2 Simple Ways to Create a BIG Ticket Product

I’m a big believer in creating multiple revenue streams.

First, I always start with some type of recurring revenue program. ALWAYS. That’s the crux of my business.

But I also like to create big-ticket items as well. And the big-ticket items is what separates 5 and 6-figure entrepreneurs from the 7 figure earners.

Now the definition of “big” ticket will vary based on your industry. In general (and in today’s economy), I define big ticket as something $500 and above.

If you do not have AT LEAST one big-ticket item in your product portfolio – you are leaving money on the table. A LOT of money! Seriously.

Think about it. Even if you sell just one product for $1k every week – that’s 52 a year. Which comes to $52K per year. If you sell one a day.. that’s $365K. Not too shabby.

I remember being scared to create a product for more than $50 all those years ago. And when I launched my first product that was out of my comfort zone (a $197 program), I was terrified. But I sold out all 100 spots in a couple of days (and just about $20K in profit).

So, my fellow entrepreneur, here are 2 simple ways to turn your ideas and passions into BIG ticket items..

I love doing small group live workshops. And because of the personalized nature of these type of events, I have charged from $1,000 to $10,000 per person. (in fact, you can see one of my $10K workshops right here for just $1).

You can create these laser-targeted workshops in just about any niche and market. Think about it. Just 5 people at $1K each is $5K for one day. Just run one a month and that’s a $60K income… still more than most people earn in a year!

If you want to create even more leveraged income without having to do more than one workshop.. no problem. Simply record your live workshop and resell the recordings as a “home study” kit. You can charge $500+ for a niched home-study kit.

You can deliver it online as downloadable audio, video and pdf files.

Or offer it as a physical product like DVDs, CDs and printed workbooks.

I’ve helped people develop these kits in everything from fitness and parenting to marketing and stocks.


Figure out the biggest challenge in your market and develop a plan for at least one big ticket item. I like the idea of a workshop and then recording it.

Now get out there and change the world.


P.S. I have created the most comprehensive system that show you EXACTLY how to create big ticket products (everything from the tools you need, building a site in 10 minutes and even my best simple selling system). Check it out here.

P.P.S. Oh yeah, my 1K Per Day model is the most details system to date. Heck, even if you want to do a workshop, I’ll break it down to when to have breaks and where to find super-cheap (and free) space to run them. And even how to fill the room.


    1. Hi Ben,

      I have the 1k Per Day Formula course of Ryans and the course is designed to get you to put together an online business within a short period of time.

      Things like the graphics and creating multimedia products …To making a LiVE Workshop products,webinars and how to make and drive traffic to your website.

      Anyway, thought I’d pass this tidbit your way

    2. Author


      I’ll echo what Ron said below.

      I teach a few different ways to create big ticket products (with a live event being just one of those methods)


  1. Great post as always Ryan. I am not sure why I procrastinate so much when it comes to getting my product out there (fear of failure maybe) but this post has inspired me to “just do it”. Thanks Ryan! Continued success!

  2. I love it Ryan! I agree totally… I hosted a small live event myself a couple weeks ago and have just made the recordings available for purchase a couple days ago.

    I’ve learned a lot from watching you do this over the years… host an amazing event, record it, then monetize the recordings as part of a continuity program or a stand alone product. You’re definitely the jedi-master with this stuff!

    Looking forward to DCX!

    1. Author

      Your event looked very cool Jared.

      Can’t wait to see you again at DCX!


  3. Ryan, loving the knowledge share. It’s amazing how brainwashed entrepreneurs get over time. The world around tends to define what is “a lot of money”, “how hard you should work to earn $X”, “what’s impossible” and so forth.

    When you break down goals into manageable bits, you quickly realize what’s been hiding behind the curtain: Success Beyond What You Thought Possible.

    The big ticket items and break down of making money, even $1K per week, is a great way to to slowly pull the wool back from the eyes and realize what’s truly out there if you’re willing to go get it.


    1. Author

      Hey Steve,

      I’m glad you liked this post.

      It’s not always about “making a million dollars”, but focusing on those small, achievable goals. You get a few hits first, gain confidence, and ramp it up!


  4. One of the most desirable aspects of the larger ticket product is the promise of results naturally you cannot guarantee results, however you can design your product with the best chances of success, the more viable success stories that come out of a product the better your results will be in the future, conversely if all big ticket products prove to be overwhelming failures eventually the conversion ratio would sink so low that developing a product that meets the customers needs would be more difficult. still its something that I hope to see happen some day in the near future.

    1. Author


      You are right – no matter how big the product (and how much training it offers), you cannot make it seem overwhelming or they won’t buy.

      Good points.


  5. Hey Ryan

    Great post, I’m a big fan and I’m a member of FounderFly. Is it fair to say that charging this kind of money for events is a lot easier in the US? And surely you need to be well known in that market to charge that kind of money. I can understand to some degree how it works better with ‘make money’ seminars, as it is seen as an investment, but for other niches? Hobbies etc?

    Realistically, if I was to go out and charge 500 – 1000 bucks for a local seminar without already having a name for myself, surely it will be incredibly hard to market and sell that?

    BTW, I hope I’m not being awkward, I’m just keen to know your thoughts and get some advice.

    Best wishes

    1. Author


      You don’t actually have to sell the event (if you choose to do one) for $1k. But you can still package the recordings and sell them all over the world for a premium price.


  6. hey Ryan,

    Great post….and hey, 1kperdayformula is awesome. I bought it back in February to help me out with a $1,000 boot camp I was putting together…

    Now I’m on my second “big” product for my niche, …will sell for $2k, a full 30-day business in a box blueprint, inspired by you…$10k in 30 days…thanks man.

    PS. October’s a busy month for me with the launch and all, but will do what I can to make DCX happen…

    1. Author

      One word Will… AWESOME.

      10K in 30 days.. not a bad ROI for a $495 investment.

      Hope to see you at DCX…


  7. Great advice Ryan and something that really can be “tough” for a lot of people to follow. I know we waited far too long before creating bigger ticket products and I know that her our growth substantially.

    The beauty of higher ticket items that is soooo important is that the profit that they generate in your business can really supercharge your growth. Those added profits can help you expand your reach and scale your business much more rapidly.

    In the 100’s of site analysis’ I have done for clients, this is the one piece of advice that I most commonly suggest – add more higher ticket products.

    See ya in a couple weeks in DCX!


    1. Author

      Absolutely Troy – it’s a big mental hurdle.

      But once you get over that hurdle – you realize it was just in your head.

      See you soon…


  8. Ok but has anyone here successfully sold $1k seminars or online courses that WERE NOT about making money?

    I can see customers paying that much because they believe it is an investment in earnings growth. But I can’t see it for anything else, unless you’re some sort of charismatic self-improvement speaker like Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra.

    If anyone has the experience of selling people on a $1000 gardening or healthy cooking or some such non-business seminar, please let me know. I’d like to know I’m wrong about this.

    1. Author


      You are right.. it’s MUCH easier to sell high-ticket products where there is an ROI. But, you mentioned examples in self-improvement – and there’s no reason why people who are not Tony or Deepak can create big ticket products too. After all, we all start at the same place.

      For some of the hobbies like gardening or healthy cooking – to get to the higher ticket usually involves a “live” component like a workshop or coaching sessions. Otherwise, depending on the market, the high-ticket is usually around $300 or so for info-products.


      1. That makes sense, thanks. Yes, I can see some people going for a one-on-one marathon coaching session at that price point — a get-it-all-out-of-the-way at once kind of thing. But maybe even more so, if gardening or self-improvement, etc, can be connected with the financial element, then people are more likely to say “this is reasonable.” I know people also buy “luxury” items, but these days those purchases all seem to be going to Apple!

        Another possibility is to package trainings/ live workshops to companies…? Nobody talks much about this. Would a company pay 1k per employee for some sort of wellness or productivity program? Anyone know?

        Thanks for the conversation, Ryan.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for sharing this great idea on creating the big ticket item.

    I really like the idea of doing a live workshop and recording it. The recording can be used to create a home study course which allows the customers to get access it online.

    It will definitely be a great idea to conduct a live workshop and sell the recording as the OTO to get even more profits. I have personally seen some speakers doing that to increase their profits when they conduct a live workshop.

    Thanks again for sharing this 🙂


  10. I’ve been reading with keen and lazer-point

    I’m ready to go with your $1k Ryan…I’ve never
    denied anything you created.

    I’m over here in Asia and see the GREAT potential.

    I just need the mentoring and directional co-piloting
    that I have been so lacking for so long.

    Premium products WILL work here as latest stats
    list 3 out of 5 individuals in Singapore as millionaires.

    I just want to get my experience and expertise wrapped
    properly around your $1K program.

    Do you help us with this?

    I don’t want to just be told: “You can do it, just keep trying”

    I want to be told: “Bill, that SUCKS, change direction or pursuits”
    If that is the course to Fun-loving-success.

    Whataya say Ryan?

  11. From where I’m from (Philippines), high ticket workshops are pretty hard to sell. I might have to tweak things a bit and perhaps make it a bit cheaper but the idea should still work I think.

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