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The 4 Phases of Information Marketing Business

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching over the past few weeks.

Trying to figure out why some of my students are so successful, yet others get the SAME material and get virtually no results.

It can’t be the material (it’s the same). It can’t be the coaching (it’s also the same).

So what is it?



Here’s the way it works and how a majority of people operate. And let’s stick with this world of building an online business.

Phase 1 – The Pain: This is when people are sick and tired of living in mediocrity. It might be debt and student bills. Or they might have had enough of working for someone else. Whatever the reason, they are looking for a change.

Phase 2 – The Discovery: They start hitting good ‘ol Google and find this entirely new world. Money. Freedom. And lots of big promises. So they buy products and go to the next phase…

Phase 3 – The Idea: They now have a great idea for a product or business. They jot down a few goals and get excited. They can almost taste that first check. But before the money starts rolling in, it’s time for phase 4.

Phase 4 – The Silence: This is the final (and fatal) phase. Most of the time, they do nothing. That’s right, the enthusiasm starts to fade and reality sets in. So instead of just doing something – they choose to do absolutely zip.



Just like a fire needs oxygen to survive, so does your enthusiasm.

But in this case, your “oxygen” is ACTION.

That’s right, ACTION. It can be small, simple steps. 

How many of you took the time to write your Rebel Yell? And if you did write it down, what have you done since then?

Have you created a new marketing funnel? Re-crafted your blog posts? Re-worked your products. Recorded a new video? Wrote a new headline?

These aren’t big action steps. I didn’t say to rent out Madison Square Garden and put on a 20,000 person event. I’m talking small steps.

But again, how many people did this after reading that post? I’m willing to be the percentage is low. Really low. Probably less than 5%. I’d love to be wrong, but I’m not. And 14+ years of doing this online have proven the numbers just don’t change much.

Maybe you got scared. Or you got distracted with yet another “launch”. Or the pain of actually doing something was too much to overcome.

Whatever the reason, you MUST overcome the inactivity. It’s a requirement for success.

The Rebel Yell was a good first step. Even that small bit of clarity can transform your business. Now it’s time to get off your butt and keep stoking your enthusiasm with ACTION.




P.S. There are just 14 spots open to work personally with Kevin Rogers and myself in a business (and life) transforming program. Click here to grab a spot.

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Branding is Dead (Do This Instead)

This is a follow-up post by guest columnist and one of the best marketing strategists in the world, Kevin Rogers…


Wow… that was fun!

On Monday I showed you guys what I call the Rebel Yell statement – a deceptively simple two-sentence exercise that provides the ultimate clarity on…

WHO you are, 

WHAT you sell,

WHY you sell it, and why it is

WORTH whatever you’re charging (and more!).

Nearly 200 of you took the challenge and filled in the template to create you own Rebel Yell statement…

And completely kicked its ass.

I was blown away by the creativity of your statements and by the awesome diversity of this community  — of which I’m a proud, longtime member. 

You guys Rebel Yelled about products ranging from a Christian business owners group, to an artist selling paintings of Ireland, to a mom who created an organic hair product that tames frizzies in babies with biracial hair types!

So, in case you ever thought there was no niche out there for you, or that your product was too complicated to sell simply…

… a small army of forward thinking people just showed you that nothing is difficult if you refuse to let it be.

By now you’ve probably realized that, like our fearless leader Ryan, I live to teach and I’m all about action. 

So I’d be tormented if we didn’t take the incredible energy and momentum we’ve created together with the Rebel Yells and put them to work on actually making you money.

That’s right… this deceptively simple little statement does more than just sum up your story with a tight backbeat so people can sing along with your song…

… it is the very floor on which people will dance to your music.

And to show you how it’s done, I’m going to do a speed critique of one of the greatest online success stories of all time.

We’ll break down exactly how this tiny business started in a dude’s apartment, went on to register an estimated 200,000 paid members to its website in just over one year.

The driving force behind this thriving success story (and the part that should give you a skin-tingling jolt of encouragement) is…



This will be especially exciting if you’ve ever felt lost about which of the overpromising internet money tricks you should be paying attention to now.

You’ll see why the shackles of information overwhelm you’ve been feeling trapped by are, in fact, real.

And in this breakdown you’re going to see why the quickest path to freedom (and a lot more sales) is to follow…


The Four Laws Of Simplicity


1. Keep the message simple.

2. Keep the product simple

3. Keep the process simple

4. Keep your voice consistently simple

That’s right… the less you do, the faster you will succeed.

OK, now let’s rock this case study…

The wild runaway campaign we’re looking at is for Dollar Shave Club. You’re probably familiar with it.

I used the founder, Mike Dubin, as an example of a Rebel Yell in the previous post. It goes like this…

My name is Mike, I love a clean shave but was fed up with paying through the nose for razors. So I created a simple subscription service that delivers quality razors right to your door for one dollar a month.

A few of you commented that you visited the website and immediately signed up for the service (no, I’m not an affiliate)…

That happens a lot.

Their YouTube channel is littered with comments saying things like, “I signed up just because this video is so awesome.”

But I want to make an important distinction here: While DSC did make a hilarious video that quickly went viral, that is not the real reason for their massive success.

And no, you absolutely do NOT need to create a video that gets millions of views to mimic the success of Dollar Shave Club…

… because while the video is great, what people really resonate with is THE STORY that the video tells.

And that story follows the same simple formula you used to create your Rebel Yell statements…

WHO you are (Mike Dubin, founder of DSC)

WHAT you sell (“F**king great” razors)

WHY you sell it (because store bought razors are overpriced) and why it is

WORTH the price (it’s only $1)

The message is indeed very simple. So…


Law of Simplicity #1 (simple massage) – obeyed.

The product is also super simple. You have three options; two, four or six blade razors. You pay one fee every month and the razors appear in your mailbox. 


The Dollar Shave Club simple offer



Law of Simplicity #2 (simple product) – obeyed.

The process is overwhelmingly simple.

Are the razors arriving faster than you can use them? Click here to start getting them every other month instead.


Dollar Shave Club.. simple process


Want to add shave butter to your next order? Click here and we’ll toss it into the box for you.


Dollar Shave Club.. simple add-ons


Want to cancel? Click here and you won’t be charged again.


Dollar Shave Club… simple cancellation process


Law of Simplicity #3 (simple process) – obeyed!

And finally, their message is consistent throughout all of their material.
From banner ads to emails to packaging, the voice is always clear and strong.


Sample ad by Dollar Shave Club


Sample email from Dollar Shave Club

Sample email from Dollar Shave Club


Dollar Shave Club packaging

Dollar Shave Club packaging



Law of Simplicity #4 (consistently simple voice) – obeyed! 

Now, can you imagine how much easier life would be if you were able to simplify your product flow like this?

If you created your Rebel Yell statement, then you’ve already completed the first step! And what did it take you? Five minutes?

Planning the rest of your funnel can be just as fun and easy — if you let it.



Why Traditional “Branding” Is Dead 

In case you didn’t know, there has never been a better time than now to be an online marketer. That’s because for the first time ever…

The little guy has the greatest advantage!

See, the entire concept of “selling” has shifted from one of browbeating and intimidation to transparency and relationship building.

Those behemoth companies looking down from ivory towers are stuck in the old way of reaching customers by “branding” a product or a business.

You know, where they slap a pretty logo on some goop or gadget, plaster it onto every bus, taxi and billboard in the country… then wait for the sheep to flock toward the bright, sparkly object.

Here’s the problem for traditional ad agency brands… the buyers are no longer behaving like sheep.

Now that the internet has given us unprecedented access to people and things (like celebrities on Twitter and even top secret gov’t spying documents) that used to be accessible only to the privileged few…

… we’ve gotten pretty damn good at spotting the genuine article from the cheap knock offs.

Expensive logos and empty hype won’t cut it anymore. We have the power to research, review and compare right in our front pockets twenty-four seven, baby.
We expect a good deal, an honest promise and fair treatment… or we’ll do our own advertising about your products — 140 characters at a time. 

So, while the big brands are trying desperately to figure out how to “engage their key demographic” in this new reality… (and failing epically along the way)

… us savvy, bootstrapping online marketers have been here in the trenches building our businesses one customer at a time.

And by starting small, we have the freedom to treat our customers the same way we like to be treated.

We get to interact in real time… we get to know each other in blog comments and on Facebook… we get to meet face-to-face at events. 

There just isn’t any amount of “branding” that can match that. 

Branding is what you do to sheep.

The type of branding us value-driven marketers are doing today needs a better name…

Let’s call it… Blazing!

Blazing is simpler, blazing is cleaner and blazing clears the path that allows us to build relationships with our customers. 

Blazing is to branding what texting is to faxing.

What Bono is to Bieber. 

What Amazon is to Wal-Mart.

And just like you quickly and easily Rebel Yelled your sales message…

You can just as simply blaze your web page, blaze your videos, blaze your products, blaze your leads, blaze your lists… and while you’re at it, you can even go and blaze yourself!

In fact, Ryan and I think every one of you should be blazing yourself right now!

And we’re so passionate about this that we’ve started blazing some of you behind your backs.


We’ve chosen 5 of the very best Rebel Yell statements from last week’s post and we’re giving them Blaze Page Transformations.

It’s true… Ryan and I are personally digging into your landing pages and performing complete blazing web page makeovers for five lucky business owners who submitted Rebel Yells last week.

And we’re going to reveal them on a live webinar this Wednesday night!

You might be one of the five Rebel Yell action-takers we’re immortalizing with a custom made BlazePage, but believe me, everyone will be rewarded heavily for attending the webinar.

Ryan and I were so inspired by your incredible response to the Rebel Yell statements…





… that we’ve worked non-stop behind the scenes this week to come up with a way to take that momentum and send it through the roof.

We agreed that we would only present something if it was guaranteed to smash our already sky high standards. And man, did it ever. 

We’re going to show you how a BlazePage…

  • Immediately wins attention from your visitors
  • Sparks a deep connection with your best prospects
  • Makes you stand out in any niche
  • Converts higher than any other landing page out there

You will see how to instantly transform your business from mediocre to amazingly simple (and profitable). And why blazing will be the ONLY way entrepreneurs will run their business from now on



This was a follow-up guest post by Kevin Rogers.



P.S. If you enjoyed it, please help spread the word by sharing, liking and tweeting.

P.P.S. If you’d like to experience the blazing transformations, register for the free training here.

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Stop Being a Student.. And Start Being a PRO (In Just 5 Minutes)

We recently posted an article by Kevin Rogers about finding your “rebel yell”. (If you haven’t read it yet, do it now – it will change your business).

Kevin asked you to spend around five minutes coming up with your rebel yell.

And for the hundreds of people who took those five minutes to come up with one and write it down in our comments area- you are now 100 miles further ahead.


bigstock-Five-minutes-timer-46194268FIVE MINUTES

Seriously, that’s all it took.

Two “fill-in-the-blank” sentences.

Just five minutes of critical thought and writing it down… it’s the kind of exercise that can transform your business.

But alas, so many choose not to invest those five minutes engaging in “big picture” thinking (or taking the action of writing it down). Nope – they say, “ok, that was cool, but what I really need is a new $7 plugin I am about to buy on the warrior forum”. As if THAT plugin is the missing link that’s been holding your business back.

If you read that blog post and didn’t take those five minutes to come up with your rebel yell – you have to ask yourself “why not?”.

I know, I know. It’s uncomfortable to take that close of a look at yourself and your business.

But I’m not here to coddle you and make you comfortable. I’m here to get you RESULTS. I’m here to say the things your friends, family and colleagues are scared to say because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

It’s why my client’s (and Kevin’s client’s) pay us $20K per day. Because we cut right through the BS and get to what’s truly important.

Those five minutes were PRO-LEVEL ENGAGEMENT. And on top of the pro-level engagement was a simple action step of writing two sentence.

You wanna run with the big dogs? You wanna play with the big boys and girls?

This is how it’s done.

Pro’s engage in pro-level thinking PLUS they take action.

And the best part of the process.. it’s actually pretty simple.

No more excuses. No more thinking like a “student”. It’s time to be a PRO.

Are you with me?



P.S. Kevin Rogers will be back Monday with a follow-up to reveal the “buried treasure”. You don’t want to miss it.

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Why Rebels Get Rich

UPDATE! NEW BONUS VIDEO ADDED: We’ve just added a bonus video at the bottom of this post. Please watch it after you read this powerful post!

“What set you free, I need you here by me…” – Billy Idol

Have you ever noticed that the companies we love the most are usually rooted in rebellion?

billyidolFor instance…

  • Apple started in the garage after Jobs and Wozniac left college, fed up by the slow pace of technology.
  • Virgin Airlines was born out of Richard Branson’s frustration with crappy airline travel.
  • Dollar Shave Club started when Mike Dubin got annoyed with overpaying for razors, created a solution and made a really funny video about it.

If you’re reading this post right now, chances are you’re a rebel, too.

Most of us who are drawn to marketing online have the maverick DNA.

Go to any marketing conference and you’ll meet all kinds of rebels. Some already rich, some merely restless, but all bonded by the belief that there has GOT to be more to life than office drama and working for the weekend.

But having non-conformist fire in your veins isn’t enough to succeed online.

No. The ones that make the leap from dreaming of “some day” to real life “successful entrepreneur” are the ones who manage to organize the chaos running wild in their minds.

It never happens by accident. And it sure as hell doesn’t happen overnight. But it does happen – every day – to people who wake up a little shocked that they found it…

… this thing that they can put their own energy and ideas into and have it send back real cash money.

It truly is amazing.

I still pinch myself daily over the fact that the same restless rebellion that led me to drop out of high school and kept me unhirable for so long, now fuels a thriving business.

And that I get to work here in my home office, doing something I love, while looking out a window that faces a lake and my kids playing in the backyard.

(And in those times when they’re having too much fun, nothing stops me from walking out there to join them.)

That’s a long way from the scrappy, directionless road comic I was in my twenties.

I HATED business back then. Thought it was for evil people. I never dreamed I could run my own or that anyone would ever pay me to help them sell their stuff. Outrageous idea.

But we all start somewhere, work our tails off and learn as we go. Rebels aren’t quitters.

Hard work is only half the battle, though. You can work really hard all day taking low dollar freelance jobs, but that won’t deliver the dream.

The second half of the equation, if you really want to take your place at the feast and call your own shots as a business owner, is….



Clarity about WHAT you do, WHY you do it and why it’s WORTH top dollar to the people you provide it to.

If you know just one thing about selling, you know that – at the core – it comes down to problems and solutions.

Your prospect has a problem and you have the solution. Pretty simple.

But here’s the magic ingredient that makes your solution the better choice than other people’s solutions…

A reason why.

Not just a logical reason why your solution is better, cheaper or faster. Those things are standard – and pretty ignorable. You need to include them, but they aren’t the message.

What makes you and your solution stand out from the crowd is telling the reason WHY you created the solution. You do that by simply describing the frustration that drove you to find a better way.

Here’s where that “magic” happens…

When you express a frustration to someone who has the same frustration, you’ve made a deeper connection.

(That’s why all those late-night infomercials show the black and white shot of a person struggling terribly with “kitchen drudgery.”)

And when you announce that you took that frustration and used it as passion to create a solution….

POW! You’ve just won the trust of a new customer.

You don’t even need to mention that you have anything for sale at this point, but they will hope you do… and be eager to buy when you announce it.

Now, I know this all sounds great in theory, but if I ended this article right here, you’d nod and move about your day, no closer to living the dream then when you came.

We can’t have that.

So I’m going to share something really cool with you. A powerful little exercise that will take only about 2 minutes to complete but will give you that elusive clarity you need to take your business to the next level.

This is the thing that got me out of the basement just dreaming and onto the main stage, actually DOING. Without this, I’d still be hating life and hoping for “some day.”

I call it the “Rebel Yell” statement because it sounds even better when you say it wearing leather chaps!

That and it exposes your true rebellious nature and (secret bonus!) makes you more interesting to your prospects. Because what we, as buyers, are really after, is not just a good product but…

… a great experience.

So, in order to stand out, you’ve got to share your experiences. And it’s that shared experience that creates the bonds that build a business — especially online.

So, take a second to think about the problem that your product or service solves for your customers (or potential customers) and the frustration that led you to create something better.

Then fill out the simple, fill-in-the-blank statement I’ve written out for you below.

If you do, I think you’ll be really surprised at how much you gain from it.

This little exercise is responsible for untold fortunes… so I really hope you’ll take a couple minutes and do this for yourself. And if you’re comfortable sharing, then please post your Rebel Yell in the comments section.

OK, here is the Rebel Yell statement:

My name is ___________, I love ____________ but was fed up with ____________. So I created _____________ that _________________.

I told you it was simple. But that really is all you need to get clarity on what you sell, why you sell it and to express it passionately.

Let’s see it in action. Here are a few examples you might recognize…

My name is Steve, I love computers but was fed up with the snails pace of commercial technology. So I created a user-friendly computer that processes information faster than anything else out there today.

Now, if it’s 1976, don’t you want to own that computer?

Here’s another…

My name is Richard, I love to travel but was fed up with lousy, expensive and unreliable airline service. So I created an airline with competitive fairs that arrives on time and treats every passenger with first class service.

How do you not check for a Virgin flight when you travel?

What about…

My name is Mike, I love a clean shave but was fed up with paying through the nose for razors. So I created a simple subscription service that delivers quality razors right to your door for one dollar a month.

I’m a raving fan customer of Dollar Shave Club.

Here’s one more you might recognize…

My name is Ryan, I love coaching but was fed up with earning low “teacher pay”. So I created an online coaching course that allows me to teach a lot of people at the same time and make more money.

That simple statement is why we’re all here today.

OK, get going on yours. Only one rule, DO NOT OVERTHINK this. If it feels frustrating, you’re doing it wrong.

Think simple.

And, oh yeah, you may come up with five or ten of these for different products or services you want to sell. That’s awesome. Post those, too!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.



BONUS VIDEO: This was added after the original post above. Please watch it for even MORE insight from Kevin Rogers…



This was a guest post by Kevin Rogers – one of the world’s top copywriting experts and business strategists!




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REPLAY: Two-Hour Marketing Brain Dump

Without further ado.. here is my recent two-hour business and marketing brain dump. It was 100% content with lots of great questions from attendees. 

Enjoy the video…


Rock ‘on.

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Late to the Game? 4 Lessons from the Tennis Court!

When I was about 11 years old, I played a little bit of tennis at camp (I was average, at best). This was the early 80s when McEnroe, Connors and Lendl ruled the courts.

Back then – there were a few brands of tennis racquets that dominated the market: Head, Dunlop, Wilson and Prince.

So now that I’ve hit 40, I started to play again along with my wife and kids.

When I asked the tennis pro at our club what racquet I should buy (I still had my 1985 BlackMax made famous by John McEnroe), he said Babolat.


babolat“Babolat? I never heard of them before – are they new””, I asked.

He laughed and said they are the most popular tennis company in the world. 

I was shocked.

In a sport so steeped in tradition like tennis, how can a company come out of nowhere and not only compete – but dominate.

In fact, Babolat now owns approximately 34% of the market. Simply amazing.



Babolat started a long time ago way back in 1875 – but they only focused on strings. Well, that is until around 1994 when they started to sell racquets. They set out to create high quality racquets with the latest technology (I don’t have a clue about tennis racquet technology so I can’t go into any details about graphite, racquet weight or any other craziness)

At that time, two up and coming players, Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick started to use their racquets – and the rest is history. They now sell other equipment like sneakers. Today, there’s not a tennis player who doesn’t know the name Babalot (except, a total newbie like me).

Here are a four lessons you can apply from Babolat to your business…

  • “Celebrity” Rub-off: While you might not be able to secure a “celebrity” in your market, even doing something as simple as an interview with someone who people know in your niche can begin to deliver credibility. Post it to your site or create a podcast.
  • Great Products: Babolat creates really, really good products. If their products were crap – they would not have lasted (and my tennis instructor would never have recommended them to me).
  • Agility: For over 100 years Babolat just did “strings” – but they had the guts to make a big move and it worked out for them. The easiest thing would have been for them to have only stayed with strings. Get outside your comfort zone and innovate.
  • Distinguishable: Their racquets stand out from the crowd with the two horizontal lines on the strings. The minute you see it, you know it’s Babolat. How can you make your products/services instantly stand out? (graphics, packaging, logo, videos, etc.)

The other companies had a 100 year head start – but that didn’t bother Babolat.

So if a competitor just came out with an “ebook” in the same market as you – are you going to sit around and cry poor me… or are you going to do something about it?

If you look close enough – you’ll find business lessons everywhere. For me, it was on the tennis courts at 8am this morning.

Oh yeah – I’m officially hooked on Babolat (see pic below wearing my “tennis whites” – gotta follow club rules!)

Ryan Lee after an hour on the courts... rockin' his Babolat sneakers and racquet

Ryan Lee after an hour on the courts… rockin’ his Babolat sneakers and racquet


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The New Definition of Marketing

marketingdefinitionWhat is “marketing”?

Here’s the American Marketing Association definition that was approved in 2007…

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

But I think we need a new definition. Something that is simple yet powerful. Something that makes us proud to be a “marketer”. And a new definition which reflects how things have evolved…


Marketing = Developing Connections

That’s it. Two words and it says all you really need to know.

In the new world of marketing – marketing is all about developing connections.

Think about it for a minute…

Every ad. Every promotion. Every launch. Every campaign.

It’s about developing connections. 

You want the potential customer to connect with your advertisement or email.

You want them to connect with your message. You want them to connect with your company.

If they don’t connect – they don’t buy.

Marketing is no longer about persuasion or “tricking” people into buying (unfortunately, some people still do this), it’s about connecting on a deeper level.



When you make the subtle shift to connecting – it transforms your business.

You start to think about relationships. And long-term business. And creating programs and promotions that will blow your customers away.

Marketing becomes fun – and it becomes personal. 

You no longer think of people as “sheep” or a “flock”, you see them as people. People you care about – and when you care about them (and they know you truly care about them), your business can’t help but grow. It’s the way of the universe. 

When you write email messages you now do it with a big smile instead of stressing about “how can I get the most clicks?”.

You now create sales videos with a sense of joy – instead of dread. 

Your enthusiasm becomes contagious. And it’s palpable. It can’t be ignored or avoided. Your customers now become your best source of new business because they spread the word.

Connect. Connect. Connect.

When you connect with your audience – everyone wins.

And that, my friend, is “marketing”.




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How To Never, Ever "Upsell"

Oh upsell, you devil.

You are so profitable, yet you can do so much damage.

If you are planning on incorporating upsells into your digital business, please heed this advice…

(NOTE: There are differences between upsells, cross-sells and downsells, but for purposes of this post, we’ll just use upsell as a general term. Cool?)


WHY UPSELLS?frieswiththat

I’m not going to feed you the same BS we’ve all been fed.

Things like, “well, if you don’t offer an upsell you are doing your customers a disservice”. 


That’s crap and both you and I know it.

If you are selling digital products – you could simply give them all the other “upsell products” included in the product if you really wanted to. But this is a business – and I get it.

There are times when a properly placed upsell makes a lot of sense. Like if they buy something like a DVD and they can purchase more DVDs or CDs at a big discount after checkout. Makes sense and is a big benefit for the customer.

But in most cases – it is done for business purposes, and that’s the truth.

I’m not anti-capitalism, I’m all for it. It just needs to be done smartly and still with your customers best interest in mind.



I’ve done just about every type of upsell you can imagine.

The ability to purchase a “physical” version of the digital product.

Or a “Buy 1, Get 10 FREE” of an archived newsletter.

But here’s a massive mistake so many marketers make…


Let’s look at a hypothetical rxample, shall we?

INITIAL PRODUCT: How to Lose 17 Pounds in 17 Days

THE PITCH: It’s a complete (notice the word COMPLETE) system that shows you exactly how to lose that stubborn fat. Everything you need from nutrition to exercise.

THE UPSELL: Well, if you really want to lose the 17 pounds, this plan doesn’t work without the “fat loss secret”. And the “fat loss secret” report is just $17 more!

That’s where you screwed up.

You told customers your product works on it’s own – and now, you are telling them it can’t work unless they take your upsell.

Bad, bad news.

Here could have been a better upsell…

THE BETTER UPSELL: The initial product includes complete meal plans – however, if you eat on the go, you can get our “Restaurant Healthy Eating Guide”. It shows you how to pick the meals that fit into the plan at your favorite restaurants. And it’s just $17.

Do you see the difference? It’s subtle but it’s massive.

One upsell is “required” for the initial purchase to work (BAD).

The other complements the initial purchase and adds value (GOOD).

You worked hard to get a customer – don’t screw it up by destroying their trust. That’s a rookie mistake.

Thing big. Think long-term. 



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P.P.S. If you want to build a virtual business – click here.

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The 3 Best Apps for Virtual Entrepreneurs (Plus a Mega-List of Reader's Favorites!)

I have to admit, I don’t use many “apps” on my iPhone. I know there are some amazing ones on the market – but here’s the shortlist of 3 I use the most…

SpeedUp: This allows you to listen to any audio program faster. So I can listen to a 3 hours audio book in 1.5 hours. The more knowledge you can acquire (and put into action) the better your business will be! (there is also a free version called SpeedUp Lite)

Skype: If I’m not near my computer, I can still make skype calls. It’s free and I use it almost every day.

Starbucks: Since my office is essentially at a different coffee shop each day, I use my Starbucks app daily. I load it with money and when I purchase a drink, a quick scan at the register automatically debits the card. Fast and easy… 


So let’s hear from you. 

Please share your favorite apps below (iphone, android or both). Let’s build a great resource list below and help each other.

I can’t wait to discover some goodies…



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