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4 Business Lessons from a Baseball Legend: Tony Gwynn

Growing up I was a BIG baseball fan. And during the 1980s, there was a player who everyone liked no matter what team you rooted for. His name was Tony Gwynn.

Tony Gwynn was one of the best pure hitters of all-time. He won the batting title 8 times and a .338 lifetime batting average (for those non-baseball fans, it was the highest career average for any player who started after WWII). It seemed every gamy my beloved Mets played against the Padres (Tony’s team), he would get a hit.

And when Tony Gwynn was eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame – he got in on the first ballot (not that there was any question he would get in on the first try).

This past weekend, Tony Gwynn passed away at the age of 54 from salivary gland cancer and the baseball world is mourning.

So what does a baseball legend have to do with business? Here are X lessons you can learn about business from the life and career of Tony Gwynn…

For Tony Gwynn, it was about getting base hits. He didn’t try to hit a home run – he would just beat you with singles and virtually never strike out. Sure, the home run hitters get all the glory, but Tony didn’t care about the glory, he beat you with the singles. And it was those thousands of nice and easy base hits that added up to a hall of fame career.

Takeaway: You can build a very big and profitable business by creating lots and lots of high-quality, low-priced products which sell well. And when added up, come to significant income. You might not have the glory of a big “best seller” (aka Home Run), but at the end of the day, you’ll have a successful (and profitable) business.

Tony played for twenty years. By knowing what he was good at and focusing on that one thing (base hits), he played professional baseball for two decades. He knew by just getting hits, it will help his team win and he wouldn’t be the “flavor of the month”. The final result was 3,141 hits over twenty years.

Takeaway: Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Create products, programs and companies that are built to last. In other words, one product launch (just like a player having one good season) is NOT a business and won’t get you in the hall of fame.


In a era where professional athletes hop from team to team for a bigger paycheck, Tony Gwynn was loyal. He played his entire career for ONE team, the San Diego Padres. The relationship he had with San Diego fans led to the team literally building a statue of Tony at the ballpark!

Takeaway: You must be loyal your customers and clients – they are the lifeblood of your business s. Promoting products you know aren’t good just because you “owe” a friend an email or it’s a “reciprocal” mailing is poor business. Show your customers (a.k.a. fans) how much you care for them – and you will be handsomely rewarded.


I was contemplating adding this lesson, but I think it’s important. Tony died at just 54 years old (at least 30 years too young). It was from salivary gland cancer which he attributed to years of chewing tobacco (a habit he started when he was a rookie in 1981). Tony can no longer  watch his grandchildren grow – which is the saddest tragedy.

Takeaway: You will never reach the highest levels of success unless you are treating your body like a temple. But more importantly, you might be cutting years off your life. Do all the stuff you know you should be doing. Eat better. Exercise. And avoid the bad crap (like tobacco).

They broke the mold when they made Tony Gwynn, both the baseball player and the man. And there are many lessons to be learned by looking back and reflecting on his life.

Tony Gwynn left a legacy.

Are you living a life of greatness? Or are you settling for mediocrity?

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Domains for Sale

Over the years, my over-active Entrepreneurial brain would sometimes get the best of me. And while I’ve created hundreds of successful products and businesses over the years – there are hundreds more multi-million dollar products/brands I simply never had the time to complete.

So here’s the deal. I own A LOT of domain names. I scooped up some of these names over 10 years ago and I’m ready to let them go. It’s the first time many of these names have been available to the public in over a decade.

Domain names are like real estate. And with the .com (the gold standard) there is only ONE of them. Ever. There will never be another .com. So once you own it, it’s yours forever. And these domain names only go UP in value as less and less are available.

So why would I let them go?

It’s actually a personal issue. I have recently been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. It’s something I am dealing with and can be controlled. And part of my treatment is simply slowing down and de-stressing. By literally letting go of these domains, I can calm my mind and re-focus on my core business.

I was planning on holding onto these for years – but the idea of clearing my plate gives me a great sense of relief.

There are a few 3rd party domain reseller who want to exclusively represent my portfolio. But before I do that, I would rather give YOU the opportunity to own these names (plus, when they do resell these names, they will be asking up to $10k for some of these names). It’s much more satisfying to see one of my subscribers have a great name and run with it.


Step 1: Take a look at the available names below and see which one (or ones) you like.
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This will be open for bidding until the names are sold. If you come in with a serious bid – the name is yours. (please don’t waste my time and yours with a low bid of $20). If you win, we’ll send you a link via email to make the payment and transfer it over to you.

Bid now as these names will go fast. Once the name is gone, it’s gone forever. No reasonable offer will be refused.

Good luck and happy bidding! (and (and (and (and (and (and (and (.info, .net, .org) (.net, .org, .biz, .tv, .mobi) (and (and

If you’d like to own any of these name, CLICK HERE and submit a bid. 

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Marketing… Like a Gentleman

Ever year, I attend an invite-only event called the Consumer Health Summit… held just 20 minutes from my house in Stamford, CT.

And every year – the person I always look forward to seeing the most is Gary Bencivenga, arguably the world’s greatest living copywriter,

And I’m not making up that title, ask anyone who understands copywriting or direct mail – ad they will agree Gary is simply untouchable. His legacy is firmly cemented as one of the best of all-time.

His marketing campaigns and packages have generated more revenue than most of us could possibly fathom (I couldn’t even make a guess of how many hundreds of millions of dollars his copy packages have generated).

With his successful track record, he has earned the right to be arrogant, but here’s the thing.. he couldn’t possibly be more humble and warm. We always greet each other with a smile and a big hug. And his equally warm wife, Pauline, is right there by his side. A true partnership.

Gary has retired from writing copy for other people – but he does it for his own company, The Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club. That’s right, he has a membership club… for olive oil!



Why am I writing about Gary? To show you how to market… like a gentleman (or gentlewoman, if there’s such a word).

Gary is a master of his craft.

He tells stories. His copy is engaging. He leads his potential customers down a path. He uses real salesmanship.

He doesn’t need hypey, aggressive hype. His headlines don’t have to scream.

I highly doubt he’s ever used the word “ninja” or “crush it” in his copy.

Why does every “Internet marketer” have to write copy as if they are trying to reach a 20-year old gamer? I’m just so tired of it.

If you are going to “model” sales copy, study the direct mail all-time greats like Gary Bencivenga – not the new, hypey IM “dudes” (here’s a link to his newsletter, which he told me he’s thinking of bringing back).

Your conversions will increase and you’ll feel much better about promoting your products.

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