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The Secrets to an 8-Figure Entrepreneur?

Let’s lay all the cards on the table.

Excuses are bullshit. And, from this day forward, you will no longer make excuses in your life.

You will take responsibility. Got it?

Here are the most common excuses I hear every single day – and why they are simply bullshit.


Here’s how it usually goes.. “But Ryan… I have no time to x, y, and z”


But you have time to watch football all day on Sunday?

Look, if you want to watch football. Or awful sitcoms for 3 hours a night – that’s fine. It’s your life you can spend it as you please. I am not judging you.

I love movies and go to the theater twice a week. Some people think I’m insane.

To each their own.

BUT, if you CHOOSE to spend your time watching football or the news or at the movies or watching porn – then you have no right to use the “I have no time” excuse.

You DO have time – you are just choosing to spend it elsewhere besides building your business. It’s your choice.

Be productive and guard every minute as if your life depended on it.

Learn to say “no” more.

And take control of your time. I have the exact same 24 hours in a day as you do – make sure you choose to spend it wisely.



I love this one.. “But Ryan… I don’t have the connections or list you do. It’s so easy for you”

Do you think I started on the Internet with a big list. And a Rolodex of connections?

Hell no!

When I started my first site I had a list of ZERO and I was working full-time as a Recreational Therapist in a Children’s Hospital. Not exactly the top of the heap. People were not beating down my door to work with me.

I got told “no” more times than you can imagine.

We ALL start at zero.

Mike Geary didn’t have a web site or product when he bought one of my programs almost 10 years ago. Now his business brings in 8 figures a year. He too started at zero and didn’t make excuses.

Some choose to work their ass off to build their business – while others look at the people who succeed with jealousy and disdain.

You want it? You REALLY want success?

Go out and just f*cking get it. No one is going to do it for you.



And finally the.. “But Ryan… I don’t have thousands to create a professional web site…”

You know what? Either did I when I first started. I saved up for 3 months to buy FrontPage98 and paid my 12-year-old neighbor Jonathan, $20 to help me setup my first site from my parents basement.

I wasn’t going to let the lack of start-up funds stop me from my dreams.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s FREE to create a Facebook Fan Page (get this guide to show you how).

It doesn’t cost a dime to go onto Facebook and join groups. And connect. And get involved in conversations.

You can create a free blog at

You can join an affiliate program and recommend products.

You can connect two people together and get a 2nd tier commission.

All of this costs zero.

Heck, you can even go to your public library and use THEIR computer and Internet access – for free.



Get real with yourself.

Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility.

We all start at zero… it’s entirely up to you where you want to go from there.



P.S. Here’s the entire blueprint to get you to $1k per day… without excuses.

P.P.S. If you are tired of excuses and this resonates with you – then please “like” “retweet” and “+1” it.

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3 Powerful Business Lessons from a Childhood Hero

Last week, one of my childhood heroes died from cancer.

His name was Gary Carter.

Growing up I was a huge baseball fan. Maybe even borderline obsessed. I started my own baseball card business when I was 12 and followed my beloved NY Mets all season long. I could recite every player, every statistic and, of course, the value of their baseball cards.

During the 1980s, the Mets had an incredible catcher, Gary Carter. When he came to the Mets from the Expos, I liked him right away.

The Mets were known as a rowdy group during the mid to late 80s. Drinking. Smoking. And just kicking ass.

But Gary Carter was different.

No doubt, he was a great player. A future Hall-of-Famer. But he was also a family man and straight-as-an-arrow. He just seemed like a true class-act on and off the field.

You’d hear stories about him always staying late until every autograph was signed. And it was THAT trait that really struck a cord with me. I always though to myself “if I was a player, I’d love to sign autographs for every kid.”

And now, with 25 years  of life in the rear view mirror, I look back at the life of Gary Carter – and on the field he had 3 characteristics that will serve as a great model for your business (and life)…

#1. Always Smile:
Being happy is contagious and it’s almost impossible to find a picture of Gary Carter without a smile on his face. That’s what I remember most about him was his big smile. Gary played baseball with pure joy and enthusiasm – and that’s how you should “play business”. If you want a great business, a great life, and you want to inspire – then do everything with a sense joy!

And if your business doesn’t give you joy, find another business.

#2. Always Confident:
When he came to the plate in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, down by 2 runs with 2 outs and no one on base, he knew he was not going to make the last out. And, true to form, he came through and got a hit. The Mets ended up winning that game (and series) with one of the biggest comebacks in baseball history. When I create a new product, event, or even a blog post – I am confident in my material. And if you want to be a trusted adviser, you must also have confidence.

Bottom line, know your material inside and out. The more confident you are with the content – the better you will be able to deliver it!

#3. Always Gave 100%:
Gary gave it 100% every single day. In fact, during practice as a rookie, he would run every drill all-out at 100%. To and calm him down, the veterans starting teasing him and calling him “KID”. And that nickname stuck with him for the rest of his life. Do you really give it 100% effort, or are you looking for the easy way with the minimum amount of effort?

I admit it, I’m getting teary-eyed writing this post. It feels like a part of my youth is gone.

Gary Carter lived doing what he loved and he left this world a better place. He had friends, fans and family that adored him.

And when you look up his name online, it’s almost impossible to find people who have nothing but great things to say about him.

How will YOU be remembered?

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or starting a one-person online business from your local Starbucks… live and lead with integrity, be confident, always give 100% every time and do it with a big fat smile on your face.

Gary Carter did it right. Will you?


P.S. Join the club filled with other people who want to lead and inspire.

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F*ck the Latte!

It never really made much sense to me.

I’m all for saving and living below your means – but the idea of not having a $3 latte because that money, with 5% interest, will add up to thousands after years of saving.

Sure, I get it. Financially, it’s sound advice, however I’d much rather MAKE MORE money and buy whatever I want.


Look at the numbers for a minute.

$3 per day x 365 = $1,095 per year.

Ok, a thousands bucks. That will impact many people’s lives – but it’s also living in the “lack” mentality. I fully embrace ABUNDANCE.

But why not have both?

Instead of talking about saving the $3 – why not talk about making an extra $6 per day? Now, you can buy your latte AND still save the $3! But no one in mainstream media ever talks about that because it doesn’t “sell”. And if they don’t get eyeballs, they don’t sell advertising. And the cycle of the poverty mindset goes round and round.

Why are you limited to your current income? Why can’t you make more – even if it’s just part-time?

When I worked full-time at the Children’s Hospital (long before the “Internet”), I hustled my ass off. Woke up at 5am to train a client at their house. And ran fitness classes and sports training groups at night after work while still putting myself through night school for a Master’s degree.

17+ hours a day.

You know what? I earned my f*cking latte!

(Thankfully, because of the Internet, I don’t have to work that hard anymore. In fact, I’m writing this from Starbucks. But if I had to do it again, I’d get off my ass and get it done!).

Why not MAKE the extra $1,000 AND buy your lattes? What is stopping you? Seriously, what is holding you back?

We always hear the same old bullshit.

Study hard. Get a good job with benefits.


There is only ONE person you can rely on for your financial future.

It’s not the government. It’s not your employee. And it’s certainly not a shitty $27 push-button software. It’s YOU.

I’m NOT telling you to go out and blow all your money on a Ferrari if you can’t afford it. Not at all. That’s just dumb. You’ve gotta be smart with your money.

But what I am telling you is to stop making excuses. Stop watching the news and buying into all the hype.

All the complainers. All the people who bitch day and night about the “economy” and “it’s tough out there”.

Believe me, there is PLENTY of opportunity for all of us. In every market. In every niche.

We are just at the beginning of the Internet. And the window is wide f*cking open!

Get off your ass. Set a goal. Figure out a plan of action. Provide massive value to your clients and customers. Never stop caring about their results. Take steps forward every single day – even if it’s just one blog post or Facebook update. And don’t ever stop until you reach it.

And then, take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy your latte — you have earned it, my friend.

P.S. If you want to make that $1k per DAY and drink as many lattes as you want.. click here.

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Internet Marketing Motivation

The #1 Way to Get Products Done.. Fast!

It’s no secret I work from Starbucks every morning starting around 8am and going until Noon.

That’s my focused work time. It’s the time I write my blog, send my newsletters, create products and write copy.

During that time it’s no instant messages. No interruptions. And no calls (except from my wife, because I am terrified of her :)

I see a woman at the same Starbucks in Stamford a few times a week and we started chatting recently. She told me she’s writing her first book and when I asked how long she’s been working on it.. she said 2 YEARS. I’m serious – 2 years!

And when I innocently asked “are you almost done?”, she said she has another year to year and a half to go.

I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not. Unfortunately, it’s much more common than you’d imagine.

My goal is to write a new book every year (and, if I didn’t have so many other things going on, I’d probably aim for 2-3 books a year).

So how can I (and most of my students) get SO MUCH done, so quickly?

There are a lot of “secrets” and systems I’ve created and revealed over the years.. and here’s one of them.


If you leave a product (or any project) open-ended with no real deadline, it will never get done. Or if it does get done, it takes much longer than necessary.

The FIRST thing I do when I have an idea for a product (whether it’s a new ebook, event or membership site), is get the LAUNCH date in the calendar.

Now, I have a date to work towards. And when I see that clock ticking, I work my ass off to meet my deadline. And nothing will stop me from meeting that date.

I’ve gone from a product IDEA to a full six-figure launch in 14 days.

I’m talking writing the copy, recruiting affiliates, filming videos, and even CREATING the entire product. In just 14 days (you can ask Jit Uppal, my affiliate manager and he can tell you I’m not exaggerating!).

This is not to brag and tell you how great I am (ok, just a little). It’s to show that when you get it in your calendar, it becomes real and you have something to shoot for.

When you are a true entrepreneur, you don’t have a “boss” telling you to get something done. The manager at Starbucks doesn’t hand me my latte and say “Hey Ryan, are you almost done with Module 7 of the Ryan Lee Method?”.(yes, another very subtle plug).

You have push yourself. Motivate yourself. And give yourself a kick in the ass when you’re not pushing.

If you want to create a really powerful online business, you’ve gotta hustle. And if it means skipping an episode of a cheesy CBS comedy for a night so you can record another module for your product, then you skip the damn show!

So next time you have an idea – don’t sit around for 3 months. And don’t say “ok, I might work on that some day”.

Take out your calendar, write down the day is going live and GET TO WORK.

Yes, it’s a really simple idea, but sometimes it’s the most simple solution that gets the biggest results.


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How Badly Do You REALLY Want to Succeed?

How badly do you REALLY want success?

Are you willing to do what it takes?

I first came across this video a few months ago – and I simply love it. And while I agree with almost everything he says, I still need my sleep :)

Take a few minutes to watch this and see what it takes to succeed..


P.S. Click here for my entire blueprint for success online.

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The Best Motivational Quotes of All Time

My name is Ryan Lee… and I’m a “self improvement” addict.

That’s right – I listen to audio programs EVERY free minute.

In the car. On the treadmill. Heck, even in the bathroom.

I’m always trying to feed my never-ending appetite to improve myself. And my diet of audio programs usually consist of marketing, business and personal development.

But sometimes I need a little “shot” of motivation – and that’s why I also love motivational quotes. Little short phrases, sometimes as few at 8 to 10 words, that can inspire you and give you the kick in the rear you need.


So let’s make this fun and interactive.

Here’s a new one I just heard from Brain Vaszily “Falling down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die.”

12 words – but so powerful.

I’d love to hear words and quotes that inspire you!


P.S. Did you know the Inner Circle comes with the mp3 of every weekly training session – so you can learn on-the-go!

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My Semi-Famous Predictions for 2012 – Part I

Every year, I like to give my “semi-famous” predictions for what will be HOT in the next year. And A LOT of people take these predictions very seriously (because they are usually correct!).

Last year, my big 3 predictions were 1) The rise of the personal brand, 2) The year of Continuity Income, and 3) More  opportunities for “done for you” programs.

And yes, I think they were all spot on too!

So, without further ado, let me take out my crystal ball and start with the first prediction for what will be BIG in 2012 …



I’ve been saying it for years and now the shift is finally happening.

The old-school, antiquated model of “extracting” money from people is almost dead. It’s on it’s last breath.

With so many people connected to social networks where word spreads in seconds (both good AND bad), the days of creating shitty products without people noticing are over. When you screw them – they will tell EVERYONE, and the jig is up, my friend.

And that’s only from the customer perspective. The government, attorney generals, FTC and even merchant account providers are watching very closely.

It used to mean “marketing” was for selling products/services that HELPED people. But sadly, it has become a game of making as much money as humanly possible as the only goal. Short-term thinking.

And now the game will finally end.

I don’t care if your market is “internet marketing” “fitness” “real estate” “coaching”… it doesn’t matter.

If you are not providing value and thinking about this as long-term relationship building – you are dead. Plain and simple.

Don’t believe me?

Ask any “guru” who used to routinely pull off $2 million dollar launches at will. Now, they are lucky to bring in 1/8 of that on a launch.

Sure, it’s still a lot of cash – but it will continue to get smaller and smaller.

And the lucky one’s who do pull off a big launch, just ask them about their refund rates. Remember, it’s what you KEEP that matters!

So with the big shift happening, more and more will realize the old model of launch & screw is over. They will be looking to either get a “job” or change their business practices.

In fact, I just got a call from a huge $300 million dollar “coaching” company who sees the writing on the wall and wants to hire me to train their staff on building a “relationship” business. They relied on the old ways – but those ways will be over by the end of 2012. And whatever does remain will be a shadow of it’s former self.


Look, I’m human and continue to screw up all the time. But I always try to do the right thing – and here are some simply ways to make sure your business is left standing at the end of 2012 and beyond..

  • Never promote a product you haven’t tested or you don’t think will benefit your customers
  • Never, ever lie to your list. Never. They will forgive you for a lot, but not for lying.
  • Be prolific. Email, blog and post to your social media pages at least 4X per week. If you don’t have time for it, then don’t try to build an online business. There are no excuses.
  • Offer solid money-back guarantees.
  • Put the risk on yourself. Offer free and $1 trials so people can test your programs out for themselves.
  • Align yourself with other TRUSTED people in your marketplace. Interview them. Review their products. Speak at their events.
  • The 10X rule. If you sell a program, it should be worth AT LEAST 10X the cost. No exceptions and never skimp on value.
  • Respond! If people comment on your blog or Facebook page, give them the courtesy of a reply.
  • Never sacrifice the trust of your list by promoting a product for commission only.
  • Be transparent and show them what goes on “behind the scenes”.
  • If you are a “small” one-person business, be honest and use that to your advantage. Don’t pretend to be what you are not.
  • Learn to say NO more. As you become more successful, the more opportunities will appear. Be diligent in what you say no to.
  • Stay away from negative people and places. Some niche discussion forums can be like poison.

Ok, so there you have it.

My first prediction for 2012 is the year the bullshit finally ends.


P.S. And yes, if you want to run your business the “right” way, click here.

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Make It BIG By Starting Small?

MOST people who try to start an online business fail – and they fail miserably.

There could be any number of reasons, but I truly believe it all starts in your head. And it comes down to one thing… FEAR.

The fear is usually a fear of failing and looking like an ass in front of their friends and family.

Now, for some reason, I just never had that gene that is scared of failing. It could be because I was brought up by two of the most incredible, supportive parents. I always knew even if I had a setback, I dust myself off, get back on my feet and try again.

And most of my successful friends are the same way. They are fearless when it comes to business. It doesn’t matter if they are entrepreneurs or hedge fund managers – they take chances.

But for the majority, it’s likely that “fear” is holding you back from the incredible life you deserve!



Now, I’m no therapist and this is certainly not a counseling session… however, I’ll give you on simple strategy to help you get over your fear and take inspired action.

Start with really small, attainable goals you know you’ll succeed with.

You are probably thinking “I know, I know – that’s such simple advice Ryan, is that all you got hot shot?”.

The answer is YES – that’s it.

After coaching thousands of people in the crazy world of information marketing, I noticed people are overwhelmed and are scared to fail.

So if I have a sense it’s fear holding them back – we’d set a very simple goal. Something I know they will achieve 100% success.

Here are some things you can do today to get a few successes under your belt as you tackle more every day.

  • Buy a domain name
  • Setup a Facebook fanpage
  • Create a twitter account
  • Write one blog post
  • Write one article and submit it to one directory
  • Record a 2 minute video and upload it to youtube
  • Send one potential JV an email
  • Submit a request to be a guest blogger for one blog
  • Post 3 replies on discussion forums in your market
  • Signup with a Clickbank account
  • Hire someone on fiverr to install your blog for $5
  • Post feedback for your product idea on your Facebook page

You see where I’m going with this.

By doing something easy (and succeeding!) – you gain more confidence. And you build on that momentum.

Today, you setup your Facebook fanpage. Tomorrow, you start marketing the page. The next day, you bring in more members. After that, you sell an affiliate product. Before you know it, your business is growing and you are a lean, mean marketing machine.


You can ignore my advice and just “suck it up!”.

The choice is yours, my friend.


P.S. If you want continued, ongoing support in the shark-infested waters of online marketing so you have the best chance of success – simply click here

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How High Are You Aiming?

What are you scared of?

Why have you not reached the level of success you want?

Watch this short video, by Les Brown – one of the best motivational speakers on the planet.

This stuff is like my classical music. It’s just so good for your soul.

With so many negative influences and people trying to pull us down, it takes a lot of “good stuff” to keep you growing.

Enjoy and aim high!


P.S. Click here for great resource on personal development.

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How To Save THOUSANDS Of Dollars.. With Just 7 Simple Words…

On this site, I am always teaching you how to MAKE more money.

Whether it’s ebooks, membership sites, coaching programs or workshops – there are virtually unlimited ways to turn your passion and talents into passive income online.

But today, let’s change it up – shall we?

I want to give you 2 examples of how I saved over $1,000 in the past week with just 7 words. That’s right, over $1,000 right back in my pocket.

It’s so simple but it really does work.


My family and I just moved into a new house. And since moving a family of 6 is a BIG job – we got a few moving quotes (there was no way in hell I was doing it myself!).

The one moving company we liked (and used in the past) also gave us a quote. And because they did a great job for us last time, I came back to them at the end and gave them a final shot at the job.

They had a quote for around $9,000 (we had to move twice.. long story!).

So I simply asked him this question..

Is that the best you can do?

Then, I shut my mouth.

After around 30 seconds of silence he said he can knock another 10% off the price.

That came to around $900 savings – just for asking.

I used this same tactic a few days ago when booking space for my Vegas event.

When the sales rep from the A/V department gave me a high price for Internet access for the room – I asked the same question (this was all done via email).

She immediate knocked off 25% PLUS no additional “per user” fee.

Another $400 or so back in my pocket.

I was happy. Very happy!


Anyone can make money online (I truly believe it), but it’s very easy to blow your money quickly too!

It’s a fact – your spending will rise with the amount of money you make. Ask anyone who started with nothing and made money. They just keep spending more and more. And that’s when you get into trouble.

The next time you get a price quote on anything (DVD duplication, car, electrical work, office space, moving, etc.), just ask those 7 little words, save some money and you can thank me later.

click here to get my final coaching program for just $97.

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