The GREAT Checklist

Every single day, my superteam of Demetria and Shirley receive an email from someone who wants me to promote their product. And good for the product creators. If you create a product, you SHOULD go out an actually market them.

However, as is the rule in my business, I will never endorse or promote a product I don’t believe in 100%. I don’t care if it’s my “friend” or someone who has “supported” one of my products in the past.

If the product isn’t killer – I won’t promote it. The trust and relationship with my list is too important (and yours should be too).



Instead of slamming people like I used to in the past and telling you the excuses they’d make for creating a poor product (i.e. I put it together fast to capitalize on the hot trend, etc.), I’m going to share a simple bit of advice to help them (and you).

No matter how good your marketing is. Or how much traffic you can buy. Or how effective your sales copy is.

If your product is crap – your business is doomed. Doomed, I say (you can tell I love cheesy horror movies!).

Yes, you may get sales at first. Or maybe sales will continue to go strong for a while, but trust me – a bad product will soon reveal itself in the marketplace.

First come the dreaded REFUNDS. And the educated marketers will try and save as much of the sale as possible, but mark my words, the refunds will come.

I’ve seen refunds up to 50% (and higher) on some products. Remember, in the end it’s not what you make – it’s what you KEEP that matters.

The next wave are the CHARGEBACKS. There are customers who don’t even want to go through proper refund channels and immediately go for a chargeback with the credit card company. This will hurt you too. Get too many, and welcome to the blacklist, my friend.

Stage 3? Word starts to spread about how terrible your product is. Discussion forums. Youtube reviews. Facebook. The more you sell of a poorly created product, the more word spreads. Call it a victim of your “success”.

Sure, you can try to save your business by continuing to hammer your list with other “offers”, but the trust is broken and the damage is done. It’s a matter of time until you realize you are in trouble.

No more repeat sales. Zero word-of-mouth referrals. No affiliates.

Nada. Zip. Nothing.

I know what I speak of. While I pride myself on putting out quality products, I’ve also been guilty of rushing a product and not creating the best program I could. And it ALWAYS comes back to bite me in the rear. Believe me, I ain’t no saint and wish I could go back in time and shelved some programs.



Here’s my advice. Just put out the best product you possibly can.

My friend, Ramit Sethi (he likes when I call him NY Times Best-Selling Author Ramit Sethi), has told me he’s spent SIX FIGURES just on creating a product. And sometimes it takes him up to 18 months (or longer) to put it all together. Yes, I think it’s on one of the extreme curve and I’ve told him so, but I can’t argue with his results. Incredible products and virtually zero refunds.

Don’t “hold back” content with fear you are giving them too much good stuff and won’t be able to sell them other stuff in the future. That’s B.S!

If people like what you sell, they WILL trust you and purchase more products, programs and services.

I have customers who have been purchasing my products for over 12 years – and they are already super-successful. I never hold back on my programs, I come out with both guns blazing.

Here’s a fun little checklist with a few strategies for delivering a GREAT product:

  • Make your training truly STEP-BY-STEP
  • Is it really worth 10X what you are charging? If not, do what you can to get there.
  • Invest in quality graphic design
  • Create multiple formats (online videos, mp3, pdf files)
  • Add more learning tools (mindmaps, checklists, etc.)
  • Transcriptions for the people who love to read
  • Make is EASY to consume (online membership should have simple navigation)
  • If you create software, can they use is WITHOUT documentation? The more simple, the better.
  • Add valuable bonuses to enhance the program and experience
  • Give a free coaching call or email access to additional support
  • Give UNANNOUNCED bonuses that blow them away (something you could easily charge hundreds for!)

Now, get out there and change some lives, will ya?



P.S.  Here’s a formula for creating great products.

P.P.S. Here are other people creating great products.



  1. LOVE IT! With 99.9% of the education out there focused on marketing marketing and more marketing, it’s awesome to see the focus being shifted back to actually ROCKING at what you do, and as a result, rocking our clients’ worlds. Vx

    1. Author

      That’s where it all begins Victoria.

      Marketing doesn’t mean anything without a good product behind it!


  2. GREAT post. As a newbie to the game, but not to business, I see this as an opportunity. In any market – be it fast food, technology or services – you can see the companies that rise to the top are those who take the time to overdeliver for their customers….then there’s everyone else fighting for the scraps, trying to get by with a less than stellar product.

    Great checklist….thanks for sharing. Now I’m off to work with some added clarity my friend! Thanks!


    1. Author

      Thanks Steve.

      It’s so simple but not often done.

      Go get ’em!


  3. Simplicity!

    I like that you are so product focused and not all HOW to get people to buy no matter what, even if your product is sub-par.

    An awesome product and service will always rise above the crappy ones with amazing sales and marketing.

    1. Author


      The magic happens when you provide a great product WITH amazing marketing.


  4. Ryan,
    Your message of quality has been around for at least the 8 years that I have followed you.
    Great reminder and great reinforcement.

    Warmest regards

  5. Ryan, thank you.

    I must say that you are on point –

    I was a consumer of some ‘guru’ products and I must state that the sales copy and their material don’t always match. And I requested my money back and NEVER returned.

    You on the other hand offer the Shi_T that is needed in this industry and I am grateful for your quality training. I love that you are telling US to lead with integrity to leave a positive legacy.

    Your check list and my personal motto which is “What you give away you get to keep” – could have been your entire blog post. Lol

    P.S. When is IC opening back up? I just found you less than month ago and feel like I missed out

    1. Author

      Hi Maurisa,

      Your product should always match your marketing. And I’ve definitely screwed up too!

      RE: the IC, instead of that, I am sending people to (see you on the inside!)


  6. You know what would be really interesting to look at how a product might be fine tuned and developed to not just be a promotion but a true joint venture.

    The thing is that most of the time not only are volume marketers “not interested” they do not want to even hear about a joint venture idea, which is par for the course most of the time concepts are not a good venue but real life products now that’s something very different.

    These days, a product can no longer be just an information product or just a membership product, it has to be a combination of many different products, mass appeal is all about developing something that has a component that is valued by many different types of people.

    The difference can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The thing is most guru types or big dog marketers, are so engrossed in their own projects that they are unable or unwilling to entertain the idea that another marketer may have a good idea worth pursing.

    Call it IM marketing Sharks…

    Hmmm wonder if that domain is available

    1. Author


      If you are talking about the world of “IM”, it’s mostly a case of who you are networking with. Plain and simple. Most “friends” will support each others products, both good AND bad.

      It sucks but it’s the reality.

      Look for other channels and people who are building solid relationships with their list.


  7. What perfect timing – I am working on my new website Newbie Neturonium with a hope to launch later in October. I am going to use your checklist to make sure my product is the BEST out there (except for Founder Fly of course)

  8. Hey Ryan,

    I especially love your point on “10x of its value”. I have bought a lot of products that under deliver (blame the sales page) and from the time I finish going through the product, I lost trust with the product owner.

    Over deliver is the way to go 🙂 It will sure come back 100x more!


  9. This has really been a sticking point for me.
    I’ve got all kinds on-line marketing training
    and old-school experience and can’t seem to
    find anywhere worthy to apply it.
    Formatting and bonuses are all great ideas for
    ease of use and lots of volume for the dollar,
    but ultimately you need quality, actionable content
    to be transformative. Any advice?

  10. I loved reading this post – lots of marketers say that they ‘only promote quality,’ and ‘it doesn’t matter if he or she is my friend, if the product is not great quality I won’t promote it”

    However I have found that this is simply not true in a lot of cases.

    Yes, the temptation is there to promote or create stuff that you know is not the best quality – knowing that it will make you a quick and easy few $$$

    Not a great long term plan – so as I said lots of marketers say this – BUT – how come I believe you Ryan? 🙂

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