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These People Will DESTROY Your Business

If you want to get into the highly lucrative world of “information marketing” and “digital publishing”, you better have this one thing…


When you follow my advice, you’ll make some waves in your market. That will bring you lots of happy fans and supporters.

BUT, along with those supporters will come the detractors.

Get used to it. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s the truth.

No matter what you do. No matter what you give. No matter how much value you provide – there will be a small percentage of people who bitch and moan. They live to complain. It’s sad, but it’s just their reality.

It’s the person who wins a million dollar lottery payout and complains about having to pay taxes.

Here’s a perfect example to illustrate my point (posted in my Titanium group):




Remember, here’s a guy who is putting on a massive FREE event for his industry.

He’s bringing together world-class speakers. Exclusive content. And delivering it all for FREE! Yes, it’s FREE!

But – because he says, “hey, it’s free to attend but if you want lifetime access the seminar videos – it’s just $99”, his friends said others might complain.


It’s FREE!

entitlementHe’s spending his own time, money and resources to produce an event – and people would actually have the nerve to complain.

And because of feedback from a few “friends”, he was actually considering making a change. 

I basically threatened him.. he better not change one damn word of copy.

He will have THOUSANDS of people who appreciate his hard work and effort.

And yes, a few will bitch and moan. But they were never going to buy anything.

They are the ones with the sense of entitlement. And the worst way to run your business is catering to the people with a sense of entitlement. 

They will occupy all your time and drain your resources. 

You’ll never please them. Ever. So don’t try. 

Do everything you can to REPEL the self-entitled out of your business (and your life). 

Focus on the one’s who “get it”. You’ll be much happier and your business will grow.



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Email Subject with 100% Open Rate: Part I

The best product. The best sales copy. And the biggest email list in the world doesn’t matter unless people actually OPEN your email.

This is a complete email I recently received…. and play close attention to the headline:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.03.14 AM

Example of a powerful email subject.


Now, I didn’t know Owen. We never spoke or emailed before. So it was a “cold” email. (here’s the article).

But how do I not open it? It’s impossible to ignore.

It focused on something so powerful. So irresistible. IT FOCUSED ON ME.

Maybe I’m super-sensitive to this stuff since I do it everyday, but I think his email could have been even more personal. I am assuming he sent the email to all of the 13 other entrepreneurs. If he were my client, I would have recommended him spending 5 more minutes on each email to make it personal.

Just adding something simple and personal like, “Ryan, I really enjoy your work.. especially the article you wrote about XYZ. In fact, I just wrote a blog post that featured you and your insights about this topic”. 

That one sentence would have told me this is NOT just a copy/paste email. But either way, I commend him on making this effort.

In fact, in an upcoming post – I will dig much deeper into this. But for now, if you are reaching out to people you want to connect with… take your time to sculpt a personal email.

Oh yeah, by comparison, here’s an instant message I received on Facebook this morning. It’s the exact opposite of what you should do:

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.48.39 AM

Bad example of a message.

She took ZERO time to know me. ZERO time to know my business. And ZERO time to even use my name in the message.  

Then she probably wonders “why is no one responding to my messages?!”.

Be smart. Be focused. And make it PERSONAL whenever possible.



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Stop getting fancy. 

If you’ve done something in the past that works.. repeat it

If you see others doing something that’s working in your market, repeat it (of course, you don’t copy.. you improve upon it).

If a product or promotion is getting stale (they ALL go stale after a while), find a way to make it new and fresh.

One of my best promotions put over 2,200 people into a program which was $97/month. Why the heck didn’t I just do that again?

Because I got in my own way. I tried to get too fancy. Tried too hard to be different. And got away from the fundamentals. As Peter Hoppenfeld has said, “I started drinking my own Kool-Aid”.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Any questions?



P.S. One of the best “repeatable” business models right now is digital publishing on Amazon. Check this out.

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Your Network

…is your net worth.

I’ve heard that quote dozens of times, and it’s 100% true. “Your Network is your Net Worth“.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, has built my wealth more than my “network”.

It got me on big stages. Connected me with top media buyers. Landing me a column in Entrepreneur. Got me the #1 book agent for my next book. And has helped sell millions of dollars of products. That’s right.. all from my network.

Reach out to different people in your network on a daily basis – even just to say hello. No hidden agenda.

And meet at least three new people a day. Could be via Facebook, Twitter or yes… actually in person (gasp!). Reach out and offer help. It’s that easy.

When you build your network, you build your net worth. Period.



P.S. I’m helping a client launch his new coaching/mastermind club. It’s for people who want to sell on Kindle.. but with a twist. He gives you the upcoming hot markets on the Kindle platform. The guy went from a furntiture salesman to 6-figures in a few months. If interested in becoming a BETA member for a massive discount, please email me immediately at ryan (at) SUB=6FKC

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Turn Off Your Cell

Want to double your productivity?

Have better relationships?

And build a more profitable business?

Then turn off your cellphone.

If you are going out to dinner with friends, leave your phone in the car.

If family is coming over for a holiday, shut off your phone.

If you are writing a new blog post, put your phone away.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. And how much more engaged in life you’ll feel. And how much your business will grow.

Go ahead, try it today.


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When to Pay a Premium: Part I (Graphics)

Money. It’s a touchy topic. And in this ongoing series – we’ll discuss the fine art of SAVING MONEY.. and when it’s a good idea to SPEND MORE money. 

landscapingI’d like to tell you a quick story to illustrate my point. Today, we are having lots of plants and shrubs removed at our house. Our expensive landscaper wanted $2,200. His workers all have college degrees and are a true “white glove” service.

But just to dig up some plants, I didn’t need white gloves..  I needed someone to just rip stuff out of the ground (dirty gloves, if you will). So I went to Craigslist and found a father/son team to do the exact same job for $600. 

Now don’t get me wrong – I always pay what the going rate is. I understand they also have a business to run, so I’m fair. And I didn’t haggle. They gave me a fair price for the work and I immediately accepted. I would never take advantage of people, but it’s sometimes a question of finding the RIGHT person for the RIGHT job.

In the case of the plants, I simply didn’t need to pay each worker $48/hour when that level of skill wasn’t required. The $15/hour worker will do the exact same job. There is no finesse needed to dig up plants (and there’s no way in the world I’m spending all day out there digging up plants myself.. not a chance!).

But when we are having the expensive plants transplanted to other parts of our property. Or creating a new garden in our yard – then I’m going with the different landscapers. Those services the requires a different expertise.

This lesson also translates to your business.

Over the last 13+ years of running a publishing empire, I have learned there are times when you should try and save (and there’s definitely a time to pay the higher price).

This will be an ongoing series into the fine art of saving money on your business (and spending more to make more). I’ll take you inside on saving and getting quality.



 When it comes to graphics, I prefer to spend more for higher quality and recommend you do the same.

Here are a few items I always pay top dollar for…

  • Logos
  • Book covers
  • Kindle covers
  • Infographics
  • Site headers

These types of images represent your business. And , I’m sorry, but most of the time, a $5 book cover on fiverr doesn’t cut it. 

Just look at the numbers.

R.L. Matthewson went from selling 5 to 6 copies of her a day. She changed just her cover image and it jumped to 1,000 sales per day.

Just from a cover change!!!

But what if your jump isn’t that dramatic.

Let’s say you publish your next book on Kindle. You usually sell 20 copies a month of your $3 book with an average cover design you got on Fiverr (for $5).

But if you could go back in time, you spend $200 on a much better cover. One that pops and gets attention in the Kindle marketplace.

Now, instead of 20 copies a month for $600 in gross revenue – you sell 50 copies a month for a gross revenue of $1,500.

Sure, you saved $195 on the cover design, but in just ONE MONTH you could have made an additional $900 in revenue.

And believe me, the results could be even more dramatic. You could have done to 75 copies. Or 200 copies.

But yet, some people think.. .$200 for an ebook cover??? Are you crazy??? They’ll even go on forums asking things like “how can I get a logo done for just $3??”. It’s insane.

When you look at the long term, the investment in good graphics can pay for itself many times over.

Image IS important.

Do I use the low-cost designers? Absolutely!

For some ads on banner networks that are supposed to stand out (and not look too glossy). Or laying out a free report for a client. Those don’t always require “white glove” service.



Here are a few resources to get your design done, no matter the job…

99 Designs: Thousands of designers to bid on your job. Good for high-quality graphics depending on your set budget.

99 Designs/Logos: Done-for-you logos for $99

Crowdspring: A competitor to 99 Designs, offering virtually the same service.

Fiverr: For less expensive, quick graphics for just $5.


So there you go. I hope you enjoyed this post. Look for Part II coming soon..



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What Is Your "Creative" Space

For the upcoming DotComXpo – I spoke with a world famous interior designer.

She talked about being productive in your “work space” (and even has cool diagrams about work flow and setting up your desk… awesome stuff!).

One of the points that hit home was the idea of your creative space.

This is the place you go when it’s time to get your creative work done.

It could be writing sales copy. Or sculpting the perfect blog post. Or composing a powerful ad. Or even creating a profitable new product.

It’s the place that’s different from other tasks like bill paying, answering emails or making phone calls.



coffeeshopI started to think about my day. 

And it suddenly hit me, I do ALL of my creative work when I’m at a coffee shop. It’s like I’ve trained myself to put on my creative hat when I’m there. The smells. The sounds. I’m like a Pavlovian dog when I walk into a Starbucks.

I have a separate office outside my home, but when I’m there – I just can’t get into the “creative mode”. Just like Christopher Walken needed more cowbell, I need more coffee shop!

For you, it might be a home office. Or perhaps a comfy chair in your family room. Maybe it’s even the kitchen table. Take a minute to think about WHERE you are most creative.

This idea is a simple one – and sometimes the most simple ideas are the most powerful (and indeed, most elegant).

Find that one place where you do your creative work. Make sure it’s separate from your “other” work. And when you are there – dig in and get to work.

Turn off your distractions and just focus, focus, focus.



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