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Lessons From a LIVE Event.. And How to Turn It Around

Entrepreneurs enjoy risk.

No, I take that back, we LOVE to take risks. 

And sometimes, as it’s often been said, the bigger the risk – the bigger the reward.

So yesterday I took a risk and tried to stream a workshop LIVE (while I built a site from scratch).

It was called Work Anywhere LIVE!


Here were the results (the good, the bad and the ugly)…



First, the hotel (Hotel Zero Degrees in Norwalk, CT) was a great space. New, clean and modern. 

The Location for Work Anywhere LIVE! (Hotel Zero Degrees, Norwalk, CT)

The Location for Work Anywhere LIVE! (Hotel Zero Degrees, Norwalk, CT)


They had a built in a/v system and even a drop down screen. This saves money and time on setup.

And the people in the live audience (and those who saw it online) loved the content. 

I showed them how to come up with an idea, build a site and monetize it all in real-time. We went through working “virtually”, outsourcing your team and doing it all on a shoestring budget. The goal is to turn the new site into another 7-figure business.. and they were able to witness it from concept to the beginning stages of execution.

Plus, the entire workshop was filmed in stunning HD with 3 cameras (I got a sneak peek at the footage and it looks great). So customers who pre-ordered the videos will be happy.



Where do I start with what could have went better?

The camera crew showed up at the wrong hotel (they went to the Hotel Zero Degrees in Stamford, CT) so that pushed us behind schedule. And we started 30 minutes late.

And the hotel didn’t have the hard-wired Internet setup like they were supposed to – so we had to work with their wireless connection. With thousands of people watching… that used up all their bandwidth. 

The live stream was jerky, dropped a few times and low quality (in order to save on bandwidth, we streamed in standard definition). It was a major issue.

Finally, the camera guy said we can use his high-powered uStream account – but little did I know they’d have ad after ad. It was awful.

IF (and that’s a big IF), I were to do it again, I’d know exactly what to expect. I’d have the crew there earlier. Be 100% sure we have hard-wired Internet. And use a different platform than uStream.

Lessons learned.



It's time for redemption.. Shawshank style!

It’s time for redemption.. Shawshank style!

I’m my hardest critic. And when you take a risk sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t.  

But I’ve always learned when you can’t live up to what you promise – find a way to not only make it up to your customer, turn the lemons into lemonade. 

***IMPORTANT*** This is a BIG, BIG lesson. If something doesn’t go as planned, do NOT run and hide – that’s the worse thing to do. Leaders don’t run, we face the issue head-on. You address the issues, be upfront, be honest and find a way to make it better. Period. That’s how you build trust. That’s how you become a trusted advisor in your industry.

So here’s how I am making it up to everyone… with 3 “I’m Sorry” give-backs….


I’m Sorry #1. SPECIAL LIST-BUILDING WORKSHOP FOR FREE: If you have already pre-ordered (or pre-order right now), you will not only receive the HD recordings from the Work Anywhere workshop, you are going to receive the entire List-Building full-day workshop videos. This training workshop was filmed a few months ago and never released before. The workshop shows you exactly how to build your list from the offer and squeeze page that converts to free traffic and follow-up autoresponder templates. (it will sell eventually for $995 – but you get it FREE when you pre-order the Work Anywhere videos.

I’m Sorry #2. Pre-Order Sale Price Still On: Instead of raising the price to $499 last night – I will keep the sale price active for a limited time.

I’m Sorry #3. Follow-Up Two-Hour LIVE (and FREE) Q/A Webinar: Let’s spend 2 hours together while I open up my business and we dig into building an online business. This is free for everyone (whether you pre-ordered the videos or not). More content and all of your questions answered. Register for FREE bonus webinar here.


There you go.

A risk. Some lessons learned. And a way to make it up to my loyal subscribers.

If you want to take advantage of the “I’m Sorry” offer (with access to the list-building workshop for FREE), the please click here right now.



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P.P.S. Last chance to take advantage of the Work Anywhere Life videos PLUS the List-Building videos. 

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The Bootstrapped and Frugal Office

As entrepreneurs, we get caught up in stuff that doesn’t really matter when you are starting.

Business cards. Office space. Stationary.

And while we talk a lot about software and apps.. I’d like to discuss some actual PHYSICAL equipment.



No one cares about your office. No one cares if you work from your bedroom, the library or a coffee shop.

They only care about one thing.. and that’s what you can do for them.

So when you are just beginning – stay lean. And keep your costs down to a minimum.

You don’t need a $3,000 desk imported from Italy.

You don’t need a $1,000 phone system (skype and your cell phone is fine).

You don’t need 3,000 square feet of office.

Here are a few ways I have kept my costs down (and continue to). Because at the end of the day.. It’s not what you make.. it’s what you KEEP that matters.




I’ve tried them all. Expensive desks. Desks made with thick glass. Desks with 10 drawers and compartment. Big hutches. Semi-decent desks from IKEA.

But do you want to know my all-time favorite? It’s a 6′ folding multi-purpose table I got from Costco for $67 (you can get one here)

Ryan Lee's $67 Desk

Ryan Lee’s $67 Desk

It’s clean. It’s can be folded if I want to change where I’m working from (heck, I can even take it to the pool if I want!).

But best of all, it has a large working area. Enough for my 27″ iMac and a printer/scanner. That’s all I need and it just works.

Drawers were always my downfall for clutter. And with no drawers, it FORCES me to get rid of clutter. Do I really need a draw filled with 378 rubber bands, $1.98 in loose change, 3 paper clips and one stick of gum?



Although I’m trying to go 100% paper-free, I still have to occassionally deal with it.

So I just purchased a Brother MFC-J4510DW. I picked it up at my local Staples on sale for $149.

The feature I care most about is the scanning. It can scan both sides at once.. and either directly to my computer or a flash drive. All big plusses for me.

After all, there are times when you have to print/scan and email it (especially contracts) so having one of these at your office just makes sense.

And this unit just looks sleek and cool – perfect for a business minimalist!


Ryan's sleek multi-purpose printer/scanner

Ryan’s sleek multi-purpose printer/scanner




C’mon, who are we kidding, I have no artwork! And if I did, it would be one of the following…

  • Art work by my kids (price = free)
  • Pictures of my family
  • Movie posters (yes, I’m a movie fanatic.. and even framed, the cost might be $75 per poster). I’d have to go with Shawshank Redemption, of course.



 As an entrepreneur, you will be sitting a lot (unless you have a standing or treadmill desk). So I suggest you find a comfortable chair.

It’s actually the only thing you should splurge on…

Mine is a Taknion Contessa I bought a few years ago. It has more adjustments than you can imagine and it’s really, really comfortable. It ain’t cheap.. coming in around $599 – but it’s worth it.

Ryan's "Contessa" chair. Even at $599 - well worth it.

Ryan’s “Contessa” chair. Even at $599 – well worth it.

It’s a much better move to save the money with a cheaper desk and put that into a better chair. The chair is way more important!



There you go.. a semi-cheapskates guide to starting a lean, agile business.

If you had a $5,000 budget, I’d rather see you put that into media testing or hiring a great copywriter than into your furniture. After all, your furniture isn’t making you sales… and if it is.. well, that’s a friggen magical desk.

Stay frugal, my friend. Stay frugal.

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P.P.S. If you want to see my exact system – how I built a multi-million dollar empire on an almost zero-budget with no-stress, click here.

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Your Simplified Business Assessment: The 24 Month Checkup

doctorcheckupMost of us go to the doctor for a yearly checkup. And the dentist every 6 months. Heck, we even get our car serviced a few times a year – but what about our business?

How often to you REALLY reflect on where you are in your business?

I’m not a big fan of taking those 20 page assessments – it’s like torture. I like to cut right to the heart of the matter.

So here’s your business assessment whittled down to just one simple question…

“What have you accomplished in your business during the past 24 months?”.

That’s it. Pretty simple, huh?

Now, here’s where it gets challenging because it requires total honesty. Not just honesty, but brutal honesty.

And if you have’t accomplished your goals – why not? This is NOT a time for excuse-making.

Oh yeah, here’s the deal – you must also take 100% responsibility.

Don’t blame the “guru’s”. Don’t blame “warrior special offers”. Don’t blame your parents. Don’t blame your education. Don’t blame the kids who bullied or teased you as a kid. 

It’s on YOUR shoulders. What you have (or have not) accomplished is due to your efforts (or lack thereof).



Based on your 30-second business assessment, now it’s time to break the cycle.

What does that mean? 


If you repeat what you have done and didn’t get results – what do you think you’ll accomplish over the next 24 months?

If creating 9 different “niche” sites didn’t work for you, then creating 20 more won’t work either.

If you were working on a book for the past 2 years and still didn’t finish…. well, then either finish the damn thing this week or do something else that will pay the bills.

If you have just been thinking about creating a product and haven’t actually done anything, then get off your butt and just do something, will ya?

If you have marketed your product hard and you’re getting traffic but zero sales – it means no one wants your product (or they don’t want it bad enough to pay for it). So you need the guts to drop it and move the heck on.

If you spend hours and hours reading emails from marketers that just keep selling you product after product and never get you closer to actually building a real business, then get off those lists.

That’s it.

It’s simple, but not always easy to take a long hard look at what you’ve accomplished over the past 24 months.

But by being honest with yourself, taking 100% uncompromising responsibility, and moving in a new direction – you CAN turn it around. You CAN rewrite your script. You CAN make the next 24 months the best of your life. 

Your coach has spoken.




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Don't Be a "Ninja" – Be a "Samurai" Instead

If I see one more product that has the word “ninja” in it, I might have to scream.

You know what I’m talking about.. Facebook Ninja Marketing or The Weight Loss Ninja.

I get it. It’s “secret”. It’s “stealth”. It’s “sneaky”.

And I’m not putting down the actual products – they might be really good. In fact, I know of a weight loss product with the word Ninja that’s great. This is not an attack on those products – it’s an observation about the marketing

Because here’s something even more powerful.. and it was said by my good friend Jim Kwik

“I’d much rather be a samurai than a ninja”.

According to wikipedia, a ninja focused on espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination

While a samurai stuck to a strict code of honor

That’s right – HONOR.

And honor is everything. People want to follow a leader with honor. Someone who leads with integrity. NOT someone who is sneaky. 



You might be thinking.. “C’mon Ryan… it’s just a name – it doesn’t really matter!”.

I believe it does.

Words matter more than you can imagine. Words convey an immediate image. And while you might think a word sounds “cool”, it might not be giving off the impression you want.

Not everyone wants to be sneaky (or badass or any other aggressive adjective) – and, depending on your market and positioning, it just might be the opposite of what you want to relay.

I know from experience as I’ve created some awful names in the past. And they can come back to haunt you.

Imagine if Mother Theresa had written a book called “The Badass Ninja Caring Program”. 

It would have been completely incongruent with her. And you would never take something like that seriously. But yet, we create program similar names all the time and wonder why everyone looks at information marketers like they are on the bottom rung of society. 

It’s time to raise the bar, my friend. It’s time to raise the bar.

Oh – there’s one more thing to ask yourself as I get slightly off topic…



Here’s another thing to rattle around in your brain before choosing a name – and it’s really, really important.

Are you targeting men or women or both?

If you are a 23 year old guy, you might think, “Super Badass Ninja Marketing System” sounds cool – but will it appeal to women? Maybe, maybe not. I grew up in a family of almost all females. During the holidays, it was me, my dad and usually 15 women sitting around the table at Thanksgiving or breaking the fast at Yom Kippur. Now I have three daughters along with one son – and while I’m not female, my gut tells me it won’t appeal to women.

Oh, and by the way, in most markets it’s the WOMEN who make the buying decisions (take a look at a snapshot of this sites demographics). That’s right, they not only run my house.. they pretty much run the world. It’s their world, us guys are just living in it!

Demographics of Notice I have more FEMALES than MALE visitors.

Demographics of Notice I have more FEMALES than MALE visitors.


Ok, it’s time to put a nice little bow on this… you can run your business and give the impress of being “sneaky” like a ninja.


You can run a business with honor. Run your business with integrity. And hold your head up high like a samurai.

My good friend Jim Kwik had it right… and I choose to be a samurai.

How about you?




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Internet Marketing is DEAD (Or Is It?)

I’m so disappointed.

As someone who likes to always try new things and stay current, I bought a WordPress plugin a few weeks ago. It is a pretty good plugin and I liked it. I even considered recommending it to my list – but then something very disturbing happened.

The person who I brought it from has literally hammered me with pitch after pitch for a different product almost every single day.

I stayed on the list to see if there would be any content, even a hint of content – but sadly no. I desperately

Here’s the recent emails I received from him (I blocked out his name – but trust me, it’s all from the same person). You can imagine the content of the email from the headlines alone…




As you can see, the promotions were relentless. From one product promotion to the other.

Why was I disappointed?

Because, he appears to be a good guy. He seems likeable and genuine in his videos. And I like his plugin and believe it might add value to your business – but how could I in all good consciousness recommend him to my list? 

I am torn… my job is to help you build your business and protect you from distractions. 

I’m not the ethics police and you are big boys and girls. You can decide who you follow or who you don’t.

I despise this type of marketing with a passion and it’s everything that is wrong with “Internet marketing” – but the product was good. So it’s a tough call.



He simply blew it.

Instead of trying to squeeze every penny out of me, he should have taken the time to make me feel good about my purchase.

“Hey Ryan, thanks for buying – I hope you are enjoying the plugin. In fact, here’s a bonus program for you”.

Then, give me some content. Show me you really care about my success – and I’m not just your personal ATM to extract money from.

But no – he just kept emailing me offer after offer after offer. As you can see, it never stops. 

This product works.. no wait, this one works better.

“How he got to $100K every year” to another guy who “sold this for $210K” just a few days later.

Seriously? What exactly do you want me to do? Buy everything you promote? Is that really going to help me?

starbucksbaristaCan you imagine any other business in the world that would do this do you?

Think about it.. if I purchase a latte at Starbucks, is the barista going to walk up to me every minute and say, “hey, I noticed you are enjoying your latte – now buy a mocha, you’ll like it better. Now, drink this espresso, it’s the best. Let’s go drink, drink, drink. You know you want it. The espresso will make you strong and give you more energy. Wait – the macchiato is actually the best, it’s better than anything else. Buy that right now. And if you buy the macchiato right now, I’ll throw in the mocha”.

But in the “Internet marketing” world, it’s not only ok, it’s actually taught as a smart way to do business. So-called “experts” speak from the stage touting this as the best way to make money online.

It’s just insane – and it’s total amateur hour. This is not how a REAL business is run. One that gives you lifetime wealth, not just a quick buck.

How could I go back to this person after being treated with such disrespect. Why would I? 

But yet, this is how so many marketers are still treating their customers. That’s right, I’m actually a BUYER – and the lack of respect is simply mind-blowing.

This is a really short sighted way to build a business. 

Yes, he might bring in some shorter-term profits by monetizing every email with a new buyer – but the trust is gone. Poof, just like that.

All the time, effort and money you spend actually making the sale – is virtually wasted. Once you lose the trust of your customers, it’s really, really hard to regain it. And without trust, it’s almost impossible to sell.

Not only will they likely not stick around with you for a long time, they will certainly NOT become your fan. Which means they won’t become your best source for new business.

Think about it.. if your friend said, “Hey Jen, you MUST attend this new workshop by Ryan Lee. His information is great and I know you are going to love it!” – you are going to try it. That’s how you build a rabid fan base and grow your business without having to rely entirely on SEO and media buys.

Old fashioned word-of-mouth still works, my friend. And it works great.

Your referred customers will buy more and be more loyal. Oh yeah, there’s no marketing cost for referrals (yes – it’s the magical “free marketing” we all desire). But alas, teaching this is not as sexy as “how to get 10,000 new facebook fans with Facebook Warrior Ninja Domination Secrets” now is it? 



Do you want to know why I’m trying to distance myself from “Internet marketing”? This is the exact reason why!

Please don’t take this as arrogance. I’m no better or smarter. And I’m not close to perfect as I still screw up on an almost daily basis – I’m still a work in progress as we all are.

But this kind of crap is NOT what I want to be associated with. It’s NOT the legacy I want to leave for my kids. It’s NOT the best thing for my customers.

And if that’s not reason enough – it’s actually NOT the smart way to build your business as you are destroying all the effort you put in to create, market and sell your product.

Smarten up… and stop marketing like a _______ (fill in the blank yourself here).




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P.P.S. If you want to attend my free, live streaming workshop, register here (I promise to treat you with the respect you deserve)

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Is "Copying" a Smart Move?

In the world of Internet marketing and information publishing, the idea of “copying” another promotion is not often talked about publicly.

cheatingHere’s how it works…

  • Entrepreneur A launches a new product called “The 1 Day Diet”
  • The 1 Day Diet looks like a success. And we see the ads and emails promoting it
  • So, entrepreneur B sees this and basically rips it off

And when I say “rips it off”, I mean it’s almost a carbon copy of program. It’s one thing to “model” a promotion – it’s another to actually steal.

The site. The sales letter. The product. The shopping cart. The price.

Entrepreneur B thinks he’s slick.

He changes the headline from “How to Lose 17 Pounds in One Day” to “How I lost 18 Pounds in Just 1 Day” – but it’s essentially the same.

When confronted with this, entrepreneur B says things like..

“hey, I’m just modeling what works” or “my program is original and while the other product teaches fast carbs, mine teaches slow carbs”.

Now, “copying” is different than “modeling”.  It’s a slippery slope I don’t want to go down…



There are some obvious ethical (and possibly legal) issues at play here  when you rip-off another product – but I won’t get into them. 

I’m not a lawyer nor a saint. But here’s the real issue – before you think of “copying” or even “modeling” another product you think is successful, think about this…

What do you REALLY know about their business?

For example, let’s look at the pricing.

Maybe they are selling their product for $10 – so you think, “wow – this person is making a fortune selling $10 ebooks, so I’ll do the same!”

However, as stated so well in the commercials in last 80s (for those old enough to remember), “you don’t know Diddley!” 

Think about it… here are some things you might NOT see about how entrepreneur A is making money…

  • Backend Big-Ticket:Selling high-ticket coaching on the backend. If they get just 3 of the buyers out of 100 to take a $1,000 coaching program, that just changed the economics of the offer. Now, instead of each customer being worth $10, each customer is now worth an average of $40. That’s a BIG difference. And it means they can lose money on the front and make it all on the backend. It also means they can spend more to buy media and give away ALL their commission on the front – while you are losing your shirt selling a $10 ebook
  • Backend Continuity: They might also have a recurring revenue program on the backend. It might be offered later on or even over the phone – but the point is, you just don’t know. 
  • List Rental: Some list owners offer to rent their list. Depending on the size of the list, it can bring in thousands and thousands of dollars per mailing. And it’s another way the bring up their average customer lifetime value.

These are just a few examples. There are JVs, it could be part of a larger portfolio of products, or perhaps they are building value for a quick sale down the road.

The point is, once again, you simply don’t know.

And the minute you base your entire business on an assumption – you are in big, big trouble.

Be smart my friend. Be smart.




P.S. Want me to go over your product idea to see if it’s viable? Want to discuss your front end and backed products? Signup for a speed-coaching session (spots are very limited and will fill up quickly) 

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Proof of Concept: Do This First

Last week, I took you “inside” a speed launch (read the post here). 

Now, let’s explore this topic a little deeper…



Yes, I’ve been creating information products for a long time. My first one was back in 1999, so that makes 14 years as of today. 

And over the years I’ve developed an instinct that cannot be taught – it’s what you learn by doing. It’s also the reason there’s a wait list for people who want to pay me $1,000 for an hour of coaching (and yes, it’s worth much more than that!).

But anyway, I digress…

Even with my experience and proven track record – I still can’t predict the future.

And NO ONE knows, with 100% certainty, if your idea will work or not. (and stay away from people who have only had one success – find people who have repeated their success over and over again)

There are so many factors at play. The sales copy, the hook, the traffic source, the list, the pricing, the competition, etc. 

So my suggestion to any entrepreneur  – who wants to dive into this exciting and lucrative world – start with your proof of concept first.



I did a strategy session with a doctor a few months ago. She has a successful specialty practice and wants to create a paid membership site.

proofofconceptSince her topic has a specific start and end date (I can’t reveal the market due to confidentiality), I don’t think it’s the best idea for a membership. And I told her I don’t like the idea.

But she had already been in contact with some large technology company that will “custom build” a complete membership site and the cost… only $80,000.00!!!

Seriously, $80K for a membership site!

“But Ryan, they did work for Big Dumb Company X – so they must know that they are doing, right?”

I pleaded with her not to invest all that money without knowing if people will even pay for this information. The technology company doesn’t care – they are getting their $80K. 

Here’s what she could have done for just a few hundred dollars…

  • Record a video of you simply describing the problem your market faces and how your site solves their problem (investment: free using imovie, your cell phone or even borrowing a friend’s camera)
  • For about $50 (or even $5 on fiverr) to install a simple wordpress site
  • Buy a license to Wishlist for $97 to deliver your content
  • Use paypal to process the credit cards
  • $500 to test some laser-targeted ads on Facebook or buy an ad in a newsletter

That’s it.

Total investment: Around $750 or so. Heck, maybe raise it to $1,500 if you want to hire a newish copywriter to create a 3-5 page sales letter.

But at least it will give you a baseline if your idea is viable before you spend your life savings on a “hunch”.

Will your low-cost solution be perfect? Maybe, maybe not. 

But you might find it working really well that you just tweak and ramp up. Or, you find it’s a total bomb and you just saved yourself around $79,000 and 6 months of work.

Be smart. Be frugal. And test your idea first.

Good things come to those to dip their toe in the water first.




P.S. Attend my next workshop online – for free right here.

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Focused Hustle (It's Time To Work)

Building an online empire is serious business.

And when it’s time to work, it’s time to work.

This is when you put your head down and simply get stuff done. I like to call it “focused hustle”. Ok, I never really called it that before – and just made it up. But I thought it sounded pretty cool – so we’re going with it.

workatstarbucksHere are a few quick tips to get your “focused hustle” on….

  • Have a specific goal of what you will get done during that work session (ex, write 5 pages of your book, create a new blog post, etc.). This is really, really important otherwise you will just float from site to site without a targeted goal. 
  • Turn off your instant messaging (skype, gchat, Facebook, etc.)
  • Close down your email
  • Clear off your desk or table. Just have either your computer/laptop or a notebook (if you are writing)
  • Turn off your cell phone (or, at least, put it on vibrate and don’t answer it)
  • If you are writing and don’t need the Internet, the disconnect from the web
  • If you are working from a public space (like a coffee shop), put your headset on so people won’t interrupt you
  • Close down all other tabs/windows so you are not distracted with other sites
  • Logout of Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network you are on (there are programs like focalfilter that let you temporarily block sites)
  • And just work, work, work

Personally, when I go into hyper-focus mode, I find it difficult to stay there for too long. So after about 45 or 50 minutes, I take a mental/physical 10 minute break.

I’ll walk around. Stretch. Get some water. Check out a magazine.

But I do admit, sometimes I’m in such a flow state I might work for 2 hours straight and not even realize it. That’s ok too – I just try to make sure I take some breaks.

And then, when I’m ready, jump right back into full-on work mode.

This is how I can crank out a sales letter in 1 day. Or write a blog post (like this one) in about 12 minutes. Or keep my mind fresh to come up with a great “hook” for my next product.

Oh yeah, you cannot be a perfectionist. It just doesn’t work if you want a fast, agile business that moves mountains. Otherwise you’ll spend 4 months on your next blog post. Nothing kills entrepreneurship faster than perfectionism.

Limit distractions. Take short breaks. And work when it’s time – then it’s time to work. There’s no other way around it and there’s no “magic button” that will do it for you. A little focused hustle and go a very long way.

Coach Lee, out.



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Instantly Get More Productive By De-Cluttering Your Desktop

Let’s stop the madness, shall we?

If you want to be a lean, agile entrepreneur who’s mind is clear – you need focus.

And you’ll never at your best if your desktop looks like this…

Cluttered, distracting desktop

Cluttered, distracting desktop

Now, I’m not perfect and have certainly let me desktop get a bit unruly in the past. 

But after some discipline and purging – here’s what my desktop looks like today…


My clean, uncluttered desktop

My clean, uncluttered desktop

You’ll notice a few things…

  1. No Files on Desktop: I keep almost all of my files in Dropbox (although, I’m in the process of moving over to Google Drive). I do backup some of my important ones, like presentations, on an external 1TB portable hard drive.
  2. In The Cloud: Right now, I’m experimenting and trying to only create documents with Google Drive (no Word, PowerPoint, etc.). It’s been about a week and so far, so good. Everything is on the web.. and I’m loving it.
  3. Only Essential Applications: I don’t have dozens of applications on the bottom of my desktop. Only the programs I use most often are there (I can access all of my applications by clicking the launchpad icon)
  4. The Pic: The picture is of my kids. It’s my reason for being. They are my heart and soul. And every time I see their smiles, it puts me in the right frame of mind to create programs and content that truly matters. Find a pic that inspires you.


I challenge you right now to get your desktop to zero. Can you do it?

If that’s too much of a leap for you – I understand, so let’s try some baby steps. Remove just 5 today. And then another 5 tomorrow. 

You have a few choices when you see a file..

  • Delete it (do you really need it?)
  • Archive it (use something like dropbox, google drive, or
  • Create “Active” folder where you are working on current projects. And put all those files in that ONE folder

It’s amazing how many old files you have laying around you don’t need anymore. Once you begin this process, you’ll instantly become more productive. Trust me on this one. And you’ll feel so much better looking at a clean, uncluttered desktop each day.

Ah… the simple joys of life.


P.S. Join me for a FREE live streaming workshop called Work Anywhere LIVE! showing you exactly how to create an agile, 100% virtual business (oh yeah, it can make you a lot of money too… if that’s what you’re into.)


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To VIP or Not To VIP.. It's Your Decision (The Rant)

I am a firm believer in capitalism and letting the markets decide.

If your price is too high (or too low), your market will let you know. And they vote with their wallet.

But be warned.. if you offer premium versions of you products, you will feel some heat.



My first job was as a 15 year-old working in an assembly line and warehouse for a few weekends packaging cosmetics. Seriously. I got paid about $30 for the day – and let me tell you, every dollar was well-earned. I was amazed at the speed of the women on the assembly line working 8-9 hours a day doing the same tasks over and over again and I knew it wasn’t for me.

I also spent my summers as a waiter at a sleep-away camp earning about $800 for the entire summer. You’ve never felt heat until you’ve been in a sweltering, non- air conditioned kitchen in upstate NY during the summer. This was in the 1980s, but $800 for an entire summer still wasn’t much, even back then. 

vippassThose two experiences really taught me the value of a dollar – and when I graduated from college, my first job paid me $26,000 per year. It was working in a children’s rehab hospital. And while I knew I wasn’t “rich”, that first paycheck of $685 felt like a million bucks (especially while I moved back home to save money).

Why am I telling you this?

Because I never bitched and complained about the people who made more money than me. Even other therapists (physical therapists and occupational therapists) earned more than us lowly “recreational therapists” – it was a choice.

I KNEW recreational therapist’s make less than a PT or OT – and I made a decision to NOT be a PT or OT. 

The market decided that PTs and OTs were to be paid more for their services than recreational therapists. That’s it. Plain and simple. Whether you agreed or not, the market had spoken.

I couldn’t blame them for making more than me and I was happy with my choice (I loved my job).

So instead of bitching and whining, I decided to take control of my life. And with that decision, in 1999 started my own web site (called Complete Conditioning). 

Now, all these years later, I often earn more in a DAY than I did in a YEAR (seriously).

No one gave it to me and I didn’t learn it in college. I worked my rear off to make it a reality by hustling every minute of my spare time.



Why are we taking a stroll down memory lane?

Because I just read a story about how Universal Studios is now offering a VIP ticket to their park for $299. It includes “front of the line” access, private tours and more. (here’s the story if you want more details)

And some people are angry. Really angry.

Going on and on about how it’s “not fair”. And why should the “privileged few” be able to cut the line?

My take on it? If you earned the money, you can spend it however you choose. It’s none of my business.

If you want to spend $299 – go for it. 

If you want to have friggen Mickey Mouse grab you by the hand and walk you from ride to ride at Disney World – then knock yourself out. 

If you want to drive a Ferrari. Or live in a $5 million dollar mansion – it’s your choice.


Ryan Lee at a private taping of Mad Money with Jim Kramer

I won’t put my hand in your wallet. Your priorities are YOUR priorities – and that’s cool with me.

If I wanted to stay in my comfortable job at the hospital and earn around $30k per year, that is my decision. And I have no right to complain about the people who make more.

There is NO ONE that can control you or your future. No one. 

With the Internet, the playing field has been leveled – and YOU are in control.

Never before in history has the ability to start your own business been easier. We are in the middle of a revolution.

With a $9 domain name, $3 hosting and free platforms like WordPress or Facebook – there’s no more excuses. None. 

Get off your butt and create really good stuff. That’s the basics and all the other “plugins” are just toppings on your ice cream sundae. 

My first (and only) intern just made $78K last MONTH. He’s listened to what I taught him, worked hard (he’s still in his early 20s).

I’m so sick of people with their “handout” mentality. 

Look, I’m not blind. I know there are many who have a lot more opportunities than others. When I worked as a gym teacher in the toughest area of the South Bronx, NY – I saw kids pregnant at 13 years old. I saw kids with long arrest records. I know kids who were murdered in the streets. I’ve walked kids to the train station because they were threatened by rival gangs. I’ve seen generations of poverty and welfare – and I saw it first hand (didn’t have to read about it in a book). And to see how much more enrichment my kids are going to have versus so many others.. believe me, I get it.

But we can’t let that paralyze us. Or paralyze you. 

If you had a rough childhood – that’s in the past. I’m not a psychologist, but you’ve gotta work through your issues and move on. The future is in front of you. Leave the other stuff in your rearview mirror.

(on a side note, I’m in talks with the principal of the school I used to work in and I’m in the process of developing some cool initiatives for those kids. It will NOT be a handout – it will be educating them about real-world entrepreneurship so they can change from within!)

Ok – this ended up being quite a rant. Something you can see I’m passionate about.

Let’s wrap this up with a nice little bow, shall we?

There will always be a percentage of people who want premium versions of your products and programs. So you might as well offer it.

And NEVER let jealously get the best of you.

Celebrate success (your own and the success of others). Celebrate abundance. Celebrate life. 

If YOU want to be a VIP – then follow the plan to BECOME one. 

Get off the sidelines and get in the game. There’s plenty of room on my team.




P.S. If you agree, please share, like and tweet below! I appreciate your support – and this message might be the wake up call some people need.

P.P.S. If you’d like to spend the day with me at my FREE online event, click here.

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