F*ck the Latte!

It never really made much sense to me.

I’m all for saving and living below your means – but the idea of not having a $3 latte because that money, with 5% interest, will add up to thousands after years of saving.

Sure, I get it. Financially, it’s sound advice, however I’d much rather MAKE MORE money and buy whatever I want.


Look at the numbers for a minute.

$3 per day x 365 = $1,095 per year.

Ok, a thousands bucks. That will impact many people’s lives – but it’s also living in the “lack” mentality. I fully embrace ABUNDANCE.

But why not have both?

Instead of talking about saving the $3 – why not talk about making an extra $6 per day? Now, you can buy your latte AND still save the $3! But no one in mainstream media ever talks about that because it doesn’t “sell”. And if they don’t get eyeballs, they don’t sell advertising. And the cycle of the poverty mindset goes round and round.

Why are you limited to your current income? Why can’t you make more – even if it’s just part-time?

When I worked full-time at the Children’s Hospital (long before the “Internet”), I hustled my ass off. Woke up at 5am to train a client at their house. And ran fitness classes and sports training groups at night after work while still putting myself through night school for a Master’s degree.

17+ hours a day.

You know what? I earned my f*cking latte!

(Thankfully, because of the Internet, I don’t have to work that hard anymore. In fact, I’m writing this from Starbucks. But if I had to do it again, I’d get off my ass and get it done!).

Why not MAKE the extra $1,000 AND buy your lattes? What is stopping you? Seriously, what is holding you back?

We always hear the same old bullshit.

Study hard. Get a good job with benefits.


There is only ONE person you can rely on for your financial future.

It’s not the government. It’s not your employee. And it’s certainly not a shitty $27 push-button software. It’s YOU.

I’m NOT telling you to go out and blow all your money on a Ferrari if you can’t afford it. Not at all. That’s just dumb. You’ve gotta be smart with your money.

But what I am telling you is to stop making excuses. Stop watching the news and buying into all the hype.

All the complainers. All the people who bitch day and night about the “economy” and “it’s tough out there”.

Believe me, there is PLENTY of opportunity for all of us. In every market. In every niche.

We are just at the beginning of the Internet. And the window is wide f*cking open!

Get off your ass. Set a goal. Figure out a plan of action. Provide massive value to your clients and customers. Never stop caring about their results. Take steps forward every single day – even if it’s just one blog post or Facebook update. And don’t ever stop until you reach it.

And then, take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy your latte — you have earned it, my friend.

P.S. If you want to make that $1k per DAY and drink as many lattes as you want.. click here.


  1. Epic rant Ryan! I cringe every time someone gives me financial advice that involves cutting things like a daily coffee out of my routine. If I want a daily coffee, I better find a way to pay for it – that’s the advice they ought to be teaching us recent college grads. Cheers my friend (clinks latte cup to computer screen).

    1. Author

      Hey Jordan,

      I’m glad you liked the rant 🙂

      They should start teaching this stuff in kindegarten!!! Believe me, I’m teaching this to my kids.. they WILL be self-sufficient.

      Rock ‘on

  2. I say have all the Latte’s you want, and get in the flow.

    Yes poverty is a state of mind and most people are on the hamster wheel buying into the “lack” mentality.

    Get in the flow and it won’t matter what you pay for a gallon of gas or your Latte’s!

    1. Author


      “poverty is a state of mind”

      I 100% agree!

      Thanks for contributing!


      1. Sorry Ryan, but I have to disagree with the “poverty is a mindset” idea. I don’t think anyone who’s ever been in true poverty would say that type of thing. Children that go to bed hungry aren’t going to have food waiting for them if they change their mindset while going to bed. To me, “poverty is a mindset” is just a nice way of convincing oneself to not feel bad for those in poverty, because they “deserve” it because of their “mindset”.

        People in poverty don’t generally have access to fast Internet access and computers at home, if they even have a home. They may not have the tools available to them to start or launch their own business, online or not.

        Anybody who truly believes that poverty is just a state of mind, they need to go to homeless shelter and volunteer. Once you’ve watched a mother or father who lost their spouse work all day at a minimum wage job just to keep their kids fed, you’ll understand it’s not a mindset, but a very sad state that can be incredibly difficult to escape without help.

        *rant over*

        1. Author


          We can agree to disagree.

          I DID work with people in extreme poverty in the Hunts Point area of the South Bronx – and it made my belief even stronger. And I worked with not only the poor for 6 years in a children’s hospital – they had disabilities. And I can’t tell you how many of those kids came from the WORST environments, but they worked hard, went to college and now are successful.

          I the Bronx, every single day (rain or snow) I walked 5 blocks.. right past the gangs, drug dealers, crackheads and hookers during all of my lunch breaks to work on my Internet business . in the PUBLIC LIBRARY.

          This was over 10 years ago. They had FREE Internet and FREE books. It was there for the community and there were plenty of people in there. Working and improving themselves. And I bet they are in a better place right now.

          Right next door to the library was a bodega where 8-10 guys hung out and did nothing all day long.

          I never said it was easy. It’s not. It’s really difficult and there are a lot of obstacles in their way – much more than I grew up with. But it can be done. I saw it first hand and believe it to my core.


          1. Hey Ryan,
            Well said! This is my first time here and I’m really impressed with your posts and responses.

            I live in what some describe as a poor or a developing country where opportunities for breaking through the poverty cycle don’t come easy at all. Yet I’ve seen lots of very handicapped people break through poverty just by sheer willpower and mindset shift.

            I look forward to more of these!

          2. Well said Ryan!

            I worked with a VERY close family member for years who was self-sabotaging with excuses and copping out with drugs and alcohol.

            He had all sorts of excuses like “I’m too old,” “I’m bored,” “I don’t know what to do,” and on and on.

            I kept countering every objection by reminding him that he could achieve anything he set his mind to and therefore had to take total responsibility for the outcomes in his life.

            Guess what – he finally got it.

            After being addicted to drugs and alcohol for over 15 years, he finally started adjusting his thinking, got off his butt, began using the library’s computers and internet (like you) and seeking solutions.

            Based on these efforts, he was able to secure a great job (oh did I mention he hadn’t held one for those same 15 years).

            He now loves his job and has been in it for almost two years – a record for him.

            Yes, he had me to constantly coach and encourage him, while others don’t have this advantage – but at the end of the day HE took responsibility for changing his life and HE took the necessary actions utilizing the primary resource he could access for free – his MIND.

  3. Thanks Ryan for the kick in the pants, well spoken and so true! It’s challenging and yet freeing that we are all individually responsible for our success. Here’s to a Carmel Machiato and more today!

    1. Author

      Thank you Chet!

      We are responsible for ourselves and when we really get it, it’s complete freedom 🙂


  4. What I really like about this post Ryan is its not the same old “Its not your fault” BS….

    If a person doesn’t have what they want…whether physically, emotionally or financially…then it is their fault! We all need to take responsibility for our own successes and failures and when we do – we take back control from the BS stories people have said about us and the BS stories we’ve been telling ourselves…the stories which keep us from achieving our full potential, our vision of what should be and a life of fulfillment. It IS our fault and we need to take back the responsibility for our own success so we can make it happen.

    Good post! Thanks

    PS – lovin’ the $1K Per Day formula – this is MY taking responsibility for my own success… 🙂


    1. Author

      Hey Andrew,

      We truly are responsible for our own lives.

      We’ve just been fed so many lies – we actually start to believe it. It’s so frustrating and we need to take those blinders off!

      And I’m glad you are enjoying the 1K Per Day Formula.. you made a smart decision by signing up 🙂


  5. Tell ’em Ryan!

    I’m having my latte right now building the hell out of the http://www.smallbusinessdojo.com in a Starbucks cuz Ryan Lee said so, you slackers!!! Let’s go get this money! Chai Tea Latte, Soy, No Water!!!

    Forget a new list… Opt in to cash money!

    1. Author

      Go Mack go!

      I go for the girly drink… skinny vanilla latte 🙂


      1. LOL!

        I don’t actually know many people that go for anything other than “girly” drinks at Starbucks.

        I usually get an espresso and water.

  6. No sh#t Ryan! Thanks for everything you do. Taking responsibility is a lost art. We are told every day that we can’t make it. Well bullsh#t to that. Set yourself up to succeed and you will.
    You rock

    1. Author

      I appreciate it Carl.

      It certainly is a lost art – and it’s one we’ve gotta take back!

      Rock ‘on

  7. Saving $3.00 per day is also boring and totally uninspiring. Love this rant-can’t stand the whining mainstream media. Keep up the good work!

    1. Author

      You got it Peter.

      It really is boring and uninspired.

      I haven’t paid attention to the mainstream media in years!


  8. Ryan, Way to call it. Saving almost 1,100 a year will not change someone’s life. Getting off your ass and getting it done will.
    I can relate to your story.
    Did personal training, taught Physical Education, worked Am/Pm bus duty, lunch duty. personal training at night. It did it to care for my aliing Dad.

    When someone tells me, oh Joe you spend alot of money on Organic Food- I have earned it and deserve it!
    Keep up the great work Ryan!
    I am a fan for life!
    Best, Dr. Joe Kasper

    1. Author

      Hey Joe,

      You, my friend, have always had the “hustle”.

      Keep on rockin’


  9. Ummm, there are different people in this world and they need different advice.

    Your advice is great for your audience here because we want to ‘own’ our lives.

    However, there are others out there that do not want the responsibility of owning a business or their ‘own lives’ for that matter. For them, this save $3 and earn interest is fine.

    But for us (your audience), you also have to be careful with your advice.

    Yes, I can go and make $6 and still spend that $3 on coffee (I looove coffee!). But it may be wiser for someone just starting out and is barely making a living, to save that $3 and invest it in his ‘business’ to increase his profits, and then go and buy that $3 latte when he is raking in the dough.

    For us, it would be ridiculous to save $3 for a lousy 1% interest in a bank, when you can invest it in your business and multiply your investment hundreds of times. When you make all that money, then you can invest that money in traditional investments (over 3% interest) and live off of the interest, gaining financial freedom and early retirement.

    (I don’t know of any recent investments that would get you 5%, and the highest I have found is 4%. Unless you are talking about 5% over time in a long term stock. But I am talking about guaranteed interest payments quarterly or yearly.)

    1. Author


      Thanks for your feedback but I think you missed my point.

      It’s not about where you put the $3.. it’s about getting out of the poverty mindset. And instead of thinking about “saving $3” you should think about “making $6”.

      I put a majority of my money BACK in my business.

      And I do think people WANT to own their lives – but we are programmed to believe it’s no possible. I don’t know any 5 year old who dreams of being an employee and punching the clock.

      Just my opinion.. I could be wrong 🙂


      1. Sorry, yup, I missed that point. When it comes to numbers, I lose all objectivity, lol.

        I wish I could be as optimistic as you, but I know too many people that are really happy punching the clock, even though they know there are many options out there. One example is a couple I know, the husband owns a successful work-at-home company while the wife doesn’t want to work with her husband or create her own business and instead choses to work for a “boss”. She knows her options, she just chooses to ‘punch the clock’. And my own husband is the same way, he would rather work at another company than work for me or create his own business (and I have tried to talk him into it).

        I love how you want to share your success with everyone, but the reality is that there really are people who want to work a simple job. We do, however, need those people too. Otherwise, who would work for us?

        We are just all different with different personalities. No one is really any better than the other. We just all have different preferences.

        But I do agree that the Poverty Mindset isn’t necessary for anyone. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

  10. Right On Ryan! Any deficiency in my life or business has always resided with me, been a result of something I did or did not do, bad luck has never been the culprit- always starts and finishes with me. Agreed, all about the work- the “action”. Enjoy skiing with the fam today.

    1. Author

      Hey Chris,

      “always starts and finishes with me”

      Truer words were never spoken.

      It was great seeing you yesterday and enjoy the weekend with the family!


  11. Hey Ryan,

    I agree, that’s an awesome rant!

    May I share mine? Well, I’m not a really rantish person, but I do explode occasionally. 🙂

    I think the other side of the rant is those credit card companies that keep advertising that you don’t have to earn in advance for the things you want, you can just charge your credit now and earn for it later.


    1. Author


      Rant away.

      Credit cards.. that’s an entirely different story 🙂


  12. While I think you’re sincere, Ryan, your forgetting 1 big thing: There are many of us who need an affiliate marketing product that is “push-button simple” to make money as an affiliate because we don’t have any particular “passions” or expertise in anything, unlike you and your members. I watched the webinar. Seemed great; and doable. But it just wasn’t for me because I wasn’t qualified for it. And you cannot tell me that all the credible marketers out there are all full of sh!t by promoting affiliate marketing softwares instead of product creation/owner programs; just not buying that, no matter how much vulgar language you use to try and convince me. So keep me posted on if you ever decide to come out with an easy to learn and implement (and profitable) affiliate marketing product for those of us who don’t have any particular passions or expertise, but do know we just want to make money online through affiliate sales, including of physical products. Thanx.

    1. Author


      Thanks for your feedback but I respectfully disagree.

      There is no such thing as push-button. Even if there is a loophole that will drive commissions for a while – it is soon closed by google, facebook or too much competition.

      When you build your own tribe – you take control of your own destiny.

      And I don’t believe you have no skills. You can interview people. Heck, you can HIRE people to interview OTHER people. You just seutp the deal (it’s the producer model). and ANYONE can do it. There is no doubt in my mind.

      You are selling yourself waaaay short and you are coming at it wrong.

      It’s NOT about you.. it about adding VALUE to other people’s lives. That’s when the REAL money comes.

      Get out of “we just want to make money online through affiliate sales” and get your head around.. “I will help people reach their goals – and it will also make me rich too”.

      And, regarding your other comment…

      “you cannot tell me that all the credible marketers out there are all full of sh!t by promoting affiliate marketing softwares”

      Not all. But most are 100% full of shit. I have no problems calling them out (and in private, they will admit the same thing!)

      Did you REALLY think they are making money with the software they are selling??? Not a chance. I know a lot of the guys and they CREATE the software to SELL to people like you (they don’t actually use it!).

      Again, I appreciate your feedback and open discussions.


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  14. Ryan, your best rant yet! It’s nice to see someone put it out there…what many of us have been thinking about for years…my first relationship was in the ‘scarcity mentality’ you talk about and I just KNEW I had to leave it…I couldn’t live under that cloud…well, I haven’t made it BIG, but the difference, I now know I CAN…because the blinders are off, the door’s wide open and I trust that if I work hard enough and focus…it’ll happen. Thanks for being ‘real’ as usual!

    1. Author


      Thanks and I’ll keep putting it out there!

      The door is wide open and it’s amazing when happens when you embrace abundance!

      Keep on rockin’

    1. Author

      Hey Randy,

      I LOVE what I do and would never want to just do this for 4 hours a week 🙂


  15. “But if I had to do it again, I’d get off my ass and get it done!”

    I have followed your stuff for years and that my brother is the most powerful statement I have ever heard you make.

    Too many people want it. Not enough people want to WORK for it.

    Great post!

    1. Author

      Thanks Philip.

      Some people forget that it does take some good old fashioned hard work. And the one’s who really go after it and hustle make a lot of money (and everyone else just calls them “lucky”)

      We know the truth 🙂


  16. Ryan,

    Just wanted to say that you finished strong with this one -> “Get off your ass. Set a goal. Figure out a plan of action. Provide massive value to your clients and customers. Never stop caring about their results. Take steps forward every single day – even if it’s just one blog post or Facebook update. And don’t ever stop until you reach it.”

    Now it’s time to stop reding and start DOING! 🙂

    Stay strong!

    1. Author

      Hey Bruno,

      You got it. It’s about taking action and not making excuses!


  17. Wake up early, stay late. Just do whatever it takes. 17+ hour days! That’s doing whatever it takes.

    You’ve certainly earned that latte.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Author

      Thanks Shaun – and I will savor every minute of that latte 🙂


    1. Author

      Hey Clay – I will continue to keep it real.

      Some people love it and others can’t handle this kind of REAL 🙂


  18. Writing this as I’m enjoying my Starbucks Iced Coffee.

    This mentality of scarcity and save, save, save is holding so many people back. And not just with $. Example: I used to deprive myself of playing hockey because my thought was always something like:

    -I should be doing something more productive
    -It is lazy to take off time in the middle of the day to go play

    And then when I said F it and started playing again, I’ve never EVER been happier and more productive (and income has gone UP). Speaking of that…ice time is in a few hours…

    1. Author

      Great point David.

      I work hard during the day. And if I want to enjoy a movie in the afternoon, I should be able to do it without feeling guilty.

      Now, get out there and score some goals for us!!


  19. Probably my favorite post of all time. Just the kick in the pants I needed to start my day. Thanks Ryan!

    1. Author

      I appreciate your kind words and support.

      It took me about 10 minutes to write because it just flowed from my soul!


  20. Yo Ryan,

    This is “the 99%” bullshit.
    I paid more in taxes the month those idiots where “occupying” a park than they will pay in 3 life times.

    Occupy a F’ing desk!

    When I hear or see this going on, I ask this question, “How many jobs have you gotten from a poor person?” NONE – EXACTLY! I know there are always exceptions. I’ve just been at this too long to ignore the trends and the obvious.

    People who have it (or will have it) do anything and everything possible to MAKE IT.

    Those who complain about the 1% (1% = the one’s who pay almost all taxes in the U.S.) will NEVER have it. I think T Harv Eker has said it best ….. “Love and embrace what you want.”

    If “they” hate the people to earn, provide and lead, they will never do any of those things.

    If you hate it, why would you ever join it?

    ’nuff said!



    1. Author

      Hey John,

      It’s amazing to see how it’s now a “bad” thing to become successful.

      Seriously, everyone who has money has done it illegally or unethically – right? (I’m being sarcastic, of course)

      You rock!

  21. SO ON TARGET! I’ve been telling clients for years to “DO SOMETHING!”.

    I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and have moved on to do some pretty awesome things with my life and it pains me that I can go back home for a visit 30 years later and find ppl still waiting for the steel mills to reopen!

    For the next week my mantra is going to be “F the Latte” to the same ppl I’ve been telling “DO SOMETHING!”.


    1. Author

      Hey Greg,

      I love it.

      It really is a vicious circle of despair.

      Keep being real and spreading the truth!


  22. Spot on! In 10 words:

    “Do today what others won’t, live tomorrow as others can’t.”

    That is my mantra and the main motivation behind investing in the “1K Per Day Formula”

    David, I refuse to pet any bunnies!

    Ryan, Stay Funky!

    1. Author

      Great stuff Mark

      “Do today what others won’t, live tomorrow as others can’t.”

      And I’ll continue to stay funky, my brother.


  23. Hi Ryan,

    A most inspiring post Dr. Lee (I am now referring to you as Dr. Lee because if there was ever a Ph.D. in internet marketing and work ethic it would be you!). You are a living example of how it should be done. I worked my butt off starting my private practice and worked at the same time as a spinning instructor, online fitness coach, and teaching at two different colleges-60 hour work weeks-and I did not cut back until the private practice was doing well. Talent and smarts count for something, but it is THE CONSISTENT EFFORT OVER TIME AND THE PASSION THAT YOU OUT INTI IT that counts the most. Thanks for the reminder! By the way, I am boycotting the Super Bowl on Sunday in honor of you! Best to your family.


    1. Author

      Hey Cory,

      Thanks for the vote for Ph.D 🙂


      You’ve got the hustle and keep on rockin’


  24. Man, this post f*cking rocks!! LOL
    Oh, I’m a Lady who should not use that word (at least not publicly) but I could not keep back.
    I just want to say that You are the REAL Man to learn from.

    1st of all: You REALLY know what You are talking about.

    2nd:You share it FOR REAL and You don’t hold back on the good stuff.

    3rd: You interact with your Customers FOR REAL.

    4th: Your prices are LOW, specially when one compares them with other programs.
    When I think of all the ones costing several times what You are charging for the 1k per Day Formula, where the dear gurus won’t even take the time to read the comments in their Facebook page,much less interact with the fans and customers, well…

    5th: I must say though, many ot them are really polite and DO NOT USE THE “f” WORD, while You do, (specially lately, I think), but that is also why I love You and follow You.
    YOU ARE FOR REAL, and I know your desire for our success is real as well.

    I loved the First module of 1 K per Day Formula yesterday and since there is still a chance to jump in, I’d say to everyone who hasn’t yet:
    If You really want to succeed and make a big change (REALLY), don’t hesitate and just do it!
    I honestly believe it is waaaaay worth the investment and if I could afford it, SO CAN YOU.
    Give Yourself a REAL CHANCE!
    Cheers from Mexico.

    1. I want to clarify something: the above post was written by me: Ana Danel de Lávaque, (wife of Cristián), but the system has Cristián as the member so it appears HE wrote it.
      He’s gonna kill me when he reads I wrote “but I’m a Lady”! LOL! 🙂
      Sorry, I’m not too good with computers… 🙂

    2. Author


      Not sure what to say… except that YOU F*CKING ROCK!

      When I write these rants and get fired up.. the language gets a little raunchy. But, like you said, I’m just being me.

      Viva Mexico!


  25. I want to clarify something: the above post was written by me: Ana Danel de Lávaque, (wife of Cristián), but the system has Cristián as the member so it appears HE wrote it.
    He’s gonna kill me when he reads I wrote “but I’m a Lady”! LOL! 🙂

  26. thank you for being brutally honest. Some will use this as motivation to do something, and some will continue to do nothing. Tell you the truth, I’m tired of doing nothing. Looking forward to next weeks “1K Per Day” training!

    1. Author

      Hey James,

      And there’s a third group who will just continue to make excuses and blame everyone else except that person staring back in the mirror.

      Thanks for investing in 1K – you will be very happy with the results!


  27. Nice rant Ryan!

    Thanks for saying we’ve not yet reached the end of the internet but rather we’re just at the beginning. Sometimes, for new folks like myself, when I see someone like you who’s been doing this for 10+ years .. well it can make a noob feel like they’ve missed the boat.

    “it’s too late to start at 42 years old …”
    “everything has already been done …”

    But I tell you when I hear you say things like “we’re just at the beginning of the internet”, it gives a guy hope. When I see how real you are with people its super-encouraging.

    Thanks man. Really. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Rob,

      It really is so early in the game.

      Think about it.. when I started there was no Facebook, no youtube, no twitter.. and google was just getting started.

      The time is NOW!


  28. AMEN, BROTHER. Could not agree more, and I too have always hated those reports. There have been entire BOOKS written about the concept of financial ruin caused by daily lattes. (Well, chapter, at least, if not entire books.)

    I’m printing it on a shirt, my license plate, my cell phone home screen and maybe even the site I’m building with help from your $1K Per Day program: “I earned my f*cking latte!”

    God bless America.

    1. Author


      The idea of saving makes sense, but they do have it backwards.

      And I think our mantra could definitely catch on… “I earned my f*cking latte!”

      Thanks for contributing…


  29. Blunt an honest, love it! I think Ryan they need someone like you on one of the business to be the guy that tells all the complainers to put a sock in it and set them straight in the right direction.

    1. Author

      Thanks Travis,

      Just wait until you see what I have cooking this year.. a couple of BIG surprises that will shake things up 🙂


  30. it’s sort of like
    buying premium meat, organic food or whatever that you WANT
    vs saying “i can’t”
    i remember a story in kindergarten
    the teacher told us never to say CAN’T
    as well as another
    with the meaning of can’t standing for: Cancel All Negative Thoughts!
    CHOOSE what you WANT
    be ethical of course (imho) and GO FOR IT
    there are NO can’ts

    get the help
    team up
    go for it

    that being said
    i’m super stoked to be INvolved in your new 1K/day
    am unable to find (see i didn’t say CAN’T) mod one in my dashboard…
    GUESSING it’s just not up yet
    correct or c’wrong?

    pls if u see this LET ME KNOW
    rona 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Rona,

      I do not allow my kids to use the words “I can’t”. It’s simply not in our vocabulary in the Lee house.

      And you should have receive a follow-up email about access to 1K…


  31. WRONG. Ryan, you are right about making money but you missed the point what this author was trying to say.

    There are too many people earning huge incomes as well as middle income and poor people who all make excuses that they can’t find money to save for a rainy day or for retirement.

    Some movie stars and singers earn millions of dollars each year and find a way to spend every penny. That’s not smart.

    You can find savings everyday in small purchases as well as large – ie negotiating cash deals, getting lower interest offers as well as saving money on snacks and coffee.

    Your article is about playing offence – finding ways to make more money in less time.
    The Latte story is an example about playing defence – how to keep money in your pocket.

    To win in finance – you need to do both.

    Read the book “The Millionaire next Door” which reveals that most wealthy people are professionals and self-employed who are frugal when it comes to buying homes, cars and clothes yet will splurge on education, real estate and their own businesses.

    Get It?

    1. Author


      In fact, I did read the Millionaire Next Door as well as David Bach’s books too.

      I think you missed the point of my post. Please re-read the following quotes from my post…

      “I’m all for saving and living below your means”

      “I’m NOT telling you to go out and blow all your money on a Ferrari if you can’t afford it. Not at all. That’s just dumb. You’ve gotta be smart with your money. ”

      I’ve VERY conservative when it comes to spending. I could have bought a bigger house. Fancier cars. But I choose to be smart.

      People who don’t know who I am have zero clue about my business or income. No clue at all. But how people choose to spend their money is THEIR business. If they want to spend it all on a 20,000 square foot mansion – that’s their priority. I keep my hands out of other people’s pockets, just like people should keep their hands out of mine.

      What I’m saying is it’s about mindset. Be smart with your money – but if you are going to play offense, then go for the f*cking hall of fame, don’t sit on the bench and complain you are not getting playing time 🙂


  32. I re-read the article and your comment about earning $6 so that you can have the $3 latte and still save $3 shows you do get it. Hopefully your readers will too.

    1. Author


      Ok, I see this comment now. I’m glad you re-read it 🙂


  33. I totally AGREE with you, Ryan! I have been irritated for YEARS by the stop indulging in a latte by David Bach, Suze Orman etc. They never talked about INCREASING one’s cash except by scrimpng,saving, and investing – never by CREATING cash flow. Although there is nothing wrong with saving the $3-5 daily for a latte if you feel inspired to do so, the underlying assumption is one of scarcity and of a finite cash flow. And, just imagine how Starbucks’ stock would crash, investors would lose money, and how many people would lose their jobs if EVERYONE decided to stop buying coffee there!

    One thing is frivolous spending or racking up credit card debt needlessly. Another thing is buying something if you really enjoy and savor it and if it keeps you focused on creating additional streams of income.

    Of course, I am still an entrepreneur in training. I so want to leave my unfulfilling government job to pursue an inspirational writing/speaking/Internet info marketing business!


    1. Author

      Hey Laura,

      Now, I do think David and Suze have some good financial advice. They found their niche and help a lot of people who need it.

      But, I think people take it too the extreme and forget about MAKING MORE money. They spend 10 hours a week cutting coupons to save $100 – when they could have made $500 with their own part-time business.

      Let your voice be heard and share it with the world Laura!


  34. Years ago Ryan (I remeber clear as a bell) you changed my mindset with a similar thought. You talked about being able to walk into a supermarket and not have to worry about buying the cheaper cuts of meat when you really wanted a steak (which was my exact situation at the time). The idea was to make enough money so that you could afford the steak. I took your advice and now the internet has provided me with the means to buy whatever cut of meat I want…while drinking a latte!!

    1. Author

      Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for your long-time support.

      I don’t even remember my quote about the meat – but it sounds like something I would have said.

      I’m so glad it’s working out well for you.. keep on the path, my friend.


  35. Ryan,
    Thanks for a great Friday rant (but it’s sooooo the truth!)

    Would be entrepreneurs think “shiny objects” or great branding will “solve” there business problems.

    The reality is that it takes W-O-R-K…!

    Love it!
    (and enjoy skiing with your family!!)

    1. Author


      Absolutely – it does take WORK.

      Roll up your sleeves and dig in… but the payoffs are life-changing.

      Keep rockin’

  36. loved the rant

    my parents used to regale my sister and i with tales of some friends that had soup for supper – for 20 years!
    (and put their kids through med school)

    my sister and i would simultaneously reply –
    “I’d rather be dead!”
    little over-reaction there 😉

    i totally get your point…
    but i also get Emily’s point as well

    there are some people who will never (and don’t want to) –
    “fly with the eagles”
    hey, nothing wrong with that –
    who would serve you lattes if that wasn’t true!? 😉

    but likely those folks won’t be reading this blog…

    1. Author


      Thanks for your comments.

      And yes, there are some people who don’t get it and never will. I’m here to help those that want it – and maybe expose some of these ideas to people who have been brainwashed too 🙂


  37. The “settle for less” message is everywhere. The ones that aren’t listening are that 1% so many people are pissed off at. I say if you believe that c__p and want to blame someone else , you deserve whatever you get. Besides, how much is that $1,000 going to be worth in a few years? I’ll take mine now, thanks. Great post Ryan!

    1. Author


      “how much is that $1,000 going to be worth in a few years? I’ll take mine now, thanks”

      Good stuff 🙂


  38. Mindset! Mindse! Mindset!
    I guess the questions is -how badly do you want to change your circumstance and what are doing about it?

    It is simple to say you want to but more challenging to move forward and do so.

    The pain has to be unbearable and unacceptable to make the change. The why has to be strong enough to take the action and sometimes awareness needs to be exposed.

    Warmest regards

    1. Author


      You made a great point.

      The pain has to be unbearable. And for many, it is.

      Something obviously isn’t working – and I’m here to try and spark a change.

      Keep on rockin’

  39. F*cking right my friend. Its all about mindset. Scarcity or Abundance. This mentality of Scarcity is killing the economy and the old work/risk ethic that made this country great. The business owners and the business minded are all that stands between an entitlement based economy which will lead to more economic devastation (and 99% protesters) and renewed economic prosperity based on hard work, creativity and calculated risk. As for me, I’m going to Starbucks tight now and put $50 on my Card and raise a Latte to your health.

    1. Author

      Hey Bob,

      Awesome comments!

      I love this part…

      “renewed economic prosperity based on hard work, creativity and calculated risk”


  40. I had a similar conversation last year with The Colonel (my wife). She was all for ‘battoning down the hatches’ while I was trying to grow. In a rare flash of insight, I said “that’s a terrific idea: why don’t you sift through all the stuff we spend money on and plug the holes in the bucket.”

    Mostly i did it to divert her attention from the stuff I was doing, but in less than 6 weeks had found all kinds of things that we were wasting money on for no good reason: she switched gas companies, changed our cell plans, mucked with the insurance deductable on our vehicles, systemized bill payments, etc. It turns out that we were spending $2700 a month – needlessly!

    This has nothing to do with not having lattes or ‘cutting back’, this was just stuff that had been overlooked in our mad dash to build our businesses. The only difference to our day to day lives was more bread!

    I was also able to amp up my art business over 45% in less than 5 months…and we took our sons on TWO Disney Cruises in 10 months!

    It’s not about cutting back on the quality of life, it’s about trimming waste and maximizing dough! 🙂

    1. Author

      Every few months, I go through ALL of my spending and cut all the waste. It’s amazing how quickly it adds up.

      And congrats on the Disney cruises.. we’ve also been on two and my family loves it 🙂

      Thanks for your comments!


  41. Focusing on “saving” rather than on “producing” is a scarcity mentality and will only position you with in the majority of the crowd (who for the most part are struggling financially). Having an abundant mentality is where its at. Glass half full and all that.

    Thanks for the rant Ryan – you’re one to model after 😉

    1. Author

      Hey Kieran,

      And you, my friend, are a PRODUCER.

      Keep on changing lives!


  42. Great rant, Ryan!! I was just thinking the other day that I’ve got to stop worrying about prices, and just get my butt moving to make the money so the price isn’t an issue. The more we focus on “getting the best deal/not spending money” the less money we will have. It’s the “lack” mindset, and I’m tired of it!!

    I haven’t watched the mainstream news in 3 years. I don’t have time for their crap, and I don’t need them to continually keep me down and rain on my parade. There is a lot of GREAT and WONDERFUL things out there in this world, and if the media would focus on that isn’t of all the crap and dregs of society, then we’d have a lot more wealth to go around because people would be in the mindset to make it happen!!

    1. Author

      Hey Michelle,

      It’s been probably 10 years for me (the last time I watched the mainstream news).

      Focus on the abundance and take steps to make it a reality. There is PLENTY for all of us 🙂

      Rock ‘on

  43. I’m sitting at starbucks reading this 🙂 i bought a 2 buck spring water for some office time. Going for the latte next time:)

    1. Author

      Nice Fred!

      If I go back to Starbucks in the afternoon – I always go with the water too 🙂


  44. Hey Ryan,

    Totally agree with all the chat in this post. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice things like your coffee etc to move forward, simply work smarter, harder and more efficiently to add more to your life rather than cut it out.

    Just dont moan to me about having no time to get things done and then sit down to call of duty on the xbox or american idol for hours at a time!

    I say, Keep Aspiring! 😀


    1. Author


      You are 100% on the money.

      It’s your right to sit down and play video games all day. BUT, if you do, you can’t use the “I don’t have time” excuse.


  45. Hey Ryan!

    I’ve been reading your blog posts and this one really struck a chord with me. I have been reading the Latte Factor books and watching the shows that teach you how to manage your money and become a millionaire in 40 years IF the economy is good.

    I decided that wasn’t going to work for me and that I will create my own economy. I bought your Kitchen Sink package at Never Work Again and am slowly working through it, focusing on small actions every day like you said. Can’t wait to share the day when I am able to quit my job and be my own boss!!

    1. Author


      Good for you.

      Right now, keep your day job, but take control of your own future in your spare time.

      Keep us all posted on your progress…


  46. Hi Ryan,

    One of my friends dad emigrated from Germany to South America in the early 50´s, he was broke all the time, he worked hard, his wife tried to keep a budget all the time to try to have some extras, but one day he came to his home, call a family reunion, his kids were still small, including my friend, he said to his family..

    F___ with a budget, I don’t want a budget anymore, I feel like a slave of the money, this is not life, forget about a BUDGET! I will make MORE money, NO MORE BUDGET.. well, this guy became multi-millionaire with real estate projects in several countries!

    His motto was “If you complain about money, just make more!”

    Great post, thanks!!

    Let’s go for the 100 k per month..


    1. Author

      Hey George,

      Thanks for sharing that story.

      My father-in-law also come to the US with nothing and he worked hard to build his own successful business.

      Keep on rockin’

  47. Awesome, I completely agree, that limiting mindset is what used to hold me back and blame the world for things not happening and basically putting a glass ceiling on my earnings

    But the world is abundant with resources for everyone, once I became aware, more doors started to open like magic, they were there all the time, I just wasn’t aware


  48. Love this. It is extremely motivational for a beginner.
    Love your stuff, Ryan.


  49. Saving a few pence a day for a month, isn’t a bad thing to do at all Ryan. It can help some people build a little bit of capital to get started. I laid out a money making plan for my nephew, who is 11 years old. He saved all the money he was given for sweets, drinks and crisps, his pocket money and his lunch money for two weeks. Not a lot of money saved, but it came to £43. With the £43 I took him to an auction, where he bought shelves and shelves of books for £39. We separated them out and he put 60 of them up for sale on eBay, all by himself, with initial instruction from me. After 5 days, he had sold 32 of the books and pulled in £112 in revenue, after laying money aside for ebay and paypal fees – (he is using a paypal account I set up for him). With that money, he re-invested it in £50 worth of auction books and so on. Six weeks have passed and after expenses, he has amassed an impressive £420. He has done it with hard work, and he is already paying a friend to help him upload the books and pack them for shipping.
    Yes, his success is down to hard work and determination, but saving a few pounds a day for two weeks made it possible in the first place. 🙂

    Loving your work Ryan.

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  51. Hey Ryan,
    I dig this no nonsense in your face post. When I began studying money and finances 10 years ago I had the same mindset of if I buy A it will cost me B in the future and so on. I soon realized that it was mental masturbation and a waste of my time.

    Live and let live, enjoy your life and think more in terms of abundance then lack is the way I live.

  52. It is all because of the goal that makes people going. The goal to help others and grow their business.

    I believe that if the person is determine to reach that goal, nothing can stand on their way. Not matter how had and no matter how they will never ever going to stop.

    Keep it coming Ryan! Good post!


  53. People should get a degree, this is dangerous advice you giving.
    I wasted 2 years of my life with no results online, but now have a computer science degree working in an awesome company and doing amazing stuff that improves human safety on the roads.

    Not only does this degree and job give me financial security and got me out of poverty, it also allows me to fulfill my full potential and contribute to the world.

  54. This is such a great post!!! I have subscripted to your list for a couple weeks ago but I left all of this value information behind. I wish I should have read your blog earlier… Thanks Ryan


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  56. Hi Ryan,

    I just now joined your 1K a Day at 1AM in the morning in Hong Kong. I wanted to chime in on the latte thing.

    I love latte but do you thing I can get one here? I live in a very international city and I have to tell the people in the coffee shop how to make a “real” latte. It was really pissing me off because they just didn’t get it, so I did some research and found out that I was raised on “Italian coffee culture.” You are from the big apple so you may know that a real cafe latte is, wait for it, drum roll please….
    espresso coffee made into a glass or glass cup, 250ml/6.73fl oz, with about a tablespoon of hot milk, no froth, added!
    It must made into glass, only glass. Any other container is not a latte. If you don’t believe me try it. Make a latte in a ceramic cup, drink a little, then make a latte in a glass or glass cup. The difference, and the effect, is astounding!!! Plus, all the more on effect, use A Grade Certified Organic coffee, not FDA, tho’. FDA approves Ritalin that caused the Columbine carnage!

    I live in “a poor area” of Hong Kong. But what makes it seem poor? The people here are not into having a lot of glitzy stuff, no designer clothes, no flash cars. Now, what is very interesting is that rich come here in droves. It’s not uncommon to see ferraris, lambhorginis, aston martins, turbo bentleys, v12 mercedes, etc. parked here, but more than that being groomed, serviced and repaired. But also the area has restaurants from across the world, and the best and cheapest shopping Hong Kong.

    I can guarantee that these days, in so called “poor neighborhoods” will be some of the richest people in that city, people who have come through very hard times and done very well but don’t flaunt their wealth. Not only that but every night after all the market stalls have shut, and there are thousands of them, a huge black market spreads throughout the streets. Diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, rolex, LV, it’s all here after dark. What’s more is that the government here just lets the black market flourish!

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