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OK, if you’ve been following (or stalking) me for any length of time, you know I really want to help my members and subscribers.

And you might have heard how powerful relationships and joint venture partners are. So here’s an opportunity to find one.

In the COMMENTS SECTION below, do the following…

STEP 1: List your name and NICHE MARKET below (be as specific as you’d like)
STEP 2: Tell us how you can HELP others (content, interviews, promotions, articles, email swap, etc.). It’s ALWAYS better to come from a giving place first!!!
STEP 3: Include a way for someone to contact you (facebook or twitter is best since I don’t want people to spam you)

Maybe, just maybe, there is a potential partner for you on my list.

An email swap? An interview? A product together?

Who knows.. but you never know until you try.


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P.P.S. Here’s the most “connected” group of online entrepreneurs..


  1. Niche Market: Self Improvement
    How I can help: Email swaps (50k+ active list)
    Contact: jj @ jvwithjj . com

  2. John Saeger my niche market is: Middle Aged Woman who have children and are looking to lose weight without dieting or some sort of magic pill or supplement.

    I am able to help you with providing content rich information, interviews or anything fitness related. I run a very successful weight loss facility in Ohio where we cater to middle aged woman. So I am willing to help in any way. check us out

    You can contact me via Facebook: John Saeger or Max My Weight Loss

    John Saeger

    1. Hi John, I’m your target demographic but when I went to your website, I saw a beautiful, fit young man – no mention of me or my issues. I would never have guess that you help middle aged women lose weight.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Danavir Sarria.

    Niche: Only finally starting online but my “niche” will be strength and conditioning for MMA Fighters / Combat Athletes + Regular people who want to train like them for fat loss and muscle building.

    How I can help you: Lots of content, Lots of interviews, and anything else content related haha

    Contact Me On Facebook:

  4. Targeted on helping entrepreneurs, startups, young growth companies
    Focused on helping founders raising funds from accelerators, angels, venture capital, private equity
    Help with small list (1.5K), content, interviews, getting around 2K targeted visits per month so some ad swaps, content on my site

  5. Samantha Gregory, Writer, Author, & Idea Genius

    Niche Markets:
    Personal Finance for Women and Single mothers
    Spiritual Relationships and Empowerment
    Positive Parenting

    What I can Offer:
    Interviews, email ad swaps, banner ad swaps, articles, product collaboration, ghostwriting, open to suggestions

    Contact me through Twitter @samanthagregory

  6. 2 Niches:

    Holistic Health/Wellness for David Wolfe and the Longevity Now brand.

    Superfoods, superherbs, healing technologies and education. 4 events a year that get 1200 attendees live plus 600 on live webstream. Also new Women’s Wellness Conference.
    DVDs, webcast, tickets offered for affiliate promotion.

    (Looking for affiliates only-no JV)

    Personal Development

    Featuring Tools to Create a New Life- O! Lila (Launching in 90 Days) partnered with Jaime Mintun

    Products for men and women. Although women seem to be a larger demographic.

    Contact: Send me a DM. Thanks!

  7. Niche: Wholesale, white label and custom supplements. Made in UK, shipped worldwide.
    Have over 100 branded products.

    Low minimum orders; help with setting up a new brand; low white label orders. Dropship service being developed.

    Contact me:!/BulkWholesaleUK
    or from website contact form.

  8. Niche: WordPress, Blogging, Earning Online

    How I Can Help: Can write guest posts, I accept guest posts, anything in the WordPress / blogging space – am willing to help even if I don’t get anything in return

    Contact: admin [at] thewordpresshowtoblog [dot] com

    1. Hi,

      Very interested in the guest post idea, I run a small mobile beauty salon in Orpington, Kent and if you could come up with any idea of how I could possible get more clients would be appreciated very much indeed.

      You can contact me through my facebook page at /

  9. My niche is people looking to get fit and lose weight with a limited amount of time. (usually women) I run a small private training studio in northern MN, but am working on launching my first full project, dedicated to 20 minute intense fitness workouts. This will complement my online personal training program.

    I work a lot with kettlebells and body weight conditioning plus have a fairly strong science and research background. I can help you by giving fun and informative blog posts as well as get to the deeper science/hormone related reasons for doing what we do.

    You can check out my blog at

    1. Hey Justin:
      I run a weight loss clinic here in Berkeley, California which you can read about on my website: I take a thorough 4 step approach towards :
      permanent weight loss:
      1. Through symptom surveys and lab tests we determine which endocrine gland is failing causing the weight problem. Then I prescribe a diet and supplements to heal the failing organ.
      2. Since the liver produces all 6 fat burning hormones, I put everyone on the liver enhancement program. It’s a 2 week cleanse where you eat nothing bad for the liver and flood it with nutrients that are beneficial to the liver.
      3. Using 4 different metabolic systems we determine the patient’s genetically ideal diet so the weight doesn’t come back. These include Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
      4. I order appropriate blood and saliva tests to see what hormones are out of balance and then prescribe supplements to bring them back into balance.
      All this is available on line through my website and by phone. I could offer you a % for the people you send to me and would be willing to offer your workout dvds to my patients. Let me know. Thanks, be well Dr. Raphael Rettner
      PS. You can find me on Facebook as well.

  10. Hello everyone,

    My name is Anthony Thomson and my niche is creating video information products, online training courses and sales videos.

    I can help you grow your business by creating high-quality and high-value information products for you to sell to your customers.

    I can also help you set up a system for selling high-ticket products to your customers via the telephone.

    If there’s anything I can do to help you, please feel free to contact me using the details below:

    Skype: AnthonyThomsonSkype
    Twitter: AnthonyThomson

    Kind regards,


    1. Anthony I will contact you by Skype. My Skype name is mak.porteous1.
      I look forward to hearing more about your work.


  11. Hi
    My name is Georgette Pann I have a few niches related to fitness pros and consumers
    My top niches are fitness bootcamp workouts and fitness bootcamp kit for trainers
    My top fit biz product is fitness business apps for health/fitness biz owners -mobile app Developement

    I can be reached on FB and I am available for interviews ,articles, can provide access to affiliate programs for cross promoting and jv’s

    You can also email or contact me through any of my websites (see Facebook above) and are a few

    Thank you Ryan for this!

    1. Hey Georgette, would love a chat as I am also in the fitness bootcamp niche, specifically running, setting up and exploding outdoor fitness boot cams in the UK

  12. My name is Mrinal Mahanti

    Niche: Landing page designer and affiliate marketing design element designer and coder.

    How can I help you:

    1. By providing good quality coding landing page design on affordable price from $10, you can check my design quality here

    2. To promote your product, service and offer I will provide ppv landing page from $5, check them here

    3. By design banner, email creative, newsletter, product box etc, preview here

    Contact me: You can contact me through any website of mine contact us page.

    1. Looks great can u contact me ? Nutrifit at georgettepann dot com

  13. Hi Ryan, Great idea! I think I’ll steal it (no that’s mean, borrow it) and use it on my blog as well.

    Ok here goes, I’m Ben Sanami/Morrill and my niche market is herbal cooling tea.
    Why I’ve started this website is two-fold,
    The primary motives for setting up this website was due out of an interest for the plants that grow around us as well as all the food you eat is either warming or cooling. In today’s world, our modern diets are all trending toward warming diets so to counter this we’ve set up herbal cooling teas to counter this trend and achieve balance between the warming and cooling.

    I collect/research information found in Chinese and Japanese about tea and translate the information into English and make it available to my subscribers via a free eCourse called Herbal Cooling Tea For Smart People and a new podcast.

    Well it’s 3-fold because subscribers learn about herbal tea, I promote my translation business and, I’m supporting a charity involved in providing safe drinking water to rural communities in the developed world.

    I can offer Japanese/Chinese/French to English translation, proofreading, editing, and video production work. I’d rather give you a shout out on my list or my new podcast than write content but I can help write content as well.

    You can find out more about me and subscribe if you are interested
    or check out my translation business

    If you’re interested please contact me by twitter @sanamionline or @fbliangcha

    Thanks and thanks Ryan for allowing this!


  14. Great idea, thanks Lee!

    1) Niche market: Internet Marketing & Offline marketing (done the right, i.e. ethical way) Strong “mindset” component, so people actually take action

    2) How can I help:

    a) I’ve got plenty of products, if it’s the right fit happy to do specials or give away for free (also a bunch of free reports e.g. on how to do competition research correctly, which most readers LOVE)

    b) you can drive visitors to my blog via the cookie-monster – if they sign up or download PDFs, they’re cookied with YOUR Clickbank aff-links

    3) How can you reach me: or WarriorForum: Veitschenk

  15. Niche: Cruising, Cruise Reviews, Cruise destinations

    What I bring to the table: Ad swaps, guest article swaps, open to suggestions

    Contact me: admin @ cruisetipsndeals . com

  16. Hi! I’m Dr Charles Livingston I’m in 2 niches… Video SEO and I have the #3 Health Product on Clickbank called Fat Loss Factor (

    How I can help: Any type of content, some email swaps

  17. Step 1: Mike Alves, Body & Lifestyle Transformations for Busy People aged 20-60

    Step 2: I can help others by providing interviews, content & articles on subjects ranging from corrective exercises for muscle imbalances due to lifestyle or injury; exercise programming and exercises for weight loss, fat loss, performance, fitness & muscle building; lifestyle re-programming, team building, implementing daily & weekly habits for change.

    Step 3:

    1. Hi Greg,
      Unfortunately there’s not any good contact info and your website is incomplete. Would love to connect with you. Give me a shout.

  18. Hi,

    I am Raag Vamdatt, a full time blogger from India, and a long time follower of Ryan.

    My Niche

    Personal finance space in India – I have an established blog (4.5 years old) that is focused on personal finance and financial products in India. I would be happy to partner with anyone wanting an exposure to the Indian market.

    What I can offer

    I have a very responsive email list of 8.5K people. I get over 120,000 unique visitors per month (>200,000 page views).

    I can have guest post swaps with people in the personal finance / finance niche. Other options are ad swaps and email list swaps.

    If you have something else in mind, please do let me know – I am open to suggestions and am always looking for new opportunities.

    My contact

    info [AT] raagvamdatt [DOT] com

    1. Hi Raag,
      I am a financial planner specializing in college planning for students going to US colleges. I have many Indian clients who are engineers here in Silicon Valley. I enjoy working with them because of their family values and dedication to education. I have an on-line course that might be something for you to JV. See

      My contact: david [AT] collegemoneycoach [dot] com

  19. Hi everyone, I am getting ready to launch a site geared to teaching ‘newbies’ how to build a strong foundation for their business online – no matter what their niche:

    This is comprised of 11 learning modules that range from accounting & legal, to time management, to outsourcing.

    There are mindmaps (with free mindmap software access), MP3s for each section for ease of listening, downloadable PDF workbooks for each module set, and an extensive resource section.

    I am offering free preview access to anyone interested (must provide proof of a list) & will be offering 100% commissions to those who decide to promote.

    If interested, please send me an email with your list size, niche, and contact details to admin @

    Thank you!


  20. Hey Ryan! I love it when you do this! I bet it’s worked wonders for many!

    My name is Caroline Fitzgerald and my niche market is real estate agents and REALTORS(R). My product, Real Estate Client Prep, makes their lives easier and more lucrative, by educating their home clients/sellers on exactly what they need to do for a quick, high-dollar sale… without the agent doesn’t actually having to tell them that the (frightening!) wallpaper on the ceiling, mounted deer heads and the litter box smell have to go! Using an automated, agent-branded email system, seven daily emails are sent to the seller “from” their own agent with each email linking to a short (5 min.) video that is as entertaining as it is informative. RECP is sold as a $1, 10-day trial that auto upgrades to full membership at $27/month through Clickbank and it pays a 50% commission….that can add up to pretty dang good recurring revenue!

    I can provide endless content: articles, videos, interviews (I could talk “home staging” all day long…especially about the downright hilarious stuff out there! Wallpaper on the ceiling…really????!!!!)

    I can be reached at

    Thanks, Ryan! Hope you are well!


    1. hey Caroline,

      I’m a real estate agent who specializes in Brokering Lease Option & Seller Finance Transactions.

      Recently launched a Boot Camp, Continuity Membership and 1-on-1 Coaching Program that is really starting to take off.

      Would love to brainstorm, network and/or JV somehow.

      My Website is

      Call me: 801-675-8695 Direct

  21. Niche: Investing/trading using options
    How I can help: open to JV/affiliates to cross promote. Can write articles on anything financial to help.

    Professional derivatives trader with unique way to make better returns with less risk in market.

    Our system makes money no matter which way the market moves.

    Open to all types of partners, banners, exchanges, list exchanges.
    We have email list of over 10k and 500 FB fans.
    Contact us :support [at ]

  22. What a fantastic idea Ryan! Thanks for this.

    My niche specialties are in two fields:

    1. Teaching Children About Money
    2. Fun Cake Decorating Ideas

    What I can provide:

    – I can write monthly article for your site or blog that are related to empowering parents, kids and inspiring people to follow their passions and turn them into passive income!

    – I’m happy to publish articles on my blogs for you also as long as they are helping parents, kids, teens or cake decorators.

    – I can give you a ton of free gifts to help empower kids and teens with self-esteem and money smarts (ebooks, quiz, cartoons, videos, workbooks, etc.) and also free ebooks for the cake decorating niche.

    – I’m happy to offer great free gifts to my two lists as well as long as they are, once again, empowering or inspiring in some way for parents, kids, teens or cake decorators.

    – I’m happy to interview you for my sites or be interviewed for your sites as well.

    – I am also very well connected in both of my niches and can introduce you to other experts in my two niches as long as you can provide great quality for them also.

    Looking forward to working with you for everyone’s success and fulfillment! ;o)

    Cheers…Amanda…Excited Life Enthusiast! ;o)

    Lots of possibilities here! Just let me know how I can help you. Send me a private message through

  23. Hi,

    Thanks a lot Ryan for this initiative.

    I am starting a few websites where I plan to share other people’s experience about how they solved a certain problem. There would be one website dedicated to a problem. Here is a list of the niches / problems:

    How to lost weight
    How to make money online
    How to get flat abs
    How to get six pack abs
    How to get rid of acne
    How to get pregnant
    How moms can lose weight

    If you blog in any of there niches, and want to share your experience with others (how you have lost weight / how you make money online / how you succeeded in getting pregnant / etc), I would be happy to publish your story.

    Since you would be writing your own story, it should not take too much of your time. In return, I would give a keyword rich, do follow link back to your blog, and my readers would get to see an inspirational story.

    I am open to suggestions, so if you can think of something innovative, I would be happy to discuss.

    You can reach me at thewebsiteguy1 AT gmail DOT com


    1. You mentioned you’d be covering topics on getting pregnant. I’m curious to know if you’d also be interested in the topic of painless childbirth and empowerment through child birth.

      I’m creating a product around my experience and could provide some articles on the topic for your site.

      My facebook page is

  24. Niche: Sports Action Analytics
    How I can help: open to JV/affiliates to cross promote via site/email/FB

    We analyze the sports betting markets to find mispriced betting lines.
    We do not take or promote any betting sites, 100% analysis(patent pending as well!)

    Open to all types of partners, banners, exchanges, list exchanges.
    Over 3k on email list and 900 on FB to cross promote.
    Contact us :support [at ]

  25. Fitness Professionals… Are you a great one? Do you live the lifestyle and practice what you preach? Do people interested in fitness just gravitate to you? Are you a highly professional Personal Trainer or Sports Nutritionist. As the Director of the National Association of Sports Nutrition, I’ve met hundreds of fitness professionals, and surprisingly, most didn’t have a system to develop individual plans for their clients.

    Everyone wants results. Phenomenal, head turning results! As a fitness professional, you and your clientele are under the watchful eye of the public and potential customers who judge your competence based on what they see. They want to see obvious results. Results that motivate and inspire them to also follow your expertise.

    I’ve just completed a system that helps you create your own or use our extensive library of workouts, meals, menus, recipes and supplement recomendations and integrate them all into a day by day plan in minutes.

    Your unique workouts
    Your menus
    Your Supplements.
    Presented in an easy-to-follow plan, telling your clients to do exactly what, when.

    Personal Trainers, Coaches, Sports Nutritionists, Fitness Chefs other Fitness Professionals can register for the System for only $5 per month.

    Jeff Kotterman, NASN Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist,

    Helping you do better, what you love to do!

    Author of very specialized nutrition programs and
    Custom Built Nutrition and Fitness software solutions

    7710 Balboa Ave, Suite 311, San Diego, CA 92111
    (888) LET-BFIT, 888-538-2348 Ext. 800

  26. My name is Michelle Fradella and I am a Real Estate Marketing Coach. I teach Real Estate Agents how to harness the power of the internet, direct mail, and mobile to attract more leads that convert to sales.

    I am willing to do interviews, reports, guest posts, webinars, etc.

    My newest project is a Local Mobile Marketing App for Real Estate Agents:

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Don’t have any good contact info for you, so I left a comment on your blog. Or you can connect with me here.
      Either way, all good!
      Make it great,

    2. hi Michelle,

      I’m a real estate agent who specializes in Brokering Lease Option & Seller Finance Transactions.

      Recently launched a Boot Camp, Continuity Membership and 1-on-1 Coaching Program that is really starting to take off.

      Would love to brainstorm, network and/or JV somehow.

      My Website is

      Call me: 801-675-8695 Direct

  27. Hi I am Larry Goodman the Founder of an unique on-line Dating site.

    Who i am looking to partner up with are people who are committed to making a difference for others – single people- the unmarried …..I am about making the challenge of being single and the search for a mate as much fun and as easy as possible.

    Who i want to assist / JV with are experts who can educate my members to have a successful dating life and beyond.

    I already have over a dozen experts lined up to assist people on how to present themselved on Video, dating adice , grooming , etc,

    I am looking to help people -JV -in the person training – wellness fields , including dietary so that my members can be the best that they can be. If you are not healthy chances are you will not attract your ideal mate.

    If this is you i would like to help you spread your message and reach many people.

    If you would also like to swap your e-mail list that would be super.

    Please go to my Facebook page to see what i am up too.

    I hope to hear from you…

    Thanks Ryan…….Larry

  28. What a great idea… Thank you Ryan for this!

    My name is Rick Streb.

    My niche is an online nutrition software program that provides customized meal plans ranging from extreme fat loss that I use with bodybuilders and fitness models to 40 RD-designed meal templates for everyday folks and special circumstances (general, disease prevention, glycemic management, fitness & performance, special needs, etc.).

    I can be reached on FB and I am available for interviews ,articles, can provide access to affiliate program. for cross-promoting and jv’s.

    You can also email or contact me through any of my websites (see Facebook above) and

  29. Excellent, Ryan, and thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    I’m in two niches, with the second just opening-up to me. I’ve been a currency market trader-analyst-trainer for almost a decade, founded a 3000 member forum, and have delivered over 50 workshops across the US and Canad–teaching a trading method I created. Currently, run a “boutique” online trading room.

    The second niche is personal development, with a focus on the spiritual (not religious) side of things..Based on personal experience, I align with the school of thought that we, each of us, create our own reality–every bit of it. And, there is a process to creating the life you want.

    If I can be of service, let me know; just contact me via FB at claymarafiote.

    My best,


  30. Hello I’m Tim Ernst and my niche is fitness. I have a passion for fitness and been following Ryan’s 1k per day formula. I want to help others reach their fitness goals. I have some rich content on my site (
    I promote other fitness guru products that I have met personally. I also have my own content with instructional videos. I’ve benn only doing this since October and have learned so much. I want to do it as a career and am willing to do whatever it takes to become successful in my niche.

    My Facebook fan page is.

    Thanks for the opportunity in advance.

  31. Hi,

    I have two main niches (I know Ryan says pick one!) and have affiliate products that will be ready within the next month on click bank. These are in –


    WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION / BEHAVIOUR CHANGE (NO Nutrition/Exercise – Mind only)

    Connect with me on facebook –



  32. I am in the business of inspiring basketball players and coaches to maximize their potential through the game of basketball. My website is focused on helping to teach proper guard play (skill development) in addition to intelligent and effective performance training to maximize an athletes potential. I am open to helping/assisting/JV with anyone on the skill side, self-help side, or fitness side of things. I can provide articles, interviews, etc. Let’s team up!

    Hit me up:


  33. Im Carol Dodsley – better known as The How2Girl and I share Mindset Magic & Marketing Secrets with solopreneurs, helping them get unstuck and achieve their business success.

    I am also a facebook strategy & marketing specialist and offer online webinars& video programmes teaching you how to use Facebook the right way to build a professional online presence and boost your business.

    I can offer you the opportunity to increase your visibility by becoming a guest on The online show, due to launch in the next few weeks with some top expert guests, where you can share your skills and knowledge, add value and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

    I can also promote your products/services on the TV channel and share the details with my newsletter lists and Social Media networks.

    I can also help you to host (or be your host) for your own webinars or Facebook livestreaming

    If you are looking for top quality mindset or marketing information, articles, blogs, interviews, video hints & tips in a particular area, to offer as free products for your list or add value on your website/blog I would be delighted to help.

    You can contact me via my websites – coming soon: or message me on my Facebook Page

    Always open to new ideas and collaborations that will add value for others

  34. Thanks Ryan!

    On-line group training for women 35-55+ that want to lose weight and add sexy muscle! I am NOT bootcamp or yoga/pilates, rather, I teach women how to shape, tone, build, feel strong and powerful through Weight Training. I am like my many clients – and KNOW what women go thru just trying to be women….kids, fitness, raging hormones, carb addictions etc. I created two popular challenges that run world-wide…. Authentic, real, supportive! I do not have a big list (yet) but that’ll come! I’m organic and grassroots…refreshing!

  35. My name is chris Cooper.
    My niche is women typically aged 30-50
    I am heavily into kettlebells, TRX, and recently ViPR. Also do a lot of Bodyweight exercises/primal movement patterns.
    I also focus on FMS and corrective exercise.
    Have a background in exercise phys and massage therapy.

  36. Gabe, niche is strength blog for men, men that want to be rugged strong. Find out more at

  37. Name: Abhi Gupta

    Niche: I’m a JV broker so I don’t have any one specific niche. I can help you by getting your product in front of the right people to promote it, or if you have a list/traffic, helping you find the right products to promote. So the objective is win-win-win!

    Contact: or

  38. I am Paul Cunningham and my niche is helping retirees to have the retirement of their dreams! Focusing on health, mental, relationships, wealth, spirituality, attitudes & emotions, plus empowering you to achieve the best in all these arenas with my book, Retirement Wow! and my MasterMind Coaching program.

    I want to lift retirees off the trash heap of history and give them the future they deserve. Let’s work together to this powerful group AND those who come after them!

    My email address is

  39. Niche: Women’s fitness, nutrition, and motivation. Mainly 30 to 45 year olds although I have many customers that are younger and older as well.

    I am NASM certified and a nutrition consultant. I can provide you with guest blog posts, interviews, webinars, email swaps, etc.. I am even open for new ideas.

    You can contact me through my facebook at

    My website is and you can contact me through that as well.

    Thanks and I hope to connect with some of you.


  40. Thanks Ryan for all your help. I have enjoyed being a member of your membership site for the last 7 months..since you launched it.
    I have spent the last 5 years working in the SEO/Local Business niche.
    Getting my sites to number one with 80,000.000 competing pages.
    I believe in quality over quantity. All Panda and other updates is get all my sites to the top.
    There is no push button easy way.

    I am in the process of creating a product with your prodding for SEO/Local business students. Your membership ideas also has me looking at that as SEO changes every day.

    my contact info is
    email: donalddolenec at

    Thanks for all you do for us


  41. Great idea, Ryan… Thank you for this opportunity!

    We offer online business skills training courses and business development mentoring programs for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-employed professionals:

    1. You can become a guest blogger on our Business Insights Blog!

    2. You can access volumes of valuable content to download for your blog, newsletter, etc..

    3. I’m available for interviews.

    4. You can become an affiliate marketer for our product/service.

    5. We can create your online training programs… e-learning, live virtual classrooms, audio, video, etc!

    6. I’m open to discussion joint ventures options with you.

    If you are interested in any of the above opportunities… You can contact me directly through our website at

  42. I have a Fitness Business which serves both individuals and corporate wellness programs. We specialize with teaching others how to keep themselves healthy and fit for life. Through the various types of resistance, proper movement, and nutrition. Our clients range from as young as 5 to as old as 70, from athletes to weekend warriors, young brides, pregnant women, and those looking for to become more vibrant.

  43. Hi

    We develop customised coaching websites for team sports.

    We are looking to team up with coaches, nutritionists, strength and conditioning experts, sports psychologists, video analysts, sports therapists ,etc who would be interested in providing content( videos and article, podcasts) for our sites.

    In return we would be able to promote your products to our lists.

    email me : info at gaelicperformance dot com

  44. Thanks, Ryan.

    My name is John Belkewitch and I work in the Health & Fitness arena. In a broad sense, niche-wise, I mostly deal with people interested in movement transformation (and how it can change lives) and performance enhancement, as opposed to image transformation. I tend to deal with a lot of journeymen (and woman) and desk-jockies, and others looking for an alternative to conventional fitness/media.

    I’m always interested in reaching out to others and providing articles, blog posts and video tutorials on related content. Also interested in connecting with others that can provide adjunct content to my members.

    I run a blog and offer virtual (and local) coaching services out of and will be releasing the first in my line of body weight solutions programs next week at

    1. John
      I’m interested in helping promote your new BW program and any guest blog posts you would be willing to do. Contact me at nutrifit@ georgettepann .com.

  45. I’m in the Guitar Niche. Have a list of around 18,000. Open to anything, so drop me a line if you think we could do something 🙂

    I also have a smaller list in the Songwriting niche.

    tomsears [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

  46. Niche–diabetes/wt loss.
    I can help any one looking for guest articles and posts in the health/nutrition niche (8yrs exp as a dietitian/nutritionist) or be interviewed for any topic related.
    About to release a product soon so I am looking to expand the message and want to help others do the same.

    1. Hi Dan, please see my post below, we may be suitable for each other! Thanks, Glenn Heaton. PS, my audio ‘personal trainer’ has been approved by Diabetes Australia, so we may be a good fit!

  47. Niche: social media event marketing and tradeshow exhibits
    Membership site:

    List: approximately 500

    Looking to hook up with anyone in the event marketing biz to cross-promote products. I have a membership site aimed at event marketers who want to learn social media. A membership in the site also gives them a discount on exhibit purchases through my company. The site has an affiliate relationship set up with Clickbank and we’re splitting revenue 50-50.

    Ping me at @tradeshowguy on Twitter or tim (at)


  48. Hey guys,

    my online niche is long distance running, from recreational runners to hardcore marathoners.

    I can help you with content, interviews, etc with all things related to running, other endurance sports and fitness/athletic conditioning in general. Very qualified (MS degree, CSCS, 12 years experience) and credible (have helped 1,000+ athletes/clients).

    You can reach me via FB or Twitter @curbivanic


  49. My name is Randy VanderVeen and my broad niche is whitetail deer hunting.

    More specifically I teach hunters how to attract, hold, hunt, and harvest mature deer on their property by improving their deer habitat with food plots, sanctuaries, bedding areas, travel corridors, etc. This info is in high demand.

    I have over 2,000 email subscribers and 250 members to my membership site which is only 2 months old. I would like to share rare tips and strategies through webinars and chances to win free memberships.

    My recurring membership site is through Clickbank where I split affiliate commissions at 50%. I can also promote to my list as well.

    My membership site is
    and my blog is:

  50. Train by Trina is a Fitness + Wellness Company. We specialize in Older Adult Physical Training, taking a collaborative approach with Cognitive Function.

    Additionally, TBT provides Corporate Wellness Services, including Exercise + Health Programs designed specifically for the job functions of your employees.

    Finally, we provide basic In-Home, One-on-One Personal Training.

    Train by Trina prioritizes the client-trainer relationship in all of our services, ensuring the skill-sets, expertise, personalities are just what you need to achieve your fitness goals!

    1. Hi Trina, please see my post below, we may be suitable for each other! Thanks, Glenn Heaton. PS, my audio ‘personal trainer’ has been approved by Diabetes Australia, so we may be a good fit!

  51. Adil Amarsi/Sebastian V. = Copywriting Niche & Dating niche.

    Adil -> Copywriting courses
    Sebastian -> (not yet live).

    How I can help – I work in both niches under the pseudonym Sebastian for the dating niche.

    Copywriting course -> How I can help you is by providing review copies of the presentation I’ll be doing and giving you access to the course after a set amount of leads are sent through.

    Includes email swipes to be written, interviews to be done as well as a contest will be held.

    Dating -> Here I can help you by providing review copies of the product or what i find easier, a pdf about EVERYTHING you need to know about the product.
    Including a bio of Sebastian (real not made up).

    As well as email swipe files, interviews and if you have products in this niche then reciprocal mailings too.

    Contact me via Facebook –
    Tweet me @adilamarsi
    MAKE SURE you let me know that you got my info from here.


  52. Hi guys,

    Niche – Info Product Creation for professionals.

    We mostly work with professionals (doctors, lawyers, financial planners, real estate pros, coaches, authors, etc) who want to create information products to enhance their business but don’t have the time or knowledge to do so. So we do it for them!

    How I can help you – Through blogs, newsletters, webinar swaps, product strategy sessions, introductions to professionals in nearly any niche imaginable and co-product creation opportunities.

    We also do custom promos, webinars, etc that are catered to your audience – never a stale presentation.

    Reach me anytime at and find our latest JV information for a current launch at –

    Would love to connect and talk more!!

    1. Hi Greg,

      Sending you an email too…

      I’m a real estate agent who specializes in Brokering Lease Option & Seller Finance Transactions.

      Recently launched a Boot Camp, Continuity Membership and 1-on-1 Coaching Program that is really starting to take off.

      Would love to brainstorm, network and/or JV somehow.

      My Website is

      Call me: 801-675-8695 Direct

  53. Hey there everyone and a HUGE thanks to Ryan for doing this–you da man!!

    My niche is primarily nutrition for fat loss and lean muscle gain, but using a system that is based on real physiology AND is not “restriction based” I like people to do MORE and eat MORE not less via the theory of Metabolic Flexibility.

    A cool side benefit is that their athletic performance goes up too.

    I am willing to help you with whatever you need, content, interviews, articles, you name it.

    I have a finished product on clickbank already too. .

    My background is a BA in Natural Science, MS in Mechanical Engineering, and finishing my PhD in Exercise Physiology in a few months.

    The info on Met Flex has been in Men’s Health magazine, presented at conferences like ISSN in Vegas last year, and even to the military’s elite research division DARPA by yours truly.

    You can find me by typing in Mike T Nelson on the ole google.

    I look forward to helping you out!

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

  54. 1. Legacy Writers Group. Our clients – anyone who wants to learn how to write and self-publish their own book for free. (fiction or non-fiction)

    2. We offer a workshop and training on how to self-publish for FREE.
    Our workshop goes through, 1.Formatting- getting the ideas our of your head and heart.
    2.outsourcing – making it look good. 3. Publishing – making it available to the world. 4. Marketing – telling the world about it.

    I can be reached at or you can connect to me on my personal page at facebook at

    Please let me know if I can help you and your group in anyway. 🙂


  55. Ryan you’ve done it again, another GREAT idea!

    Hello everyone my name is JD and I’ve been on the internet since the Bulletin Board days. If you don’t know what that was, then most likely you were to young or didn’t know what was happening with computer’s, social media and the world.

    I’m into Affiliate Marketing, multiple micro niche websites, Kindle & Nook eBooks (always looking for ghostwriters for articles, eBooks, reviews and website content). I’m a total entrepreneur; Real Estate Investor (bird dog, wholesale, buy-fix-flip, buy-hold for passive income), Penny Stock Investment & Forex, Credit Repair, Health & Fitness and Travel. I’m looking forward to networking with everyone.

    You can contact me on or jdadkins1 at ymail dot com

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to All.
    To Your Success,


    1. hey JD,

      I’m a real estate agent who specializes in Brokering Lease Option & Seller Finance Transactions.

      Recently launched a Boot Camp, Continuity Membership and 1-on-1 Coaching Program that is really starting to take off.

      Would love to brainstorm, network and/or JV somehow.

      My Website is

      Call me: 801-675-8695 Direct

  56. My niche is social anxiety to help those that sufferer from it learn how to get control of their lives again from it.

    I am a former sufferer of social anxiety myself, and also trained as a personal coach, so I’m using my coaching skills and experience overcoming social anxiety to create an online course to aid people in their recovery, which I’m working on right now, and also offering 1 on 1 coaching.

    I’m still growing my list, which is 60 subscribers and a YouTube Channel with 100 subscribers. You can reach me at

    1. Hi David, please see my post below, we may be suitable for each other! Thanks, Glenn Heaton. PS, my audio ‘personal trainer’ has been approved by Diabetes Australia, so we may be a good fit!

  57. Sorry forgot to say how I can help…if your product or service helps people in building their self-confidence or social skills I can write a blog post about you, promote you to my list, and/or make a YouTube video about what you do for my channel subscribers, putting links to your stuff. Or let me know how I can best serve you!

  58. Allen Bisconti – Joint Ventures for the last 16 years, Internet marketing, Millions of Leads coming in each month in several categories, over 100 databases in house, mobile app development, merchant accounts, video production, email marketing, bundle packages etc.. been in business for 16 years. We also have an excellent big ticket residual reseller program and licensing program.

    How I can help: I can provide Contingency marketing (including leads & data) & services to help you grow your business and retain customers. I’m open to possible rev shares. You can also use our products/services as an incentive/value added bundle to help you land customers and increase retention. explains this in more detail. Our other websites are,,,

    You can reach me on Skype or AIM – my screename is invisionholdings or you can reach me through our website. You can also find me (Allen Bisconti) on Linkedin.

    Looking forward to connecting with some of you.. thank you Ryan for the opportunity. 🙂

  59. I’m Theresa Whiteside and I am a business success coach, a positioning specialist. I work with business owners, primarily service businesses or sales to help them position themselves as the obvious choice in their marketplace. I like to say that if you’re ready to become the Oprah of your marketplace, then come with me. Because once you’ve positioned yourself as the automatic choice, people will magically line up to work with you, not only because you’re the natural choice, but because you resonate with them and what they’re looking for.

    I can do talks, presentations, teleseminars, interviews, content, etc., I have a small email list
    of approx. 100 to 200 ppl.

    I also have products that you can offer to your list for free or as little as $7 (where I get $1 of the $7, you keep the balance.)

    You can reach me at Theresa at Bizitioning dot com

    Or at Facebook at

    Thanks to all,
    Make it Great.

  60. I help coaches, consultants and other independent professionals get more clients by getting out of their own and putting themselves out there.

    Looking for complimentary partners to exchange interviews, mailings, co-create products and offerings to help both our lists.

    Get in touch with me by clicking on my name (takes you to or Facebook at

  61. Thanks for this opportunity Ryan,

    My niche is fitness. I own a fitness studio in Worcester, MA which features boot camps and personal training. I can offer guest posts for your blog or an interview. Looking also to collaborate for fitness related ebooks or kindle books.

    You can reach me at or on facebook



    1. Dan very interested in your acl product don’t know how to contact you best so please contact me nutrifit at georgettepann dot com

  62. Ryan -Awesome idea! Thanks.

    Looking for people who are interested in getting exposure in the field of massage therapy.

    This site is a work in progress. Willing to promote you and your products regardless if you have an affiliate program or not.

    FYI -upcoming blog posts include Sports Massage, Postural Alignment and Shoulder Pain.

    Also have a soccer site that is an adsense site ( full disclosure)

    contact me at

    Warmest Regards

  63. My niche is in health/wellness with an anti-fungus/anti-candida detox focus and how it ties into superior fat loss and fitness. You can see my four years of hard-body results on youtube under “facelessfatloss.” I can write short quality article content daily covering nutrition, exercise, anti-pathogen strategies, holistic health, etc, and already do, but do not have much SEO knowledge or marketing experience. See my website for testimonials, etc, my program offers a tremendous amount, I simply do not have enough exposure. I can write articles near-daily, and provide you with links to these articles (or other arrangement) to increase my exposure while providing you with content, if you have a subscriber base, newsletter or similar. I am pending clickbank approval as well for you to offer my program, and I will give at least 51% commissions to all marketers. Open to any/all negotiations or ideas, and am very giving…I won’t be happy unless you are as well, my program is self-designed, with lots of love, here to help people. Contact me via youtube as the best means of reaching me.
    P.S…Hello Allen Bisconti, my good friend…lol…I didn’t even know you were here! 🙂 And thank you Ryan for all that you do, you’re hands-down the best marketing coach there is.

    1. Hi Tim, please see my post below, we may be suitable for each other! Thanks, Glenn Heaton. PS, my audio ‘personal trainer’ has been approved by Diabetes Australia, so we may be a good fit!

  64. One of the things that we really need is to stop doing co-op advertising and calling it a joint venture, what we need to do to really reach out into the market and produce sustainable Revenue, is to start doing real Joint Ventures, where vendors work together to create and sustain revenue over a longer time.

    What I see happening right now is not join venture it is really affiliates, and advertising associates, a joint venture is vastly different than these things are.

  65. My niche is baseball. I have developed a bat speed program for high school, college and professionals that has averaged 5 MPH in bat speed. I also do consultation for ASMI (American Sports Medicine Institute) with Dr. James Andrews on injury prevention for youth baseball pitchers. I specialize also in proper throwing mechanics for baseball and softball.
    I can provide coaches clinics, interviews, and baseball camps. I do many pitching/injury prevention and hitting clinics each year. I have clients across the US and have 6 years experience as a minor league coach. I have access to many baseball coaches and players across the US and internationally. My bio and contact info can be found at We also do many international baseball missions trips each year.

  66. Hey my names Cameron Makarchuk and I’m a fitness professional & bodyshaping specialist. I own a private studio specializing in women’s body and lifestyle transformations, mostly in the range of starting out wanting lose 50-100+ lbs. As an expansion of that I started another website called “BodyShaping BluePrint” (

    I could write/film some unique articles/videos for women starting on that journey to losing 50-100+ lbs and transforming their entire lives if anyone could use that. I could also jump on the phone or skype and do an interview with someone too if you want.

    You can shoot me an email here:

    Thanks for this Ryan, Great idea!

  67. Hey, my name is Paul Keetch and I help coaches get more clients through effective marketing strategies and leveraging their knowledge to create info-products that sell.

    How I can help you: I have a list of coaches (1.5k) and represent a list of small business owners (15k) and could chat about email swaps to your coaching or small biz product.

    You can contact me through my website at or via FB at

    I’d love to hear from you!


  68. Hey Ryan and Readers!

    For those who don’t know, my niche is Customized Nutrition For Athletes, although the system is being adopted by those of all fitness goals especially weight loss and physique transformation. (the world’s first patented formula for customized nutrition delivered via patented online software)

    I can help you by providing interviews, articles, videos and straight forward, easy to understand information that isn’t the mainstream cookie-cutter information you get everywhere else.

    I do this stuff in the real world so I’m not the money hungry marketer that is just looking for their next paycheck. I want to help you help others.

    Contact me via:

    (559) 898-BFIT

  69. Chris Weiler –
    Coaches – Trainers – Athletes. I have developed a new model for athletic development for ages 6-18. Custom Training Programs based on Individual Assessments for all sports. All online and nearly 100% automated – there’s nothing else like this online!

    The site just went live this past week and was built out of a desire to help coaches, trainers and athletes properly develop young athletes. There is a huge hole in quality sub-collegiate athletic development.

    Continuing in this spirit I would love to help others any way possible. In addition to I have a great deal of content and articles to share, as well as do interviews and promotions. I have also written an eBook called Stretch This! and currently writing a book/ebook called Nutrition for Athletes.

    Let’s get started!

  70. Niche Markets:
    Addiction and Co-dependence
    Support for those living with an addict or alcoholic (those in co-dependent relationships whether they know it or not); our hook: How to Get Them Clean and Sober – site:
    Target market: 35-65yo women in a relationship, especially those interested in self-help

    Alcohol and drug abusers (not addicted yet) who are looking for an alternative to rehab – site not published as we use an interview model for closing sales (this is a high-end product)
    Target market: 35-65yo professional men and women, ($100K+ incomes), especially those interested in self-help

    What I can Offer:
    Interviews, articles, webinars, guest blog posts, ghostwriting, video production, graphics

    Contact me: george [at]

  71. Niche market

    i have a product called BESTHOLOGY , meaning becoming the best version of yourself . i empowered men and women to become stronger through exercise . basically im a strength and conditioning coach

  72. My name is Lora Alexander

    Niche: I am a certified image consultant who specializes in the advanced 12 and 16 season color analysis system, however I am also a license esthetican and makeup artist.

    How I can help you: I am available for interviews, links, content, and other joint venture ideas.

    Contact Me on my site:

  73. many thanks for doing this ryan,.. ‘preciate it!

    my site is a paid membership targeted at startups
    and aspiring entrepreneurs.

    my plan is to interview between 2 – 4 successful
    entrepreneurs every month and make the audio
    interviews with transcripts available to my

    our first interview with the founder of a private jet
    company is available free of charge for a little
    while here…

    i can be reached via facebook here…

    and via twitter here…

    live long and prosper… shalom!


  74. Hi,

    I’m Garin and I own Facebook Power (

    I am currently recruiting affilaites, and we are offering 75% commission on our Flagship Product for a limited time!

    Our sales copy converts like crazy so join up today and start earning cash promoting this awesome product!



  75. Hi,

    I’m Garin and I own Facebook Power (

    I am currently recruiting affilaites, and we are offering 75% commission on our Flagship Product for a limited time!

    Our sales copy converts like crazy so join up today and start earning cash promoting this awesome product!



    P.S. You can check out our sales page here:

    P.P.S Our affiliate program is offered through 🙂

  76. Niche: Everything Working Dogs. Dogs who use their noses to help people.

    Background: Whole dogs are healthy dogs! Just like us, they need work, play and exercise to live healthy lives. As an internationally recognized expert on working dogs, serving on several high-profile advisory committees including the U.S. Special Operations Command Committee on Canine Tactical-Combat Casualty Care, board-certified emergency and critical care veterinarian, and associate professor of critical care at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. — Lots of fancy designations to say basically – I know dogs backwards and forwards–I want to share all I have learned in the field and the lab to benefit ALL Dogs.

    What I Can Provide:
    Articles, training videos, email swap, expert interviews, provide affiliate programs and cross promotion. Open to your ideas as well

    Contact: Email:

  77. Hi, Ryan,

    Thanks for the great opportunity to connect with other marketers!

    My main niche is providing short guitar lessons for very busy beginning guitarists

    Another I’ll be developing in the next several months is the Concealed Carry niche. I’ll be completing my Texas Concealed Handgun License instructor certification course this summer, and will be using this to develop another side business.

    I can help by creating audio, video or written content. I’m happy to do interviews as well. My email lists are just getting started, but I’d be happy to promote useful products where there’s a good fit.

    Feel free to contact me on twitter: @5mgl

    Thanks again!


  78. Hey Peeps!

    My name is David Siteman Garland and my site is The Rise To The Top (

    My niche is mediapreneurship/Internet Marketing. Specifically what I personally teach is anything and everything having to do with interviews (creating ’em, monetizing ’em, hosting ’em, everything-ing them)

    I’ve got a REALLY cool product (in VIP launch right now and then public next week) called Create Awesome Interviews: Learn “The Rise To The Top” System For Creating, Promoting & Profiting From Online Interviews where I’m spilling all of my secrets and teaching my exact system including everything from scripts to land guests to nabbing six-figure sponsorships.

    If there is a fit for your audience for this type of knowledge and skills hit me up anytime. best way to contact me is through or Cheers!

  79. Hi Ryan,

    Russell Handy Jr. CEO & Publisher of Magazine – The Magazine for Internet Entrepreneurs

    My niche and purpose of my magazine and website is to be a viable tool and resource that can help people to launch their ideas for their website business and continue to grow their existing website business. I interview successful internet entrepreneurs that have built their website businesses from scratch and these entrepreneurs share there tips on how to be successful online

    I’m even working on creating a social network that can showcase successful internet marketers, network marketers, authors, bloggers all over the world that can network with each other and share their ideas on how they have used the Internet for their Next Stop for part-time income or full-time income.

    If anyone is interested and would like to contact me with a joint venture partnership in my Next Stop Income Social Network idea, I would love to talk to you in greater details about this idea.

    My contact e-mail is

    Thank you very much Ryan, your generosity is very much appreciated !!

    My favorite quote is If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door. Milton Berle

  80. Ryan, thanks for the opportunity to get involved.

    My niche is college financial planning – how to pay for college.
    I have just finished an online course that takes families through the admission and funding process during high school junior and senior years. www;

    I can offer articles, interviews on college planning and am interested in hearing from anyone serving high school families for articles to put on my blog, or to help promote the course.

    My contact email is

    1. Hi Ali,

      Great website and I like the organic, gluten-free approach. I thought you might be interested in self-publishing your own Fit & Healthy Organic & Gluten-Free Recipe Book. You can find out more details on our website:

      Len Glassman

  81. Hi everyone,

    My name is Jan Keller and I am a ‘Corrective Exercise & Performance Enhancement Specialist’.

    My niche is ‘Postural Corrective Exercise’. I have helped thousands of people from all over the world via my website to improve their posture, rehab injuries and improve overall health. I work privately with some of the UK’s top medical physicians, International and Olympic athletes.

    I can help via e-mail swap, interviews, articles, providing exercise programs etc..

    You can e-mail me at:

    I have numerous successful JV’s in place and am always looking for that next like-minded partner.

    Thank you Ryan!!

  82. Speed Training For Soccer Players
    And How A Soccer Player CAN Go Pro, Even If He/She Is 18-23

    169$ commissions (Product is $397, but $60 go to a soccer/education foundation in brazil)

    sales platform: recorded webinar and video sales letter

    Not launched yet, but possibly next week.

    About program: Will help them end slowness, go from descently fast to fast or fast to very fast through a 2 month training program. And yeah… can help and inspire to keep on shooting for the pro contract.

    I’ll be happy to help you boost your sales on your product with my advice 🙂

  83. Wow!! and amazing amount of comments and activity for 1 day and 1 post. What a great idea Ryan.
    My name is Jeff Pittard. My niche is Golf…more specifically it is how to play and learn to play golf the easy way. Golf isn’t that difficult if you don’t let all the so called “golf gurus” clutter your mind with too many swing thoughts.
    I am looking for several other online golf instructors to feature in contributor ebook/video series. It will series will also feature the charity – “Wounded Warriors” and 10% of the proceeds will go to them.
    I would love to meet a couple partners here that could work together to put this together.
    I also can create unique content for anyone’s site on this subject.
    If you’d like to learn more? hit me up at
    Look forward to it.

  84. Thanks Ryan for starting this. Here’re my details:

    My name is Lester Lim and I’m a Joint-Venture Broker/Product Launch Manager. In terms of JV brokering, I’m mainly dealing with high ticket webinars which are high converting and unique so that all parties can get win-win situations on all fronts.In terms of Product Launch, I do the launch strategies for the full launch including sales funnel and affiliate management.

    I can help out by giving advice and guidance to whoever needs help in the JV brokering and Product launch field. For people who requires contact and connections to webinars for their list I will be able to hook you up, for people who requires some strategies/advices with their own product launch I will also be able to offer you good advices.

    My Facebook is: Feel free to add me but please quote “Ryan Lee” so that I know where you are from and be able to connect with you quickly.


  85. Anthony Mychal

    Market: Athletes, Skinny Fat Ectomorphs, General Fitness Enthusiasts, Chronic Knee Pain

    Help: I’m a content creator at heart. I can be the face and brains behind almost any fitness avenue or product. So I would be a great compliment to a back end guy that knows copy writing and overall internet “marketing” and sales.

    Contact: @anthony_mychal!/anthony_mychal

  86. Hi Ryan and Everyone I’m Travis Olson (can find me on Facebook) I specialize in the fitness industry launching my first product within the next 3 months before July 4th (simplified product to transform busy moms). I also interview fitness experts and would be more then happy to interview you (Facebook me

    I also am helping my partner with his product that shows how to launch a business from point a to point to sky rocket business.

    Together we can take names and kick butt together! Build a friendship and help each other in our business!

  87. Hey all, and a special shout out to Ryan for doing this — thanks man!

    I’m using the producer model to partner with experts in their fields. They provide the expertise and design content from it, and I do the rest: video, marketing, web site, list building, Facebook, etc.

    I’ve launched one site in the scrapbooking niche, partnering with a famous (to the niche) expert — see and are days away from one in the area of hotel sales — see In this latter effort, we’ll be selling a webinar, building credibility, selling electonic copies of the webinar, and then on to a membership site.

    I’ve got 30 years in the video production business and am located in Northern California. You experts out there don’t need to be in my backyard though. If video is appropriate to the niche, I could produce and oversee from my location to get great and effective videos. From there, it’s off to the races with site design and content, list building, product creation, and so on.

    You can contact me at:
    through FB at or
    phone 6509698273.

  88. Thanks Ryan!!!

    Brad DeGraw – My niche is helping authors create digital products based on their book and creating profitable product launches.

    I am interested and can reciprocate in value add bundling, cross promotions, and affiliate opportunities.

    Drop me a line:

  89. Thanks Ryan.

    My name is Alicia Isaacs

    Niche – Self-empowerment – I help people discover and connect to the Source of their inner power, experience inner peace, get clarity, get answers, follow their inner guidance and develop self-confidence to change their lives.

    How I can help – by providing articles, interviews, JV

    Contact me at

  90. Thanks for the opportunity Ryan.

    I specialise in Natural solutions for Healthy digestion.Through my website
    we have helped thousands of people worldwide.

    I can offer Articles, email swap, cross promotion and am available for expert interviews.

    I also specialise in my clinic in Deep Lymphatic therapy.

    I am putting together a premium product launch to offer a home study course for health practitioners and those suffering from post surgery lymphedema. Would be interested in talking to people interested in this subject or able to help me produce the modules.

    You can contact me on for all natural digestion topics for everything related to Deep Lymphatic therapy

  91. Lisa Rodriguez
    Business Strategy Consulting/Virtual Assistance Services

    Hi Everyone – I am the owner of Next Level Consulting. We offer business strategy consulting services for the online entrepreneur. Let us help you develop a strategy for new income streams for your business:
    – membership websites
    – product devlopment
    – graphic design
    We are also a full-service Virtual Assistance company. We can assist with:
    – HTML to WordPress conversions
    – Blog maintenance
    – Social media marketing
    – Facebook Timeline cover photos / marketing
    – Affiliate program set-up
    – Autoresponders and more!
    Delegate more, Free your time, Grow your business!

  92. Thanks for doing this Ryan!

    My name is Mike and my niche is men/women who currently workout but are looking for new workout ideas.

    I see a lot of fitness pros on here and wanted to help by posting sample workouts you have created on my site. I will also put all your info and any write up you want on there.

    Contact me at if you are interested.


  93. Ryan, thanks for opening up the ‘toll free internet highway’. It’s great to read about so many creative and passionate people.

    My name is Len Glassman, I’ve been a fitness professional and entrepreneur for over 15 years. Among other things, I’m starting a fitness movement. I believe that in order to get people to ‘move’, you have to create a ‘movement’.

    We’re placing the finishing touches on a brand new business idea that will allow fitness professionals to earn income while marketing their services to their target market. We’re looking for leaders in the health & fitness profession to beta test our program.

    I own & operate a successful fitness studio, am a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness and offer fitness and nutrition professionals a unique opportunity to self-publish and market their very own Fit & Healthy Recipe Book (

    If you’re a proven fitness professional with leadership skills who’s interested in breaking away from the pack, please contact us through our website at

    Yours in Health,
    Len Glassman

  94. Grant Lofthouse

    Niche market – Alternative training for fitness enthusiasts who hate cardio.

    I would love to offer content, interviews, promotions, articles, or email swap.

    Best place to contact me is on facebook…

    P.S Don’t reply to my comment on Ryan’s blog because there is no way to get notified unless I keep coming back to check it. I got stuff to do ya know. Especially today. Just got a whole bunch of new porn mag’s in the letterbox.

    Make sure you hit me up on crackbook… I mean facebook 😉

  95. Thank you Ryan for this wonderful opportunity!

    My name is Fay McLean and my niche is to show entrepreneurs how to maximize and monetize their internet business by creating their own products.

    Although my list is global, being based in Australia, I can offer a great opportunity to get your business more visibility into the Australian market than what you may currently have.

    I would be happy to offer email swaps (list of around 1000), guest blogging or any other sort of mutual collaboration.

    My current website is and is in the process of a ‘makeover’ to

    If there’s anything I can do to help you, please feel free to contact me using the details below:
    Skype: fay.mclean1
    Facebook: Fay McLean, Albany, Western Australia

  96. My name is Logan Christopher and I have websites in a number of related markets: health, fitness, strength training, kettlebells, gymnastics, mental training for athletes and more.

    I would be happy to do guest posts, accept guest posts, and do interviews. I’ve got a number of products and a great affiliate program. I’d also be happy to promote your products if they’re a right fit for my lists.

    You can reach me on facebook at

  97. Hi all – name is Aaron Luhning and I own/run ->

    Market: Boxing – specifically targeting those new to the sport who are looking to learn how to box for fitness, competition, or self defense. Aim is to give them some basic boxing skills, get them in shape and then link them to trainers/clubs in their area. I also appeal to the boxing for fitness crowd who want to use boxing workouts to increase their level of conditioning, lose weight and/or change their bodies. A third offshoot is the MMA market for those looking to improve their stand-up striking skills.

    How I Can Help:

    a. I will review related products (my honest opinion) and post the reviews on my site.
    b. I will give free trainer accounts to fitness pros interested in posting individual workouts on the site for members to use (must be willing to give them away for free).
    c. Very interested in getting to know other certified boxing coaches who might be interested in producing and providing boxing specific content for the site (i.e., boxing specific drills, strategy — not general purpose fitness articles). Can provide you an outlet to reach a significant number of boxers of various levels (10000+).
    d. Open to other suggestions.

    Note: I very rarely promote products unless I feel they offer something of significant value to my users and it HAS to be directly related to boxing. Please keep that in mind before asking me to promote/review your product.

    How You Can Reach Me: message me on FB – or use the contact form on my site.

    And of course, a big thanks to Ryan for potentially facilitating some new connections. Cheers.


  98. My name is Greg.

    Niche: Weight loss for Brides. Full body conditioning and weight loss.

    Currently creating online workout program with interactive coaching calls. Launching in April.

    I can Offer interviews and exercise programming coming from a celebrity trainer (also have trained royalty 😉 )

  99. Vanae – Dating Coach & Webshow Host

    Creator of “The Best Guide to Online Dating”

    Niche: Dating with Self Awareness, Online Dating, Video Marketing

    Offer: Interviews & Content on YouTube’s most subscribed dating expert channel (10 million views+).


  100. Niche : Business, Health & Life Control for Business owners
    We make the phone ring, the cash flow, your marketing work and give control back over your busness, health & life.
    If I can help a blind man to dance imagine what I can do for your business!!

    Here is am interview with me it’s short!!0 about why DBM is quite unique in the Business Coach / Consulting niche:

    Ryan – thank you for the exposure & opportunity.
    Be well.

  101. I run a weight loss clinic here in Berkeley, California which you can read about on my website: I take a thorough 4 step approach towards :
    permanent weight loss:
    1. Through symptom surveys and lab tests we determine which endocrine gland is failing causing the weight problem. Then I prescribe a diet and supplements to heal the failing organ.
    2. Since the liver produces all 6 fat burning hormones, I put everyone on the liver enhancement program. It’s a 2 week cleanse where you eat nothing bad for the liver and flood it with nutrients that are beneficial to the liver.
    3. Using 4 different metabolic systems we determine the patient’s genetically ideal diet so the weight doesn’t come back. These include Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
    4. I order appropriate blood and saliva tests to see what hormones are out of balance and then prescribe supplements to bring them back into balance.
    All this is available on line through my website and by phone. I could offer you a % for the people you send to me and would be willing to offer your workout dvds to my patients. Let me know. Thanks, be well Dr. Raphael Rettner
    PS. You can find me on Facebook as well.

  102. I have chiropractic and massage dvd/e-book website There are 10 minute clips of all my dvds posted on the site. If you have a compatible site to mine please contact me for a possible joint venture. I also have a series of health articles on my practice site I’m willing to do e-mail swaps too.
    Thanks, be well, Dr. Raphael Rettner

  103. I have developed a website for trainers that handles billing, creates custome nutrition plans, builds custome workouts with video and still picture images, cardio programs, and connects to a supplement store! It’s a monthly membership site. I am looking for trainers, facility owners/managers, and others that want to streamline their pt business.

  104. Do you have a good product, service or business idea (in any industry) and need the extra expertise and support to make it work?

    I have launched hundreds of products and have over 25 years experience. If you are looking for a Joint-Venture partner to help you make 2012 (and beyond) a glorious year, then please watch the video at:

    **You must subscribe and watch both videos before contacting me.**

    (Very limited opportunities)

    Sincere wishes for a good life and great response, Ian

  105. What a great idea Ryan – Thank you!

    I’m Kirsten Cooke – Having been a practising PT for the last 14 years, my new niche for my online products is helping Personal Trainers to work less, earn more, and stay longer in the industry.

    Specifically, I’m working on my first 2 product’s:

    1: To help trainers make $100K per year through Group Training, working only 3 hours per week on a shoestring budget.

    2. A ladies only PT Mastermind Group which will be entirely online.

    I have been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coach for 14 years, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge which I look forward to converting into products to help Trainers working in the Fitness Industry. What I do lack, is a list of registered PT’s and would be really keen to JV with anyone who can help me reach a large number of Trainer’s to promote my products.

    I speak well, present well, and have a bubbly personality, so would be happy to reciprocate in any way that may help your business.

    I can be contacted at

    I wish you all the success in the world with your products and ventures!

  106. My name is Todd Cambio and I am a Master Body Weight Trainer through Lebert Fitness and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I can help others improve their training programs by incorporating a body weight based blueprint for warm ups, strength training, sports performance and flexibility. I utilize the Lebert Equalizers, which is my ultimate training tool. I write articles, do interviews and I am now a published author thanks to Ryan! I am now working on my next book! Easiest way to get me is through Facebook. Looking for people interested in sharing ideas, training strategies and possibly as contributing authors.

  107. I create non techie programs that show people how to harness the power of video in their business

  108. NAME = Justin Adkins

    NICHE MARKET = An educational and descriptive at home corrective exercise and stretching program for those who suffer from spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis (back pain).

    HELP OTHERS = Getting others to understand how the body REALLY works and how they can reduce pain through quality content (articles), blogs, and all other avenues.

    Looking to start using affiliate marketing for the first time and/or any other ways of improving traffic/sales to our website.

    CONTACT = Best way is our website (in the process of adding facebook/twitter), you can reach us via the contact page

  109. Hi Ryan! Thanks for the opportunity to help others!

    My niche: Fitness & health for busy Ladies/Moms
    I have a blog that receives about 3K views per month with Free info for everyone. I have a best selling book on the Amazon Kindle Store (“The Best Workout for Women”) and I’m working on a new book, using a “radical fitness training concept” for those with a busy lifestyle (who isn’t, nowadays). I am always open to working & sharing ideas with partners who sincerely want to help others. Attention! I only want work with those who truly provide quality to their customers. I’m very upfront and believe in over-delivering value to the customer/client.

    my contact email:


  110. Thanks Ryan,

    We offer a professional certificated MMA Fitness (Mixed Martial Arts) instructor training course on home study DVD. (I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years)

    We are looking for joint-venture partners and will pay 50% commission for every course sold to your list or clients, etc.

    We provide you with template emails you can send out and we have a fully detailed website at:

    Please contact me via the above website.

    Thank you, Ian Fox

  111. hi guys and great idea Ryan!

    My niche deals with moms with sick kids that have behavior problems that are caused by an underlying health condition(s) – kids with problems like ADD/ADHD, OCD, sensory integration disorder, certain vision problems, autism , etc…

    I have a medical background and have read and studied health and wellness for over 20 + years especially in the last 10 years dealing with a sick child myself with some of the above mentioned problems which thankfully she is much better now- I want to help other moms who are struggling like I was a few years ago- and am writing a book and have a site that has information on it I wish I had back then. (it’s a new site so a lot more info is being added on a regular basis).

    – I am also in the process of becoming a certified health coach by a very reputable company and will be able to help moms in this way soon.

    At the same time I’m educating moms and others on the many different alternative health tests and treatments that are available that can help people get to the root cause of their problem and fix it.

    I plan on doing live events, have more info products and books,coaching and have a membership site available in the future plus have my own supplement company.

    I can do interviews, webinars, offer articles, and am open to other ideas – you can contact me at or



  112. What an excellent platform – thanks Ryan!

    I’m Mekhola: meditator, counsellor, spiritual healer, freelance writer.

    Niche focus: Sharing and explaining authentic ancient spirituality of India in a clear scientific way, and its daily practical application in leading a more efficient productive life.

    My background in Science, plus many years of meditation help me to look at situations with a balanced left brain – right brain view, and I regularly guide people who come to me for advice.

    Am currently in the process of setting up my website, and planning a series of short books – may need JVs later for marketing them.

    I can offer articles and guest posts, and am open to any idea of yours.

    Please contact me through my contact form at


  113. Thanks for this opportunity Ryan!

    Hi everyone. I’ve been doing sales and marketing since 1990. My main focus is trading the financial markets. I’m getting ready to launch a new forex program that will sell for $1995 and am looking to offer a unique JV partner deal. Instead of having hundreds of affiliates promoting I want to hand pick and give just 3 affiliates an exclusive marketing contract for 6 -12 months.

    I’m also a chiropractor with 25 years of experience in health, healing, nutrition
    and exercise.

    I’m always open to JV’s in the health area. I can be reached at 323-599-2468 or on Skype: drjeff007

  114. Ryan, what a great idea and fantastic opportunity for all of us. My thanks to you and everyone participating!

    I am just starting my business and am in the process of creating my first products and marketing them.

    Niche: Holistic Health, Healing, Nutrition, Rawfood Lifestyle and Fitness

    I can offer interviewing someone in these areas or being interviewed

    I am very open to JV’s and offering support that is needed, doing webinars together, exchange experiences.

    Lets make it happen. The world needs us!

  115. Thanks Ryan for this opportunity!

    I’m Barbara Ling, maverick veteran entrepreneur for the past 15 years, and specialize in authority generation, list building, blogging, and everything in between. 🙂

    I can find answers to just about anything online, and love helping folks polish their products to ensure said products deliver the best possible performance for their authors!

    Very much open to quality JVs. Thanks so much! Feel free also to network with me at … have a profitable day.

  116. Niche: Fat loss via non traditional strength training and habit based nutrition

    Can provide video, interviews, and articles related to fat loss.

    I have a brick and mortar personal training studio in northern california, but we have no products on-line currently.

    You can contact me via my facebook page:

  117. Hey Everyone

    I’m looking for business partners interested in starting a home based MLM business in the telecom & energy markets. I’ll show you exactly how to start your very own franchise in this billion dollar industry. Inbox me your email address & phone number & best time to call. You can also visit

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  118. My husband and I have an online store for silk floral arrangements. I am not sure how I can help others except to give them quality products at reasonable prices. Its perfect for sending a gift. I would be happy to write a guest blog for someone in a lateral field. You can find us at:

    Paulette Salvia

  119. My niche is business analysis and project management. I am available for (content, interviews, promotions, articles, email swap, etc.). My main blog that I am bringing online is and I teach all over the world. You can Google me for my linkedin profile for even more information and contact me at I will be needing JV partners in the near future for a product launch that will be a three day video training course I taught in Abu Dhabi that will pay great commissions.


  120. If you would like to share your story with the world, but you are afraid to get up in front of an audience to make a presentation, you are not alone. A U.S. publication “The Book of Lists” quotes that the greatest fear of people is to get up in front of a group of people to make a presentation.”
    I’ve gone thru that many years ago. I then joined Toastmasters International and got the bug for public speaking. I now teach communication skills at a local college and have helped thousands of people just like you, thru seminars, private coaching, and my book “Speak Up then Shut Up”, to become more comfortable in front of an audience. I can help you too! If you would like to join us during our next Free webinar, send your name and E-mail address and I’ll keep you posted. E-mail:
    The Speakers’ Coach, Jacques Waisvisz

  121. Hey RL crowd! It’s Ryan and Lacy Arnold at – Where Moms Go From Soft to Sexy…For Life! Our site is about the workouts, recipes, support and mindset Moms need to get feeling and looking sexy again. We’re fun, a little off the cuff – and genuine about the real life of moms and how they can get their body and their identity back while being a great mother.

    We would love to help anyone we can, especially in the fitness, health/nutrition and personal development niches. Can provide content, JV, product resell (must be high quality supplements that we ourselves would use regulary), etc. We also have built and still have some bricks and mortar businesses that do online marketing and would love to share our insights there if it helps.

    Contact us at

  122. Hello, and thank you very much Ryan for this opportunity, brilliant idea. My niche is health and wellbeing.

    Since 2006 I’ve been providing health and wellbeing practitioners (psychotherapists/massage/chiro/ acu puncture etc) with an extensive range of original, professionally produced audio, music and video content covering stress management and and audio walking program.

    I’m in a growth phase, and can see from this directory that there are MANY opportunities to work with other like-minded business people. I have also collated some of this content into a 12 week Corporate Wellness program, ‘Office Oasis’, and this appears to be the first fully-digital, online wellness program.

    I really need some marketing/partnering assistance, as the content production is taking most of my time, and I’d like to REALLY grow these services. Including promotion to the coaching space.

    Please email me if you wold like to discuss any possibilities. Many thanks, Glenn Heaton

  123. Hey guys.. Just seeing this blog post. I run the social media for hubze, Inc you may also know us from our Fan Page Engine product. I am always looking for some good content for our blog. You can submit inquiries on it if you are a blogger and want to get a post on it. We are always looking for solid, non spammy, affiliates of our product. And just relaunched our affiliate system. Feel free to hit me up if you are looking to learn more about Facebook and social media. On fb you can find me at

  124. Hello Ryan,

    I’ve been involved in the Martial Arts/Self Defense field for over 20 years. Have taught specialty classes for kids, women, and during my 20+ years in the NYPD (particularly in the Bronx) taught many law-enforcement as well as private security personnel on how to protect their families, friends and of course themselves.

    I find myself in the Middle East since retiring from the NYPD after a job opportunity came about. I’m looking to move back the the states but it wouldn’t be easy for a family to live comfortably on a city pension.

    I was planning to put out a series of instructional videos and articles and as you can imagine the street stories that came with my career are plentiful. I don’t think I can afford to make a mistake with these ideas and would want to get going the right way.

    Feel free to contact me at or at the e-mail attached to this reply.



  125. My name is Adam Kessler and I have a speed training site for athletes at

    I would love to do guest posts. I can do speed training for particular sports, but can also do sport training for different sports from strength training to conditioning. I contribute to so you can see a few of my articles there.

    You can contact me via the contact page on my site or twitter at @adamkessler.

  126. My Name is Kevin Puls. I am the Affiliate Manager for your friend Ryan, Jack, who you once promoted one of his products, “Box Shot King”.

    I help Jack, as an Affiliate Manager, and others, to promote their goods/products/services to people who have lists.

    In addition to working with Jack, I am currently helping my other friend, Mike, launch his second book. He already has endorsements from: Guy Kawasaki, John Jantsch, Michael Gerber, Yanik Silver and more.

    If you would like to contact me, you can call me at: 215-531-3620, or Skype: thekevinpuls

  127. I agree with others Ryan, that this is a great idea! Thanks.

    Niche: I help moms (and dads) who have a work at home business discover marketing strategies to take their business to the next level. We cover all the main marketing topics.

    Help: I am actually looking to work with writers and affiliates at the moment.

    As a writer, you will get exposure for yourself and your product through the author box, which currently has a great click-thru-rate. I am also working on implementing profit sharing for revenue made on the page that you contributed to. If you are an expert in branding, Public Relations, Email Marketing, or any other marketing topic, then contact me.

    As an affiliate, I offer 50% commissions and will this covers anyone who comes to the website thru your affiliate link who buys any of our products.

    Contact: Contact me through the contact page on our website, link at bottom of page

  128. Ed Akehurst, Author, Speaker, Marketer

    Niche Markets: Internet Marketing, Offline, Social Media, Video

    I can help: Interviews, speaking engagement, collaborations, bonus product offerings, mailing swaps, more – just connect with me and we’ll se how we can help each other out.

    Skype: edakehurst
    Email: edakehurst @

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  130. Impressive array of talent here (why am I not surprised?)—thanks, Ryan for opening the door.

    My two niches:
    1. Profitable green business, and especially green marketing–going a deeper shade of green, with better payoff, reaching both green and nongreen markets (B2B as well as B2C) with affordable, ethical, effective strategies. I’m the lead author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (my bestselling eighth book) and write a self-syndicated monthly column, Green and Profitable, that’s on three continents so far.

    2. Turning unpublished writers into well-published authors–and helping authors (and publishers) market their books. My seventh book is Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers. @Mark Howard, I’m sending you a note about possible JVs

    Reach me on Twitter @Shel Horowitz, or by e-mail, shel AT

  131. Hi,
    My name is Boris and I’m running GlobalRisk Community,, the world’s premier online community for risk managers and service providers.
    The Niche Market is Finance, professional trading, governance and Risk management. Our members are mostly bankers and financial specialist who want know more about risk management, so spamming with some low level products and services will not be appreciated.
    I can help create awareness for your products and services if you provide good content and not spam our members. We can be also your publishing platform for economic, business and professional analysis and blogging on everything related to finance, risk management, trading and governance.
    You can contact me via my Linkedin account:

  132. Niche: iPhone Video Hero (as recently featured on The Rise To The Top) is a training course for entrepreneurs/ bloggers/ biz owners showing you how to make incredible Videos with your iPhone. If you have a blog related to online business, marketing, social media, PR it’s a good fit.

    Help: I can help you by guest posting, doing a joint webinar and giving video tips. You can also
    be rewarded by being my affiliate on CB (70%) 🙂 I can cross promote targeted products in the niche.

    Contact: via footer of

  133. Hello-

    Love to help other information folks.
    Niche markets: stressed out professionals & female entrepreneurs

    Am an expert on stress, burnout & motivation- have written 5 books including bestseller Fired Up! and most recent, Stress Express. Happy to provide content, interviews, articles, email with right fit. Already doing affiliate marketing and love that. Connect with me on twitter @snowdenmcfall Wish you all every success

  134. Niche: Spiritual Yo-Yo dieters

    I work with 1-1 clients. I perform an Akashic record reading to determine blocks or restrictions present at soul level. Perform energy work to release the restrictions and develop personalized nutrition and fitness plan to express who they are at soul level into their physical body. .

    I am an Intuitive, registered dietitian and fitness professional. I can offer interviews and guest video posts right now. I will be creating products and membership site in the future. Let me know if you think I would be a good fit for your niche.You may contact me via my website.


    Jeremy Heath

  135. Wow! It’s great to see so many health and fitness professionals on this page.

    1. I am a pharmacist who helps people lose weight and get off of their medications by teaching them how to eat for weight loss and nutrition.

    2. I can help by offering articles, Q&A sessions about common medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol and their side effects, etc. I have a podcast on iTunes currently downloaded by hundreds of people around the world and can feature you as an expert interview where you can share your knowledge, products and services.

    3. You can reach me via the Contact tab on my website:

    Looking forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can support each other!


  136. Niche : Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    How can I help : I can create videos for your website or YouTube channel related to Marketing Amazon Products and SEO for affiliates. I can also provide you at least 2GB PLR stuff which includes e-books, videos and WP Plug-Ins OR I will give you one video PLR product without re-branding for next 3-4 months.

    Contact Details :
    Skype : nrupencm

  137. If you work with athletes (youth through professional levels) in any capacity, I can help you out!

    Everyone knows that there are 2 sides of sports training: 1) the Physical and 2) the Mental.

    Most athletes who want to improve their sports performance work with fitness trainers, nutritionists, and sport specific skills coaches to improve their size, speed, strength, agility, lower body fat, and to sharpen their sport specific skills (such as throwing, hitting, shooting, dribbling, kicking, etc…). This is the PHYSICAL side of sports training.

    My program is the perfect complement to anyone in the PHYSICAL sports training component because I help athletes improve their performance through the other side of sports training which is the MENTAL side.

    Through study, research, and analysis of the greatest sports champions across the world of sports, I have compiled some core concepts common to all of the great sports Champions that are the KEY to turning athletes into Champions! I’ve taken these foundational principals and turned them into a multi-media training program that will give athletes at any stage in the game the competitive edge they are looking for.

    My “Sports Training 101” program teaches athletes how to win by educating them in the areas of strategy, sports academics, sports sociology, mastery of team play, individual mindset and so much more.

    I’m currently putting some of the finishing touches on my website, sales funnel, and affiliate program for my “Sports Training 101” membership site.

    I’d love to JV with anyone who works with athletes to see if we both can offer them services that will improve their performance.

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  139. Hey Everyone!

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    Because I don’t have a list yet, I think what I could offer is to SEO your website(s) or page(s) so you can get FREE traffic to your money sites and in exchange you could promote my products/services? I am open to almost anything! I love to help others and would love to help rub your back if you rub mine!

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  140. Imagine doubling your sales, tripling your net profit and retiring in 3 to 5 years…guaranteed.

    I help owners of home service companies build their dream business in record time. I would be happy to share my resources, do an email swap, interview you, be interviewed for your audience (building instant credibility, outrageous response marketing strategies, how to leverage linkedin to automate your client attraction process).

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    And finally, I am launching a new training process for leveraging LinkedIn to automate your client attraction efforts this summer. Please reach out if you are interested to chat about any of this, especially how i may help you and your business.

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  141. Always adding value, …brilliant Ryan!!

    I am a real estate agent who has experienced a ton of success over the last couple of years by expanding a niche in Brokering Lease Option, Rent-to-Own and Seller Finance Transactions here in Northern Utah.

    So many consumers need ethical, professional service when if comes to home ownership and alternative solutions for their housing needs, unfortunately…it’s almost non-existent.

    I’m new to internet marketing but have hit the ground running.

    Recently launched a Boot Camp, Continuity Membership and 1-on-1 Coaching Program that is really starting to take off.

    Would love to brainstorm, network and/or JV somehow…totally open to ideas.

    My Website is

    Call me: 801-675-8695 Direct

    Email is

  142. Hello Everybody 🙂

    My name is Richard Griffiths, and I’m slowly building out a website about early retirement, focusing on semi-retirement as a way to get out of the ratrace. I still have tons of work to do on the site, but you can have a peak here: While I am not really anywhere near ready, this is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

    I split things into 3 main areas, health, lifestyle, and wealth.

    I consider looking after ones health to be very important to living to a ripe age and being able to enjoy those extra years.

    Lifestyle is all about how you get to where you want to be, and becoming the person that you want to be. Sometimes we have to make compromises, but it helps to know what the trade-offs will be, and hopefully well informed people will make great decisions, leading to a happy retirement.

    People are generally aware that they should save a small fortune if they want to keep their current lifestyle in retirement. In the wealth section, we will be looking at some of the basic assumptions and how people can get to their desired goals.

    I am no expert on health, and will be looking for a partner who can do more than just write an occasional essay. Of course, guest articles will always be welcome.

    A lot of my lifestyle area will revolve around people learning how to make money based around their hobby or leisure. This will include offline as well as online methods.

    For the wealth section, I have limited knowledge about estate planning. I will be encouraging people to look for good companies that pay dividends, and showing them how to boost returns using intelligent covered call option selling.

    If you have an interest in partnering, guest writing, or other ideas, please drop me a line.

    cdngryphon [at] gmail [dot] com —– if you preface your subject with RL, I’ll know where you got the contact from…

    Thankyou very much for your time.

    Richard 🙂

  143. Hi Ryan,

    What a great idea!

    My niches are:

    – people looking to lose weight who are or may be pre-diabetic, insulin resistant and/or leptin resistant, and have tried everything and can’t lose weight and keep it off.

    – coaches who want to know what tools are needed to optimize their website and internet marketing, and get one-on-one coaching, seminars, tools, how-to programs and done-for-you solutions for their unique needs, from a web marketing specialist who is also a certified health coach.

    The first is up and running, and the tech coaching site is in build mode, up but not completed (that is this week’s project).


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