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Get To The Money…


I see it every single day.

Wannabe entrepreneurs who find hundreds of excuses to stall and delay.

They’ll spend weeks reshooting their “welcome” video dozens of times.

They will spend months agonizing over a logo. And even more time on a tagline.

But none of that matters until you can answer one, very important question…

“Will people buy it?”

That’s right.. the video, the logo and the tagline don’t mean a thing unless you get to the core of the issue. And that is if people are willing to take out their wallet and BUY your product.

This is everything – and when you want to sell products and services, you should be focusing on MAKING SALES. Period.

I’m not talking about all of the stuff that happens before a sale is made (like relationship building, blogging, social media, etc.). I’m talking about selling the actual product.

In my Titanium group – I’m always getting on my clients. I continue to say things like, “the sales video is good enough to get out there and start selling”. I’m sure they will chime in here to back up that I’m relentless.

Why do people stall? Why don’t they just get their products out there to see if it resonates with the market?

I’m no psychologist.. it might be fear of failure or rejection? Or they are perfectionists? Or they do not embrace abundance? Or maybe it’s all tied together?


I admit, as someone who works FAST, it can get frustrating when I see really smart, caring entrepreneurs not make a dime online. And spend years spinning their wheels.

So I just take a deep breath, realize that everyone is NOT like me – and keep saying the same thing to them as I’m saying to you now… to just “get to the money”.


Rock on,


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Letting Go…


I’ve done a lot of free strategy calls over the past few months.

And there are some really interesting themes I see repeated over and over.

But there’s one that’s so damaging – and it’s one thing that almost destroyed me too.


That’s right – the dreaded bitterness.

I recently did a call with a strength coach – and after about 30 seconds, I could tell he was very bitter. He mentioned how “other” strength coaches were making money online and he wasn’t. And it wasn’t fair – he’s better than them.

He showed me his website that he paid close to $10K for – and when I was honest and told him it wasn’t good, he got angry. I could just hear the frustration in his voice.

Instead of focusing on his CUSTOMERS – he was putting all of his energy into negativity. He was enraged about the competition and how he worked so hard, but couldn’t make money at it while some of them were raking it in (especially most of them are my clients).

Were there flaws in his site? In his programs? In his branding?

Yes, yes, yes.

But it’s bigger than that – it all starts with what’s INSIDE YOU.

I could redo his site. And give create a new program for him, but it wouldn’t matter. The truth will be revealed soon enough – you simply can’t hide it. People are smarter and more intuitive than you give them credit for.

It drives me crazy when people just focus on “tactics” and “facebook tricks” when they need to work on themselves first BEFORE they can help other people. And I don’t care how good the next “$2K program” is, if YOU are broken, it simply won’t work.

If you are angry. If you are jealous. If you don’t embrace abundance. If you think the world “owes you”. Then you are in big, big trouble.

People will not only ignore you, they will do everything they can to AVOID you.

Even if you think you are hiding it from the public and putting on a good show, you aren’t. Like I said, it’s impossible to hide.

We all go through ups and downs. That’s life. No one is immune from it.

When I was in a bad place emotionally, my blog posts started to get dark. REALLY dark. I was on the attack and was cursing like a madman. I started to become something I wasn’t – and I didn’t like it.

You can’t go down that path.

Will your anger and venom attract some die-hard fans? Absolutely. But, I don’t think it’s the right way to go. And there’s a fine line between being a leader on-the-edge and looking like a downright bitter person. And “bitter” is not what you want to be.


While it’s easier said than done, you just have to “let go” of all that baggage. I still struggle with this, especially when I see someone put out a product that’s an obvious scam – and I know they are ripping off people. As a New Yorker, I do have a tough time bitting my tongue and not wanted to kick some butt. But I take a deep breath and let it go…

If someone is making money and you KNOW you are better than them, don’t get angry. Or jealous.

Instead, focus all of your energy on your customer and put yourself in their shoes. Then, put your head down and create programs that are so much better than your competitor – people WILL come running to you.

Are you ready to let go?

Coach Lee, out.


Rock on,



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Stay In Your Lane


A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law Robert suffered a stroke. They caught it quickly, he’s working hard in rehab and making great progress every day.

Recently, my wife and I were visiting him and he said one of his favorite lines… “stay in your lane”. He was referring to a person doing something that is way out of their expertise.

The minute he said those words, I told him I will write a blog post about it. And here we are…



What is in YOUR lane? In other words – what are you really good at?

Here are some questions to ask yourself…

  • Do you enjoy doing live speaking? (create live events/workshops)
  • Are you analytical? (consider media buying)
  • Are you creative? (create innovative front-end products)
  • Do you motivate others? (start coaching)
  • Do you like writing (blog more!)
  • Are you good at interviewing people? (start a podcast)
  • Do you like creating videos (marketing via youtube)
  • Are you a natural deal-maker? (become a JV broker)
  • Are you great at finding deals? (resell on Amazon or eBay)

Do you see where I’m going with this?

This is where wannabe entrepreneurs get into trouble – they get out of their lane.

They are awful at statistics and analytics but they hear about “media buying”. Then, they spend thousands of dollars on a course only to never make it past the first module. Or if they do try it, it’s an utter failure. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that.

The reason one of my most well-known students, Mike Geary, has been so successful with his ebook “The Truth About Abs” is because Mike is an analytical machine. The guy LOVES buying traffic. And doing split tests. And trying new sales letters. And all the hard work that’s required to make it a huge windfall. He did NOT just write an ebook, close his eyes and hope for the best.

Another long-time client, Zach Even-esh is also highly successful in the fitness industry but the opposite of Mike Geary. He is a product creation machine and a natural coach. Zach has created dozens and dozens of products. He opened a training gym and even started a certification. You won’t find him spending hours doing split tests – you’ll find him being prolific. For Zach, it’s a perfect fit and works for him.

Mike Geary stayed in his lane.

Zach Even-esh stayed in his lane.

Two different paths. And yet, both paths have led to success.

But there’s one more thing about Mike and Zach… besides staying in their lane, they both put their foot on the gas and never let up.

Playing to your strengths and continuing to hustle – that, my friend, is what leads to success.

What’s your lane?



Rock on,


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4 Life and Death Marketing Lessons: How to Stand Out in a Cut-Throat Market


Let’s face it, competition is tough. Really tough.

With the Internet changing the game and lowering the barrier to entry, you no longer have a couple of competitors – you have hundreds or even thousands.

But here’s a simple story of a guy and some smart positioning to make a BIG sale… and it has nothing to do with fancy software, google “loopholes” or push-button autoblogging software. It’s good old-fashioned positioning and marketing.


My wife and I decided it was time to repave our driveway. Of course, as a smart consumer, you have to get multiple bids – so I put an ad on craigslist and waited.

Within a few hours – I received about 10 or so emails. And of the 10, there was ONE that quickly become the obvious choice. His name is “Jerry”. Let me explain why (and the marketing lessons you can take).

#1. EASY: I am hiring someone to repave my driveway because I don’t want to do it myself. I have zero desire to do any of that stuff. Seriously, I hate all the “handyman” work around the house.

Jerry said he will come out TODAY (on Easter Sunday) and take all the measurements. Ok – easy enough. He came a few hours later and measured every inch of the driveway with a rolling tape. It took him about 20 minutes because it’s a pretty big driveway.

But here was the surprising part – 5 of the other people who emailed me asked ME to go outside and do all the measurements. Then, they will give me a quote without even talking to me or seeing the job.

Huh? There are 2 things that stuck out from those replies. The first is they are not willing to get in their car to meet someone for a $3K or so job. And second, they want me to do their job.

So rule #1 – make it EASY for people to work with you.

If it’s a product, don’t make me download special software to view your videos. Don’t ask me to create 5 usernames. Don’t tell me it’s for a PC only. Make it easy.

#2. FOCUSED: Jerry ONLY does paving. In fact, his business is called Jerry’s Paving. Every other person who replied to my ad said they do “all types of construction, contracting, etc.”.

Just because Jerry only does paving, does it necessarily mean he’s better? No. But it does make you assume if that’s his only business – he must be good at it.

That’s 2 for Jerry and 0 for the other pros.

Marketing lesson #2 – be niched and focused. And dominate that one industry. Sure, Jerry could probably do other “handyman” services – but by being THE paving guy, he is scooping up that slice of the market. And they are not cheap jobs either. Let the other guys sheetrock the walls, Jerry will gladly corner the paving market.

#3. THE GUARANTEE: Jerry was also the ONLY person who said his work is guaranteed. And guaranteed for up to 2 years.

The other bidders – not even a hint of a guarantee.

Jerry = 3. Competition = 0.

Marketing lesson #3 – you should always guarantee your work and offer the purchase back if not satisfied. Don’t ever fight refunds (even if they are wrong) and offer quality follow-up service.

#4. SOCIAL PROOF: Here was the icing on the cake. Jerry even had a link to his Facebook Fanpage. That’s right, a local paving guy has a fanpage on FB with real, live fans.

You can bet it makes me feel better about working with Jerry.

Jerry = 4. Competition = 0.

Marketing lesson #4 – create a social media presence. And get lots of lots of testimonials and case studies online. It’s no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

I am still waiting for all the final bids, but you can be sure that even if Jerry is 10% or higher on the project, I will hire him.

I love sharing stories like these. And even though Jerry doesn’t have a web site with his own domain (yes, he should), he is still miles ahead of his competition.

If he can position himself as the clear winner using only Craigslist and a simple Facebook page – imagine what YOU can do? He found a clear want/need – and he filled it. It’s as simple as that.

It’s not about tricks and gimmicks – it’s about building TRUST with your potential customer. Nothing else matters.

Kudos Jerry – that’s the way you handle your business.

P.S. A story like Jerry, who was not born in the U.S., is the reason why I love this country so much. There is virtually unlimited opportunity for people who hustle and go after their dreams.

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Become a… Bodyguard?


If you follow my advice (and hopefully, you are smart enough to listen to me), you’ll be seen as a trusted advisor in your market.

Someone who truly knows their material, creates value and cares about their subscribers.

But you’ll have another role. A BIG role.



bodyguard3Now I don’t mean you have to arm yourself and learn Krav Maga. Nope, I mean you must simply PROTECT your subscribers.

What does this mean?

Look at what I do, for example.

I RARELY promote other people’s products. They must be really, really good.

But besides being good – I must trust the person selling the product.

In other words, are they going to make the sale and then sell your name to a high-pressure sales floor in Utah? Are they just going to hammer their list with offer after offer? Are they going to make YOU look good for recommending them?

And if I think my coaching program is not the right fit for you – I won’t sell it to you. Plain and simple, while I’m building my business I am still protecting you.



I’m the first to admit I’ve lost probably $4 million dollars over the past few years by following my “bodyguard” rule.

You see, I didn’t play the game. I refused to do “reciprocation” mailing unless I knew the product they wanted me to recommend. And because of that, I didn’t get “support” from people who had big lists.

But, I can argue that by distancing myself from the nonsense and looking out for my subscribers and clients – it has actually served my business better. Want proof?

I know for a fact many of the “gurus” are now struggling big-time. Laying off staff and hawking their products from stages they would never have spoken at a few years ago.

And I believe it’s DIRECTLY related to protecting their list.

They blew the trust. They became too hypey when it wasn’t necessary. They sold terrible products because the market was “hot”. They promoted a product that was terrible only because of a good commission or because they “owed” a favor.

Owed a favor????

underthetableCan you imagine going to your dermatologist, she sees something wrong and recommends you to a terrible specialist (she KNOWS the specialist is terrible – but she’s friends with this specialist and has received referrals from him)?

Seriously – and that’s how entire “businesses” were built in the information marketing world (I put business in “quotes” because they are not real businesses at all).

Now imagine going to a dermatologist marketing conference and every dermatologist on stage says you MUST “play the game” of referring to other specialists – and it doesn’t matter if they are good or not. It’s not about helping your patient, it’s about making you more money. Period. And the only way to do it is throw your customers under the bus.

You’d never trust the profession again, would you?

But yet, that’s how not only “Internet marketers” do things, they teach other people to do the same thing. You see this way of thinking in other markets now – fitness, coaching, personal development, sports, etc.

It’s a shell game. And if you follow that advice, you are building your business on a shaky foundation that will come crashing down. It’s only a matter of time, trust me on that one.

Want to do it the right way? Then simply PROTECT your subscribers. Become their bodyguard. Trust is everything and there’s no better way to build trust then by showing people you’ve got their back. My Titanium members know I’ll do anything to help and protect them (I’m sure a few will chime in below to show it’s not an act).

Become their bodyguard and you’ll be rewarded with a real, growing business. Loyal subscribers and customers. Terrific word-of-mouth. Less reliance on tricks and “loopholes”. Sold-out events. With your competitors left scratching their heads.

I know it might seem like it’s you against the world. And maybe you’ve lost confidence, but you CAN do it. There are thousands of people doing it the right way – just have faith in yourself and know that myself and your fellow RL family have got your back.


Rock on,


P.S. If this resonates with you, please like, share and tweet below!


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The Minimalist Marketer – Part V (Keep It Fresh)


Oh yeah, let’s keep going minimalist, shall we.

In Part I of this ongoing series, I talked about clearing out the clutter. In Part II – I discussed my “desk”. And Part III took a deeper look at my traveling office. Part IVwas the spring cleanse and unsubscribing like a maniac.

Today – let’s talk about keeping things fresh.



First, a disclaimer. I’m not a research nerd and don’t spend hours reading through scientific journals. If you do, that’s awesome, it’s just not me.

So what I’m telling you is not based on science – it’s simply based on 13+ years of personal, real-world experience and the experience of my students.

If you want to be creative, you need to constantly strive for new experiences. And for me, that includes new working environments.

In other words, it’s not enough for me to just get out of my home office and go to the same Starbucks every day. Or the same library. I need to change those up as well. I get bored in the same place very quickly.

starcupLuckily, there are probably 50 (or more) places where I can work for a few undisturbed hours with my trusted laptop and an Internet connection within 10 miles from my house.

Heck, within a few miles of me there are Starbucks in New Canaan, Darien, Wilton, Norwalk, and 6 or so in Stamford, CT. And that doesn’t include the local libraries, mom and pop cafe’s, and other chains like Cosi or Panera (no, you do not have to work from Starbucks – there are many places you can create your virtual office).

Each day, I like to work from a different location.

For me – just taking a different road to drive in the morning is a good way to keep things fresh. The different roads makes each day feel brand new. Like a fresh start.

Then, there are the different sounds of each place I work from. Different people. Different staff. Different food and drink choices. Different seating. Different light.

And it’s the combination of new inputs that allows my creative juices to flow. It’s a big reason why I can come up with tons of new content to write each day without breaking a sweat.


Ryan Virtual OfficeIf you are blessed enough to work for yourselfvirtually like I do – I challenge you to work at a different place each day for the next week. Just try it and see if you don’t feel more productive. And more creative.

In fact, today I’m writing this very blog post from a place I’ve never worked from before. A Panera a few miles from my house – and I’m loving it (see the pic of me, to the right, enjoying my new “office” and taking my own picture like a nut).

Just me, my MacBook Air and my iPhone – that’s all I need to change the world. No excuses. No fancy office equipment. No conference room.

And to those who say it can’t be done.

To those who say you must have an office with expensive overhead.

To those who say it’s impossible to build a successful (and highly profitable) business by hopping coffee shop to coffee shop – well, let’st just agree to disagree, shall we?

Rock ‘on.


Rock on,



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The Minimalist Marketer – Part IV (The Spring Cleanse)


In Part I of this ongoing series, I talked about clearing out the clutter. In Part II – I discussed my “desk”. And Part III took a deeper look at my traveling office.

Today, it’s time to clear out the clutter in our inbox.

But alas, I’m not to give you the strategies you’ve heard before. Things like setting up folders. And filters. And all the cool gmail plugins.

No – I’m talking about clearing out most of the inbox clutter BEFORE it begins.

And it’s something that will KILL your business and your productivity more than you realize. It stops you dead in your tracks and gets you distracted.

Are you ready?

I usually hold these once a year around Thanksgiving – but it’s time for a spring cleaning!

It’s when I tell my subscribers to UNSUBSCRIBE from any marketer’s list who does not provide value.

Seriously, this is really hurting your business.

Whenever I do a call with a client and they say they are distracted. And confused. And keep starting one project but never finish because they start something else.

I ask, “how many marketers lists are you on?” and the reply is usually A LOT.

unsubscribeI immediately tell them to unsubscribe from any and all that don’t provide real value. And you’d think I asked them to kidnap a young child when I hear them take a gasp. How dare I?

These emails filled with hypey pitch after hypey pitch become like a drug.

Maybe it’s because the writing is so persuasive. Or they are just addicted to the BS and being sold the dream. But they fight me on unsubscribing.

The usual excuse is “yeah, but it’s good “swipe” copy”. Or “but I don’t buy all their stuff”.

Wrong. It’s a major distraction and it’s killing your business.

For example, you might be working on your membership site and suddenly, one guy says “the membership sites are dying” and you’re a fool if you do a membership site. So you stop the membership site, plop down $1k or so and get the “new” product. And the cycle continues until you get the next email.

And PLEASE don’t get me started on “warrior special offers”, I will keep this positive (at least as positive as I can).

Here are the two main criteria to follow and whether you should immediately unsubscribe (and yes, many of my fellow marketers hate me for saying this, but I am here for you). And if I don’t meet these criteria, then you should get off my list too. I’m serious.

  1. They just SELL with almost zero content. It’s usually “buy X” today. And tomorrow, it’s “buy y”.
  2. They disappear for months at a time. And only email you when it’s time for them to launch a new product. Oh wow – here are 3 free videos.. you must REALLY care about me? They are so honest and thoughtful (yes, that’s my NY sarcasm coming out)

Pretty simple huh?

Go through your inbox and when you get these emails – unsubscribe immediately.

Here’s the immediate effect.

First, you will feel much more focused and less distracted.

Second, you will experience a sense of calmness and freedom you haven’t experienced in a long time. It’s removing blurry glasses and having complete clarity.

I’m on just a few lists – maybe 3 or 4. And once I got off those lists, my businesses exploded.

I know it’s not easy – it’s like ripping a band-aid off. It might hurt for a few seconds – but you’ll thank me for it in 30 seconds.

Coach Lee, over and out.


Rock on,


P.S. If you want to clean up the industry and raise the bar – please “like” share and tweet this below.

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The Minimalist Marketer – Part III


In Part I of this ongoing series, I talked about clearing out the clutter. In Part II – I discussed my “desk”.

Now, in Part III, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get serious.

Let’s talk about your “briefcase”. That’s right, we are going there.

For years, I had a cheap, beat-up bag to carry my laptop. I probably paid around $20 for it at Staples 5 years ago. That bag went with me everywhere.

Now it was starting to rip and it was time for an upgrade.

Of course, the first thing I did was go through the dozens of “secret” pockets in that old bag and threw everything out. Old, tattered business cards. Badges from events where I rocked the stage. And an unopened pack of gum that was likely older than two of my children.


It’s weird. I have no problem paying thousands of dollars for a good domain name, but a bag that I use everyday is something I put off buying for years. I kept saying to myself, “my current bag is fine, I don’t need another one”. But I couldn’t put it off anymore. It was time to man-up!

On Sunday, my wife and I took our kids to the mall for pictures with the Easter Bunny (while we are raising our kids Jewish, we still celebrate all the holidays). The line to see the Mr. Easter bunny was long, so while my wife held our place in line, I took all 4 of my kids to Tumi.

That’s right, it was time for a major upgrade and Tumi has really high quality products that look good.

I’m still not sure why I took all of my kids to the store – but they had a great time touching EVERYTHING in sight. So in between saying, “(insert name), stop touching that”, every 30 seconds – I had a few moments to browse the selection.

There were dozens of choices – but since I’m obsessed with “minimalism” and “simplicity”, I opted for the messenger bag. I couldn’t resist those clean lines and only a few “secret” pockets all inside the bag.

It was around $175 – and yes, they even engraved it for free. (see the pic below of my new pride and joy)

photo (8)



Here’s what goes in my bag every day on my way to Starbucks.

My 11″ MacBook Air Laptop & charger
80 sheet composition notebook
3 pens
1 pack of gum

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here’s a pic of my entire “virtual office” laid out on my table at Starbucks.

Yes, I run ALL of my businesses with everything that can fit in my new Tumi bag.

photo (9)
What’s the point of this post?

Not sure. Maybe it’s to show you it’s possible to build a super-profitable business without traditional overhead. Or without a big office with expensive furniture. Or without the stress of overhead choking you.

Or, perhaps, it’s just because I love writing about this and sharing it with you with the hope it can inspire you to live the life of your dreams too.


Rock on,


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The Minimalist Marketer – Part II


In part I of this series, I discussed the idea of CLEARING your bookshelves and removing distractions.

Since I’m on my “minimalist” kick – let’s continue with my office.

It’s no secret I spend every morning working from coffee shops (usually Starbucks), but I also have another “office”. It used to be a large 3-office suite with a conference room, but I ditched that last year. I’ll get into that in a future blog post (how I structure my minimalist marketing day).

For now, I’d like to focus on my DESK.

That’s right, a desk.

In my home office, I used to have a massive pottery barn desk system.

It had a corner desk with 6 drawers. Plus another longer desk which had another 6 drawers. The thing was huge and took up half of my small basement office. (yes, I have my office in the basement to escape the noise my 4 kids can make!).

And even after I spend hours cleaning the desk out, more stuff would find it’s way in eventually.

Papers. Letters. CDs…. Rubberbands? Thumbtacks? (I don’t even have a bulletin board so I have no idea why I would have thumb tacks!)


I went with a radical solution.

First, I went on craigslist and sold my massive desk.

Next, I created a “temporary” desk with a simple 6′ folding table. I already had the table at the house – and it cost around $30 or so.


It’s about as “no frills” as you can get. No drawers. Made of hard plastic with not an ounce of wood in sight.

And here’s the funny thing…

By limiting myself to the one surface – it FORCED me to reduce clutter.

Just my 27″ iMac and a small printer. And I’m getting rid of the printer soon.

When I started working from the “temporary” desk – I found myself even more focused. More productive. I loved it.

Now, this folding table has taken over and is my regular home-office desk.

So the next time you find yourself making excuses such as “well, I can’t get started until I have a fancy desk” or “I need new office space” – just know that it’s all in your head.

Be lean. Be agile. And be fast to the money.

Coach Lee.. out.


Rock on,


P.S. If you enjoyed this, please like, share and +1 it.



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The Minimalist Marketer – Part I


Over the years, I’ve found my obsession with keeping my work (and life) uncluttered continuing to grow.

What started with an desk filled drawers overflowing with papers – has now become a simple 6 foot folding table (seriously). My workouts are simplified (more bodyweight training and sports like platform tennis).

I’ll get to more of that in a future post, but for now I’d like to tell you about another part of my office that was out of control.

And it’s something that might strike up some controversy…


That’s right – my good old friend, books.

I used to have hundreds and hundreds of books in my office. Everything from marketing and personal development (the last fiction book I read was a John Grisham novel about 10 years ago).

Today, my collection of books is down to less than 20. And those 20 include my own (I gotta keep some copies) and books that have been signed by my clients with special messages to me.

And all those other books? I donated them to the local library and gave many away to friends.


This is probably deeply upsetting to a few of my readers. They consider books “old friends” and would never part with them. And I totally get it. I used to feel that way too.

However, since I read all the books – I took notes on the few action items from each one. So everything is now at my fingertips in one notebook.

To me – you cannot measure success by how “big your library is”, it’s about how much of the information you have actually applied in your life that matters.

You can READ my books, but if you don’t apply what you learn, then the book doesn’t help you. The author can’t build your business for you – it’s up to YOU to get off your butt and do it.

And my need for a clutter-free environment won out over the need to be surrounded by books.

I found it difficult to concentrate when I was surrounded by clutter. Whether is was clutter on my desk or in my bookshelves.


Over the past 2 years, I either buy a book on my Kindle or listen as an audiobook.

When I travel, my Kindle has dozens of books and I don’t need to schlep around 5-6 books. I move fast – and can’t have those books slow me down, heck no!

Don’t get me wrong, there is something special about an actual printed book. Do I still buy regular print books? Yes, but after I read it and take notes, I will donate it to the library. If I really like it, I’ll buy the audio book and listen many more times to catch new information I might have missed.

I’m on a minimalist marketing mission… my mind is clear. My business is laser-focused. I’m more focused on helping my clients. I’m more “present” emotionally when I’m with my wife and kids. And the results have been outstanding.

Now, here’s the question for you…

Rock on,


P.S. If you like this, please “like”, “tweet” and “+1″ the heck out of it.

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