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The 53-Second Business-Blues Cure

Just watch this short video.. and then see how you are feeling…

Yes, it’s good to start the day off with a smile. If I’m not feeling good – it’s just hard to work on my business. So sometimes, a short video like this can do the trick.

So simple… but oh so powerful.



P.S. Let’s talk. Skype me at “coachryanlee” to setup a life-altering business coaching session.

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Smell the Roses

Today is my oldest daughter, Jordyn’s birthday. 

It was 2003 that my life changed and I became a father for the first time. Along the way, my wife and I have added three more kids to the family – but that first time you become a parent… it just changes you forever. There are no words to describe it.

But sometimes in life, you forget what’s most important. Even though you know what’s right – you take the wrong path. 

For me – one of the wrong paths was just not being there for my family enough. Not just physically, but mentally absent as well.

So I made a vow to not do any speaking gigs during the past year (nor would I attend any event that required me traveling more than 1 hour). And I stuck to it. I didn’t miss one weekend event, activity, game or birthday party. Sure, it cost me probably $3 million in product sales from the stage this year, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing (and I’m thinking of perhaps never speaking at another event again).

And I also made a promise to turn off the computer when I got home. It’s dinner with the family, giving them baths, helping with homework (although I still hate homework as much as when I was a kid!), and tucking them in at night. If I wanted to catch up on some emails or writing – I would do that only after they are all sleeping.

By doing these simple things – I’ve never felt more grounded in my life. It’s the reason why I built a “lifestyle” business and will continue teaching it to millions of people.

Work smart. Be productive. Be efficient. But most importantly, be “present” with the people most important in your life. And for God sakes.. turn off your damn cell phone once in a while, will ya?

Smell those roses, my friend. Smell those roses.




P.S. I even said “no” to my big annual event. Instead, it will be online this year. Get your seat here.


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Bold… Or Insane?

I’m all for being creative and negotiating – but this one took the cake.bigstock-FAT-STACKS-of-Money-isolated-o-44002312

It was around 7 years ago and I received an email from a subscriber. It went something like this…

“Ryan, here’s what I’d like. You coach me for an entire year. We spend a lot of time together. You do it all for free. And, by the end of the year I’ll have a profitable business. Oh yeah, you also GIVE ME $100,000 while I’m building the site. And in return, you’ll have a great case study and I’ll also pay you back eventually.”

He also said, “And don’t tell me your are too busy to coach me or you can’t afford the $100K – you can do this for me”.

For one of the first times in my life, I was truly speechless. 

Ok, maybe he was kidding so I replied. And no, he was deadly serious.

I didn’t know whether to be angry, annoyed or just feel badly for the guy. 

Remember, he wanted me to coach him for a full year (for free) AND give him $100,000 for the pleasure of doing so. Simply stunning!



Do you think there was any chance in the world I (or anyone) would do this deal? Would I ever want to work with a person who is asking so much of someone without receiving anything in return?

Sure, I’d get a “great case study”, but I already have plenty of case studies. He was asking me to give up hours and hours to coach him and give him $100,000 too!

What’s my point? I’m not sure – there are so many lessons in here.

Maybe it’s to try your hardest NOT to be insane. Or it’s better to give first. Perhaps it’s just using common sense.. before you hit “send”, think about if YOU would take that deal. At minimum, ask someone you trust (like a spouse or significant other) to read the email first before you send it. 

Just please don’t ever be “that guy”. Please.



P.S. Here’s my best-selling program to help you reach your goals.


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Case Study: Healthy Neck Insider

A few months ago, a chiropractor named Jerry Kennedy hired me to coach him for a few sessions. Then, he joined Titanium.

I spent some time digging deep into his strengths and passions – I came to the conclusion it was best to position him as a neck pain relief specialist. After all, in his busy practice, about 90% of his patients saw him for neck pain. And Jerry got them results quickly.

I presented him with a few different (and proven) business models, and he opted for one that will take a little more time, but it’s a more sustainable business. The name… “Healthy Neck Insider“. It will be more of a “portal” for all things neck pain. And soon, he’s come out with a suite of complementary products and programs for his subscribers.

Here’s a screenshot of his site:

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.07.36 AM

Dr. Jerry Kennedy’s “Healthy Neck Insider” site.

As always, I like to break things down and simplify the teaching lessons so you can have practical strategies…

#1. Company Branded: After some deliberation, we decided to go with a company branded site (Healthy Neck Insider) versus just calling it Dr. Jerry Kennedy. It’s a better choice since we are going to turn this into a full-fledged publishing company.

#2. Front-End Product: We didn’t go for a “membership site”. Instead, I recommended he start with just one powerful front-end product. It’s $47 and something that will provide tremendous value to his new clients. Once they try the product – they will be a true believe in Doctor Kennedy. 

#3. Fresh, Original Content: Even though it’s not fully launched yet – Jerry started writing lots of blog posts (with some strong SEO-friendly titles). Just a handful is good enough to go live with. And he’ll continue to publish new posts every week.

#4. Podcast: One of his traffic strategies will be a podcast. He’s a few episodes in and will continue to create new ones consistently. He’s not using it as his sole traffic method – simply another tool in his diverse toolbox.

I really love to highlight people like Jerry. He’s a professional with a strong knowledge of his subject area. And now, he’s looking to take his message to the masses to help them solve a serious problem (and yes, he’ll earn some nice passive income for his family as well).

It’s a win/win, my friend. And that’ the way it’s done.

And when his business hits 7-figures, there will be the haters who say “he got lucky” or a certain President might say “you didn’t build that”, but you and I know the truth. Oh yeah… we know the truth. 




P.S. Here’s another one of the models we explored – and can easily be added to Jerry’s new publishing empire as another revenue stream.

P.P.S. Jerry Kennedy is a member of my “Titanium” group. It’s currently full – but if you are interested in learning more about other options, you can skype me at “coachryanlee”


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Blueprint to a FAST Six-Figure "Mini-Launch" (In Exactly 2 hours, 26 minutes and 30 seconds Flat!)

About 10 days ago, I was talking with someone. It was about being a featured presenter for my upcoming DotComXpo online event.

After hearing about how she creating this hands-off “Kindle” empire – I was floored. And admittedly – a little envious.

Rachel didn’t have to run an active blog. She wasn’t doing 1/10th of the stuff that I do, yet she was also living the life of a true “lifestyle entrepreneur”. 

I knew immediately this was something I had to share with my group of awesome entrepreneurs. It worked. It was a SYSTEM. It was repeatable. It required no list, no affiliates and no connections. The income potential is sweet indeed. And finally, she’s not only in the trenches doing it – she seemed like someone who really cared about her student’s success.

 Here was the blueprint of how we pulled off a super-fast mini-launch in a matter of hours.



It took about 15 minutes and I asked the question… “are you interesting in helping all of my subscribers and clients?”.

I had a good idea what her answer would be – and she said, “absolutely, I would love to”.

So that took us immediately to Step 2…

(time to complete first step: 30 seconds)



Next, we brainstormed what she can offer my peeps. I said it had to be an offer they could never get anywhere else. Basically, an offer they couldn’t refuse

So, we looked at her premium Kindle training – and it sells for $997.

The first obvious thing to do was drop the price. And we dropped the price… big-time.

Next, she stacked on 2 killer bonuses (30 days of coaching PLUS she’ll critique your first book). That alone is worth the price of admission.

And finally, I wanted to throw something in – so I am putting together a special training to show people how to double their revenue once they make their first Kindle sale.

To say we built a “no-brainer” offer was the understatement of the year. (BTW, creating an irresistible offer that actually delivers is vital… without that, everything else falls apart).

(time to complete second step: 10 minutes of brainstorming)



We both move quickly – so we set a date in the calendar. It was to take place in exactly seven days. That would give me enough time to start promoting it and make sure the systems are setup.

Most other people would have waited 3 months – but I had a space in my calendar and really loved this topic. So seven days it was.

(time to complete third step: 1 minute to open google calendar)



bigstock-Stopwatch-5332889Because of the time crunch, I wanted to keep it simple. 

We both agreed on a live Webinar as the best format since she’s a great teacher and she’d be able to take questions. She’d create the content and I’d be the host. 

First, I went to gotowebinar and locked in the day/time for 1,000 attendees.

Next, I setup a sweet Webinar landing page using LeadPages (seriously, I LOVE LP – it has transformed my business and saves me about $2k a month on programming alone).

Ok, I admit it’s pretty easy for me to write the copy. I have been writing my own copy for 14+ years – so it took me about 10 minutes to create/write this page.

This was purely an “internal mini-launch” so I didn’t need a full shopping cart. I hooked it up to paypal and we were good to go.

(time to complete fourth step: 20 minutes to setup gotowebinar, landing page and paypal)



By 10am the next day – we opened the registration doors to the Webinar. I knew immediately we had a big hit (the signups were through the roof).

A few emails, a few Facebooks posts and we were in business. After all, I have been building a relationship with my audience for years – so the trust is already there. They know I’d never steer them in the wrong direction.

(time to complete fifth step: 15 minutes to write/deliver each email)



The clock hit 9pm on Tuesday night and we were live and rockin’. I just clicked “start webinar” and hit record on screenflow, that’s it.

Rachel hit a grand slam on the training – and the orders came in fast and furious.

I’ve never done a Webinar with more “thank you” emails than this one. Here are just a few that have come in…

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 9.57.50 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 9.59.56 AM


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.01.51 AM 

 (time to complete sixth step: 90 minutes to deliver webinar)



There were literally thousands of people who couldn’t attend the webinar for whatever reason. Time zone, busy schedule, work, etc.

So we setup a replay. Again, I went to LeadPages and created a replay page in about 5 minutes flat. I just plugged in my video recording, set the “order” button to paypal – and we’re back in business.

The next day, I sent a follow-up email to my list – and BAM! It’s awesome to be part of something that I know will change the lives of so many people (and yes, it’s a nice payday for us too – I have no problem at all with Capitalism).

(time to complete seventh and final step: 10 minutes)


There you go, a step-by-step blueprint to an internal, mini-launch.

From idea to delivery: 7 days 

Actual amount of work time: 2 hours, 26 minutes and 30 seconds… but who’s counting?



P.S. If, for some insane reason you didn’t get the Kindle program yet – this is your last chance before this offer disappears forever. Don’t miss it.





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Keeping Your “Virtual” Team Loyal: Part II

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the simple way to keep your virtual team happy – and it was to pay them on time.

Now, here’s another overlooked concept.


bigstock-What-Is-Your-Mission--8338738When I say “buying in”, I don’t mean like they are at a Poker table in Vegas. It simply means they BELIEVE IN THE COMPANY MISSION!

You must get your team on board with your mission. It doesn’t have to be a fancy mission statement – it can be just one sentence. I always say “we are here to help these men and woman have more freedom in their lives”. Like when longtime client, Alwyn Cosgrove was able to take a year off of personal training and just sell his products when he was fighting cancer. That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I still blog almost daily. And why I still do webinars. And why I still created products. And it’s why I’ll still be doing this until my last breath. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. 

Believe it or not, making money is not the number one motivator for employees. It’s having a job they feel is worthwhile. Something that keeps them moving forward. And yes, even challenges them.

I talk to my team all the time about my CUSTOMERS. How we are here for them. We are here to change their lives.

If we take care of the customers – they will reward us with a thriving business. That’s the way it works. I’s simple. It’s the law of the universe – and after you’ve tried everything else, you’ll also discover it’s the stone cold truth.

Yes, we are a business. And yes, we want to make a profit – a big profit. Without profit, they would be out of a job. But we always come back to the rule of doing everything for our customers. It’s why I’m so picky which products I endorse and promote. 

This morning, I had a 10 minute conversation at the gym with a friend who is a surgeon. He’s having challenges with his employees – they are doing the bare minimum. When I asked if they really buy into his mission of helping their patients – he said “no”. It’s sadly become just a paycheck for them. But that’s gotta change – and I said his first order of business is to get them all on the same page. To get them aligned with the mission of the business (yes, a medical practice is still a business!). Without they, they’ll simply “punch the clock”.

In my company, we NEVER use phrases like “extracting money” or “oh, they customers won’t care if that doesn’t work”.

Instead my team uses language like “adding value” or “yes, we can do that for them”. 

When your team sees how much you care about your customers. When your team realized THEY are changing lives… well, that is something money can’t buy. And they get excited about coming to “work” – not for the paycheck, but for what they are a part of. 

Yeah, it’s common sense. But you’d be surprised how little it’s actually practiced. 


P.S. Speaking of endorsing products – you can’t miss this free training. One of the greatest success stories I’ve ever seen – and she’s revealing how she went from Walmart cashier to a rock-solid recurring revenue stream on autopilot. Register here.

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Keeping Your "Virtual" Team Loyal: Part I

Finding good talent is a challenge.

Whether it’s a good copywriter, programmer, virtual assistant or a designer – it’s not always easy to find someone who can do quality work consistently.

However – what’s an even bigger challenge is KEEPING them.

That’s right, you have probably heard horror stories of an outsourced team member completely disappearing (or you have experienced this nightmare yourself).

My main executive assistant, Demetria, has been with me for over 10 years as has one of my programmers, Sanjiv. And with my two new team members, Jennifer and Jessica – they have both said they are here to stay for good.

And while I can write a book about managing a virtual team with dozens of proven strategies – here’s one simple tip that’s a must…


You can use an automatic system like ADP or Paychex. Or even paypal. But you MUST set a pay schedule for team members – and pay them on time. Period. End of story.

Some people you hire literally depend on getting paid. It can mean the difference between keeping the electricity on or not. Or if they will lose their house next week. Yes, it can be that serious – so don’t screw around with it. 

I am trying out a new programmer for an upcoming project. We started with a small project first (so I can see the quality and speed of his work). Here’s what he just wrote on skype:


Pay even faster than expecting (just as you would like if we were working) and everyone wins.




P.S. Speaking of an autopilot, virtual business – check this out.

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You Down With O.P.T?

I remember some fun nights at Ithaca College back in 1991. There was a place called “The Bomb Shelter”, it was a sweaty, out of the way dance club/bar that had “dimie” night every Thursday. That’s right, beer was just $.10 cents – and we’d buy a tray of beer at a time (Hey, it was college. And yes, they really served a tray of beer). 

And at the Bomb Shelter you could always count on the dance floor coming alive when Naughty By Nature’s rap-anthem, You Down With O.P.P came blaring through the sound system.

The original masterpiece…O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature. C’mon.. you know you wanna dance.
But times have changed. I am now a few weeks away from turning 41. Married with four kids. And O.P.P. is a distant memory. Now, my focus has become soccer games, birthday parties, working from coffee shops and…


Oh yeah.. that’s how I’m rolling now.



Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Even the best offer in the world will die a slow and painful death without traffic.

So how the heck do you get more traffic?

There are literally thousands of ways to get traffic – but my favorite is something so simple, yet so profound.

And that is to… go where the buyers are.

Crazy, huh?

By the way, notice i said BUYERS. 

Building a large list of tire-kickers who never buy might stroke your ego (“hey, I’ve got a list of 300,000 – how big is yours?”, said the jerk at the marketing conference), but it doesn’t pay your bills. It’s the BUYERS that pay you money.. that’s what counts. Go for the buyers.

If you’ve ever lived in the world of direct marketing – you’ll pay so much more to rent a list of buyers versus people who were “interested” in a product. 



Think about Amazon for a minute…

All they do is attract BUYERS and nothing but buyers. Millions of them. You get the right offer in front of their buyers – and you are set.

They are, by far, the largest e-commerce store in the world. It’s not even close. People trust Amazon and they BUY at Amazon.

Amazon spends millions of dollars optimizing and running such advanced testing algorithms (things I will never understand)… and it’s all to sell more of your products. The more products they sell – the more they make. They are doing everything they can to sell YOUR products – and the opportunity is ripe for action takers. (make sure to register for this free Amazon training)

Yes, you need a well rounded traffic strategy. And there are plenty of other places to sell your digital products now (iTunes and Nook) plus other less conventional marketplaces like udemy or even Groupon. You can even find other e-commerce stores in your niche to carry your products. When I first started in the fitness industry, Perform Better carried all of my training products – and it was 100% passive income.

There will continue to be more opportunities to get your products on large marketplaces where they get the eyeballs for a slice of the pie (I’m working on a new site and newsletter 100% focused on this topic – stay tuned).

Be smart. Be strategic. And starting thinking.. O.P.T.



P.S. FREE AMAZON TRAINING: TURNING AMAZON INTO RECURRING REVENUE: See how a former dead-broke Walmart cashier makes $3K per month with just one Kindle book on autopilot.. and has duplicated the system 40 more times.. (all without writing a word). REGISTER FOR THE TRAINING HERE

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Business Wisdom.. From Mike Tyson?

Mike TysonWhen you hear the name “Mike Tyson”, you probably don’t think of business acumen. After all, the former boxing champion has blown through well over $100 million dollars.

But he delivered one of the greatest quotes I’ve heard. When asked about how he is going to do against his upcoming opponent who has studied and trained hard to fight Tyson.

Here was his quote…

Everyone has a plan; ’till they get punched in the mouth

Of course, he was referring to how he stuns an opponent with one shot – and all their plans go out the window. They get scared. They are thrown off their game.

Here’s how this relates to business.

You have a plan – and it’s a good one. Maybe it’s a traffic buying strategy. Or a big launch with parters already lined up. Or a new product with a partner.

But something goes wrong. Perhaps Google or Facebook don’t accept your ads. Or a person with more “influence” decides to now launch on the week you were – and everyone drops you like a brick. Or the partner screws you over.

That’s just like getting punched in the mouth. Hard.

And instead of running and hiding – the speed in which you brush yourself off and think of an alternate plan, the better your chances of success. Whether is looking for other places to advertise, moving the date of your launch or producing the product yourself – it’s about adapting to the punch.

Business IS like a boxing match. It can be brutal and there are some people who would like nothing more than to leave you in a  big heaping pile on the floor.

The key is to expect that punch and get yourself physically and emotionally ready for it. So when it comes, you just literally “roll with the punches”.



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How to Run a LEAN Business

When starting (or running) your business, think about one word.. LEAN.

I’ve told all of my clients (many times), it’s not what you MAKE – it’s what you KEEP that matters.

About seven months ago, I had a conversation with a well-known marketer. His business was doing well, bringing in about $245,000 per month. BUT, and this is a big but, he needed to gross $250,000 per month just to break even!

That’s right – while he was bringing in $245k per month – he was actually losing around $5,000 per month.



I’ve always kept my business lean. I learned this from my dad. He used to own a yarn store (yes, a yarn and needlepoint store) back in the 1970s and 1980s. And even when his business was doing great – he never expanded his store. And he kept his same 2 employees, Gloria and Florence for all of those years.

He was able to save and put away money when business was good and it was a smart move. When competition started to come from large “craft” stores (in a shrinking market), his business started to decline – but my dad was fine. We didn’t have to sell our house and he put plenty of money away.

Now – it’s all these years later and I’m doing the same thing in my business.

I just signed a lease for a new office because I need a quiet space to do webinars, podcasts and coaching calls (it’s just too noisy at home with 4 kids!).

The size, around 200 square feet. That’s enough for two desks and a small la-z-boy chair (where I can work on my laptop like a king). There’s a shared conference room myself and the other tenants can use. A small shared kitchen with a fridge and microwave. It includes free Internet (and I use my cell and skype for phone calls – so no need for a phone line).

My desk will likely be a $75 fold-up table from Costco. I’ve tried dozens of expensive desks over the years – and this one just works. And the lack of drawers forces me to get rid of unnecessary clutter.


My “computer workstation”

My rent is very reasonable and it’s literally a 4 minute drive (or 10 minute bike ride) from my house. I can be at the school to pick up my kids in 2 minutes.

It’s small. It’s convenient. And it’s perfect.

Everyone who works for my company works from their own home. 

Demetria is in Las Vegas. Geo is in Brooklyn. Jennifer and Jessica are in the Philippines. We communicate through skype and email.

Could I afford expensive rent in a AAA building? Sure – but I don’t need it to be or feel successful. 

I like simple. And I like to KEEP the money I work hard for. 




P.S. Want to run a leaner business. Watch my latest workshop where I show you exactly how to build a LEAN lifestyle business. Special offer ends soon.


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