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The Million Dollar Potato Peeler Sales Pitch

1. Stop traffic. Once a small crowd has gathered Joe waves his audience in closer as a “courtesy” because it “saves me shouting.” He promises, “I won’t ask you for money” to differentiate himself from the panhandlers in the streets of New York City. (And technically he does not ask for money, he asks for a sale.)

You can use this when driving traffic to your offers by promising something of value for visiting your site. Tease curiosity with headlines like, “Exposed: How An Old Man With A Funny Accent Made A Million Dollars Selling Potato Peelers On A NYC Sidewalk”

2. Show your credentials. Notice that Joe surrounds himself with proof of his credentials; his Daily News article is on display, as is his feature article in Vanity Fair and a photo of his appearance on the Today Show. This makes the audience feel safe and provides Joe celebrity status.

You can use this on your website by displaying legitimate credentials about you and your business via testimonial blurbs, endorsements and “As Seen On” icons.

3. Big action opener. Once the audience is close, Joe doesn’t waste time making hyped-up promises or small talk, he just gets right to work demonstrating what his product does and why it matters to his prospects.

You can use this in your pitch by launching straight into a video that shows your product in action. Once you’ve won your prospect’s attention, you can begin to drill down the finer benefits.

4. Describe the tangible benefits. Joe knows his product will appeal to busy moms, so he says, “You do that with the kids, they’ll eat their vegetables.” There’s another brilliant example of some “beyond benefits” a minute or so later when Joe explains that if you fry potatoes and drink red wine like the French, “You’ll live forever, you’ll never die.”

You can use this by thinking through how each benefit of your product can have a positive effect on life for your prospects beyond the obvious.

5. Use humor to bond with your audience. “Does matter if you’re right handed, left handed, or like a politician — under-handed.” This is masterful use of the humor as bonding tool. It furthers Joe’s “man of the people” credentials even though he was a millionaire living on Park Ave.

You can use this with your audience by finding a common enemy to poke fun at, but keep it lighthearted unless your market is extreme in its beliefs.

6. Show the dreadful alternative. Joe holds up the common potato peeler most of us have in our kitchen drawer and says, “You can’t slice potatoes like that with one of these things.” This simple reference to the norm makes what we’ve been using to peel potatoes feel desperately inferior and creates a sudden urgency to replace a utensil that was far from our minds just two minutes earlier.

You can use this by pitting the way your prospects typically do things against how life could be if they were armed with your product or service.

7. It’s easy for anyone to use. Joe hands the peeler to an audience member and has her glide it across a carrot. This gives the audience “social proof” that it isn’t just Joe’s prowess with the tool that makes it so effective.The thing really works!

You can use this online by showing video testimonials of people bragging about how great your product works for them.

8. Reveal “the catch?” Here Joe says, “There’s no trick there’s no skill, but you must use at least six slices.” The caveat is hardly a deal breaker, however by revealing it and adding in the word “but…” you know he’s giving you the truth, making it easy to give him your trust.

You can use this by looking for a place to reveal a small flaw or caveat to your product’s magic and exposing it to build trust.

9. Close with a flurry of benefit bullets. Now that the demo is complete, the proof is shown and the trust is established, it’s time to open the cash register. As Joe pulls out his big bankroll (more proof that the product is popular) he shouts a litany of features and benefits to knock his prospects off the fence…

“They’re made in Switzerland, they’re not made in China.”
“They’re made of stainless steal, they cannot rust.”
“They’re dishwasher safe and I promise you they never need sharpening.”

You can use this by listing the biggest benefits beside or underneath your order button and again on the order form itself.

10. Squash common objections. “And if anyone thinks that’s a special one, you can have that one, I’ll use another one.” Clearly a response to 15 years of skeptical New Yorkers insisting that Joe is shooting with “loaded dice”. He knows it’s on the mind of certain prospects, so he squashes it with a quick line.

You can use this by adding a FAQ section to your sales page to tackle common objections.

11. Special offer pricing. Joe offers “one for $5 or five for $20”. But notice how he builds to the special offer with his phrasing, “They’re five dollars each, they’re worth every penny, they last a lifetime. You can get two for ten, four for twenty and a lot do — you’ll get one free.”

You can use this by thinking of ways to create special offer pricing, just be careful that it doesn’t diminish the original value you’ve worked to establish.

12. Create emotional urgency and justify with logic. “And why would anybody want five peelers if they last a lifetime?” Joe asks, “Cuz you’ve got four friends that’s why.” Then he reminds us that the holidays are coming up and punches the offer with, “you not only save a lot of money, you save a lot of time looking for gifts.” Brilliant.

You can use this by getting your prospects to think about how much the people in their life would benefit from the product and how they’d be a hero for showing up with one as a gift.

13. Keep selling through the sale. As Joe furiously collects cash and hands out peelers, listen to how he runs through his credentials to nudge people over the fence and help them justify their emotional decision to buy…

“Fifteen years I’ve been selling the same thing.”
“1994 I was in the Daily News.”
“Three years ago, Vanity Fair. Julia Roberts on the cover and me in the middle.”
“Best $5 you’ll ever spend.”
“You can’t buy anything in this country that’s made in Switzerland for five dollars… A Swiss Army knife is nearly $100.”
“They don’t make cheap things in Switzerland, they make good things.”

and my favorite line… “You’re not buying these because they’re cheap, you buy ‘em because they’re good and they work.”

Four minute pitch, five dollar product, fifteen years of success, over a million in sales.

Proof that making sales can be easy when you believe in your product and you’ve got the right pitch.

When is the last time you witnessed a master salesperson in action? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Kevin Rogers is an A-List online copywriter and sales messaging coach, you can get more great tips


Rock on,


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Premium Continuity: Part II (Inside the Numbers)


Since my first post revealing “Premium Continuity”, there have been questions. A LOT of questions.

First, people wanted to know if this means you should never do a lower-priced continuity ($5, $10 or even $30/month). And the answer is… “it depends”.

I like to have multiple streams of continuity income. In fact, one of my most popular programs is FounderFly (and it’s just $19.95/month). Even a site I started (and recently sold) called is just $9.95/month.

Is there money to be made there? Absolutely. And the lower-priced continuity can be a great front-end for a premium continuity program.

BUT, and this is a big ‘ol but – if you forced me to pick just ONE thing to do. If you held a gun to me and said “Ryan, you have to make $50K-$100K PER MONTH from scratch, what would you do?” – it would be PREMIUM CONTINUITY. No question about it.

After literally creating hundreds of products (everything from DVDs, CDs and books to live events, ebooks, home study courses and webinars) and close to 100 continuity programs (membership sites, print newsletters, coaching and software) – nothing has ever been as profitable as premium continuity ($97/month – $1,000+/month).


It’s true – a premium continuity program will NOT appeal to everybody.

Here’s the truth. If you do a good job with a lower-priced continuity or even a one-time product, you can get up to 10% of the people to buy (that depends on your relationship with the list, your position in the market and the size of your list).

Now, if you create the right premium continuity program (most people screw it up!), you might get 3% or even 5% to take it. And while it’s 1/2 of the people who might purchase a lower priced product – you are charging 2X to 10X the price. Which means more profit. A LOT more profit.

This is just an example (you could obviously earn more or less). But look at how powerful this truly is to your bottom line:

$97/Month Premium Continuity
Get just one new member a day. That’s right JUST ONE.

After 6 months, that’s $17,460 PER MONTH in recurring revenue.

Obviously, there will be cancellations and some drop off – but you actually get LESS drop off at the premium pricing (when you follow my system).

Imagine if you spent 2 hours of your day just trying to get that one new member?

After only 12 months you are at $35,000.00 PER MONTH

Again, that’s just one person a day. Even if you are a terrible marketer you should be able to get one person a day.

$297/Month Premium Continuity
Here’s where the numbers get exciting.

With a few simple positioning techniques and a proven sales funnel – you can get a percentage of them to $297/month.

Let’s still assume you are a terrible marketer and still only get 1 person a day.

By this time next year – you are at $108,405.00 PER MONTH.

Yes, that’s a cool $1.3 million dollars a year – with just one new member a day.

Maybe one day you get 3 new members – and the next day nothing. You just have toaverage one a day.

Now, imagine you are a semi-decent marketer who already has a list. Or who is doing the right things to make an impact in your market.

2 new members a day? $216,000.00 PER MONTH by this day next year.

Remember, I’m talking RECURRING, DEPENDABLE income. There’s nothing that comes close to these numbers.

Do you see why I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I’m quickly transitioning all of my business back to this model? (why did I ever try anything else???)

And this doesn’t just work for the “Internet marketing” world. One of my friends is crushing it in the “self-improvement” world and I’m secretly testing it in the “fitness” market with awesome results.

Premium Continuity – I have a major crush on you.


Rock on,



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I Was Wrong (Kinda). Please Meet “Premium Continuity”


If you’ve been following me for any length of time you probably know a few things..

1. I love my family
2. I love movies almost as much as I love my family (ok, not quite but I do love my flicks)
3. I love “continuity” programs
4. I love to take risks and try to innovate in my business (Nothing gets more more excited than pushing the envelope in marketing!).

So over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with all different types of continuity programs (recurring revenue).

Everything from my self-coined “Nano Continuity” (programs under $5/month) to programs I call “Premium Continuity” which are between $97 and $997 per month.

And while the lower-priced continuity programs certainly have it’s place in the market (I still do VERY well with them as do a lot of my clients), the BIG buckaroos are inPREMIUM CONTINUITY.



A few weeks ago, I created a really fast “premium continuity” program for one of my “Titanium” clients. With just one simple email (and no web site), I created a program where he charged $250/month. And in less than 2 hours – he SOLD-OUT every spot.

Oh yeah – I know what you’re thinking.. “he’s probably in the ‘make money online’ niche and has a BIG list”.

Ummmm, no. He’s in the hyper-competitive fitness niche and his list is tiny.

And a few days ago I was speaking to a good friend who is a podcaster (I’ll keep him anonymous for now), and after I explained “premium continuity”, he put his other product he was about to release on hold and already has people lining up to pay up to $400 PER MONTH.

To me, business is a journey. And when I started thinking back to one of my first BIG premium continuity programs.

This was about 4 or 5 years ago and it brought in 2,778 clients paying $97 PER MONTH (see the screenshot below)

Yes, 2,778 people X $97 = $269,446.00 PER MONTH.

But, like I said earlier, I’m always looking to experiment and try new things.

Some big hits. Some flat-out disasters.

However as I’m looking back at my 14 years online (yes, I started in 1999) – I’m seeing a trend. And a startling one at that.

Whenever I create PREMIUM CONTINUITY for myself (and when I help my clients create these programs), they are the most profitable with a near 100% success rate.

Sometimes my creativity and never-ending desire to innovate is my own worst enemy.

When I have a formula for premium continuity that works so well and brings me and my clients the most wealth – why the heck would I do anything else?


After over a decade of seeing literally hundreds of thousands of people signup for continuity programs – I noticed something. The price is often NOT  a big factor in a decision to join. In fact, it’s usually one of the last things on the list of reasons why they choose to join or take a pass.

It’s truly a numbers game. A percentage of people will always opt for the premium continuity (provided the program is setup the right way – that’s the KEY).

Then why do some premium continuity and coaching programs fail?

It’s a combination of factors.

The “pre-marketing” process. The sales process. The positioning. The hook. The delivery system. The offer. The value proposition. The trust. The lead-up and follow-up sequence. The graphics.

It’s NOT just one thing – it never is.

That’s where most marketers get it wrong. They think “if I just get a great video sales letter – my program will explode”.

Nope. Not even close.

Premium continuity is BY FAR the most powerful wealth generator I know of.

You get better clients who listen to your advice. You get people who take action. You don’t have to do deal with so many different people – and it’s a much cleaner, more streamlined business.


I’ve only talked about this stuff to a handful of coaching clients.

While I firmly believe in abundance – this stuff is so powerful, I never wanted to make this yet another “product”.

Sure, I’d sell a lot of copies – but the reality is most people will never even go through all the training. They’ll get distracted. They’ll skip over a training video. They won’t actually implement.

Then, here comes the “bizop” seekers looking for a quick buck. They take my content, create a watered-down version of it and “resell” it as their own as a $17 WSO.

The market gets flooded and in a matter of months, it loses it’s power.  And I refuse to go down that road again. Nope, not again.


So here’s what I’m proposing.

A 3-day super-intensive LIVE in-person workshop.

Just me, you, your laptop and a handful of other serious entrepreneurs.

No video cameras. No recordings. It will NOT be turned into a product for mass consumption.

At the end of the 3 days, you’ll have your premium continuity program ready to rock and roll. But don’t expect a cake walk – you will get work done during these 3 days and you WILL get out of your comfort zone.

This will be perfect for coaches, experts and information marketers in just about any niche market.

It will be an intimate training (and doing) environment. It’s for action takers.

And you MUST be willing to sign an NDA (in other words, you cannot come in to learn my system and then think you can teach this as your own).

So, in order to protect the integrity of the group and the system – if you are interested in learning more, it will strictly be on an interview basis only. No exceptions.

If you’d like to be considered for this workshop (likely in NY area in March) – please email jennifer (at) with SUBJECT=PREMIUM.

Oh yeah, it won’t be cheap (it’s NOT a $495-type of event). If instead of your first question being “how much does it cost” and you instead say “I’ll do whatever I have to do be there” – then this is probably for you. It’s for people who are focused and serious about creating wealth with a premium continuity program.



Rock on,


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Can You Learn Internet Marketing from Costco?


One of the best CEO’s on the planet was Jim Sinegal from Costco (he stepped down recently after a 30-year run as co-founder and CEO).

During a recent interview with SmartMoney when asked why he opposed a proposal by California to keep out Wal-Mart but allow Costco – he said…

“I always oppose these kind of things. Competition makes us better. Some of our best stores have a Sam’s Club next door.”

Let that sink in for a minute.

He not only embraces competition, he WANTS he wants them right next door.

Jim knows he will beat the competition because he is obsessed with one thing.. offering the lowest price. That’s everything. It’s in their DNA. In fact, they still offer a hot dog and soda for $1.50, and have kept the price the same for decades. They now manufacture their own hot dogs to keep the cost so low as other costs continue to rise.

Low prices is their competitive advantage, so I’m not saying YOU have to undercut your competition. But you do need something to differentiate from your competitors – and WIN.

So the next time you get scared about entering into a market with strong competitors, think about Costco – and embrace them.

In fact, you should want people to compare your products and services to your competition because YOU will win. And if you’re not confident you have a unique advantage, strengthen your advantage even more until it becomes crystal clear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Costco and buy 300 rolls of paper towels.

Coach Lee.. out.


Rock on,



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Get To The Money…


I see it every single day.

Wannabe entrepreneurs who find hundreds of excuses to stall and delay.

They’ll spend weeks reshooting their “welcome” video dozens of times.

They will spend months agonizing over a logo. And even more time on a tagline.

But none of that matters until you can answer one, very important question…

“Will people buy it?”

That’s right.. the video, the logo and the tagline don’t mean a thing unless you get to the core of the issue. And that is if people are willing to take out their wallet and BUY your product.

This is everything – and when you want to sell products and services, you should be focusing on MAKING SALES. Period.

I’m not talking about all of the stuff that happens before a sale is made (like relationship building, blogging, social media, etc.). I’m talking about selling the actual product.

In my Titanium group – I’m always getting on my clients. I continue to say things like, “the sales video is good enough to get out there and start selling”. I’m sure they will chime in here to back up that I’m relentless.

Why do people stall? Why don’t they just get their products out there to see if it resonates with the market?

I’m no psychologist.. it might be fear of failure or rejection? Or they are perfectionists? Or they do not embrace abundance? Or maybe it’s all tied together?


I admit, as someone who works FAST, it can get frustrating when I see really smart, caring entrepreneurs not make a dime online. And spend years spinning their wheels.

So I just take a deep breath, realize that everyone is NOT like me – and keep saying the same thing to them as I’m saying to you now… to just “get to the money”.


Rock on,


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4 Life and Death Marketing Lessons: How to Stand Out in a Cut-Throat Market


Let’s face it, competition is tough. Really tough.

With the Internet changing the game and lowering the barrier to entry, you no longer have a couple of competitors – you have hundreds or even thousands.

But here’s a simple story of a guy and some smart positioning to make a BIG sale… and it has nothing to do with fancy software, google “loopholes” or push-button autoblogging software. It’s good old-fashioned positioning and marketing.


My wife and I decided it was time to repave our driveway. Of course, as a smart consumer, you have to get multiple bids – so I put an ad on craigslist and waited.

Within a few hours – I received about 10 or so emails. And of the 10, there was ONE that quickly become the obvious choice. His name is “Jerry”. Let me explain why (and the marketing lessons you can take).

#1. EASY: I am hiring someone to repave my driveway because I don’t want to do it myself. I have zero desire to do any of that stuff. Seriously, I hate all the “handyman” work around the house.

Jerry said he will come out TODAY (on Easter Sunday) and take all the measurements. Ok – easy enough. He came a few hours later and measured every inch of the driveway with a rolling tape. It took him about 20 minutes because it’s a pretty big driveway.

But here was the surprising part – 5 of the other people who emailed me asked ME to go outside and do all the measurements. Then, they will give me a quote without even talking to me or seeing the job.

Huh? There are 2 things that stuck out from those replies. The first is they are not willing to get in their car to meet someone for a $3K or so job. And second, they want me to do their job.

So rule #1 – make it EASY for people to work with you.

If it’s a product, don’t make me download special software to view your videos. Don’t ask me to create 5 usernames. Don’t tell me it’s for a PC only. Make it easy.

#2. FOCUSED: Jerry ONLY does paving. In fact, his business is called Jerry’s Paving. Every other person who replied to my ad said they do “all types of construction, contracting, etc.”.

Just because Jerry only does paving, does it necessarily mean he’s better? No. But it does make you assume if that’s his only business – he must be good at it.

That’s 2 for Jerry and 0 for the other pros.

Marketing lesson #2 – be niched and focused. And dominate that one industry. Sure, Jerry could probably do other “handyman” services – but by being THE paving guy, he is scooping up that slice of the market. And they are not cheap jobs either. Let the other guys sheetrock the walls, Jerry will gladly corner the paving market.

#3. THE GUARANTEE: Jerry was also the ONLY person who said his work is guaranteed. And guaranteed for up to 2 years.

The other bidders – not even a hint of a guarantee.

Jerry = 3. Competition = 0.

Marketing lesson #3 – you should always guarantee your work and offer the purchase back if not satisfied. Don’t ever fight refunds (even if they are wrong) and offer quality follow-up service.

#4. SOCIAL PROOF: Here was the icing on the cake. Jerry even had a link to his Facebook Fanpage. That’s right, a local paving guy has a fanpage on FB with real, live fans.

You can bet it makes me feel better about working with Jerry.

Jerry = 4. Competition = 0.

Marketing lesson #4 – create a social media presence. And get lots of lots of testimonials and case studies online. It’s no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

I am still waiting for all the final bids, but you can be sure that even if Jerry is 10% or higher on the project, I will hire him.

I love sharing stories like these. And even though Jerry doesn’t have a web site with his own domain (yes, he should), he is still miles ahead of his competition.

If he can position himself as the clear winner using only Craigslist and a simple Facebook page – imagine what YOU can do? He found a clear want/need – and he filled it. It’s as simple as that.

It’s not about tricks and gimmicks – it’s about building TRUST with your potential customer. Nothing else matters.

Kudos Jerry – that’s the way you handle your business.

P.S. A story like Jerry, who was not born in the U.S., is the reason why I love this country so much. There is virtually unlimited opportunity for people who hustle and go after their dreams.

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Become a… Bodyguard?


If you follow my advice (and hopefully, you are smart enough to listen to me), you’ll be seen as a trusted advisor in your market.

Someone who truly knows their material, creates value and cares about their subscribers.

But you’ll have another role. A BIG role.



bodyguard3Now I don’t mean you have to arm yourself and learn Krav Maga. Nope, I mean you must simply PROTECT your subscribers.

What does this mean?

Look at what I do, for example.

I RARELY promote other people’s products. They must be really, really good.

But besides being good – I must trust the person selling the product.

In other words, are they going to make the sale and then sell your name to a high-pressure sales floor in Utah? Are they just going to hammer their list with offer after offer? Are they going to make YOU look good for recommending them?

And if I think my coaching program is not the right fit for you – I won’t sell it to you. Plain and simple, while I’m building my business I am still protecting you.



I’m the first to admit I’ve lost probably $4 million dollars over the past few years by following my “bodyguard” rule.

You see, I didn’t play the game. I refused to do “reciprocation” mailing unless I knew the product they wanted me to recommend. And because of that, I didn’t get “support” from people who had big lists.

But, I can argue that by distancing myself from the nonsense and looking out for my subscribers and clients – it has actually served my business better. Want proof?

I know for a fact many of the “gurus” are now struggling big-time. Laying off staff and hawking their products from stages they would never have spoken at a few years ago.

And I believe it’s DIRECTLY related to protecting their list.

They blew the trust. They became too hypey when it wasn’t necessary. They sold terrible products because the market was “hot”. They promoted a product that was terrible only because of a good commission or because they “owed” a favor.

Owed a favor????

underthetableCan you imagine going to your dermatologist, she sees something wrong and recommends you to a terrible specialist (she KNOWS the specialist is terrible – but she’s friends with this specialist and has received referrals from him)?

Seriously – and that’s how entire “businesses” were built in the information marketing world (I put business in “quotes” because they are not real businesses at all).

Now imagine going to a dermatologist marketing conference and every dermatologist on stage says you MUST “play the game” of referring to other specialists – and it doesn’t matter if they are good or not. It’s not about helping your patient, it’s about making you more money. Period. And the only way to do it is throw your customers under the bus.

You’d never trust the profession again, would you?

But yet, that’s how not only “Internet marketers” do things, they teach other people to do the same thing. You see this way of thinking in other markets now – fitness, coaching, personal development, sports, etc.

It’s a shell game. And if you follow that advice, you are building your business on a shaky foundation that will come crashing down. It’s only a matter of time, trust me on that one.

Want to do it the right way? Then simply PROTECT your subscribers. Become their bodyguard. Trust is everything and there’s no better way to build trust then by showing people you’ve got their back. My Titanium members know I’ll do anything to help and protect them (I’m sure a few will chime in below to show it’s not an act).

Become their bodyguard and you’ll be rewarded with a real, growing business. Loyal subscribers and customers. Terrific word-of-mouth. Less reliance on tricks and “loopholes”. Sold-out events. With your competitors left scratching their heads.

I know it might seem like it’s you against the world. And maybe you’ve lost confidence, but you CAN do it. There are thousands of people doing it the right way – just have faith in yourself and know that myself and your fellow RL family have got your back.


Rock on,


P.S. If this resonates with you, please like, share and tweet below!


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How to Connect with ANYBODY In One Simple Step


One of my Titanium members (I’ll keep his name confidential) recently asked for an introduction to one of my friends.

snoopyThey are in the same industry and can definitely help each other.

After I made the email introduction, since my member is new to this world, asked if I could review his email reply.

99% of the email was perfect – but here was his EXACT last 2 sentences…

I’d love to be introduced to your audience and introduce you and KRE8 to mine. I think we have very complimentary services so this could potentialy be a wonderful way for each to send customers to one another.

Can you see what’s wrong with this? I immediately spotted the mistake.

He asked “I’d love to be introduced to your audience”.

Remember, they were just connected by me but haven’t met, spoken or communicated with each other yet. And right away, he’s asking a favor.

If I got that email, it would be a major turn off. Big time.

Why should I “introduce you” to my audience if I don’t know anything about you yet?

I told him, flat-out, you must GIVE first.

Ask if you can interview HIM. Offer to promote HIM to your audience. Ask how you can support HIS business.

Give. Give. Give.

Don’t ask for anything in return. You are building a relationship – and that takes time. And you should extend a hand first.

When I’m asked how I know so many people in both the fitness and marketing industries – it’s because this is how I build relationships.

It’s not being manipulative, it’s doing the right thing. It’s being a good person first.

So simple, yet so powerful.

Oh yeah, or you can ask them to promote your awesome product for a 50% commission and $2.00 EPC that will make the rich. Rich I tell you, rich! That’s theother way to connect.

It’s your choice.


Rock on,


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Here’s Why You Are Kicking Butt.. Or Failing Miserably


Since launching my first web site back in 1999 I’ve met A LOT of people. Thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life through my membership sites, my newsletters, webinars and live events.

I remember some that started at zero online and have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales (one of the biggest success stories is Mike Geary).

But for every success story like Mike Geary or Zach Even-esh or Brain Grasso or Amy Ahlers – there are thousands of others who haven’t reached their potential. And some have flat-out falled on their faces.


Why are some of my students so successful while others who go through the EXACT same programs are not?

I have come to this conclusion.

I have no idea.

It’s just one of those things that can’t be explained…. or can it be…

Maybe they didn’t want to put in the effort necessary?

rockstairsMaybe they had low self-esteem and lacked confidence?

Maybe they ignored my advice because they “know better”?

Maybe they thought you had to write a 25 page business plan first?

Maybe they took 3 months to write one blog post?

Maybe they waited until their product was perfect?

Maybe they were hoping for a big, fat button to push and make them millions?

Maybe they were on every “guru” list and kept getting distracted?

Maybe they hate selling and think it’s beneath them?

Maybe they spend too much time on the warrior forum?

Maybe they tried to re-invent the wheel instead of sticking to what works?

Maybe they only focus on getting new customers and ignored their current ones?

Maybe they are terrified to “take a stance” and say something that matters?

Maybe they are so focused on “extracting” money from people instead of delivering value?


Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a combination of some (or all) of the above?

If your business is not where you want it to be. Or if you’ve seen other people leapfrog right over you, then please re-read this post as many times as necessary until it sinks in.

Your coach has spoken.



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The Internet Marketing Illusion


My recent post about the Warrior Special Offers definitely got some emotional responses.

Someone accused me of doing this to cause a stir (it was actually my response to someone doing a screencapture of a video, sending traffic to it and asking if I’d like to debate it).

Oh yeah – it has gotten me more attention in the marketplace too, it’s called MARKETING and I do teach “marketing”.

Anyway, I truly believe any time we can have an intelligent discussion about things people normally don’t address (or get entirely too emotional), it’s a good thing. A very good thing.

So I’d like to spend a couple of minutes addresses the big, fat elephant in the room (I’ll address other specific issues in future posts)



My friend Michael Fishman once said that Internet marketing is a marketing channel– it’s not an industry or job description. And those words really resonated with me. After all, I’m the guy who named his FB fanpage  “Ryan Lee – Internet Marketing Expert” (that was a mistake!).

A really, really big issue in the “Internet marketing” industry is something that is almost never spoken about in public. Or, at least, someone with either a true insiderperspective or with large enough platform so the words can be heard.

I’ve been blessed (or cursed) to fit the bill – so I know of what I speak. I have spoken at ALL the big marketing events, have participated in the big “guru” launches (and even did my own 7 figure launch), and my platform is pretty solid. Believe me, I’ve seen (and heard) things “behind the scenes” that would make your skin crawl.

One guy at dinner telling me about his craigslist software that would get you banned from their service – and when I asked how come he is still selling it, he reply was “it’s only $99″ (yes, he really said that).

Or another event promoter telling me I should give “less content” in order to EXTRACT as much money from the crowd.

Or another big “guru” who hired me to coach him – and after one month asked for $800 back so he can pay one of his employees (and he was on stage selling “how to be rich”).

But most people with an inside view of this world or with a large platform are afraid to speak out. Why?

makeadealBecause much of their success is built upon deals, handshakes and “reciprocations”. It’s a world where you mail for your friends (whether you’ve seen the product or not). It’s a world where you mail for the offer with the best EPC (earnings per click), again, whether you know the product will help your subscribers who TRUST YOU for the truth.

So if some of my fellow marketers speak “the truth” about how the system works – they are blacklisted. Guys won’t mail for you. Sure, they are nice to your face. They even call you “their great friend” (even though you’ve only met them once or twice.. what is that about??)

But when you say no to mail for their HOT offer that’s “converting like crazy”, you are quickly labeled as someone who doesn’t “play the game”. And that’s a label I’ve proudly worn for years! (One big named guru literally said that about me when asked to promote one of my products).

Why don’t I “play the game”? Because I don’t have to. I already have successful businesses outside this industry – and I do this blog (and create products) because I love it. There’s nothing else I’d rather do – so the money it brings me (which is still significant and I’m certainly not complaining) is not my main motivator. So I’m blessed to be able to say NO to the B.S. and the entire game never felt right to my soul.

It’s the reason my customers and subscribers trust me. It’s the reason I’ve had clients for over a decade. It’s the reason my clients invite me to their weddings. And send me birth announcements. And it’s the reason why some of my fellow marketers want me to shut my big, fat mouth.

OK, so where am I going with this?



I literally cringe every time I do a strategy session and the person says “I want to be an Internet marketer”!

Let me give you an example…

illusionistTwo months ago I had a conference call with an “Internet marketer”. He was getting impressive results building a large list fairly quickly and wanted to see if there was something we could do together. And since I never promote anything without knowing more about it – I agreed to a call.

After he revealed his system, a red flag went up. It was only done in the IM world and it seemed to be the only place it would work (it required posting in a special IM forum). So when I pressed him with “well, has this worked outside of the IM/warrior forum world?”, he said no – but they are going to test it in the next few days.

I told him to get back to me when they can prove it works outside of IM. It’s been about 3 months and I still haven’t heard back… it’s not surprising. Not surprising at all. I don’t expect it to workout outside of that world and I don’t expect to ever hear back from him again (but no doubt, he’ll keep selling his “list building” system to the masses with false promises).

That’s this world in a nutshell. I should call it “Truman Show Marketing” – where everything is done inside a bubble. It’s not the real world and when you leave that bubble, you better be able to back up your claims.

Even in my blog posts, some of the responses say things like “I’ve done this in multiple niches”, but they never actually say what other niches. They hide by saying “well, I don’t want the competition to see what I’m doing”. Huh??? Aren’t they TEACHING how to make money – won’t that create competition? It just leaves me scratching my head…




ryanleecartoonAgain, I must preface with the fact I’m not perfect. And I’m not a mad genius. And I’ve screwed up a lot too. And if you dig deep enough over the past 13+ years – I’m sure you will find things I’ve said in the past that are opposite of my stance now. I’ve sold some products I shouldn’t have and spoke at stages where I should have had a tetanus shot after interacting with some of those shady characters.

We all learn and evolve – and anyone who says they never screwed up simply hasn’t been trying hard enough. But to be so blind to think that the warrior forum special offers are “90% good” is living in a fantasy world.

Here’s what I do know… I know how to take information that works in one industry and transfer that to other industries, niches and markets.

I recently did two high-level workshop teaching PREMIUM continuity (people paid up to $10k to attend). It was application only and I rejected every person who said they want to be an “Internet marketer”.

Here were the  attendees who made the cut… (I’m using initials because of confidentiality of the attendees and I didn’t ask permission to ue their names). However, if they are reading this, I’m sure they will feel free to chime in below…

  • M.L: a true martial arts grandmaster (literally)
  • G & T: a team of women who help their fellow health care professionals do offline marketing
  • A.J: fitness fanatic who now has the top fitness podcast and lots of best-selling kindle books
  • J.T: top level podcaster who had a success offline consulting biz
  • G.N: one of the world’s top kettlebell/fitness experts
  • S.K: former attorney who teaches small business personality branding
  • J.F: owner of a strength/conditioning facility showing fitness pros how to model his gym
  • M.K: master copywriter who is building a “done for you” newsletter business
  • A.M: well-known interior designer helping people learn the trade
  • K.M: champion triathlete who coaches other triathletes

And you know what – everything I taught was immediately applicable to THEIR business (it didn’t just work in the “IM Bubble”).

I didn’t show a “loophole” that gets them on the first page of google for 20 minutes before they are banned.

I didn’t teach a “sneaky trick” to force their customers into continuity.

I didn’t show how to get 10,000 worthless clicks that don’t get you one sale.

I simply taught them how to build a REAL, sustainable business. Something that’s not built on hype – it’s built on my own 13+ years online and literally thousands of successful students who have gone through my training.

Every one of them is going to leapfrog right to the top of their industry. S.K. already made his first premium continuity sale. K.M. has sold 5 or so people into his high-end $300/month triathlete coaching program. G&T have increased their conversions from less than 10% to over 65% (and have doubled their income while simplifying their business). M.L. is done with his first 3 DVDs and almost ready to sell them. M.S. is 95% done with his newsletter and ready to dominate his niche.

And the list goes on and on.

Want the truth? It’s ain’t EASY. Yes, the model I teach is simple, but it takes some effort.

Yes, I’d probably sell more by ramping up my hype. And trying to elevate my claims even more (just like they do on the Warrior Forum because it’s gotten to the point where you can’t stand out unless you keep raising the claim bar). And I’d increase short-term sales by “playing the reciprocation game”.

There are some great people teaching business and marketing – I’m certainly not the only one coaching others (while building my own business simultaneously). And I won’t name them because they may not want the type of heat this sort of post can generate.

If you are thinking about investing in any coach or training product (whether is $10 or $10,000), ask them one very important question…

“Have you duplicated this system OUTSIDE of the IM/Warrior Forum bubble?” And if they say “well, not yet – but we are going to test it” or “what do you mean?”.. then do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.


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