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First Annual Thanksgiving "Give Yourself a Plug" Day!

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the United States.

And as my way of giving thanks to YOU, my loyal subscriber – you have a chance to plug your own product, service or web site.

Unlike other marketers, I firmly embrace the spirit of “abundance” – as there’s plenty for everyone. And with hundreds of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs tuning in here everyday for their latest shot of bullshit-free marketing, you never know if you make some sales or find a new JV. Just one person can change your life.

Feel free to mention your web site, product and what you offer to the world below.

So go ahead, give yourself a “plug”. Don’t be shy…


P.S. If you want to stay updated on the latest in the world of marketing, click here. But do it NOW as all of the bonuses are disappearing soon…

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The 10K Workshop Scholarship!

On July 12th, 2011, I will be holding a very special one-time only workshop in my New Canaan CT office.

And my workshop co-leader is none other than Matt Bacak. (if you don’t know Matt his last product broke the record for the highest “gravity” of sales in Clickbank history!). To put it in perspective, his product had a gravity of over 2,000. He’s the only person to ever break 2,000 (and only 4 people have ever broken the 1,000 mark before). He didn’t just set the record for sales – he SHATTERED it. The guy is one of the best marketers on the planet. Period.

And he has semi-retired since that launch months ago. But he’s ready for a comeback. And we both agree it’s time to kick ass and take some names.

We are tired of the bull-shit, push-button marketing crap that these young guys are trying to push in the marketplace.

So Matt and I decided to lay it all on the line. Everything from A to Z showing you the truth about building a profitable “dot com lifestyle” business.

No fluff. No theories. No selling. Just 100% pure content in a step-by-step fashion.

When you leave this workshop, you will have EVERYTHING you need to build a real business that will give you a lifetime of income.


The workshop will be an intimate setting in my office and we’re only accepting 12 attendees. That’s it.

We both charge $20K each for a full day of consulting – but we’re offering this one-time-only workshop for just $10K.

And in the spiriting of giving back, there will be an available “scholarship” seat to the workshop.

To apply – just write in below why you are a good candidate for the workshop. And what you will do with the information you learn.

IMPORTANT: I only want action takers. There are enough excuse-makers in this world, and I want the scholarship winner to be a walking, talking billboard of success.

Apply below and I look forward to seeing you in beautiful New Canaan…

P.S. Don’t forget to also download my free report “7 Ways to Instantly Double Your Income”

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How Can I Help You? (Free Continuity Summit 3 Recordings!)

Ok, I admit it.

The Continuity Summit was the best live event I’ve ever put on (based on seeing the video testimonials, reading the feedback forms and just feeling the energy in the room!)

But after 3 days of leaving it all on the floor.. it’s Monday and I’m fully exhausted. It’s amazing how much energy you can exert just speaking on stage.

So here’s what I propose.

Tell me what YOU would like to learn.

In other words, what are your goals? What content would you like me to teach on this site? What do you want to learn?

**Just comment and I’ll pick a random winner. And the winner gets the recordings of the Continuity Summit 3 for free!**

As Jerry Maguire so gracefully said “HELP ME, HELP YOU!”

I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and continuing to help you on your journey to an even better life.

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The Death of Internet Marketing (It's Time to Fix the System)

Many (not all) of the online marketers I know are full of crap. I guess that’s the best way to put it politely. They don’t really care if you are successful and will only promote people who first whore out their products.

Then, if you play nice, stay in line and push their products, they will promote your products.

This might not come as a surprise to you – but I was shocked just how many people play it that way.

During my Presentation Domination launch, I had some other marketers try the software, tell me how much they LOVE it and how great it would be for their list. BUT, since I didn’t “play the game” and promote their products first, they would NOT let their list know about it.

Yes, read that again. They liked the product. Their knew their subscribers would benefit from it. And they would receive commission. But they chose to NOT let their subscribers know about it because I didn’t push their products first.

It’s a vicious cycle and it’s pretty sickening. You know it, I know it and they know it.

But that’s the way the “system” has always worked – but I am not playing that game. Nope, you can count me out.

So now it’s time to fix the broken system and here’s what I’m doing about it…

Since all the marketers want me to promote their products because I have a large LOYAL following, I usually get review access. So as I get access, you’ll get the REAL scoop on whether the product is really worth your hard earned cash. I’ll even give the products a grade (from an F to an A+)

After marketing online for 12+ years, I can quickly sniff out the good stuff from the garbage.

Many marketers might not be happy with my grading system – but that’s too bad. If you are afraid of the reviews, then don’t sell it to the public.


Either you deliver the goods or you don’t. Where I grew up, my friends and I used to say “put up or shut up”.

And if you don’t deliver the goods, I will be all over it with a REAL review (not a bunch of whinny wanna be’s who talk a good game in forums but never actually do anything).

You no longer have to wonder whether the product is any good – or just another hyped up marketing circle jerk.

These will be REAL reviews from a REAL person who has made tens of millions online (and whose customers have grossed well over a billion online). I’m not a 21 year old who just started marketing when Obama took office – I have “street cred” and have been doing this for over a decade.

The reviews will not personally attack anyone. I won’t curse (ok, maybe just a little!). And I will leave any friendships out of it.

I will review every product with an open mind. Just because a product costs $2k, does NOT mean it’s automatically a “scam”. And there are some $37 products that aren’t worth $1. It’s all about the quality of the product and the value it delivers.


My hope is that marketers will think twice before putting out a crappy product hoping for a quick buck. And you will have a real, uncensored look at whether the product is any good from a reliable source (me!). I hope we all get off the “you mail for me and I’ll mail for you” mentality.

By having everyone create quality products that ADD VALUE – we all raise the bar together.

I was put here for a reason, and it’s to help people. I shouldn’t have to feel like I need to take a shower after reading other marketers promotional crap. It’s done. I’m over it.

The bullshit ends today.

Are you with me?


Get involved below and post your thoughts…
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Continuity Summit 3… It's On!

After vowing that last year was my final Continuity Summit… I just couldn’t resist one more!

But, after literally hundreds of emails from past attendees asking when the next CS is happening, I had to do it for the fans (that’s sounds so rock-star cocky!).

So it’s on like Donkey Kong.

June 10-11th, 2011.

Stamford, CT

We already sold out about 1/2 of the allotted tickets.

Check out this video from last year’s Continuity Summit, then CLICK HERE to grab your ticket now.

Get the details here and snag your ticket before the Early Bird special ends…

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Watch the FREE "Presentation Domination" Videos here!

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Free "Speed Coaching"

Things have really been cranking here at RL Headquarters.

My trusted staff, Shirley and Demetria, have been getting flooded with hundreds of business/marketing questions. And since I only have 24 hours in the day, it’s just not possible for me to answer every question in details.

So, following the lead of my good friend Alwyn Cosgrove, I’m going to spend more time on Facebook answering your questions with “Speed Coaching”.

It’s my way of helping my loyal subscribers (and still having time to enjoy with my wife and kids!).

Here’s what to do..

Step 1: Go to my Facebook page and click “LIKE”

Step 2: Watch the updates to see when the next Speed Coaching session is taking place (I will also update you through email – so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter at the top of this site).

Step 3: Get on the post and ask away. I’ll answer EVERY question that comes my way during the session.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Listen to my Radio Interview Here.. 34 Minutes Oozing with Cash Generating Advice…

I just finished an interview with the guys at Clickbank for Webmaster Radio.

We went into lots of detail about creating continuity programs. It was lots of fun and I know you’ll get some valuable advice too.

==>Listen to the interview here<==

**As always, post your comments below**

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SAM Scholarship

Andrew Lock and I are giving away 6 scholarships to SAM on April 15/16th in Park City, UT. (

The attendees and speakers are like a “who’s who” of business and marketing. Here are just a few of the confirmed attendees…

  • Perry Marshall – Adwords expert
  • Rich Schefren – Business coach
  • Mike Koenigs – Social media marketing expert
  • Mike Hill – Traffic guru
  • Kristi Frank – Star of Season I of Donald Trump’s Apprentice
  • Chris Farrell – Information marketing coach
  • Mike Faith – Founder of
  • Tom Collins – Behind the scenes of $125 million dollar membership site
  • James Malinchak – Big money speaker and star ofA ABC’s The Secret Millionaire’
  • Alex Mandossian – Respected business and marketing expert
  • Gary Goldstein – Producer of blockbuster movie Pretty Woman
  • Jim Kwik – World’s leading memory coach
  • Sam Cawthorn – Australia’s Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller – Marketing coaches and authors of “Gravitational Marketing”
  • David Sinick – The “Real World Traffic” guy
  • Tracy Childers – Co-creator of Wishlist Member
  • Garrett Gunderson – NY Times Best-Selling Author of “Killing Sacred Cows”
  • Gail Kingsbury – The most connected woman in business!

And too many more to name…

Each speaker has just 21 minutes to give their biggest business breakthrough. ZERO pitching is allowed.

It’s a unique experience unlike anything you’ve ever attending.

The networking alone will be life-changing.

Plus, we have a special solo acoustic performance by a person who has a number of #1 hits, sold over 40 million albums and has won a Grammy. (ok, it cost us a lot of money for this entertainer, but we really want to make this entire event an experience, not a stuffy seminar!)


Tickets cost $4,000.

If you’d like to apply for one of the 6 scholarships, just reply in the comments below. Tell me about your business and why you’d like to attend SAM.

And I’ll see you in Park City…

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Nano Continuity is LIVE!

$5 membership sites?

Big discount and lots of bonuses during the launch through March 18th

Go there now!

Nano Continuity

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