Don’t Be a Fraud

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been doing free strategy calls. A LOT of free strategy calls.

And there are some incredibly passionate, motivated people who are going to change the world. And they are now either in my “mentorship group” or my very private invite-only “titanium” group.

BUT – there are some people who are heading in the wrong direction.

I used to get really angry at what they are trying to do… now I’m simply trying to be understanding and non-judgemental.

So here’s the deal…


Rule #1 is if you are going to sell something you MUST know your stuff. Period. End of story.

Before you think about “how do I do a launch?” or “how to I setup Facebook ads?”, know your stuff. Do you get that? Let that really sink in for a minute.

And I know this will sting, but if you don’t know your stuff, you are A FRAUD. That’s right, a fraud.

I had one person apply for a strategy call and answer the following (I am NOT making this up).


WHAT DO YOU TEACH: How you can make 6-figures online.



If you only make $500 per month online, how are you going to show others how to make $100,000+ online? You can’t do it yourself. You have no system to do it. How can you teach others how to do it?

Now, it’s a different story if you want to interview other people who are earning 6-figures online. And you adopt the “host” model. That’s perfectly acceptable and a great model.

In fact, an awesome woman in my mentorship group has a very popular podcast where she interviews millionaires. And she is rocking it.

But you CANNOT position YOURSELF as the “expert”.

I’m sorry, but that’s the reason why you are only earning $500 a month.

It’s the same thing for the person who claims to be a “social media expert”, yet has just 275 Facebook fans and 109 Twitter followers. Nope, you are NOT a social media expert. Not even close, my friend. And you should NOT be taking other people’s money to “teach” them.

Because even YOU don’t believe it. And if you don’t believe it, no one else will believe you or believe IN you.

It’s like a strange cycle.

So here’s how this guy can position himself instead…

MY REAL STORY: How I went from zero to $500 per month part-time.

Now that is believable and it’s 100% true.

That is something you won’t feel like a fraud for teaching. And there are people who would love to earn an extra $500 per month online.

And if your goal is to teach other people how to make 6-figures online, then DO IT YOURSELF first (and I don’t mean by “selling” others the dream). Do something different, implement the marketing techniques I teach, then come back and kick butt.

If your goal is to teach fitness online, then get your own butt in shape or start getting people real results.

If your goal is to be a life coach, then help people transform their lives.

Start with one person. Start with yourself.

Be real. Immerse yourself in knowledge (and taking action).

Coach Lee… over and out.



Rock on,



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