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DotComXpo 2 (DCX2)- Are You Ready?

Last year – I put on an event called DotComXpo. People came from all over the world to experience 3 days of 100% actionable content with zero pitching.

The feedback was through the roof (in a good way), and people are still asking about when the next “DCX” will take place.

I have bad news. Good news. And jaw-droppingly awesome news.

First, the bad news. This year the DCX will not be taking place as it did last year in Stamford. Why? Well, keep reading to the good news.




I understand not everybody can make it out to a live event. Between time away from families, work and the expense – it’s just not in the cards for everyone. Believe me, I get it. I haven’t traveled once in 2013 so I could be home with my family.

You can experience the entire event without having to leave your home. All you need is an Internet connection and it’s like you are there!

Plus, it’s a big drain on my business to put on a live event of that size. With so many speakers, dealing with hotels, film crew, etc.. it’s just a lot of effort. And I wanted to take a year off from large events (I’ve been doing at least one big event a year for over 10 years). So yeah, there’s a selfish reason for me to take this online.

But wait, there’s more…


Because I’m not hampered by the restrictions of a hotel space – DCX can be even bigger. Much bigger. And draw speakers that might not usually travel.

So check this out – at DCX2 there will be 100 SESSIONS!

Yes, you read that correctly, 100 awesome sessions. It will be the biggest event EVER, by a mile. I already started reaching out to my vast network and have killer sessions already booked.

Here are just a few already committed…

  • How to get to #1 on iTunes for massive free traffic (I’ve booked TWO people who have #1 podcasts on iTunes in different categories – so no stone will be unturned)
  • How one woman generates over $60K per month on Amazon Kindle (she’s not a “guru” and you probably never heard her name before)
  • The step-by-step guide to low-cost Facebook traffic (your guide to fast traffic)
  • From zero to your first sale (getting over the hump)
  • How to take an existing 5 or 6-figure business to 7 or 8-figures
  • Everything you need to know about converting your site to SALES (the #1 persuasion tactic that will have people clicking like crazy)
  • How to build a membership site (from scratch, right before your eyes)
  • The truth about free YouTube traffic (and how to dominate it!)
  • And so much more…

And this was after starting yesterday – I’m just getting warmed up. Haven’t even scratched the surface.



 I like to deliver and raise the bar. So instead of paying $1,500 or more (like you had to for my in-person event last year) – you can experience the entire online event for FREE.

Yes – I said for free.

What’s the catch? 

The first “catch”: There will be event sponsors. Before each session – there will be a 30-second “word from our sponsors”. If you would like to be a sponsor of DCX2 (or know someone who would be a good fit), please email jessica (at) with SUBJECT=DCX2 SPONSOR

The second “catch”: Well, there is none. I’m hoping that getting in front of 100,000 people is enough incentive to bring in some good sponsor revenue. Plus, when people experience one of my events – it might lead to future purchases down the road.

You get world-class training and I create sponsor revenue. It’s a win/win for everyone.



There are a few ways to get involved in DCX2…

1. Get on the VIP waiting list and you’ll be notified first when we go live.

2. If you (or someone you know) would be a good fit as a sponsor for DCX2 – please email jessica (at) dotcomxcom SUBJECT=SPONSOR. Sponsorship spots are limited

3. There are a few open spots for speakers – it will be highly competitive for the coveted slots, but if you can bring the heat – email jessica (at) dotcomxpo SUBJECT=SPEAKER. Tell us about you, your business, potential title, why you are the best person to deliver this talk and any links to previous talks you have given. 

4. FEEDBACK (see below)
This event is for YOU, plain and simple.

So please take 30 seconds to list below either TOPICS you’d like to see covered or SPEAKERS you’d like to see below. 

The more potential topics/speaker we get – the better the event will be.

Thanks for your time – I look forward to “seeing” you at DCX2.




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Pushing Through: How to Rise to the Top

Yes, having a digital publishing business is the best in the world.

The freedom. The lifestyle. The money. There are too many benefits to name.

But it ain’t all roses.

When it’s YOUR business (and you are still heavily involved in the day-to-day), it relies on YOU.

And there will be days where you feel down. Frustrated. Sick. Confused. Angry. Or just plain tired.

Trust me, it happens to all of us – you are not alone.



Last week, I came back from an incredible 10-day vacation. My wife and I took our four kids on a European Disney cruise. I’m talking Barcelona, Rome, Monte Carlo and more. It was amazing – but when I got back, my mental batteries were re-charged however I was physically pretty tired.

And two of my kids got sick and they were nice enough to pass along a nasty sinus infection. The pressure in my head was so bad for 2 days, I literally could barely see straight. No exaggeration.

To make matters worse, this sinus infection started right after I announced a live 2+ hour training.

But I couldn’t cancel the training since I had so many people signup. So I had to soldier on – and just push through. No complaining – just suck it up and do it. The last thing I wanted to do was a 2 hour training when I could hardly look at the screen because it was blurry, but I had to honor my commitment.

Believe me, I’m not the toughest person in the world. And let’s get real, women are much tougher than us guys. I witnessed the birth of all my children – and I couldn’t even imagine going through even a fraction of the pain my wife endured. And, in the perspective of world suffering – I know a sinus infection is pretty much as low on the scale as you can get.

Here’s my point.

Your “lifestyle” business will have highs and lows. It will never, ever be perfect. And you can’t cry like a baby when things don’t go your way. Do you think my subscribers cared that “poor little Ryan” had a sinus infection? Heck no, they wanted training that will change their life (which hopefully, I was able to deliver).

There will be times when you MUST work – even when you don’t want to. And it’s during that exact moment, the moment when you want to quit but you don’t, that makes you a champion.

I have no playbook or strategies on how to do this, I wish I did. 

It’s something that just comes from deep within your soul. And you have to really, really want it. I mean you want success so badly you’ll do anything to reach your goals. And nothing is going to stop you. If an obstacle gets in your way – you run right through it without thinking twice.

When you reach that mental state – everything else is a piece of cake. And that determination is what separates my top students earning 7 and 8 figures from the rest.

What’s the old saying? “when the going gets tough….



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Here's Why I Work From a Coffee Shop (and you should too!)

I tried, believe me I tried.

I had a perfect home office setup complete with expensive desks and bookcases (it was also soundproofed!).

I even spent thousands of dollars a month for an office suite in downtown New Canaan, CT.

And no matter what, when I would sit in a quite room by myself I just found my mind wandering. I couldn’t focus. I never felt creative.



coffeeshopIt started innocently enough. I went to Starbucks to pick up something for my wife – and while I was waiting, I sat down and started reading a magazine. And it just “felt right”. I could’t put my finger on it, but I really liked the environment.

The next day, I brought my laptop and started to write my book. And instantly, I was in the flow. The words were just flowing from me like never before. 

Now – there is actually research coming out showing that a specific level of noise (70 dB)  is good for your creativity. (read the research here).

That’s right – if you work where there is either too much or too little background noise – you are hurting your business.

So the next time you need to work on some sales copy, write a blog post or create a product – head on over to your local coffee shop. And tell ’em Ryan sent you.

And if you don’t have a coffee shop near you – check out this cool free resource that re-creates the coffee shop background noise called Coffitivity




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I Have a Multi-Million Dollar Secret

I have a secret. A big, fat secret.

About a year ago – I did an experiment with my business. Many of my subscribers had no idea I was doing it. And during the 8 months my real-world experiment was taking place, something shocking happened. 

The experiment bombed.

That’s right – even as my list grew, there were parts of my business that started to decline (and it was all because I ignored my SECRET for a business that brings in boatloads of cash every single time).



It started with a combination of risk (I love taking calculated risks) and a splash of arrogance.

I assumed I knew my subscribers. “Hey, I’m Ryan Lee – I’ friggen Superman.” (yeah right!).

Even though 12+ years of hard, real-word data told me otherwise – I tried a few new things. And the results were mind-numbing. How could I have been so wrong?

So rule #1, never, ever assume. It’s dangerous. 



secretAfter some quick thinking, I changed course. And I went back to my “original” extra crispy formula for success. In other words, I implemented my secret formula (I call it C.M.P.).

And immediately my revenue for those businesses not only immediately went right back to their previous levels – they climbed even higher. Seriously. 

Rule #2, if you ever see something isn’t working, you must correct it – and correct it immediately.

So what is this secret – you ask?

I am going to reveal this secret – and to do a complete intensive implementation training around this secret that has made me (and my clients) a fortune.

CLICK HERE to discover the secret…

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The Magic 3-Step "Niche Marketing" Formula

Before you create your product. Before you build your marketing funnels. Before you create your web site. Before you even think about choosing a domain name  – you must answer this one question…

“WHO am I selling to?”

That, my friend, is the question.

But how narrow or wide do you go?


niche marketingNICHE FIRST

When I talk to my clients about choosing a narrow niche – they get scared.

They’ll usually say something like, “but if I just target golfers, isn’t that too small?”. Or, “if I only focus on helping moms, aren’t I losing 1/2 of my potential market?”.

When I give example after example of success stories of people who have done very well in a narrow market, they will often come back with things like, “well, what about Facebook – they attract everyone”. Or even you, Ryan, your business isn’t very narrow.



Sure, there are companies that reach the masses and rack up billions in sales in the process. But sometimes it’s not what it seems.

Let’s look at Facebook.

As you may know, when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, it was only open to Harvard students. Talk about an narrow, exclusive niche. Only 2,000 new freshman are admitted each year. 

But after he got traction in Harvard, he opened Facebook to other Ivy League schools. And then, more colleges and universities. And finally, the rest of the world (including me).

Even my business started narrow servicing just fitness professionals. And since I always look at business like a living, breathing organism – it’s now become what it is now.



Here’s a simple exercise I use with my clients.

It’s about going three levels deep into your market.

For example – if you say your market is “weight loss”, how can you go deeper?

Maybe you can choose a sex – so it’s “weight loss for women”. That’s level one.

Let’s go deeper.

Maybe it’s a specific type of woman. It could be by age. Or even just for moms. Or perhaps by profession – like for female attorneys.

So now, you it’s “weight loss for new moms”. That’s the second level.

What about a specific type of equipment you use? Perhaps it’s the TRX.

So now, you show women how to lose weight using the TRX.

Finally, on the third level it’s “weight loss for new moms using the TRX”.

Do you see what I did there? 

It takes a few minutes of just drilling down. It’s not perfect, but it will start you thinking narrow.



You are much better off choosing a narrow, niched market that is easy to reach.

And after you start to gain some traction – you can explore opening it up to other markets.

But when you come out with a product that’s for “everybody”, it’s becoming more difficult to gain a foothold in a fractured public. 

Be nimble. Be small. Be focused. And be PROFITABLE.

It’s not the only way to run a business – but I think it’s the best. 



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