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How to Stay HUNGRY!

I have a great relationship with another marketer, Lewis Howes. He used to be a professional football player and we always bust each others chops about who faster (I am, of course!).

Our emails back and forth always taunting each other about how we are going to race a 100m dash and who will cross the finish line first.

But one of his latest emails touched a nerve…

“While you rest up and live the good life, I just ran 4 miles in pre-hurricane rain and have dropped 12 pounds in the last 3 weeks by not eating sugar. I’ll continue to stay hungry and hustle while you live the good life and get fat 😉 “

Again, I know he was kidding – but there were two words that really hit me right in the gut.


It’s now September 2011 and it’s officially 10 YEARS since I launched my first paid membership site.

When I launched my first site, I had just gotten married but didn’t have any kids yet (I have 4 now!).

Back then, we owned a small 2 bedroom condo and now we’re moving into a multi-million dollar house.

In 2001, I used to drive a Honda Accord and now I’m rolling in a Range Rover.

Am I still HUNGRY?


I remember hustling to drive almost an hour into New York City at 5am just to train one client just for an extra $40 – then another 45 minutes to my real job. And train even more clients after work, only to squeeze in time for night classes and start over the next morning.

Have I lost touch with the daily struggle so many other people have?

I still remember my first paycheck for $675 for 2 weeks of work right out of college.. and now, if I made that in one day today – I’d be in big trouble. Big trouble!

Am I still HUNGRY?


Today is Labor Day in the US – and it’s when my fellow Americans celebrate the workforce.

Those days of a full-time job asking permission for a day off still haunt me.

Thankfully, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a “real” job and never plan on ever having a “job” again. Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about helping other people live their dream of freedom.

Seriously, I work every morning from a friggen coffee shop with just a laptop, a $2 notebook and a pen. And my businesses generate millions of dollars. If that’s not the “American dream”, I’m not sure what else is.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m no different than you.

I’m not a techie. I don’t have an MBA. I’m a former recreational therapist and gym teacher for crying out loud! If I can do it, you certainly can too.

So why am I writing this rambling post?

I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s just a reminder that you ALWAYS need to stay hungry – and to never get complacent with where you are in life.

The minute you get fat and lazy.. things can change in a heartbeat.

I thought I was staying hungry until Lewis sent me that friendly reminder… now it’s time to get my f*cking hunger back to full throttle and kick Lewis’s ass. It’s time to ramp it up.

Competition is good. In fact, it’s great.

My dad always tells me that my best trait is when I get knocked down or have a setback, I come back swinging even harder. I don’t have time to sit around and feel sorry for myself. I love to work WITH people – but if you’re in my way and don’t want to play nicely… I’m going to run through you.

If we see another supplement company come out with a good product or promotion we don’t sit around and cry like babies. Nor do we get jealous or angry – we just kick into overdrive and think how can we create a BETTER product with an even STRONGER promotion. And that’s why Prograde is the company recommended by more fitness pros than any other company on the planet.

The point is this.. if you want success, I’m talking Top 1% of the population type of success, you must stay hungry and never, ever stop. Yes, you must have balance and enjoy the fruits of your labor. No other dad I know spends more time with their kids than I do (or watches more movies too!). But when it comes to work, I don’t have time to screw around. It’s a combination of equal parts productivity and passion.

If you don’t really want to be the best and if you are not hungry.. then the truth is you’ll never make the kind of money online that you really want to. And I don’t care how many courses you buy or how many automated blogs with affiliate links you have setup.. you’ll continue to struggle.

Why don’t other “gurus” tell you this?

Because they haven’t figured out a way to “sell” HUNGER as a $2k course. I just summed up what you need to know in one blog post.

The only thing I hate more than bullshit are the bullshitters.

Get hungry. Learn the tactics. Take productive, immediate action. Then STAY hungry.

That’s it.

That will be $2k please :)


Get involved with the conversation below…

P.S. Finally! After 2 months of technical delays, the NEW Inner Circle will be relaunching this Wednesday. Sorry, but it’s for HUNGRY people only. I don’t have time or patience for anyone else. If you’re hungry, watch your email for a BIG bonus. If you’re not hungry… we can still part as friends but I can’t help you.

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Continuity Summit 3 – YOU Set the Price!

This morning, I spent some time getting the recordings from the Continuity Summit 3 ready for release.

I was re-watching some of the sessions and it’s DEFINITELY the best event we’ve ever put on (if you were there, you know what I’m talking about).

Seriously. The session about creating membership sites (and keeping members) by Stu McLaren itself was priceless.

Yanik Silver’s session on creating raving fans.

Lewis Howes going deep into free social media marketing.

Matt Bacak showing how he broke Clickbank’s all-time sales record by having thousands of affiliates promoting his product.

Chris Farrell laying out his entire 7-figure membership business model.

Marie Forleo detailing how to sell premium products and coaching services.

Over 13+ hours of 100% pure meat!


So, dear subscriber, I leave it in your hands.

I will release this as downloadable videos.

What is all this continuity content worth to you?

I want you to set the price!

Other marketers wouldn’t have the balls to trust their clients to set the price.. but I trust you will make a fair decision.

Put your price in the comments below…

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