Free Publicity: Looking for Guests

After writing the post yesterday about “staying in your lane”, a few people asked what’s in MY lane.

One thing I love to do (and I think I’m pretty good at) is playing the “host”.

Live events. Webinars. Interviews. Workshops.

I love to find great people and introduce them to you.

With that being said – here are a few things I’ll be ramping up this year and I need to find even MORE great people.
microphone1. Online Events: I will be doing a series of online events that have a big tie-in to charity. The first in a series of online events will be Continuity Summit 4 (CS4). And after CS4, I need more great guest speakers.

2. Podcast: I am going to release a new DAILY podcast! That’s right, it’s time to raise the game and I need to find more awesome entrepreneurs (maybe it’s you?).

3. In-Person Events: DotComXpo II is on for September 2013. And while most spots are filled – I am willing to look at more great speakers.
So here’s what I would love help with…

Do YOU know someone who would be a great speaker for one of my events? Or a great guest on my new podcast? Please mention their name here below (and you would make a great guest/contributor, dont be shy – tell me about you!).


P.S. Do you want to be a “host”? Discover the host model in here.


    1. We have an interesting tool that we charge continuity for. Sell video once, then charge for a tool that allows client to generate variations of the video with time dependent or personalized calls to action.

      There are so many different ways to get continuity : )


    2. Hi there Ryan,

      I would love to be considered as a guest speaker, as would my business partner Joey Thurman. Both excited to have joined your gold program, we are body transformation experts. We’ve both done media, given corporate seminars and are the developers of our revolutionary muscle building program, Procycle12.

      Thank you for the consideration.



  1. Hi Ryan

    I’d love to be considered! I am a personal trainer and small business owner, with a mission to re-shape women across the state of Texas (and hopefully beyond!) I believe that anything is possible with determination and continuously taking action to move your business forward. After 3 and a half years of opening the first Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp in McKinney, I’m now blessed to have a team of 38 of the best female trainers in Texas, and have now expanded into the Houston market. Bringing ‘chicks’ together is another huge reason I love my ‘job’ – I love watching relationships build among our community of women!
    Thanks for all that you do – I always enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Protecting your Business Ideas: Why Care?

    If you read Mark Suster’s Both Sides of the Table & more specifically his piece on Why Startups Fail: – Intellectual Property is cited as a key issue. Whether it is pitching to investors, offering your product for sale, or crowdfunding – you need to identify and protect IP first. Does not have to be expensive or time consuming, the first step is awareness and education. Once it is understood that every business has IP, then it is simple to identify IP and how to protect it!

    I have a slideshare at

    And happy to chat for free publicity!

  3. Hi Ryan, I’d be happy to be featured! I can offer all sorts of tips that have helped me to see the success that I have thus far to other internet marketing beginners. 🙂

  4. Hi Ryan!

    I do believe we are fellow folks with Kevin Nations…just got back from one of his events.

    I’ve got a Content Creation Webinar I would love to do for you and your community. Very interactive and the attendees actually walk away with a piece of profitable content created using one of my templates.

    Upsells into my Profitable Content Creation Templates 5.0 – converts at anywhere between 20 and 41%.

    Give me a shout at if you are game and I’ll get you more info.

    And I’d also like to have you in front of my community at some point too.

    Chat soon, and thanks,

    ~ Jeff

  5. Hi Ryan

    Yvonne Radley of Big Me Up Media would be a great guest for you.

    She has over 20 years experience in the top newspapers, magazines and radio in the UK and is helping fitness entrepreneurs become media fit locally and nationally.

    She is also a director of the most successful outdoor fitness company Nottingham so she understands both fitness and media coaching from all angles.

  6. Hey Ryan!

    I’ve been wondering when you would start your podcast! Of course you have to outhustle us…I was thinking it would be a weekly podcast, not a DAILY one 🙂

    I’ve been using Google Hangouts to conduct and host my WebTV show and would love to share how someone can use the platform to get more traffic to their website.

    Thanks for being such a great example of someone with a consistent work ethic, huge heart, and is always innovating in the industry.


  7. I would make a great speaker at one of our events and/or guest on your podcast not only because I’m a professional speaker; but because Ive launched my own successful podcast and new website on my own.

    In December I was struggling how to increase my own web presence and platform when I decided to interview my leadership heroes. In less than four weeks I created a new website, purchased podcasting equipment, and began interviewing high profile authors and leadership experts.

    In the eight weeks since the launch of my podcast I’ve consistently been in the top 25 of all Business Podcasts and have been in the top five in New & Noteworthy in the Business: Careers subcategory. I’m currently averaging 500-700 unique downloads a day.

    My opt-in email list has grown at 5-10 names per day since my podcast launch on Jan 22nd; and I’ve begun earning income via affiliates and personal coaching requests.

    I’m just getting started but what I’m excited about is that I’m living proof that by accessing the web and learning from you, John Lee Dumas, Andrew Warner, Pat Flynn, & Cliff Ravenscraft anyone can start their own business.

    Though I’m not making a comfortable living yet with my new podcast & website; I am excited at how much I’ve created in less than three months and at the future possibilities and growth.

  8. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for giving us all this opportunity Ryan.

    I work with business owners who are online but ultimately have to have a sales conversation and find that they fall at this last hurdle. Most talk about their product or service and forget to make the conversation customer focused.

    A recent survey with buyers said this:

    Did not listen to me
    Did not understand my needs
    Did not respond in a timely manner
    Did not convince me of value
    Did not craft a compelling solution
    Talked too much
    Had no personal chemistry

    I help business owners avoid all of the above so they can convert more prospective buyers into high paying clients who give repeat and referral business.

    Here’s what one of my clients said.

    Peter Burdon CEO Thorntons

    “Dylis was instrumental in our shops growing their ‘external sales’ with other businesses.

    “Our managers found her sales training programme to be both effective and inspirational. Her straightforward and easy to understand approach gave our colleagues ideas and strategies which they could immediately turn into action.

    But more than anything, it created a belief and a ‘can do’ attitude amongst our managers. As a result of Dylis’s programmes our external sales grew from £225,000, to well over £1.1 million within 12 months”.

    If you would like more info. please let me know. I would be delighted to talk to you further

    Best regards

  9. Hi Ryan, I have been building a stock photo site of all my own images for marketers to use in their marketing. There are currently over 3000 images on the site and I add a minimum of 100 new images every month. I know there are a lot of sites that offer free images, but cannot guarantee the image origin and open themselves up to copyright infringement. I take all the images so they are safe to use in marketing, and being a fairly new service we offer it for a low cost yearly fee. I have been a professional photographer for over 30 years and have photographed just about anything you can imagine, so I may be someone who could pass along some good information about using images or anything to do with photography in one of your podcast episodes. If this interests you let me know and I will send you access to the site so you can download any of the images so you can see the value it would be for your podcast members.

  10. Justin Brooke would also be awesome.

    He’s BRILLIANT with traffic (I think working with Rich Schefren still because of what he knows) and every time he ever speaks he gives away tons of value and epic, actionable tips.

    I always learn something new every time I hear him and audiences eat him up. 🙂

  11. Hey Ryan,

    Power outage at my house so I’m rockin’ the Starbucks thing too this morning! Need to more often.

    Would love to be on the podcast if you think I’m a good fit for Ryan Lee nation. Recently launched The Comeback Academy. The #1 Show and Community for Making a Comeback…to Create a Business and Life You Love.

    I know you know my personal story. Comeback Academy is all about fighting back to the top in business and in life. Overcoming adversity. Upping your business game. Motivation and marketing.

    Hope your bro-in-law is recovering. Thanks Ryan.

    Ryan Arnold

  12. Ryan,

    I WON’T volunteer Dr. Marc and me, but I’ll give you a few resources to find out why you might want us to join you.

    Here’s a playlist of just a few of our hundreds of videos showing people how video marketing can be so powerful for their businesses:

    But if you want a really fun video (and the explanation behind how and why we created it), I suggest this slightly over-the-top, PG-rated video we did for a client at Toilet Paper Valet:

    You’ll definitely see “another side” of me in it.


    Charlie Seymour Jr

  13. Ryan,

    One of the keys to a good business is always the culture and standard the owner creates. My friend and colleague Jeff Sherman is one of the best speakers in the world on this subject. He is just starting his own consulting firm and believes in the use of correct principles to achieve results. We also believe in living on what I call the creative foundation where abundance exists and competition is non-existent. We help move people from the competitive foundation to the creative foundation where cooperation and team work are emphasized and are the standard rather than the exception. Jeff is very good at helping people to recognize and accomplish their goals. You can reach him through me. Thank you.

  14. I am planning episodes on fossil hunting for national tv networks, please check.out my short clips on YouTube!

    Sincerely, Rob

  15. I am in the process of putting episodes on fossil hunting for National Tv networks. Please check out my short video clips.


  16. Hi Ryan,
    I would love to be a guest…IN PERSON … and as a podcast. I am the poster girl for women over 50. I used that 50th birthday as a catalyst to completely transform my life and myself. That was over 6 years ago and I have maintained a 75 LB weight loss, but more important..I am LIVING MY LIFE. So many women in my niche just don’t realize the true potential we have. It doesn’t matter that we never did anything before..I know what we are capable of doing even now. I have been featured on 2 of my local networks and also appeared in SHAPE magazine just a few a weeks ago sharing my story. All of this just within the last 6 months. I am a LIFE CHANGER, CHANGING LIVES. I completed my first full marathon last October as well as took over 50 women last May to their first IRON GIRL SPRINT TRIATHLON. I always say sometimes it just takes a friend to ‘open the door for you’..I am that friend. It’s not always about running a race or completing and’s discovering what we truly can accomplish. I would love to send you my introduction letter and share my story with you. I am on a mission…to help as many people as I can to live a Healthy and FIT life. It is not about being FAT OR THIN…it’s about a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. I am talking the talk as I am walking the walk. I would be honored to be featured. I will forward you my introduction letter as well so you can see ME and my story and my sincere passion and dedication. Thanks Ryan. I look forward to hearing from you. i hope you have time to look at my email. Thanks again! 🙂

  17. I would suggest AJ Roberts and Zach Even-Esh. These guys have helped me more than they could ever know and they could contribute a ton to your readers in terms of fitness marketing and internet marketing in general. I would love to help you out on the podcast- creating a multiple 6 figure business in the middle of the “recession” and doing that all in a 1000 square foot gym that I shared with my friend is my major story, now I’m working toward helping other trainers create the business they want using my simple systems, barely any paid marketing and standing out from the crowd with unique training methods and barbell complexes as our main style of fat loss conditioning. Looking forward to hearing MORE from you and thanks for being such a kick-ass coach.

  18. Ryan,

    To take a different look at things, video marketing is becoming huge.

    Your man would be Derral Eves. Second in line (in the near future) will be me 🙂

  19. I know this fabulous interior designer who changes lives as much as spaces ;). She’d be a fantastic guest on your podcast & at your Expo. She developed this whole E3 System with the help of her Business Coach a highly respected Fitness Expert and Internet Marketing Pioneer, Ryan Lee. I believe she’d be a great guest because she understands life is messy & EQUIPS people to focus on their Life & Space ENVELOPE for the next 7 years so they can EXECUTE (thank you Beer with Sameer) what their heart is calling them to do….truly transforming lives.

    You can put it in her contract no crying. I will make sure she abides!

  20. Hey Ryan

    How about Kevin Riley from warrior forum. He is very down to earth, he looks like Anthony Bourdain but with Al Pacino’s hairstyle, and is one of the few Internet Marketers who used to run offline businesses (including making wooden toys, candle dipping, real estate!) and then took that online and taught others.

    He was the first to teach me product creation. He lives in Japan but I know he has been over to the US to teach at NAMM. Get this, once I left a comment on his video saying “Nice product, I might buy this”…and then the dude saw it and called me on my mobile/cell phone from Japan telling me NOT to buy it because it was similar to another product I had already purchased.

    Ask ANYBODY at warrior forum what they think of Kevin Riley and you will get lots of great comments.


  21. too cheeky to nominate oneself?! 😉 want to know how to develop unstoppable drive and motivation, get rid of bad habits and create new more effective ones? I’m your woman 😀


  22. Something you’ve probably never heard before: How to create permanent habits in 20 minutes or less.

    Great for fitness peeps who can’t get themselves to work out or eat well, or entrepreneurs who procrastinate and lack focus, etc. Love to share it.

  23. How would you like the secret of every Hollywood blockbuster in your business? I’ll show you how with a system that my customers say attracts clients like crazy.

  24. John Flynn would make a great guest and has the respect of all of his members.


  25. Ryan,

    Really enjoy speaking at your live events and recently filling in for you on the webinar with your Mastermind Group. You know you can always call on me to help out brother!


  26. As soon as I saw this I thought of John Flynn. I see looking through the comments that I’m not the only one. John’s the real deal – knowlegable, successful, entrepreneurial.

    Oh – and a nice guy too.

  27. I think Ian Fox would be a great contributer for your audience. He’s an entrepreneur and business leader in the UK but with global clients and customers. He’s founder of Fox Fitness Training which has over 7000 licensed instructors worldwide. He’s also produced numerous DVDs and audio packages which have sold worldwide. As well as being a best-selling author and enlightened financial freedom expert and teacher.

    He’s also a professional copywriter and marketing expert with over 25 years experience. Thank you, John

  28. Ryan,

    perhaps my unique story/profile might serve as an inspiration of overcoming on your podcast. Totally blind since age two, (congenital retinal cancer) I have never conformed to typical social stereo types of blindness. J Right now I run a health and fitness website where I interview experts who take the fitness and health way beyond six pack abs, interval training, calories and nutrition cycling… My latest 2 minute vid speaks volumes about my message and it is a powerful image of overcoming as I grab my husband’s mountain bike and ride it to challenge myself, and scare the heck out of myself—but I did it anyway. BTW, when I was a kid, I taught myself how to ride a bike—but to try to do this decades later? Really? Yes, it’s funny, inspirational, and it speaks volumes about kicking butt and finding the answers and overcoming! Check it, it’s short and sweet…

  29. Hey Ryan, Just read your request to find great speakers for you events, podcasts, and live events.
    We met at the last DotComXpo. Great introduction into the virtual world.
    I have a story to tell: I was a partner and creator of a very successful top 5% in the industry of Professional Grounds Mgmt organization. It grew 15 times in less than 10 years. I have just started my Virtual Organization (not finished) in January 2013 after a 2 year sabbatical. This Virtual Education / Business Development Organization will be one of the most exciting and effective organization in my industry. (not a doubt in my mind).
    Would love to collaborate with you and be part of your events virtual or live.

  30. Hi Ryan,

    It would be great to be considered for your interview. I am the owner and operator of Elite Basketball Training and my mission is to provide basketball players of all levels with the tools to elevate their game. This includes basketball skill development, sports performance training, and college planning/recruiting advice (the last two for athletes of other sports as well as basketball. My business has grown each year of its eight year existence. It is my passion and therefore it is my goal to make it my full time profession. Thank you for your consideration.

  31. Nice to see Callie and Anna on here! How about some kick butt woman ? 🙂

  32. Patrick Snow is an amazing publishing coach and speaker – he has helped hundreds of people write and publish books and launch themselves as professional speakers. (He is an international best selling author and six-figure speaker himself, tho more of the bootstrapping/underdog type than the had-a-book-on-best seller-list type.)

  33. Thank you, Ryan, for offering this opportunity and thank you to those who offered my name for consideration. It would be a privilege to contribute to a podcast or event. In gratitude, I will share a few thoughts as a framework for your business growth plans —

    In the offline world, there are a few key things that matter – relationships, reviews and retention. As an offline business or a consultant who serves offline businesses, these main skills will solve most of your problems.

    Relationships get us in the door; it’s not selling first or even promoting your brand into your market, but finding the market’s needs and then delivering your brand as a solution. Starting with our ending point means entering the room and listening to what our customer needs before anything else takes place.

    Reviews (citations) are one primary method Google uses to establish your relevance in your niche and market; serving your customer’s needs with relevant content (products and free) and service that solves their problems will naturally encourage people to share your brand and the positive experience they had. This creates links to your business and builds natural authority (and ranking).

    Retaining customers occurs by being relevant, maintaining those relationships and fulfilling on your promises as a brand. Retention is the most profitable way to grow your business. By focusing on retention-based growth strategies that leverage your fulfillment and relationships, you’re able to generate intense word of mouth with an enthusiastic fan base. This is a competition block in your market.

    These simple, REPEATable strategies work for the 2,000+ customers of Maps Marketing Hack, and for each of my client business owners worldwide. I hope this reshapes your approach to your own business online as you rise above the noise and thrive.

    I wish you the very best. Thank you. 🙂

  34. Nice Ryan,

    I am similarly stepping up my game with a podcast, writing a book and charity (building a playground for inner city kids in Washington DC and sponsoring a kid to play in a PeacePlayers International basketball tournament for each Fit For Photos sign up).

    Let me know if you think I could help your audience with public speaking/interview in any way.


  35. Hi Ryan,

    Hey, great idea! I’ve been a fan for a few years now. Love your work.

    If I may be so bold as to offer any help I can to you in return, I believe I have a pretty good reputation in the area of teaching Camtasia and PowerPoint video marketing.

    Here’s a little demo reel:

    I’ve also done tons interviews and webinars for quite a few folks out there and, again, would be happy to help any way I can.


    Lon Naylor

  36. I don’t have any names to offer, Ryan. And really, there are so many that have been suggested. I just wanted to say wow! It’ll be great to hear your podcasts – I am sure like everything else you do, it’ll be fantastic! You certainly will be busy!

  37. Hello Ryan,

    I would like to nominate one of my clients to be a guest on your show. His story is inspirational, entertaining, and filled with life lessons that we can all learn from. He operated a one man business in his back shed, invented a kids building block system that sold $45 Million worth of product, and is now rebuilding his business ventures after finding himself without enough money to support himself.

    His name is Warren Wilson and he is an Australian inventor and entrepreneur who has appeared on television and in other media in locations including Australia, the USA and, with the aid of translators, some non-English speaking countries in Europe. He has had a lot of experience with using PR for free exposure that he can share with your audience.

    He is a genuine guy who built an empire and lost it due to a lack of financial literacy education. That sparked his desire to create a product to provide children with financial literacy and entrepreneurial training to ensure that they never made the same mistakes that he did. I have been working with him to further develop the product and we are now building out the website. We will also be approaching charity organisations very soon to work with them to help them to raise funds for their causes while we educate the children.

    I am also putting the finishing touches on a membership site that tells his entire story and is filled with educational information for inventors and entrepreneurs as well and mindset and motivational training. He has so many entertaining stories of things that happened during his journey that he can entertain the toughest audience.

    This has been a labour of love for the people involved up until now and we are finally at the stage where we want to get our message out there. I am sure that you will book him onto your show as soon as you have a chat to him and see his friendly disposition and his genuine desire to help others… especially kids.

    You can contact me via my email address or either of us via the helpdesk contact form on the website at:

    Thanks for presenting this wonderful opportunity to assist people helping the community.

    Kind Regards,

    Wayne Hodson

  38. Good morning, Ryan,

    I interviewed you a few years ago and look forward to the opportunity to, in turn, be interviewed by you. As you may recall, I am an award-winning author and in-demand corporate speaker who has shared the stage with some of the top business development speakers and financial strategists of our generation.

    I’ve published dozens of titles and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of my books and Information Products. As a master business coach, I practice what I preach – which is how to earn profits from your passion. Leading by example, I help entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income through Information Products like books or audio CDs

    Since 2011, I’ve helped nearly 100 writers ascend to the coveted rank of “author” by assisting them in creating and launching their own books or Information Products.

    Best Regards … I look forward to hearing from you.

  39. I’ll do a live presentation about on-site FUNdraisers! I’m actually really good at them. I raise a ton of money in my community every year doing multiple events. I have done them for schools, teams, YMCA, and more…

    I have a 3 different systems that work really well. An individual competition type event, a team competition event and an all inclusive event that is just a fun party type event. Granted I am hold them at my fitness facility, but they could be hosted and customized to any business…

    Just thought I would offer!



  40. This girl…

    Terra L. Fletcher owns Fletcher Freelance where she works with businesses to create and implement targeted marketing campaigns, improve advertising ROI, and increase sales. She offers extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website content, social media marketing, and business writing. Fletcher was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year on January 24, 2013 by the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce. She speaks to businesses and trade associations, and offers classes through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. More information can be found at and

  41. I would love to be a guest – I have many things I could talk about or offer – I am a Martial Artist, a Teacher, A chef, I have an engineering degree and can talk technical about our roads, I have a business degree and can talk etiquette and ethics, I have opinions about alot because I am female and a mom! I am looking to make my mark in the world and fire up a business idea that has always been my passion that would benefit the martial arts world immensely and offer jobs in the charlotte area. I am tired of floundering around watching everyone else make money by giving others just enough information to suck them in and then leave them hanging after taking their money and move on. I want to end the confusion.

  42. Good Morning Ryan.
    I started my career as a certified personal trainer after the age of 50. My focus has been on the baby boomer generation, the largest niche market. As I progressed in my avocation, taking courses, training individuals, reading magazines, reviewing the many resources out there thru email connections (a lot of good free info is out there), I began to see that there was a ‘blind spot’ in the approach the fitness industry took toward baby boomers. The vast majority of baby boomers are not looking to lift 200 pounds, run a half marathon (or even a 5K mudder) not do they ever think about looking like someone on the cover of a magazine. The ‘boot camp’ approach is counterintuitive to a 60 year old. Their focus is to have more energy at work, be able to go out and play with the kids and grandkids and, in their leisure activities, enjoy golf, tennis, gardening or hiking without waking up the next morning regretting that decision. When a baby boomer joins a gym, the number 1 reason is because they already know their physicality is slipping away. A trainer doesn’t need to ‘prove’ to them that they are out of shape by going thru a bunch of exercises. The introduction to the gym should be mostly educational with a couple of properly selected demonstration exercises thrown in. The goal is the let the person know they can regain their strength and endurance to a very reasonable level. We must first reestablish their confidence. Check out my ‘Testimonials’ page @ to see how my clients’ attitudes have changed. I will turn 65 this year. I would love the opportunity to speak and/or be interviewed. Ryan, thank you for your time.

  43. Dear Ryan,

    Steven K. Scott will be a great guest for you and your audience.
    Mr. Scott dedicate his life for a mission that will make the World better. We partnered with him when we “got” the vision and it is our life mission as well.
    If you have difficulties to get hold of him, feel free contacting us, we have an access.

    Thank you for your contributions,

  44. Dana Wilde is a brain and mindset authority. She has been helping business owners gain success through positive mindset habits. She would be a great live event or online guest because she puts her training into down to earth and easy to apply techniques.

  45. Hey Ryan,
    Not sure if all the spots for your next seminar are taken up but I’m down to help and talk about Youtube success. Plus you know I’m local so it’ll save you on the expensive. Hope you’re good buddy.

  46. Ryan,

    Thank you for your invitation to post my info! I’d be honored to participate in any of your programs where you think my expertise would be helpful.

    I am a Conflict Engagement Specialist.

    The misconception about conflict is that it should be avoided and is bad. Actually, conflict is a powerful change agent and necessary for growth, improvement and learning. It’s better to ENGAGE conflict.

    So, I help people learn how to identify, manage and resolve internal and external conflict within companies, organizations and groups. I teach entrepreneurs/business owners/managers how to effectively deal with negative or difficult customers/clients/employees and work with individuals as a Conflict Coach to improve their integrative and distributive negotiation skills.

    I also host the “Conflict Specialists Show” ( where I interview Mediators, Arbitrators and other Conflict Specialists around the world about their work in Dispute Resolution, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Psychology and related fields.

    Please, let me know how I can help you!

  47. Hi, Ryan.

    Wow, I’m a bit late to this one.

    Well, I am in the sports gambling world.
    I’ve been doing it for 10 years.
    My website is not up, YET.
    However, it will be up within a couple of weeks if it
    even takes me that long.

    I’m not well known like you, nor am I making your
    7 figures a month, but I am very determined to
    get there by providing winning picks to people
    that would otherwise lose their money or are
    interested in turning their lives around.

    BTW, I’m from NYC, a bit sarcastic, funny, intelligent,
    and very outgoing.
    I’ve gone through a lot of shit in my life (many ups and
    downs) and finally want to get things going the right

    There is much more to me.

    It would be my pleasure to be interviewed by you.

    If not, thank you anyway for your gracious ways and
    keep up the good work.

    PS, I love your book, Passion To Profits.
    It’s one of the greatest books I have ever read.
    And get the mag. up and running again.

    PSS You have a beautiful family.
    May you all always be blessed.

    Proud Member of FounderFly

  48. Hi Ryan,

    Your strategies and posts to get people involved are brilliant.

    I’d totally love to be considered for your interview segment.

    So why me?

    Figured out Quick & Dirty Ways to reevaluate what’s
    currently being used in the market place and find the
    corollary to making it work to the average users advantage.

    For example:

    I discovered how to leverage fiverr, probably in a way
    that they didn’t intend, to build a list of buyers
    that I was able to cultivate using a strategy I found
    some place else.

    I discovered that its not really a good thing for
    users to be featured sellers on fiverr, unless you
    like working harder than you need to.

    The featured sellers list is for buyers and to keep
    fiverr relevant & popular.

    The top sellers on fiverr are NEVER featured.

    The platform is ALL buyer traffic and its supplemented
    further by PPC traffic and Social Media juice.

    I can get into all of that, but the reality is I learned
    how to use it successfully and made a case study
    showing how I was able to ramp it up to $100
    a day in about 22 days…

    I’d love to tell you and your listeners more about it
    if you’re interested?

    Thanks for everything…



    P.S. Was able to snag your ContinuityU lessons before
    they went wayside…thank god, lol.

    Your ideas are wonderful…look forward to personal
    coaching soon.

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