Blueprint to a FAST Six-Figure "Mini-Launch" (In Exactly 2 hours, 26 minutes and 30 seconds Flat!)

About 10 days ago, I was talking with someone. It was about being a featured presenter for my upcoming DotComXpo online event.

After hearing about how she creating this hands-off “Kindle” empire – I was floored. And admittedly – a little envious.

Rachel didn’t have to run an active blog. She wasn’t doing 1/10th of the stuff that I do, yet she was also living the life of a true “lifestyle entrepreneur”. 

I knew immediately this was something I had to share with my group of awesome entrepreneurs. It worked. It was a SYSTEM. It was repeatable. It required no list, no affiliates and no connections. The income potential is sweet indeed. And finally, she’s not only in the trenches doing it – she seemed like someone who really cared about her student’s success.

 Here was the blueprint of how we pulled off a super-fast mini-launch in a matter of hours.



It took about 15 minutes and I asked the question… “are you interesting in helping all of my subscribers and clients?”.

I had a good idea what her answer would be – and she said, “absolutely, I would love to”.

So that took us immediately to Step 2…

(time to complete first step: 30 seconds)



Next, we brainstormed what she can offer my peeps. I said it had to be an offer they could never get anywhere else. Basically, an offer they couldn’t refuse

So, we looked at her premium Kindle training – and it sells for $997.

The first obvious thing to do was drop the price. And we dropped the price… big-time.

Next, she stacked on 2 killer bonuses (30 days of coaching PLUS she’ll critique your first book). That alone is worth the price of admission.

And finally, I wanted to throw something in – so I am putting together a special training to show people how to double their revenue once they make their first Kindle sale.

To say we built a “no-brainer” offer was the understatement of the year. (BTW, creating an irresistible offer that actually delivers is vital… without that, everything else falls apart).

(time to complete second step: 10 minutes of brainstorming)



We both move quickly – so we set a date in the calendar. It was to take place in exactly seven days. That would give me enough time to start promoting it and make sure the systems are setup.

Most other people would have waited 3 months – but I had a space in my calendar and really loved this topic. So seven days it was.

(time to complete third step: 1 minute to open google calendar)



bigstock-Stopwatch-5332889Because of the time crunch, I wanted to keep it simple. 

We both agreed on a live Webinar as the best format since she’s a great teacher and she’d be able to take questions. She’d create the content and I’d be the host. 

First, I went to gotowebinar and locked in the day/time for 1,000 attendees.

Next, I setup a sweet Webinar landing page using LeadPages (seriously, I LOVE LP – it has transformed my business and saves me about $2k a month on programming alone).

Ok, I admit it’s pretty easy for me to write the copy. I have been writing my own copy for 14+ years – so it took me about 10 minutes to create/write this page.

This was purely an “internal mini-launch” so I didn’t need a full shopping cart. I hooked it up to paypal and we were good to go.

(time to complete fourth step: 20 minutes to setup gotowebinar, landing page and paypal)



By 10am the next day – we opened the registration doors to the Webinar. I knew immediately we had a big hit (the signups were through the roof).

A few emails, a few Facebooks posts and we were in business. After all, I have been building a relationship with my audience for years – so the trust is already there. They know I’d never steer them in the wrong direction.

(time to complete fifth step: 15 minutes to write/deliver each email)



The clock hit 9pm on Tuesday night and we were live and rockin’. I just clicked “start webinar” and hit record on screenflow, that’s it.

Rachel hit a grand slam on the training – and the orders came in fast and furious.

I’ve never done a Webinar with more “thank you” emails than this one. Here are just a few that have come in…

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 9.57.50 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 9.59.56 AM


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.01.51 AM 

 (time to complete sixth step: 90 minutes to deliver webinar)



There were literally thousands of people who couldn’t attend the webinar for whatever reason. Time zone, busy schedule, work, etc.

So we setup a replay. Again, I went to LeadPages and created a replay page in about 5 minutes flat. I just plugged in my video recording, set the “order” button to paypal – and we’re back in business.

The next day, I sent a follow-up email to my list – and BAM! It’s awesome to be part of something that I know will change the lives of so many people (and yes, it’s a nice payday for us too – I have no problem at all with Capitalism).

(time to complete seventh and final step: 10 minutes)


There you go, a step-by-step blueprint to an internal, mini-launch.

From idea to delivery: 7 days 

Actual amount of work time: 2 hours, 26 minutes and 30 seconds… but who’s counting?



P.S. If, for some insane reason you didn’t get the Kindle program yet – this is your last chance before this offer disappears forever. Don’t miss it.






  1. Well Ryan, I have been a big fan of yours and Rachel’s for a long time because you both just ROCK and because you both also really aim to help people succeed.

    Rachel knows her stuff and is a great teacher like you said. Glad to see you two working together.

    The webinar was awesome and I’m tucking the Mini Launch right here in my promo toolbox.

    Thanks my man!

  2. Awesome, awesome.

    There should also be something in there about Rachel’s physical transformation, which is totally a reflection of her internal transformation.

    That girl is doing big things…a great teacher, sweet personality and an awesome deal you guys offered.

    Which there was a 2 pay option.

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