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The Biggest Jerk in the World (The Law of Accessibility)

For years, I bought into the hype. That you must be really hard to reach in order to run your business. Create several layers of communication. Make people jump through lots of hoops to reach you. And I was wrong. Dead wrong. THE PROBLEM Here’s the biggest problem with setting up your business like that – you can become a …

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How to Connect with ANYBODY In One Simple Step

One of my Titanium members (I’ll keep his name confidential) recently asked for an introduction to one of my friends. They are in the same industry and can definitely help each other. After I made the email introduction, since my member is new to this world, asked if I could review his email reply. 99% of the email was perfect …

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Here’s Why You Are Kicking Butt.. Or Failing Miserably

Since launching my first web site back in 1999 I’ve met A LOT of people. Thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life through my membership sites, my newsletters, webinars and live events. I remember some that started at zero online and have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales (one of the biggest success stories is …

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The Magic 3-Step “Niche Marketing” Formula

Before you create your product. Before you build your marketing funnels. Before you create your web site. Before you even think about choosing a domain name  – you must answer this one question… “WHO am I selling to?” That, my friend, is the question. But how narrow or wide do you go?   NICHE FIRST When I talk to my …

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Growing Your Email List… Offline?

Yesterday, our town of New Canaan, CT held it’s annual Halloween parade. All of the kids get dressed up in their customs and walk down our main street. It’s just one of those days that makes me realize how blessed I am to live in this community. Then something caught my eye. A woman with a clipboard approaching virtually every …

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You Are a Marketer

No matter what you do or sell – you are in the MARKETING business. Pure and simple. Sure, if you are a personal trainer, you might think you are in the fitness business. You are not. You are marketing results. Those results might be weight loss. Or a higher vertical jump. Or more muscle. You are not an “author”, you …

How to Survive as a Fitness Guru Online (and Have Thick Skin)

This video was from 2010 – and some things never change. In addition to all the great content my subscribers get (at least I think it’s great!), I also offered a free report as an ‘ethical bribe’ to stay on my list. But watch the video to see what happens.. and the lesson in it for you..