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"Sneak-Peek" Inside a Group Free-Flow Coaching Session

Every single week, I do LIVE trainings for my “Plat” group.

Sometimes it’s a special guest (like when we had the #1 media buyer on the planet show how to get cheap clicks OR when we had a fellow member show how he got 11,000 new Facebook fans in one week). And other times, it’s a brand new training.

But the favorite training is usually when it’s “open mic”. I just open the lines for one-hour, roll-up my sleeves and dig in.

For the first time, I am letting you see what goes on behind the scenes.

Why would I do this? Well, two reasons..

#1. Teaching: I’m sure even from this one session you’ll pickup a few nuggets of wisdom you can apply in your business
#2. New Members: Yeah, I kinda want to show you how much you are missing on a weekly basis if you are not a Plat member yet.

A fair warning.. I’m not keeping this up for long. So watch it now before it’s taken down…

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The Power of Being "Understated"

In the online marketing world, we are so used to SHOUTING.

We have BIG, BALLSY headlines. We use scarcity to get orders. We use hype. We make outrageous promises. We have countdown clocks. We tell everyone to share, tweet, like, and hashtag everything.

And yet, there are some people doing VERY well…. by doing the exact opposite.

I’ve spent the past two days at an event I’ve been attending regularly for the last five years. It’s about 15 minutes from my house, right in the middle of Stamford, CT. And you’ve probably never heard about this event.


It’s invitation-only (if you don’t operate your business with high integrity, you cannot attend).

It’s over $2K to attend.

There are just a two speakers a day – the rest of the time is engaging in high-level conversation and sharing. Of course, I always have to crack a joke when it’s my turn on the mic as I share content.. but I digress.

It sells-out all 80 spots in a few days with no sales letter – just one email.

The web site has virtually zero copy. You’ll only see the name of the event. The location. The date. The price. And a “Buy Now” button which I actually setup for him (I did it for him in 5 minutes using paypal).

Oh yeah – and we are NOT allowed to promote it while the event is going on.

The event organizer says, “This is a safe place. What we say is kept here so you are NOT allowed to quote any speakers”. Meaning no tweeting, hashtagging, liking or any other crazy program you social media freaks are into (ok, those are my words).

Can you imagine? It’s the OPPOSITE of every event I’ve ever attended.

In fact, this is now the ONLY event I’ve attended over the years where I have not been a speaker (and I was honored to speak at it 4 years ago).



Since we are not allowed to promote the event while it’s going on.. I will honor my friend and keep it quiet. But since I know him so well – I’ll let you in on how he does it.

HE GIVES FIRST and never asks for anything in return.

He cherishes relationships.

It’s rare for him to meet-up someone and not have a book in hand to give as a gift.

He shares information. He gives feedback. He connects people without a need for “reciprocation”.

Unlike so many marketers, when someone does a favor for me – I can tell in a second they are going to eventually “call in” that favor. I’m a New Yorker… I have a sense for it. But not with him. He gives and you just know it’s from the heart.

For years, he held monthly dinners with another entrepreneur in NYC. They’d bring together three to five other entrepreneurs who have never met before and would treat them all to dinner. That’s right – just to connect everyone. And they would pay for the dinner (plus give us, yes, more gifts).

They asked for nothing in return.

It was at one of those dinners, I connected with Noah Kagan (founder of AppSumo, who then spoke at my last DotComXpo).

So when he sends an email letting you know about his next event. And you know the level it will operate – you are sold before you even get to the web site. Heck, you are sold before you even OPEN the email (and yes, his email ALWAYS gets opened).



Don’t believe the hype. You can operate at a higher level – and it’s where I’m still striving to get my business to.

When you build your business with integrity. And create lasting relationships. This is the exact type of thing that can happen for you.

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The WRONG Way to "Model" Success

Yesterday, I did a speed coaching session with a young, motivated entrepreneur.

He told me about his idea (a type of “club”) – which I immediately liked. It fit all the criteria for a successful lifestyle business (recurring revenue, saves member’s money, and a highly targeted market that is easy to reach).

This entrepreneur got the inspiration from another successful business he’s seen. This other business has 15,000 members who pay around $12 per month (yeah, those are strong numbers!).

But here’s where he start to go wrong. He began to “change” the model.



The main competitor (business he is “modeling”) MAILS content each month. There’s a specific reason why (I can’t give it away what they sell due to confidentiality of our call), however, I can tell you the mailing is IMPORTANT. I believe it’s a big reason why people stick around.

But my young client said, “well, if it costs them $1 to mail out the letter to each person, that’s $15,000 per month in mailing costs! So I want to deliver it all digitally and save that money”.

I was stunned.

I explained one of the reasons people stick to that particular program is because it’s MAILED to them.

And then, I said, let’s look at the MATH for a minute.

15,000 members X $12 per month = $180,000 per month (gross).

$180K PER MONTH! And he’s complaining about the $15,000 to deliver those profits? We are so spoiled with digital delivery we forget how BIG our profit margins truly are.

I told him if he completely changed the delivery model – for all we know, you will save that $15,000 in mailing costs BUT you might also lose (conservatively) 30% of your customers. It could actually be a 50% drop in membership and/or retention.

Let’s go with a 30% drop. So now, with 9,000 members X $12 his gross income drops from $180,000 to $108,000. Yes, he saved $15,000 in postage but he also lowered his monthly income be $72,000! (Remember, that’s PER MONTH, and that’s close to $1 million per year in lost revenue).

What’s the point of this story?

If you are going to model a business, then MODEL the business. Don’t try to cut corners and change a big part of the program just to save a few bucks. In the end, it might cost you much more than you realize.

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Build Your List in 4 Hours (video)

Here’s a great training video with Rachel Rofe showing how she build a new list using “giveaway”… in under 4 hours. And spend just $8.77!

To checkout the FREE BONUSES you get with FB Ads Cracked, click here.

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As an entrepreneur… you can either REACT or you can ANTICIPATE.

The most successful fitness entrepreneurs anticipated the need for faster workouts as people became busier – instead of forcing one-hour workouts down their throats (even P90X has created a short version of their workouts, plus BeachBody has released T25 which are 25 minute workouts.. they are anticipating the market).

The smartest content creators anticipated Google changing their algorithm to eliminate “link farms” and duplicate content from their search results… and put out quality, original, and shareable content.

The shrewd publishers anticipated the shift from print books to digital books and started creating a publishing company on Kindle to build a strong foothold in the marketplace.

The people who are most in touch with their market realized just how confusing G+ was for the average person (I still can’t figure the damn thing out!), and they anticipated it would eventually morph again. So they focused on Facebook traffic and relationship building.

Even right now, I see how many people are reading my emails on their mobile phones and I have a few changes in the works.

Reacting is the opposite of anticipating. You are passive. You don’t see the angles. It’s the person who started buying real estate in 2008 (oops!).

By the time you read about it in the newspaper, you are usually too late.

But even when you can anticipate what is happening, you should jump in with both feet. Back in 2005, I was the first person to teach a “Kettlebell” training workshop to fitness professionals for Perform Better (the largest equipment company for fitness pros). At that time, they didn’t even have kettlebells to sell and I was going to work with them to develop a new line of KBs. But I hesitated, got distracted with my other companies and dropped the ball. It was a mistake that probably cost me about $3 million bucks.

I anticipated. I guessed right but I still blew it.

You should know your market like the back of your hand.

Study them. Know them. See what they are buying. Get outside of your industry to see other trends happening.

Only when you truly understand your market and what they want – can you anticipate the next move. And then, take action.

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Stay Grounded. Be Happy.

Yesterday, I did a Facebook post about how I was working from the food court at a shopping mall. This was my post below:


But what struck me was one of the replies by fellow Plat member, JR. Here’s what he wrote…


Now, the fast that he said I was in “beastmode”,  of course I loved that. I’m always in beastmode. But “blending in”, that’s what I like the most.

The fact I can throw on a T-shirt and jeans and impact hundreds of thousands of people while working from my local Starbucks, or my family room, or even a food court… there’s nothing better than that.

Maybe it’s because I’m now approaching 42 and comfortable in my own skin, but I feel no need to impress people. I just want what most people want… HAPPINESS. That’s right, happiness.

And most people are simply not happy.

If you are only driven by material things, you will never find peace and happiness. You might think the $200K ferrari will make you happy. And when you finally buy it, it might bring some happiness. But the joy will be short-lived as you then want the next big, shiny object. It becomes an addiction. An itch that’s never satisfied.

Remember back when you were a child and there was a special toy toy wanted for your birthday (or Christmas or Hanukkah). You really, really want it. You told your parents once you get that toy, you’ll be happy.

You finally get that toy and you are happy for a few hours, days or even weeks. But eventually, that toy loses it’s luster. And you see another commercial for a different toy. Well, I don’t have to fill in the blanks for you… you remember all too well how you now shifted all your attention to the “next toy”. And you PROMISED you’d be happy with that NEW toy.

Please mommy, I really want that toy. Pleeeaaaaseeee…..

The cycle continued on and on and on.

I’m not judging, nor am I telling you NOT to go for the $200K car if that’s what you want. If you want that car, I truly wish for you to get it. But what I am suggesting is DON’T base your happiness solely on that material purchase.

Learn to find pleasure in simple things.

For me, happiness is cuddling up on the couch with my four kids while having some popcorn (with M&M’s, of course) for a movie night. No car (or material object) in the world could replace that feeling. Not even close.

For you, it might be something different. Maybe it’s a hike through a rugged trail on a cool Fall day. Or, perhaps, it’s walking around the mall for a few hours while window shopping. Or having a romantic dinner with your significant other.

The point is, you must find a way to be happy that does not rely on buying material goods.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

I know, I know. You might be thinking “Ryan, this post has nothing to do with how to make money online… get to the “traffic” tips.. that’s what’s important”.

But you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. There is nothing more important than finding that inner peace, love and happiness.

Otherwise… what’s the point of it all?



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