve been using to peel potatoes feel desperately inferior and creates a sudden urgency to replace a utensil that was far from our minds just two minutes earlier.

You can use this by pitting the way your prospects typically do things against how life could be if they were armed with your product or service.

7. It’s easy for anyone to use. Joe hands the peeler to an audience member and has her glide it across a carrot. This gives the audience “social proof” that it isn’t just Joe’s prowess with the tool that makes it so effective.The thing really works!

You can use this online by showing video testimonials of people bragging about how great your product works for them.

8. Reveal “the catch?” Here Joe says, “There’s no trick there’s no skill, but you must use at least six slices.” The caveat is hardly a deal breaker, however by revealing it and adding in the word “but…” you know he’s giving you the truth, making it easy to give him your trust.

You can use this by looking for a place to reveal a small flaw or caveat to your product’s magic and exposing it to build trust.

9. Close with a flurry of benefit bullets. Now that the demo is complete, the proof is shown and the trust is established, it’s time to open the cash register. As Joe pulls out his big bankroll (more proof that the product is popular) he shouts a litany of features and benefits to knock his prospects off the fence…

“They’re made in Switzerland, they’re not made in China.”
“They’re made of stainless steal, they cannot rust.”
“They’re dishwasher safe and I promise you they never need sharpening.”

You can use this by listing the biggest benefits beside or underneath your order button and again on the order form itself.

10. Squash common objections. “And if anyone thinks that’s a special one, you can have that one, I’ll use another one.” Clearly a response to 15 years of skeptical New Yorkers insisting that Joe is shooting with “loaded dice”. He knows it’s on the mind of certain prospects, so he squashes it with a quick line.

You can use this by adding a FAQ section to your sales page to tackle common objections.

11. Special offer pricing. Joe offers “one for $5 or five for $20”. But notice how he builds to the special offer with his phrasing, “They’re five dollars each, they’re worth every penny, they last a lifetime. You can get two for ten, four for twenty and a lot do — you’ll get one free.”

You can use this by thinking of ways to create special offer pricing, just be careful that it doesn’t diminish the original value you’ve worked to establish.

12. Create emotional urgency and justify with logic. “And why would anybody want five peelers if they last a lifetime?” Joe asks, “Cuz you’ve got four friends that’s why.” Then he reminds us that the holidays are coming up and punches the offer with, “you not only save a lot of money, you save a lot of time looking for gifts.” Brilliant.

You can use this by getting your prospects to think about how much the people in their life would benefit from the product and how they’d be a hero for showing up with one as a gift.

13. Keep selling through the sale. As Joe furiously collects cash and hands out peelers, listen to how he runs through his credentials to nudge people over the fence and help them justify their emotional decision to buy…

“Fifteen years I’ve been selling the same thing.”
“1994 I was in the Daily News.”
“Three years ago, Vanity Fair. Julia Roberts on the cover and me in the middle.”
“Best $5 you’ll ever spend.”
“You can’t buy anything in this country that’s made in Switzerland for five dollars… A Swiss Army knife is nearly $100.”
“They don’t make cheap things in Switzerland, they make good things.”

and my favorite line… “You’re not buying these because they’re cheap, you buy ‘em because they’re good and they work.”

Four minute pitch, five dollar product, fifteen years of success, over a million in sales.

Proof that making sales can be easy when you believe in your product and you’ve got the right pitch.

When is the last time you witnessed a master salesperson in action? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Kevin Rogers is an A-List online copywriter and sales messaging coach, you can get more great tips


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I Was Wrong (Kinda). Please Meet "Premium Continuity"

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you probably know a few things..

1. I love my family
2. I love movies almost as much as I love my family (ok, not quite but I do love my flicks)
3. I love “continuity” programs
4. I love to take risks and try to innovate in my business (Nothing gets more more excited than pushing the envelope in marketing!).

So over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with all different types of continuity programs (recurring revenue).

Everything from my self-coined “Nano Continuity” (programs under $5/month) to programs I call “Premium Continuity” which are between $97 and $997 per month.

And while the lower-priced continuity programs certainly have it’s place in the market (I still do VERY well with them as do a lot of my clients), the BIG buckaroos are in PREMIUM CONTINUITY.



A few weeks ago, I created a really fast “premium continuity” program for one of my “Titanium” clients. With just one simple email (and no web site), I created a program where he charged $250/month. And in less than 2 hours – he SOLD-OUT every spot.

Oh yeah – I know what you’re thinking.. “he’s probably in the ‘make money online’ niche and has a BIG list”.

Ummmm, no. He’s in the hyper-competitive fitness niche and his list is tiny.

And a few days ago I was speaking to a good friend who is a podcaster (I’ll keep him anonymous for now), and after I explained “premium continuity”, he put his other product he was about to release on hold and already has people lining up to pay up to $400 PER MONTH.

To me, business is a journey. And when I started thinking back to one of my first BIG premium continuity programs.

This was about 4 or 5 years ago and it brought in 2,778 clients paying $97 PER MONTH (see the screenshot below) 

 Yes, 2,778 people X $97 = $269,446.00 PER MONTH.

But, like I said earlier, I’m always looking to experiment and try new things.

Some big hits. Some flat-out disasters.

However as I’m looking back at my 14 years online (yes, I started in 1999) – I’m seeing a trend. And a startling one at that.

Whenever I create PREMIUM CONTINUITY for myself (and when I help my clients create these programs), they are the most profitable with a near 100% success rate.

Sometimes my creativity and never-ending desire to innovate is my own worst enemy.

When I have a formula for premium continuity that works so well and brings me and my clients the most wealth – why the heck would I do anything else?


After over a decade of seeing literally hundreds of thousands of people signup for continuity programs – I noticed something. The price is often NOT  a big factor in a decision to join. In fact, it’s usually one of the last things on the list of reasons why they choose to join or take a pass.

It’s truly a numbers game. A percentage of people will always opt for the premium continuity (provided the program is setup the right way – that’s the KEY).

Then why do some premium continuity and coaching programs fail?

It’s a combination of factors.

The “pre-marketing” process. The sales process. The positioning. The hook. The delivery system. The offer. The value proposition. The trust. The lead-up and follow-up sequence. The graphics.

It’s NOT just one thing – it never is.

That’s where most marketers get it wrong. They think “if I just get a great video sales letter – my program will explode”.

Nope. Not even close.

Premium continuity is BY FAR the most powerful wealth generator I know of.

You get better clients who listen to your advice. You get people who take action. You don’t have to do deal with so many different people – and it’s a much cleaner, more streamlined business.


I’ve only talked about this stuff to a handful of coaching clients.

While I firmly believe in abundance – this stuff is so powerful, I never wanted to make this yet another “product”.

Sure, I’d sell a lot of copies – but the reality is most people will never even go through all the training. They’ll get distracted. They’ll skip over a training video. They won’t actually implement.

Then, here comes the “bizop” seekers looking for a quick buck. They take my content, create a watered-down version of it and “resell” it as their own as a $17 WSO.

The market gets flooded and in a matter of months, it loses it’s power.  And I refuse to go down that road again. Nope, not again.


So here’s what I’m proposing.

A 3-day super-intensive LIVE in-person workshop.

Just me, you, your laptop and a handful of other serious entrepreneurs.

No video cameras. No recordings. It will NOT be turned into a product for mass consumption.

At the end of the 3 days, you’ll have your premium continuity program ready to rock and roll. But don’t expect a cake walk – you will get work done during these 3 days and you WILL get out of your comfort zone.

This will be perfect for coaches, experts and information marketers in just about any niche market.

It will be an intimate training (and doing) environment. It’s for action takers.

And you MUST be willing to sign an NDA (in other words, you cannot come in to learn my system and then think you can teach this as your own).

So, in order to protect the integrity of the group and the system – if you are interested in learning more, it will strictly be on an interview basis only. No exceptions.

If you’d like to be considered for this workshop (likely in NY area in March) – please email jennifer (at) with SUBJECT=PREMIUM.

Oh yeah, it won’t be cheap (it’s NOT a $495-type of event). If instead of your first question being “how much does it cost” and you instead say “I’ll do whatever I have to do be there” – then this is probably for you. It’s for people who are focused and serious about creating wealth with a premium continuity program.



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I’ll give you one work to start your week.


That’s right. Just “go”.

Nothing happens without action. Nothing happens without movement. Nothing happens without “go”.

Checking your email for the 200th time today doesn’t help.

Playing that video game for another 10 minutes won’t help you either.

Trash-talking your friends on Facebook or Twitter about this weekend’s football game won’t get you closer to your dreams.

No more excuses. No more stalling. No more procrastinating.

Want to create your new product? Or a membership site? Or write your book? Or write a new blog post? Or update your Facebook fanpage? Or send an affiliate email? Or create a sales video?



P.S. If you feel like you are stuck – let’s talk on the phone.

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