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Warrior Special Offer: Let’s Dance.


I was recently “called out” for comments I made during one of my webinars I recorded a few months ago.

Here’s the video that another marketer recorded and put on youtube. He then sent me a private message asking to publicly debate him. I originally said no – but then I slept on it. And yes, let’s rock and roll…

Now, I know I became pretty negative about a year ago based on all the garbage I saw “behind the scenes” of the Internet marketing industry – and I promised to keep things positive.

So I’ll try my hardest not to get pulled back to the darkside – but I will be honest about this (I feel like Corleone and every time I try to get out – they pull me back in!)


There’s a site that you might know called “The Warrior Forum”. And while, I did make a general blanket statement saying that no one there is making money – there are some good, smart and successful people selling WSO’s – but in my experience, mostare not.

The entire site is filled with a lot of negativity. A lot of haters. A lot of fakers. A lot of people who pretend to make money, but really don’t.

And these “Warrior Special Offers” are where “Internet marketers” come up with special deals to sell.

My issue is with a majority of the hacks who sell garbage they know doesn’t work.

How do I know this? I’ve done at least 10 strategy sessions with people who used to make money selling WSOs – and they even admitted their product didn’t work. And they were tired of deceiving people and making money by defrauding people. It was pretty shocking what they told me.

Here’s an example…

Let’s call him Jeff. Jeff is 19, lives on his friends couch and never made a dime online. But he thinks, “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a wordpress plugin that automatically got you new “fake” comments on your blog to make you look popular?”

Jeff then scrapes together $200 and heads over to elance and hires a programmer from India to throw something together quickly. 1 week later, Jeff’s “software” is up on the WSO.

He gets some testimonials from his friends and people are buying. And yes, Jeff is making some money.

Of course, there is zero customer support. And the plugin has never been proven to actually work in the real-world. And when the next wordpress update comes, Jeff’s plugin will likely not work anymore (nor will he support it – he’ll be onto another product by then).

Do you see the many problems here?

First, Jeff is not building a real business. And his product is built on lies.

He thinks it will work – but it’s not proven.

Oh yeah, he is building a list. But a list of tire-kickers and people just hopping from bizop to bizop.


It’s one thing to make money in the “how to make money online” market, it’s another thing to transfer that over to other industries. And this is what I have the biggest problem with.

Yes, I sound like a hypocrite since I also teach people “how to make money” – however the difference is I started for the first 8 years in the fitness world. And, in fact, still run my fitness companies. Believe me, I’m as far from perfect as you can get, but I’m still out there testing stuff outside of the “IM” world.

But when you comeback and say, “Hey look at Jeff, he’s making money” and use him as your shining example – you can see the problem with that, can’t you?

Then, Jeff teaches other people his “system” and it’s like a big, fat pyramid scam.

A bunch of people with zero business skills teaching other people how to create subpar “products” that only exist in this weird little bubble.

Now Jeff starts speaking at events. He starts speaking on other webinars. And eventually, Jeff will wear out his welcome. People catch on and start to realize his products don’t work. And in about a year – Jeff comes to me and is looking to start over and do this the “right way”.

It’s the main reason why I am trying to distance myself from most of the people in that world. It’s why I turn down 99% of the speaking gigs the second I look at the other speakers on the agenda. It’s the reason why I became so bitter last year when I saw what really happens.

And anyone who tries to sugarcoat it with the same BS line, “hey Ryan, take it easy, you know most of these guys are good guys” – it drives me crazy. Good guys don’t try to screw over other people on purpose. They don’t sell programs they know don’t work just to make money and then rationalize it. That’s a sociopath and I have no time for them in my life.

“Internet marketing” is NOT a job description. It’s a marketing channel. And unless you can prove your programs/products/coaching workout outside of the incestuous “Internet marketing” industry, then I ain’t buying your stuff. And I’ll stick by my statements unless I’m proven wrong (and btw, I have no problem being proved wrong – just give me some proof).

Ok – I’ll take a deep breath right now. I feel my “New Yorker” is starting to come back. Stay calm, Ryan. Stay calm.

I just can’t wait to see the comments on this one.

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Content Marketing

The Internet Marketing Illusion


My recent post about the Warrior Special Offers definitely got some emotional responses.

Someone accused me of doing this to cause a stir (it was actually my response to someone doing a screencapture of a video, sending traffic to it and asking if I’d like to debate it).

Oh yeah – it has gotten me more attention in the marketplace too, it’s called MARKETING and I do teach “marketing”.

Anyway, I truly believe any time we can have an intelligent discussion about things people normally don’t address (or get entirely too emotional), it’s a good thing. A very good thing.

So I’d like to spend a couple of minutes addresses the big, fat elephant in the room (I’ll address other specific issues in future posts)



My friend Michael Fishman once said that Internet marketing is a marketing channel– it’s not an industry or job description. And those words really resonated with me. After all, I’m the guy who named his FB fanpage  “Ryan Lee – Internet Marketing Expert” (that was a mistake!).

A really, really big issue in the “Internet marketing” industry is something that is almost never spoken about in public. Or, at least, someone with either a true insiderperspective or with large enough platform so the words can be heard.

I’ve been blessed (or cursed) to fit the bill – so I know of what I speak. I have spoken at ALL the big marketing events, have participated in the big “guru” launches (and even did my own 7 figure launch), and my platform is pretty solid. Believe me, I’ve seen (and heard) things “behind the scenes” that would make your skin crawl.

One guy at dinner telling me about his craigslist software that would get you banned from their service – and when I asked how come he is still selling it, he reply was “it’s only $99″ (yes, he really said that).

Or another event promoter telling me I should give “less content” in order to EXTRACT as much money from the crowd.

Or another big “guru” who hired me to coach him – and after one month asked for $800 back so he can pay one of his employees (and he was on stage selling “how to be rich”).

But most people with an inside view of this world or with a large platform are afraid to speak out. Why?

makeadealBecause much of their success is built upon deals, handshakes and “reciprocations”. It’s a world where you mail for your friends (whether you’ve seen the product or not). It’s a world where you mail for the offer with the best EPC (earnings per click), again, whether you know the product will help your subscribers who TRUST YOU for the truth.

So if some of my fellow marketers speak “the truth” about how the system works – they are blacklisted. Guys won’t mail for you. Sure, they are nice to your face. They even call you “their great friend” (even though you’ve only met them once or twice.. what is that about??)

But when you say no to mail for their HOT offer that’s “converting like crazy”, you are quickly labeled as someone who doesn’t “play the game”. And that’s a label I’ve proudly worn for years! (One big named guru literally said that about me when asked to promote one of my products).

Why don’t I “play the game”? Because I don’t have to. I already have successful businesses outside this industry – and I do this blog (and create products) because I love it. There’s nothing else I’d rather do – so the money it brings me (which is still significant and I’m certainly not complaining) is not my main motivator. So I’m blessed to be able to say NO to the B.S. and the entire game never felt right to my soul.

It’s the reason my customers and subscribers trust me. It’s the reason I’ve had clients for over a decade. It’s the reason my clients invite me to their weddings. And send me birth announcements. And it’s the reason why some of my fellow marketers want me to shut my big, fat mouth.

OK, so where am I going with this?



I literally cringe every time I do a strategy session and the person says “I want to be an Internet marketer”!

Let me give you an example…

illusionistTwo months ago I had a conference call with an “Internet marketer”. He was getting impressive results building a large list fairly quickly and wanted to see if there was something we could do together. And since I never promote anything without knowing more about it – I agreed to a call.

After he revealed his system, a red flag went up. It was only done in the IM world and it seemed to be the only place it would work (it required posting in a special IM forum). So when I pressed him with “well, has this worked outside of the IM/warrior forum world?”, he said no – but they are going to test it in the next few days.

I told him to get back to me when they can prove it works outside of IM. It’s been about 3 months and I still haven’t heard back… it’s not surprising. Not surprising at all. I don’t expect it to workout outside of that world and I don’t expect to ever hear back from him again (but no doubt, he’ll keep selling his “list building” system to the masses with false promises).

That’s this world in a nutshell. I should call it “Truman Show Marketing” – where everything is done inside a bubble. It’s not the real world and when you leave that bubble, you better be able to back up your claims.

Even in my blog posts, some of the responses say things like “I’ve done this in multiple niches”, but they never actually say what other niches. They hide by saying “well, I don’t want the competition to see what I’m doing”. Huh??? Aren’t they TEACHING how to make money – won’t that create competition? It just leaves me scratching my head…




ryanleecartoonAgain, I must preface with the fact I’m not perfect. And I’m not a mad genius. And I’ve screwed up a lot too. And if you dig deep enough over the past 13+ years – I’m sure you will find things I’ve said in the past that are opposite of my stance now. I’ve sold some products I shouldn’t have and spoke at stages where I should have had a tetanus shot after interacting with some of those shady characters.

We all learn and evolve – and anyone who says they never screwed up simply hasn’t been trying hard enough. But to be so blind to think that the warrior forum special offers are “90% good” is living in a fantasy world.

Here’s what I do know… I know how to take information that works in one industry and transfer that to other industries, niches and markets.

I recently did two high-level workshop teaching PREMIUM continuity (people paid up to $10k to attend). It was application only and I rejected every person who said they want to be an “Internet marketer”.

Here were the  attendees who made the cut… (I’m using initials because of confidentiality of the attendees and I didn’t ask permission to ue their names). However, if they are reading this, I’m sure they will feel free to chime in below…

  • M.L: a true martial arts grandmaster (literally)
  • G & T: a team of women who help their fellow health care professionals do offline marketing
  • A.J: fitness fanatic who now has the top fitness podcast and lots of best-selling kindle books
  • J.T: top level podcaster who had a success offline consulting biz
  • G.N: one of the world’s top kettlebell/fitness experts
  • S.K: former attorney who teaches small business personality branding
  • J.F: owner of a strength/conditioning facility showing fitness pros how to model his gym
  • M.K: master copywriter who is building a “done for you” newsletter business
  • A.M: well-known interior designer helping people learn the trade
  • K.M: champion triathlete who coaches other triathletes

And you know what – everything I taught was immediately applicable to THEIR business (it didn’t just work in the “IM Bubble”).

I didn’t show a “loophole” that gets them on the first page of google for 20 minutes before they are banned.

I didn’t teach a “sneaky trick” to force their customers into continuity.

I didn’t show how to get 10,000 worthless clicks that don’t get you one sale.

I simply taught them how to build a REAL, sustainable business. Something that’s not built on hype – it’s built on my own 13+ years online and literally thousands of successful students who have gone through my training.

Every one of them is going to leapfrog right to the top of their industry. S.K. already made his first premium continuity sale. K.M. has sold 5 or so people into his high-end $300/month triathlete coaching program. G&T have increased their conversions from less than 10% to over 65% (and have doubled their income while simplifying their business). M.L. is done with his first 3 DVDs and almost ready to sell them. M.S. is 95% done with his newsletter and ready to dominate his niche.

And the list goes on and on.

Want the truth? It’s ain’t EASY. Yes, the model I teach is simple, but it takes some effort.

Yes, I’d probably sell more by ramping up my hype. And trying to elevate my claims even more (just like they do on the Warrior Forum because it’s gotten to the point where you can’t stand out unless you keep raising the claim bar). And I’d increase short-term sales by “playing the reciprocation game”.

There are some great people teaching business and marketing – I’m certainly not the only one coaching others (while building my own business simultaneously). And I won’t name them because they may not want the type of heat this sort of post can generate.

If you are thinking about investing in any coach or training product (whether is $10 or $10,000), ask them one very important question…

“Have you duplicated this system OUTSIDE of the IM/Warrior Forum bubble?” And if they say “well, not yet – but we are going to test it” or “what do you mean?”.. then do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.


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No Soup For You!

If you are following my system, there will come a time when you start making more and more sales.

With more sales comes, obviously, more money. Plus, since you are working smart and efficiently, you are enjoying more freedom.

But, dear friend, with your newfound success comes some headaches too.



Your paid customers are the lifeblood of your business. You can never, ever forget that. And you can never, ever take advantage of them. When you neglect your customers – everyone loses.

Ok, with that being said, you will also find out a small percentage of your customers are a nightmare.

Constant complaints. Constant refunds. Constant threats.

The percentage will depend on the market you are in.

When I first started exclusively in the fitness market, the percentage of nightmare customers was very low. Maybe 1 out of every 5,000 customers.

I do remember the first fitness guy was a serial refunder. He literally bought 3 products and refunded them all. When I saw his order come through for a 4th product – I instantly refunded him and said he’s no longer allowed to purchase my programs.

As my business transitioned to a reaching the masses, that number has jumped to about 1 of every 1,000 customers.

I know other people in the “Internet marketing” space where the percentage is much greater. The reason my percentage is still relatively low is because I try as hard as I can to repel the people who think you just have to “click a button” to get rich and the people who have a sense of entitlement. By not even having them on my list and in my world greatly reduces the PITAs (Pains in the Asses!).

So how do I handle the nightmare customers?



nosoupI simply tell them they’re no longer allowed to purchase my products or attend my events.

For example, just yesterday I had a person who purchased her second product from me. And, just like the first time, she wanted a refund (the first time she actually initiated a chargeback – this was AFTER we emailed her and said we’d happily give her a full refund!). Yeah, that kinda pisses me off.

But, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and even though it took us at least an hour of going back and forth with the bank – I still let her purchase another product. And, of course, she asked for another refund.

You don’t need to be a mindreader to see where this customer relationship was heading.

We’re just not the right company for her – and that’s ok. She is welcome to spend her money elsewhere. It’s better for both of us.

What’s my point?

This is still YOUR business and you must choose to do business WITH WHOM you want to work with. It’s that simple.

I’d rather focus my time, effort and resources on helping the 99.9% of my subscribers who want to invest in my programs. The other .01% will suck up 80% of your time and cause 100% of your headaches – trust me on this one.

Sometimes the best move you can make is simply letting a customer go. You don’t have to be mean or a jerk. Let ‘em down easily – but you have to let them go. Your business and sanity depend on it.



Rock on,


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Product Vs. Company: You Must Answer This Question First


One of my favorite things in the world is helping my clients come up with a name for their product and company. I’ve helped create a lot of names besides my own (Nano Continuity, FounderFly, etc.).. some others have been “Underground Strength Coach”, “NiftyClicks”, “CPA Tsunami” and many more.

When you are brainstorming a new name – there’s one big question you must answer first…

“Are you creating a product or a full-fledged company/brand?”.

For example, my 1k Per Day Formula is a PRODUCT, not a company. My newContinuityU is a product, not a company.

And as a product, there’s no need to build out Faceboook pages for it. Nor do I need specific youtube pages or twitter accounts.

But is my brand and my company (I use a personal brand, yours may be different like my friend MaryEllen Tribby who uses Working Mom’s Only as one of her company brands).

I drive people to my company (, build trust and establish relationships there. And from that point, I can offer different products (and you know I have LOTS to offer… evil, maniacal laugh…)



continuityuboxIt’s a common mistake new information marketers make – confusing the company with the product.

If you build out all your marketing around just one product you will be painting yourself into a corner with little flexibility in the future.

And this is where confusion and overwhelm starts to set in. Believe me, I’ve seen it literally thousands of times.

You get excited about your new product. You create a name you like for the product and you start building out the marketing (like I said earlier, you create the Facebook page, new twitter accounts and even setup a Pinterest account!).

But now you’ve got all your eggs in that one product.. now what?

It’s really, really hard to build an empire around just one product. Strike that, it’s almost impossible.

Even the best products with best converting sales funnels will eventually start to level out and slowly decline. No product lasts forever.

So now, you want to create a second product and you are starting from scratch. And you go back to step one.

Bottom line, before you build out an entire marketing plan. And before you even begin to come up with a name for your product – figure out if it’s your COMPANY or your PRODUCT first.

I hope that helps you on your journey to freedom.


Rock on,


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The Purpose of Business… (Big Insight from Peter Drucker)


Peter Drucker was one of the most influential business thinkers that ever lived. And one of my favorite quotes by Drucker is…


The Purpose of Business is to CREATE and KEEP a Customer

So simple, yet so powerful.

In that one sentence we cut right to the heart of your business. Think about it…

Peter Drucker

To Create a Customer = Marketing
To Keep a Customer = Delivering Value

Everything you do hinges on those two things.

You can be a great marketer and awesome at driving traffic with the latest “tactic” of the month, but without great products and support – your customer never buys from you again. And you are stuck in the endless cycle of having pressure to keep finding new customers.

And you can have a killer product with outstanding customer support, but without some marketing muscle, no one will no about it. Which means you have no sales and you are not changing any lives.



The key is to have a balance between the two and you’ll see a pattern if you don’t have a balance…

If you only focus on traffic, you’ll soon see your sales start to dip as it becomes more difficult (and expensive) to keep finding new customers. Your profit margin declines to the point where you are losing money on the front end and cannot convert to more sales on the back. I’ve seen it happen more times to more entrepreneurs than I can count.

And if you only focus on creating a great product and nothing else – well, you’ll never actually get your business off the ground. You’ll get frustrated and start to think there’s no way anyone actually makes money in information publishing. So you go back to your “day job” cursing guys like me and my students under your breath (and possibly, making a full transition to a “hater” by posting negative comments anonymously on blogs).

Just like anything in life, it’s about diversifying your efforts.

I spend my mornings “creating a customer” (i.e. traffic) and my afternoons are focused on “keeping a customer (coaching clients, titanium group, etc.). For my business, splitting my days into those 2 different parts simply works.

If you only have 2 hours a day to work on your business, spend the first hour on traffic/marketing and the second on “keeping” your customer with great products and support.

If you are spending your day and it’s not related to either creating or keeping a customer, re-read Peter Drucker’s quote once again until it really sinks in. And then read it again. And again. And again.

Coach Lee, out.


Rock on,


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Recruit Affiliates and JVs.. The WRONG Way?


I’m not using this example today to be mean or pick on this one person.

I’m using it as an example of what happens every day – and why people scratch their heads puzzled why they can’t “recruit affiliates and JVs” for their product.

This is the direct message I just received on Facebook (I hide this person’s name and image to protect their identity as I don’t want to embarras her).




Let me repeat the OPENING sentence… “I know you are a busy guy but are you open to doing a joint venture?”.


There are many things wrong with this on so many levels. It’s the opposite way to recuit an affiliate.

First, I don’t know this person. We’ve never met or spoken. And there’s absolutely no attempt to begin a relationship.

It’s like meeting someone at the bar and immediately proposing, “Hi, I’m Ryan would you like to get married?”

I’ve said it a million times, interact with people just as you would in REAL LIFE because, guess what, even though it’s email, it’s still REAL LIFE.

I’m a real person. And the other person you are trying to have promote your products is a real person too. Just be cool.



The second issue is not knowing WHO you are speaking with. After all, if this person really paid attention to what I did, they’d notice I never participate in fitness launches or product promotions anymore. In fact, I haven’t done it for years.

Always, always know who you are talking to.



Here’s a better way she could have approached me (yes, with a little bit of butt-kissing).

Hi Ryan,

Just a quick message to let you know how much I loved your last book, Passion to Profits. In fact it inspired me to create my first product and to show my gratitude, I created a short video testimonial for you (feel free to use it on your site).


If there’s anything I can do to support you, please let me know.

Want to know the secret to connecting with just about anyone in any industry?

Want to know a better way to recruit affiliates and jvs?

That’s how it’s done. That’s how you connect. That’s how you build relationships.

Give 10 times more than you receive.

And guess which message I would have responded more favorably to?



Rock on,


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Product Branding: Coming Up with a Great Name

If you want to have success online. Whether it’s a 5-figure, part time business. Or a full-fledged 7 and 8-figure empire, everything STARTS with your actual product and “hook”.

You can have a great traffic strategy. Or even a handful of super-affiliates lined up and ready to promote, but if your “hook” isn’t strong, well – your sales will be weak.



In my Titanium group – my members are hyper-entrepreneurs. They are always creating and innovating. So when they ask me if I like a new product name – sometimes the name needs work and sometimes it’s perfect “as is”.

When I do coaching for people outside of Titanium (people who I’m not in daily communication with), I might get a fitness pro who comes up with a generic product name like the “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” or “Super Weight Loss Program”. Or worse, they get a “keyword heavy” name like “”.

To me, those names are blah. But we always drill deeper and when I ask the question, “what RESULTS does your product DELIVER?”… that’s when the magic happens. And the brainstorming of product names/hooks becomes fun and we nail it.

Here’s an example of one of my Titanium members who nailed it.

Alicia Streger. She is an incredible fitness professional who helps women get fit and feel better.

And check out this name… The Little Black Dress Project.



Think about that name for a minute. It’s a winner on so many different levels.

1. The End Result: women want to fit into that “little black dress”. And even if her program is like many other fitness/nutrition systems, the hook separates her from the pack.

2. Visual: you can visualize the black dress – and that’s a powerful naming technique.

3. Movement: by adding the word “project”, it feels more like a movement rather than just an ebook or program.

4. Initial-Friendly: Alicia can use the initials LBD to describe her product and community

Your name matters. Your “hook” matters. It’s not everything and there are certainly other factors, but when you start off with a strong name/hook, building a big, profitable business becomes so much easier.

Hopefully, Alicia’s name will inspire you and give you some ideas.

Now get out there, be original, and change some lives.



Rock on,


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Content Marketing Copy and Conversion

How to Grow Your Business.. WITHOUT “Stats” or “Testing”


Yes, offering multiple versions of your landing pages and sales letters is smart. You can increase your revenue by leaps and bounds. And it takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts.

BUT – and this is a big but, it’s not always the best move.


That’s right, there are times when you should NOT do testing or even look at your stats.

Let me explain…



One of my Titanium members was obsessed with his “stats” (more specifically, his opt-in rate).

He just launched a new site, was following my advice and started to get newsletter subscribers. But he’d obsess over his stats. He’d not only check them daily, my hunch is he’d check them hourly. He was focusing on the WRONG things.

Finally – I told him ENOUGH!

“For the next 2 weeks, I forbid you from checking your stats. The ONLY think I want you to do is focusing on helping your subscribers and connecting with other people to interview on your site.”

That’s it.

No stats. No split tests. No “tactics”. No selling.

He’s in a micro-niche so it’s not the kind of industry where he can have a list of 200,000 people. But if he could eventually build a list of 2,000, he will create a rock-solid 6-figure income online (possibly more)

And guess what happened? Here’s what he recently posted in our Titanium group…




But that’s not the end of the story. It keeps getting better.

He then posted this update a few days later. Again, this was AFTER he stopped obsessing on his statistics and started focusing on relationships and connections…





He was patient, he followed the course and it’s starting to payoff for him.



Here’s why so many people fail at building an online business following the advice of many “guru’s” (yes, “guru” bashing is popular but it’s a term that will get my point across without a lot of explanation)

They try to impress you with lots of screen shots of fancy “split tests” and how by spending 2 weeks on testing 17 different fonts for their opt-in box, they increased their conversion by 3%. And you guys gobble it up because it looks so impressive – but when you ask for actual case studies, there’s radio silence.

But here’s the biggest problem.

MOST people aren’t even close to ready for that. It’s like taking your driver’s license test at the Indy500. Too much. Too fast.

This is the result…

You get overwhelmed. You buy more “courses” by these people with hopes you’ll match their success (they make it look so easy, don’t they?).

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for things like split tests. And in one of my companies (that’s a more mature business with strong infrastructure and cash reserves already in place), we do A LOT of testing.

But when for most people, I stick to my message of putting out great content. Connecting with people on a real level. Offering to HELP others first before asking for a dollar. And stop obsessing over your stats.

Just get ONE damn squeeze page up first before creating 20 of them to test. Do ONE THING and start there.

It’s simple and it works.



Rock on,


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Can You Really “Make Money Online”?

makemoneyonline (1)

I’ve done hundreds of strategy calls over the past few months.

And not a day goes by when I don’t have a conversation just like this…

ME: How long have you been trying to build your online business?

THEM: 3 years.

ME: What do you do you MARKET your business?

THEM: The usual stuff. Facebook and blogging.

ME: Ok, what EXACTLY did you do yesterday on Facebook?

THEM: Ummm…. I don’t remember.

ME:Ok, let’s take a look at your Facebook page. What’s your FB address?

THEM: I can’t remember the name of my FB page (that means they either forgot it or haven’t updated it in months).

ME:Fine, let’s look at your blog (As I look I see their last post was 4 months ago).  I noticed you haven’t posted new content in over 4 months. Why not?

THEM: I’ve been busy.


You get the idea. I’m serious, this happens every single day.

Now, I’m going to put on my coaching hat. And I say ENOUGH!!!

Enough of the lies (stop lying to yourself!).

Enough of the distractions (get off every list that distracts you and doesn’t add value).

Enough of the excuses.

Enough of searching for “the secret” (there is not one $9 WSO product that I know of that will make you “rich” overnight).



makemoneyonlineIf you really want it, it’s takes hustle. There’s simply no way around it.

ALL of my successful students worked hard to build 6, 7 and even 8-figure businesses.

And whether their path was through creating content (like Zach Even-Esh or Kevin Gianni) or buying media (Mike Geary) – they worked for it.

If you haven’d reached your goals, don’t blame me and don’t blame the “gurus”.

There’s one person to blame – and it’s theperson staring right back at you in the mirror.

I know, it’s not easy. This is the hard stuff. It took me 3 years until I was able to leave my “job” and do this full-time. But this is the time when you have to get real and dig down deep in your soul.

It’s more difficult than buying an ad on Facebook. It’s much more difficult.

And this is why I’m here and always putting out new content. It’s also why I’ll never stop. Hopefully something I write will either inspire you or give you that kick in the butt you need.

You deserve to live a great life. We all do. I can give you the blueprint, but I can’t do it for you.

The only thing worse than mediocrity is laziness. This doesn’t mean you have to work 20 hours a day. But it does mean if you really want it, you’ll have to choose between watching 8 hours of football on Sunday (or aimlessly surfing the web) and taking decisive action. The choice is yours to make.

So take a deep breath. Stop making excuses. Get real with yourself. And take one step towards your goal today (it could be a blog post, reaching out for an interview, a new video, etc.). It doesn’t happen overnight – but it DOES work if you never, ever give up.

Your coach has spoken.



Rock on,


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Instantly Get More Productive By De-Cluttering Your Desktop


Let’s stop the madness, shall we?

If you want to be a lean, agile entrepreneur who’s mind is clear – you need focus.

And you’ll never at your best if your desktop looks like this…

Cluttered, distracting desktop

Now, I’m not perfect and have certainly let me desktop get a bit unruly in the past.

But after some discipline and purging – here’s what my desktop looks like today…


My clean, uncluttered desktop

You’ll notice a few things…

  1. No Files on Desktop: I keep almost all of my files in Dropbox (although, I’m in the process of moving over to Google Drive). I do backup some of my important ones, like presentations, on an external 1TB portable hard drive.
  2. In The Cloud: Right now, I’m experimenting and trying to only create documents with Google Drive (no Word, PowerPoint, etc.). It’s been about a week and so far, so good. Everything is on the web.. and I’m loving it.
  3. Only Essential Applications: I don’t have dozens of applications on the bottom of my desktop. Only the programs I use most often are there (I can access all of my applications by clicking the launchpad icon)
  4. The Pic: The picture is of my kids. It’s my reason for being. They are my heart and soul. And every time I see their smiles, it puts me in the right frame of mind to create programs and content that truly matters. Find a pic that inspires you.


I challenge you right now to get your desktop to zero. Can you do it?

If that’s too much of a leap for you – I understand, so let’s try some baby steps. Remove just 5 today. And then another 5 tomorrow.

You have a few choices when you see a file..

  • Delete it (do you really need it?)
  • Archive it (use something like dropbox, google drive, or
  • Create “Active” folder where you are working on current projects. And put all those files in that ONE folder

It’s amazing how many old files you have laying around you don’t need anymore. Once you begin this process, you’ll instantly become more productive. Trust me on this one. And you’ll feel so much better looking at a clean, uncluttered desktop each day.

Ah… the simple joys of life.



Rock on,


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