Lee's Law of 98/2: Are You a Talker or a Doer?

Last week, hundreds of the most caring “online” entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered together for a few days in Stamford, CT for DotComXpo.

There was a mix of attendees. People who were just starting out and working on their first product on one end of the spectrum – and mega-successful on the other side.

But one thing they all had in common.. they all have a strong desire to change the world (and yes, make money while doing it to).


During one of my sessions (where I laid out the exact blueprint on how to go from zero to over $500,000), I talked for a bit about blogging… and one way to come up with a powerful traffic magnet is creating an infographic.

After teaching other people how to copy my success and build a lifestyle (and profitable) business, I KNOW that a tiny percentage of people take action.

And it’s NOT the Pareto Principle of 80/20 (where 20% of the people will take action). In the game of entrepreneurship, I call it Lee’s Law of 98/2 (only 2% of people will take action and do what’s necessary to build a rockstar business).

I don’t know why it is just 2%. Granted, my programs tend to get a higher percentage of action takers, but in general, it’s around 2%.

I wish I had the answer – but I just have to live with those numbers and do my part to move that needle over a few percentage points.

So knowing this, I laid down a challenge to everyone in the room.

I told them about the power of an Infographic and gave them exactly 7 days to create one for their site. I said only a couple will actually do it and for those that did, I will even mention it on my site.

Yes, some of the attendees didn’t have a blog to feature an infographic on – so I will give them a “free pass” on this assignment. But let’s see how the rest of the hundreds of attendees did on the challenge.

Oh yeah, we even had superstar marketer, Melanie Duncan (yes, out attendees are all high-calibre too!) come on stage and share a very cool free resource to help you build an inforgraphic called Infogr.am

It’s now a week later and drumroll please…

There were 3 people who created an infographic and published it on their website within the week.

She is heavy-duty in the world of SEO and she took action. Here’s her infographic (you can see her entire post here)

Zach is a self-described “geek” who focuses on helping people get over their fear of all things “tech”. Here’s his infographic (you can see his post here)

Gene is a business coach and wanted to create a graphic that went into detail about running a web design business. Here’s a link to his post and his infographic is below:


I wanted to personally congratulate and highlight Nicole, Zach and Gene for not only attending DCX – but for accepting my challenge.

And no, creating one infographic will not make you rich overnight – BUT it’s a step in the right direction. It’s these small steps you take every day that add up to MASSIVE results.

Thanks for taking action and I look forward to seeing YOUR successes (and possibly featuring you here too!)


P.S. If you want to see this session (and 30+ hours of pure online business training), then click here.

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  1. Congrats to them indeed! I love the graphics.

    Did I miss that session @Ryan? Grr… It seems that way… I have an existing info graphic, but its all text, so will get a new one done today/tomorrow.


    1. Author


      I can’t remember if that was in the pre-day workshop or if it was on my Saturday morning session.


  2. Guys, You 3 ROCK!

    My Blog is going to launch shortly, (thanks to Andy Hussong and Jason Zimmerman whom I met at DCX12). Those examples show the POWER of the info graphic…hmmmm Maybe I will use a launch info graphic!

    Thanks Ryan! You are the BEST!!! See you on the net.

    JoEllen Marks

    1. Awesome! Glad I could help, Jo Ellen. You have soooo much potential with your biz. Looking forward to seeing the site when it’s ready to roll.

    2. Author

      Hi Jo Ellen,

      Can’t wait to see your blog.

      Keep on charging ahead…

      And thanks for bringing so much energy to DCX.. it was palpapable.


  3. Good info Ryan. It is amazing that people did not bust their ass to get highlighted on your blog. Shame on them.

    I am sure part of it is the intimidation factor of doing something new. New things tend to paralyze people until the pain gets great enough to force them to try it.

    1. Author


      I don’t go as far as saying “shame on them”.. I’m just trying to keep giving incentive to take action. Some will get it, others will not.


  4. Hey Ryan… you got me, buddy. It’s funny… when you gave that challenge, I told myself I was going to create that sucker that night back in my room and have it on my blog by the end of the event.

    But then I ended up having to finish my slides for my breakout presentation, as you know, and then put it off like 98% of the others… LOL. 🙂

    Great post!

    1. Author

      Ok Andy – I’ll excuse you because you were presenting the next day.

      You’ve got a pass 🙂


  5. Great post on the Lee’s Law very informative and thought provoking!

    Rock on…

    p.s. What audiobooks are you currently listening to on the treadmill?

    1. Author

      Hey Chris,

      I’m listening to 2 right now..
      The Art of Noncomformity
      Spin Selling (a classic)

      Gotta keep feeding my brain!


  6. Great post Ryan! Love the infographics been wanting to do one myself maybe it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get busy ! Thanks for the resource!


    1. Author

      Definitely get it done Beverly.. and let us know when it’s ready for the world to see!


  7. Great stuff. Visited each of those sites, and love that people are taking action.

    I’ve been so scattered in what I’m trying to accomplish, but the 3rd infographic above was very helpful. Had a moment of clarity while looking at that one.


    1. Author

      Hi Geoff,

      It’s nice to hear that one of the infographics helped you.

      Clarity is always pretty damn awesome.


  8. I’ll be one of the 2% if it’s the last thing I do!!

    I was sorry to miss DCX but I am taking action on all I’ve learned from you in the past! I am glad to know of Infogr.am and am already playing around with it, but a quick question (maybe a dumb one) for any of you familiar with it….there are no instructions with it and I just want to make sure I understand: I need all the graphics already done and then this just plugs them in to an infographic?

    Thanks for all you do, Ryan!

  9. Here’s another massive action taker – Alicia Pierre one of 8 of the people in my Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coach training who attended DotComXPo.

    Here’s a synopsis of an email I received this week from Alicia about an entirely NEW BUSINESS she launched literally a week after DotComXPo. Alicia writes:

    “So much is happening for me since doing PFYP & attending DCX. Before the events I was very confused in my business. I knew I wanted to change total focus from the nursing sites but didn’t know where to turn.

    While at DCX I was speaking with [another PFYP coach at DCX] & saying how I actually love creating info products very quickly and focusing on them for a short period and getting them done (in the last 2 years I have created a good number, and very fast. Some are in nursing, some about other interests. I have ebooks, reports, video and audio products)…So she said, why not create products for people.

    It got me thinking and I began noticing that a lot of people really struggle from idea to completion. Sometimes it’s not knowing “how to”, Sometimes it’s the Imposter Syndrome at work, etc… There is also a strong market for this offline. Professionals (i.e. chiropractors, attorneys/physicians/accountants/etc) who can benefit from info products but don’t have the time to create them.

    So I am now helping people create information products. Of course I quickly built a website and some offerings (I offer training and also done-for-you-services which I will outsource to people I trust). http://prolificproductcreator.com.

    I plan to do interviews eventually and use the host model (credit to Ryan Lee for this one!) for a lot of the content on my site.”

    There’s a reason you attract action takers Ryan. And its because you are one!


    1. John,

      I just came back to this and saw your post. Thank you for your congrats.

      Also I was reviewing my notes from your session at DCX, I really liked your session. Especially the part the “buyer’s language” was really good.

      Let’s stay in touch.

      Gene Hammett
      Business Coach for Web Designers

  10. Thank you for this advice! i will create an infographic, but I would love to know why it is a traffic magnet? Coolness? Credibility? Just an idea for next post.


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