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Membership Sites Recurring Revenue

When Your Continuity Program is NOT Continuity

Yesterday, Matt Bacak and I held an exclusive full-day workshop where we laid it all on the line. We showed attendees how to build a LARGE income online in just 3 simple steps (and in case you have to ask, we rocked!).

They flew in from all over the US (and one from Canada) and each of the attendees all had different experience levels online.

One of them was a 19-year-old east coast guy who wants it badly. You know he will be successful because he is the kind of guy who will run through a brick wall to reach his goal.

As we were going through everyone’s business model – he told us about his “continuity” program. It’s a membership site for online gamers. It features videos, released weekly, for $37/month.

When I asked him about his “stick rate” (how long people actually stay), he said it’s around 1 month. But he was already thinking of another “level” to his continuity program.


If people only stick around for the first month, then you don’t have a “continuity” program – you simply have another product with more headaches.

He even admitted his content is just “ok”. Nothing spectacular. And that was the issue right there.

His heart and soul wasn’t into it. And unless someone else with that passion is involved, people will never stick around.

Your energy and passion is palpable to your members.

You’ve gotta get that right first – then you can move on to more products/levels, etc.

Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the ass. Yes, I slip too and that’s why I’m in the process of refocusing my own membership site.


I get asked about “retention” all the time when I speak at events.

If you have a content-based site, it all begins with the quality of the content and the environment you create.

It helps when you have one face of the site. A leader. Someone they know has their back and is always looking out for the members.

If your membership site has zero personality and a few slapped-together videos, I don’t care how good your follow-up autoresponder sequence is – they WILL cancel. And if they don’t stick around, I’m sorry but you DO NOT have continuity.

Have you ever been a member of a site that either blew you away (a good thing) or really let you down (not so good)?

Share your comments/thoughts below..
P.S. Here’s the easiest method to create a killer continuity program that has people stick around for YEARS…

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Membership Sites Recurring Revenue

Membership Site Consistency

Every month, I held an hour long virtual training for my Platinum Inner Circle Members. And yesterday we spent a lot of time going over membership sites. (The complete recordings will be uploaded to the membership portal next week).

One of our IC members, Alex, runs a membership site for Real Estate investors. The site features interviews with successful investors, case studies, sample contracts and a private forum.

There were a lot of big breakthroughs for Alex as I did a complete membership site analysis.

One of them was “consistency”.

The “members area” did not match the sales message.

For example, his sales copy and images were loud and full of energy. But when you logged into the membership area – everything felt dull.

There were no more benefits (which are important to reinforce why people signed up in the first place)

And the colors were bland. There were no pictures – just lots of text. And no excitement.

The message for the day is carry over your consistency from sales to fulfillment.

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