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Long-Term, Wealth-Building Business (Hugs… Not "Tactics")

Each week in my “Titanium” group, I offer 1-on-1 speed skype sessions. And after a quick session with one of our Titans, Aviv, here’s what he just posted in the group…


Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.19.04 AM



You see, Aviv (the recent Titan of the Month), was focusing on lots of “tactics”. He was spending all his time trying to squeak out a few more visitors on Facebook and a few more on Twitter – and his traffic stalled.

So just a few days ago during our session, I gave him some direction and it’s already making BIG waves.

Unfortunately, Aviv was getting distracted. We get fed a steady diet of products pushing “tactics” instead of focusing on the fundamentals of business building. Why?

Well, the fundamentals just aren’t very sexy. We want something breakthrough. Something revolutionary. And sexy is what sells. The marketers know that – and while it’s good for THEIR sales, he doesn’t help you one bit. It’s why you get frustrated with low traffic and tiny sales, while a handful of people seem to generate virtually unlimited income.

You can’t build a true long-term, wealth-generating business focusing on short-term. near-sighted tactics.


Myself and ALL of my most best students (literally thousands of them) have had success (and continue to succeed even a decade later) because we follow what WORKS.

When I first started in 1999, I didn’t have a list. I didn’t have any “connections”. And I certainly didn’t have a “name” in the fitness industry (I worked full-time a a children’s rehab hospital and lived in my parent’s basement!). But I followed a simple blueprint of giving first and lots and lots of hustle.

No – you don’t send me a cold email bragging about your EPCs and 50% commission. And no – you don’t meet me at an event and ask “can I pick your brain?”.

Here’s the truth… what WORKS is connecting with other people and offering a helping hand first. Delivering great products/services. Being strategic. And truly caring about your customers.

That’s it.

You’re welcome.


P.S. Get my “blueprint” for FREE! (The “Ryan Lee Method” is my 25+ hour step-by-step training system) and it comes free with 1k Per Day for a limited time.

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The Minimalist Marketer – Part VII (Your To-Do)

That’s right, it’s time to get back to the “Minimalist Marketer” series – and today, we’re up to Part VII.

Part I we cleared the clutter, Part II – I discussed my “desk”. Part III took a deeper look at my traveling office. Part IV was the spring cleanse. Part V was keeping it fresh with new environments and Part VI was keeping your body strong.

Now, we’ll look at a simple way to get a fresh start to your day…


Whether you work from home or “on the road” hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop like I do, you MUST have a list of your most important tasks to do.

But this is where many entrepreneurs get it wrong.

And it has nothing to do with how many items you are adding to your list (I’ll address that in a future post), but it has more to do with the TIMING of your to-do list.

When you work “virtually” you are essentially working alone. You must attack the day. You must be a productivity machine. You are running an agile, nimble business. And you must take fast, decisive action – there’s no time to sit around and think “hmmm, what should I do today?”.

Nope – when you start your day you will hit the ground running.

Which is why I highly recommend you create your to-do like the NIGHT BEFORE.

compositionotebookThat’s right, before your head hits the pillow, you should write down exactly what you need to accomplish the next day. It might seem like something small – but it’s not. You start the day focused with an action-plan. You know what you need to do and you put your head down and get it done.

Seriously, just think about it for a minute. The moment you wake up you know what you have to do. And while I have no scientific, double-blind studies to back me up, I believe you sleep better just knowing your day is set for tomorrow (and yes, SLEEP is really important despite what some motivational speakers might say).

And if you have a challenge to tackle the next day, maybe,  just maybe, your brain is subconsciously thinking of solutions while you are sleeping.

It might only take you 5 minutes. And perhaps your list has things like create a new blog post or write the outline to my video sales letter or record a new podcast episode. It doesn’t matter at this point, just get it down the night before.

Personally, I still enjoy writing it down in an actual notebook (just like composition notebook I posted here) – but you should pick whatever method feels right (and works) for you. Don’t get fancy with apps if you don’t need it.

There you go. Another simple, yet effective, technique for simplifying your business and getting you closer to independence.



P.S. This is the program I created for myself to take the guesswork out of marketing.

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Big 6 Continuity Income Streams

Oh continuity programs – how I love thee. You make business fun (and profitable) and I don’t know how I could live without you.

However there are so many choices. Hundreds if not thousands of choices. How do I choose?

Ok, maybe you aren’t as obsessed with continuity like I am – but you are ready to take things to the next level. Have no fear, Coach Lee is here.

I created this handy-dandy little graphic to help SIMPLIFY your continuity programs.


Yes, I’m a big believer in creating not just one – but MULTIPLE streams of continuity income. And with the risk of sounding arrogant, there is no one on the planet who has created (or consulting) more recurring revenue programs than me.

Everything from membership sites and coaching programs to cd-of-the-month and retail. Yep, I’ve seen (and done) it all. And maybe, just maybe, this infographic below can help you towards building the business of your dreams…



You have the right to download (right click and save as) and share the heck out of this graphic. The only thing I ask is that you keep it in tact – you may not edit/alter it in anyway.


P.S. Yes, feel free to share, like and tweet it below.

P.P.S. NEW! If you want discover EXACTLY how to create multiple streams of continuity income, then register for my one-time only workshop called Continuity U (spots are limited and the early bird expires soon).


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The Internet Marketing Illusion

My recent post about the Warrior Special Offers definitely got some emotional responses.

Someone accused me of doing this to cause a stir (it was actually my response to someone doing a screencapture of a video, sending traffic to it and asking if I’d like to debate it).

Oh yeah – it has gotten me more attention in the marketplace too, it’s called MARKETING and I do teach “marketing”.

Anyway, I truly believe any time we can have an intelligent discussion about things people normally don’t address (or get entirely too emotional), it’s a good thing. A very good thing.

So I’d like to spend a couple of minutes addresses the big, fat elephant in the room (I’ll address other specific issues in future posts)



My friend Michael Fishman once said that Internet marketing is a marketing channel – it’s not an industry or job description. And those words really resonated with me. After all, I’m the guy who named his FB fanpage  “Ryan Lee – Internet Marketing Expert” (that was a mistake!).

A really, really big issue in the “Internet marketing” industry is something that is almost never spoken about in public. Or, at least, someone with either a true insider perspective or with large enough platform so the words can be heard.

I’ve been blessed (or cursed) to fit the bill – so I know of what I speak. I have spoken at ALL the big marketing events, have participated in the big “guru” launches (and even did my own 7 figure launch), and my platform is pretty solid. Believe me, I’ve seen (and heard) things “behind the scenes” that would make your skin crawl.

One guy at dinner telling me about his craigslist software that would get you banned from their service – and when I asked how come he is still selling it, he reply was “it’s only $99” (yes, he really said that).

Or another event promoter telling me I should give “less content” in order to EXTRACT as much money from the crowd.

Or another big “guru” who hired me to coach him – and after one month asked for $800 back so he can pay one of his employees (and he was on stage selling “how to be rich”).

But most people with an inside view of this world or with a large platform are afraid to speak out. Why?

makeadealBecause much of their success is built upon deals, handshakes and “reciprocations”. It’s a world where you mail for your friends (whether you’ve seen the product or not). It’s a world where you mail for the offer with the best EPC (earnings per click), again, whether you know the product will help your subscribers who TRUST YOU for the truth.

So if some of my fellow marketers speak “the truth” about how the system works – they are blacklisted. Guys won’t mail for you. Sure, they are nice to your face. They even call you “their great friend” (even though you’ve only met them once or twice.. what is that about??)

But when you say no to mail for their HOT offer that’s “converting like crazy”, you are quickly labeled as someone who doesn’t “play the game”. And that’s a label I’ve proudly worn for years! (One big named guru literally said that about me when asked to promote one of my products).

Why don’t I “play the game”? Because I don’t have to. I already have successful businesses outside this industry – and I do this blog (and create products) because I love it. There’s nothing else I’d rather do – so the money it brings me (which is still significant and I’m certainly not complaining) is not my main motivator. So I’m blessed to be able to say NO to the B.S. and the entire game never felt right to my soul.

It’s the reason my customers and subscribers trust me. It’s the reason I’ve had clients for over a decade. It’s the reason my clients invite me to their weddings. And send me birth announcements. And it’s the reason why some of my fellow marketers want me to shut my big, fat mouth.

OK, so where am I going with this?



I literally cringe every time I do a strategy session and the person says “I want to be an Internet marketer”!

Let me give you an example…

illusionistTwo months ago I had a conference call with an “Internet marketer”. He was getting impressive results building a large list fairly quickly and wanted to see if there was something we could do together. And since I never promote anything without knowing more about it – I agreed to a call.

After he revealed his system, a red flag went up. It was only done in the IM world and it seemed to be the only place it would work (it required posting in a special IM forum). So when I pressed him with “well, has this worked outside of the IM/warrior forum world?”, he said no – but they are going to test it in the next few days.

I told him to get back to me when they can prove it works outside of IM. It’s been about 3 months and I still haven’t heard back… it’s not surprising. Not surprising at all. I don’t expect it to workout outside of that world and I don’t expect to ever hear back from him again (but no doubt, he’ll keep selling his “list building” system to the masses with false promises).

That’s this world in a nutshell. I should call it “Truman Show Marketing” – where everything is done inside a bubble. It’s not the real world and when you leave that bubble, you better be able to back up your claims.

Even in my blog posts, some of the responses say things like “I’ve done this in multiple niches”, but they never actually say what other niches. They hide by saying “well, I don’t want the competition to see what I’m doing”. Huh??? Aren’t they TEACHING how to make money – won’t that create competition? It just leaves me scratching my head…




ryanleecartoonAgain, I must preface with the fact I’m not perfect. And I’m not a mad genius. And I’ve screwed up a lot too. And if you dig deep enough over the past 13+ years – I’m sure you will find things I’ve said in the past that are opposite of my stance now. I’ve sold some products I shouldn’t have and spoke at stages where I should have had a tetanus shot after interacting with some of those shady characters.

We all learn and evolve – and anyone who says they never screwed up simply hasn’t been trying hard enough. But to be so blind to think that the warrior forum special offers are “90% good” is living in a fantasy world.

Here’s what I do know… I know how to take information that works in one industry and transfer that to other industries, niches and markets.

I recently did two high-level workshop teaching PREMIUM continuity (people paid up to $10k to attend). It was application only and I rejected every person who said they want to be an “Internet marketer”.

Here were the  attendees who made the cut… (I’m using initials because of confidentiality of the attendees and I didn’t ask permission to ue their names). However, if they are reading this, I’m sure they will feel free to chime in below…

  • M.L: a true martial arts grandmaster (literally) 
  • G & T: a team of women who help their fellow health care professionals do offline marketing
  • A.J: fitness fanatic who now has the top fitness podcast and lots of best-selling kindle books
  • J.T: top level podcaster who had a success offline consulting biz
  • G.N: one of the world’s top kettlebell/fitness experts
  • S.K: former attorney who teaches small business personality branding
  • J.F: owner of a strength/conditioning facility showing fitness pros how to model his gym
  • M.K: master copywriter who is building a “done for you” newsletter business
  • A.M: well-known interior designer helping people learn the trade
  • K.M: champion triathlete who coaches other triathletes

And you know what – everything I taught was immediately applicable to THEIR business (it didn’t just work in the “IM Bubble”).

I didn’t show a “loophole” that gets them on the first page of google for 20 minutes before they are banned.

I didn’t teach a “sneaky trick” to force their customers into continuity.

I didn’t show how to get 10,000 worthless clicks that don’t get you one sale.

I simply taught them how to build a REAL, sustainable business. Something that’s not built on hype – it’s built on my own 13+ years online and literally thousands of successful students who have gone through my training.

Every one of them is going to leapfrog right to the top of their industry. S.K. already made his first premium continuity sale. K.M. has sold 5 or so people into his high-end $300/month triathlete coaching program. G&T have increased their conversions from less than 10% to over 65% (and have doubled their income while simplifying their business). M.L. is done with his first 3 DVDs and almost ready to sell them. M.S. is 95% done with his newsletter and ready to dominate his niche.

And the list goes on and on.

Want the truth? It’s ain’t EASY. Yes, the model I teach is simple, but it takes some effort.

Yes, I’d probably sell more by ramping up my hype. And trying to elevate my claims even more (just like they do on the Warrior Forum because it’s gotten to the point where you can’t stand out unless you keep raising the claim bar). And I’d increase short-term sales by “playing the reciprocation game”.

There are some great people teaching business and marketing – I’m certainly not the only one coaching others (while building my own business simultaneously). And I won’t name them because they may not want the type of heat this sort of post can generate.

If you are thinking about investing in any coach or training product (whether is $10 or $10,000), ask them one very important question…

“Have you duplicated this system OUTSIDE of the IM/Warrior Forum bubble?” And if they say “well, not yet – but we are going to test it” or “what do you mean?”.. then do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.


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P.P.S. This is where I usually include a “soft” sell to one of my products, but I won’t do that today (ah, screw it, here you go)


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Warrior Special Offer: Let's Dance.

I was recently “called out” for comments I made during one of my webinars I recorded a few months ago.

Here’s the video that another marketer recorded and put on youtube. He then sent me a private message asking to publicly debate him. I originally said no – but then I slept on it. And yes, let’s rock and roll…

Now, I know I became pretty negative about a year ago based on all the garbage I saw “behind the scenes” of the Internet marketing industry – and I promised to keep things positive.

So I’ll try my hardest not to get pulled back to the darkside – but I will be honest about this (I feel like Corleone and every time I try to get out – they pull me back in!)


There’s a site that you might know called “The Warrior Forum”. And while, I did make a general blanket statement saying that no one there is making money – there are some good, smart and successful people selling WSO’s – but in my experience, most are not.

The entire site is filled with a lot of negativity. A lot of haters. A lot of fakers. A lot of people who pretend to make money, but really don’t.

And these “Warrior Special Offers” are where “Internet marketers” come up with special deals to sell.

My issue is with a majority of the hacks who sell garbage they know doesn’t work.

How do I know this? I’ve done at least 10 strategy sessions with people who used to make money selling WSOs – and they even admitted their product didn’t work. And they were tired of deceiving people and making money by defrauding people. It was pretty shocking what they told me.

Here’s an example…

Let’s call him Jeff. Jeff is 19, lives on his friends couch and never made a dime online. But he thinks, “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a wordpress plugin that automatically got you new “fake” comments on your blog to make you look popular?”

Jeff then scrapes together $200 and heads over to elance and hires a programmer from India to throw something together quickly. 1 week later, Jeff’s “software” is up on the WSO.

He gets some testimonials from his friends and people are buying. And yes, Jeff is making some money.

Of course, there is zero customer support. And the plugin has never been proven to actually work in the real-world. And when the next wordpress update comes, Jeff’s plugin will likely not work anymore (nor will he support it – he’ll be onto another product by then).

Do you see the many problems here?

First, Jeff is not building a real business. And his product is built on lies.

He thinks it will work – but it’s not proven.

Oh yeah, he is building a list. But a list of tire-kickers and people just hopping from bizop to bizop.


It’s one thing to make money in the “how to make money online” market, it’s another thing to transfer that over to other industries. And this is what I have the biggest problem with.

Yes, I sound like a hypocrite since I also teach people “how to make money” – however the difference is I started for the first 8 years in the fitness world. And, in fact, still run my fitness companies. Believe me, I’m as far from perfect as you can get, but I’m still out there testing stuff outside of the “IM” world.

But when you comeback and say, “Hey look at Jeff, he’s making money” and use him as your shining example – you can see the problem with that, can’t you?

Then, Jeff teaches other people his “system” and it’s like a big, fat pyramid scam.

A bunch of people with zero business skills teaching other people how to create subpar “products” that only exist in this weird little bubble.

Now Jeff starts speaking at events. He starts speaking on other webinars. And eventually, Jeff will wear out his welcome. People catch on and start to realize his products don’t work. And in about a year – Jeff comes to me and is looking to start over and do this the “right way”.

It’s the main reason why I am trying to distance myself from most of the people in that world. It’s why I turn down 99% of the speaking gigs the second I look at the other speakers on the agenda. It’s the reason why I became so bitter last year when I saw what really happens.

And anyone who tries to sugarcoat it with the same BS line, “hey Ryan, take it easy, you know most of these guys are good guys” – it drives me crazy. Good guys don’t try to screw over other people on purpose. They don’t sell programs they know don’t work just to make money and then rationalize it. That’s a sociopath and I have no time for them in my life.

“Internet marketing” is NOT a job description. It’s a marketing channel. And unless you can prove your programs/products/coaching workout outside of the incestuous “Internet marketing” industry, then I ain’t buying your stuff. And I’ll stick by my statements unless I’m proven wrong (and btw, I have no problem being proved wrong – just give me some proof).

Ok – I’ll take a deep breath right now. I feel my “New Yorker” is starting to come back. Stay calm, Ryan. Stay calm.

I just can’t wait to see the comments on this one.


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P.P.S. If you want to see the entire video – click here.

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Keeping It Simple. Really, Really Simple (The Law of Fishman)

One of my good friends, Michael Fishman, runs a private, invitation-only event each year called “The Consumer Health Summit”.

Seats are hard to come by (there are only 60 attendees) and around $2k each. I am blessed to be on the list each year and spoke at one 3 years ago.

And Michael ALWAYS fills the event. Always.

In case you didn’t know, filling a room for a live event is one of the hardest things on the planet to do – especially at a higher-ticket price and now you can see how it does it. Really “easily”.



michaelfishmanMichael Fishman is one of those guys that you NEVER hear a bad word about. Everyone who knows him only has good things to say. He’s humble, smart and always thinks of other people first.

Come to think of it, the same thing can be said of my other two mastermind members, Brian Kurtz and Jim Kwik (are you surrounding yourself with smart, caring and giving people?).

Ok, so back to Michael. He’s spent his entire professional career giving first. He always helps other people and never asks for anything back.

Michael and another one of my friends, Ramit Sethi, host a small monthly get-together dinner in NYC for 3-5 people who they like and think will get along. No string attached, dinner is on Ramit and Michael and it’s purely to connect people together . I went to one of the dinners and met some smart people (including Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo, who ended up speaking at my DotComXpo event and continues to send me completely inappropriate texts).

And Michael has marketing chops – he’s been behind the scenes are 8 and 9-figure products and promotions.

So when it was time to create the web site for his annual CHS event, I was happy to volunteer my time to help.

He wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted his site to be SIMPLE.

There would be NO launch. NO hypey copy. NO fake scarcity. He wanted to attract the right people and either people get it or they don’t.

Simply the name of the event, the time/location, contact info and a link to signup. He didn’t even have a shopping cart or merchant account – so I hooked it right into paypal. So simple.

And even with my non-techie skills, I was up for the challenge.

We met at Barnes and Noble, I opened up OptimizePress, and created his page in less than 6 minutes flat. Seriously, that was his entire “sales funnel”.

An email to some people in his network and BOOM!  – the event sold-out yet again.



Now, here’s the part where all of the naysayers start saying, “well Ryan, Michael already had a network of people” or “well Ryan, Michael already has a good reputation in his industry”.

And my reply is EXACTLY.

Michael Fishman focuses on the RIGHT things. He focuses on PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS, not tricks or loopholes. And he’s done it for years – never concerned about people paying him back. There ain’t no google loophole big enough to get people to like and trust you.

And because of him focusing on people and giving first, he is able to fill-up a big-ticket event in a matter of days WITHOUT sales copy (heck, he didn’t even have a headline), WITHOUT a launch, WITHOUT a webinar, WITHOUT advertising… just one page with a paypal link.

Get your head straight on focus on the right things, will ya?


P.S. Because I still don’t have a clue about those friggen hashtags, I will simply put this and see what happens.
#FISHMAN. Click here to tweet.


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Here's Why You Are Kicking Butt.. Or Failing Miserably

Since launching my first web site back in 1999 I’ve met A LOT of people. Thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life through my membership sites, my newsletters, webinars and live events.

I remember some that started at zero online and have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales (one of the biggest success stories is Mike Geary).

But for every success story like Mike Geary or Zach Even-esh or Brain Grasso or Amy Ahlers – there are thousands of others who haven’t reached their potential. And some have flat-out falled on their faces.


Why are some of my students so successful while others who go through the EXACT same programs are not?

I have come to this conclusion.

I have no idea.

It’s just one of those things that can’t be explained…. or can it be…

Maybe they didn’t want to put in the effort necessary?

rockstairsMaybe they had low self-esteem and lacked confidence?

Maybe they ignored my advice because they “know better”?

Maybe they thought you had to write a 25 page business plan first?

Maybe they took 3 months to write one blog post?

Maybe they waited until their product was perfect?

Maybe they were hoping for a big, fat button to push and make them millions?

Maybe they were on every “guru” list and kept getting distracted?

Maybe they hate selling and think it’s beneath them?

Maybe they spend too much time on the warrior forum?

Maybe they tried to re-invent the wheel instead of sticking to what works?

Maybe they only focus on getting new customers and ignored their current ones?

Maybe they are terrified to “take a stance” and say something that matters?

Maybe they are so focused on “extracting” money from people instead of delivering value?


Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a combination of some (or all) of the above?

If your business is not where you want it to be. Or if you’ve seen other people leapfrog right over you, then please re-read this post as many times as necessary until it sinks in.

Your coach has spoken.



P.S. This is the system my students have followed – it’s called the “Ryan Lee Method” and it’s FREE with my 1K Per Day Formula for a limited time. Get it now, starting at just $97.

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The Minimalist Marketer – Part VI (Peak Condition)

Wow – this series is cranking. Let’s recap for a minute, shall we?

Part I we cleared the clutter, Part II – I discussed my “desk”. Part III took a deeper look at my traveling office. Part IV was the spring cleanse and Part V was keeping it fresh with new environments.

Today, we take a slight detour.

If you want to take your business to the absolute highest level – then you MUST get into top physical condition. There are simply no excuses.

Now first a disclaimer, I’m not perfect. And although my education is in exercise science – my nutrition and fitness habits to slip from time to time. And, perhaps like you, if I slip too much I pack on a few extra pounds – but I quickly realize I’m falling into bad habits and get myself back.



This isn’t a post about the science of eating right and exercise. I’m sure you’ve heard all of the benefits.

I can tell you from experience, even if I’m just 5 pounds heavier than I usually am – I feel it. Not dramatic differences, but enough to notice. Maybe I’m a little more tired than usual. Or I have just a little more trouble concentrating.

And when I’m back eating the way I should be. And doing short, intense workouts – my business is humming along. My thoughts are more clear and my energy is through the roof.

Then I realize if you are not taking care of your body, you will never reach your peak level of FINANCIAL success either.




Getting into great shape is pretty simple. It’s not always easy, but it is simple.

I won’t even attempt to touch “nutrition” as I know there are so many different styles of eating. Some praise the benefits of Paleo while others are Vegans. To each their own. And if it works for you, that’s great.

Personally, I believe if you just eat less (most of us eat way too much) and stick with lean proteins and veggies – you’ll be fine. I also don’t deprive myself and if I’ve been eating well and exercising – yessir, I will have that popcorn when I go to the movies. Everything in moderation – including moderation is what I live by.

Oh yeah – you don’t need to join a gym either. Remember, this series is the “minimalist” marketer.

Good old-fashioned bodyweight exercises work just fine. You can do just about anything with your own body – and it’s 100% minimalist.

No equipment. You can workout anywhere (even in a hotel room). Heck, you don’t even need sneakers (I workout barefoot in my house). So there’s no excuse.

Here’s a fun blast from the past. Years ago, I did a video training series with Zach Even-esh – and below are some highlights of us getting creative with bodyweight training. (yes, that is really me doing all those insane pushups!). Maybe it will give you some ideas…

And feel free to make fun of either me or Zach (preferably Zach!).


Feel better. Perform better. And live your life to the fullest.




P.S. This is the one supplement I take everyday without fail – and I and suggest everyone take as well.

P.P.S. I’m considering making my first new fitness product in almost 6 years… let me know if you are interested in a real-world program by a 40-year-old former fitness pro who has 4 kids and works from starbucks. Feel free to reply below!

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How to Connect with ANYBODY In One Simple Step

One of my Titanium members (I’ll keep his name confidential) recently asked for an introduction to one of my friends.

snoopyThey are in the same industry and can definitely help each other.

After I made the email introduction, since my member is new to this world, asked if I could review his email reply.

99% of the email was perfect – but here was his EXACT last 2 sentences…

I’d love to be introduced to your audience and introduce you and KRE8 to mine. I think we have very complimentary services so this could potentialy be a wonderful way for each to send customers to one another.

Can you see what’s wrong with this? I immediately spotted the mistake.

He asked “I’d love to be introduced to your audience”.

Remember, they were just connected by me but haven’t met, spoken or communicated with each other yet. And right away, he’s asking a favor.

If I got that email, it would be a major turn off. Big time.

Why should I “introduce you” to my audience if I don’t know anything about you yet?


I told him, flat-out, you must GIVE first.

Ask if you can interview HIM. Offer to promote HIM to your audience. Ask how you can support HIS business.

Give. Give. Give.

Don’t ask for anything in return. You are building a relationship – and that takes time. And you should extend a hand first.

When I’m asked how I know so many people in both the fitness and marketing industries – it’s because this is how I build relationships.

It’s not being manipulative, it’s doing the right thing. It’s being a good person first.

So simple, yet so powerful.

Oh yeah, or you can ask them to promote your awesome product for a 50% commission and $2.00 EPC that will make the rich. Rich I tell you, rich! That’s the other way to connect.

It’s your choice.



P.S. Here’s a great place to get training content and meet other entrepreneurs.

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The Biggest Jerk in the World (The Law of Accessibility)

For years, I bought into the hype.

That you must be really hard to reach in order to run your business.

Create several layers of communication. Make people jump through lots of hoops to reach you.

And I was wrong. Dead wrong.


stopsignHere’s the biggest problem with setting up your business like that – you can become a jerk. And I felt myself becoming a jerk too.

I started this business to HELP people – and here I was turning them away. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw.

Some of the people who teach this way of doing business are the crankiest people I’ve ever met – and they are NOT the people I want to model. And it’s not the legacy I want to leave.

Now, let me give a quick disclaimer.

I still agree there should be some boundaries. And I still set the tone for how I choose to work with people.

No one gets my cell number (that’s for my wife and a handful of family and close friends). And my Titanium group knows I’m not online on the weekends (that’s 100% family time). So they know their questions will be answered on Monday.

For other communication – if you are a client (or someone from the media who want to interview me), you must email Jennifer as she is in control of my calendar. If you have an issue with your account (login, etc.), then Demetria will take care of you.

So you see, I do have some structure in place – otherwise things could get out of control.

But otherwise I’m pretty accessible during the afternoons (after my hard-core work time).

Skype. Email. Facebook.

If you want to reach me – I’m now there to help (Disclaimer – please don’t ask to “pick my brain”. You must respect my time and if you want coaching, then I have packages available).

And the response has been incredible. Not just building goodwill – but also for my sales.

More membership signups. More product sales. More workshop signups. People signing up for my programs right through skype – without any sales letters.

Yes, it does pay to giveback. And yes, you CAN actually make more money by being accessible and helping people. I know it’s so cliched – but it really is a “win/win” for everyone.


P.S. My preferred method of contact is skype (my skype is “coachryanlee”). If you have a question about one of my coaching groups or workshops – you can reach me there.

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