I Have a Multi-Million Dollar Secret

I have a secret. A big, fat secret.

About a year ago – I did an experiment with my business. Many of my subscribers had no idea I was doing it. And during the 8 months my real-world experiment was taking place, something shocking happened. 

The experiment bombed.

That’s right – even as my list grew, there were parts of my business that started to decline (and it was all because I ignored my SECRET for a business that brings in boatloads of cash every single time).



It started with a combination of risk (I love taking calculated risks) and a splash of arrogance.

I assumed I knew my subscribers. “Hey, I’m Ryan Lee – I’ friggen Superman.” (yeah right!).

Even though 12+ years of hard, real-word data told me otherwise – I tried a few new things. And the results were mind-numbing. How could I have been so wrong?

So rule #1, never, ever assume. It’s dangerous. 



secretAfter some quick thinking, I changed course. And I went back to my “original” extra crispy formula for success. In other words, I implemented my secret formula (I call it C.M.P.).

And immediately my revenue for those businesses not only immediately went right back to their previous levels – they climbed even higher. Seriously. 

Rule #2, if you ever see something isn’t working, you must correct it – and correct it immediately.

So what is this secret – you ask?

I am going to reveal this secret – and to do a complete intensive implementation training around this secret that has made me (and my clients) a fortune.

CLICK HERE to discover the secret…


  1. Ryan,

    Props for being able to admit it and let your readers learn from it.

    I’ve been guilty of the over-confidence and “assume” mistake before too. Then we all learn the market/our ideal clients are always right (generally speaking). And the market is what’s made us successful.

    Totally jealous of the European cruise.

    Excited to see the training!

  2. Like you always say,at least you learned from what wasn’t working . Glad you had a great trip as it was well deserved with the time you have been putting in. Have a great week. By the way can you post dates for the fall event so we can start shopping for airfare to the East.

  3. Welcome back, Ryan! I was wondering where you had gone to – I even checked my spam folder! Glad you enjoyed Europe, and what a fabulous way to start the new season.

  4. Its just failing forward, Ryan. Thanks for the inspiration and for showing the format. I’m moving upwards on your ascension model and will be requesting one on one with you fairly soon…first, let me get this interview done with Perry Marshall.

  5. I signed up but didn’t get a webinar link. All I got was the Paypal receipt. How are we supposed to attend the webinar without webinar access info? And no, it’s not in my spam/promotions area.

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