My “Semi-Famous” Predictions for 2011 (Part II)

In Part I of my 2011 predictions, I revealed the importance of the personal brand and how you MUST brand to succeed in the competitive online world.

Now, let’s move ahead with Part II…

The Year of Continuity Income

There’s no doubt about it, 2011 will be the year of “Continuity Income.”

It’s no secret that many information marketers were hit hard in 2010 and it wasn’t just the “gurus”. I’ve did 1:1 coaching sessions with over 400 people in 2010, and many of them had strong online businesses go from 10K per month down to 2K per month because of the economy and Google AdWords changes.

Every marketer without continuity programs saw just how important creating ongoing revenue streams are in their business. This need to create continuity programs will only get stronger in 2011.

And, on a related note, as consumers are tightening their belts, I’ve seen just about every continuity program (from software and membership site to print newsletters) start with a low-cost trial offer.

Before the Visa/MC shakedown, “free trials” were everywhere. Even I was using and recommending free trials. But that was virtually eliminated overnight with Visa/MC becoming much more strict on what a free trial can be. If you look at the offers on CPA networks, they’ve all changed their wording from “Free Trial” to “Trial”, “$1 Trial” or “Try Us Now”.

$1 and low-cost trials have become the new standard and this will only continue to gain in popularity. If gives consumers a chance to try your product or service with low risk – and it gets more people in the door. I rarely now see continuity programs start off on day 1 with full price billing (especially with the economy taking a bit hit during the past year)

And there’s a HUGE opportunity being creating. I am asked on a daily basis about helping other product owners about creating continuity programs, but I have more business than I can handle.

Two Opportunities in 2011 for Continuity

Here’s where I would focus my time this upcoming year if I were you…

1. Creating more high-value continuity programs with trials starting under $5
2. Building relationships with other content providers to setup continuity programs for them for a share of the revenue

Stay tuned for Part III…


  1. Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely do more of these ongoing series in the future!


  2. Do you think that micro continuity (paid membership for a fixed term of X months)will be a viable position?
    I like the low cost trial better anyway because it helps me segment my list right off the bat, with a customer that has jumped through a psychological and financial hoop.
    The financial hoop may be a small one, yet it is the result of someone opening up their wallet and produce real money.
    I just do not know wich one converts better.
    It seems that raising the “free line” of content shows you have quality stuff and how is the best way to raise the free line?
    Is a free trial different than a free level of membership?
    If you have a free level of membership you could prove your value.
    I like the value you bring Ryan!
    Andy Sherman

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Great advice. I want to design a continuity program for small business owners who may not be using a Certified Public Accountant but want to know about all the myriad of strategies and deductions available.

    There are alot of small business owners who do their own bookkeeping and believe they don’t need small business tax planning. There are over 110 strategies for small business owners that I can include in a continuity program. Do you believe that will work? Any suggestions? I am planning on attending one of your mastermind meetings at your office on the 26th of January.

  4. I’m with “Busy Man Fitness”; this is a great format: bite-sized, focused pieces of information that are easily digested and considered. Thanks, Ryan. Enjoy the magic of the season!

  5. Andy – I do believe fixed term memberships are not only viable – but still a great model. The only difference is offering the introductory product at a low cost instead of advertising it as “FREE”.

    Yes – a free trial is different than a free membership. A free trial usually requires a payment down the road once they’ve tried membership. A free membership means there is no fee now and there will not be one down the road.


  6. David – We can definitely go over your concept in more detail at my mastermind group.

    If there is a great enough pain associated with the small business owners – there is always a paid solution.

    I do think that could lend itself to a micro-membership instead of a full blown membership site.


  7. Good stuff Ryan… I’m hoping your first 2 predictions are bang on since it’s the way our business is going in 2011 😉

    I like the front end product at a low cost with attached continuity trial… but that’s just me =)

  8. Hey Ryan…Once again great ideas and suggestions for the new year! I’m currently working on my first micro-continuity project to be followed with full continuity program after…

    Looking forward to the next installment!

  9. Your entreprenuerial nose is your key strength Ryan and the Internet is growing up. As the saying go’s a one time sale is a promotion, but repeat sales are the start of a (sustainable) business. Roll on part 3!

  10. Hey Ryan,

    After being in numerous businesses and teaching business plan writing and idea feasibility at the university level, I have vowed to never start another business that doesn’t have continuity based revenue at the core of it.

    The stability it brings and asset it turns into is what entrepreneurship is all about.

    Keep up the great content and covering a model that is in everyone’s best interest!

    My best,

  11. Thanks for the info. Love the comments on both parts 1and2 . It’s like getting a present for Xmas. On that note-Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Years to all.

  12. Hi Ted,

    Keep us all posted on your progress in 2011 with your micro continuity program!


  13. Josh and Noel – you guys are right on. You should always look to start a business that will have some type of continuity. Believe me, most other entrepreneurs are finally starting to realize it too…


  14. Good stuff!

    But not easy, at least not for me. I’ve been struggling trying to get a membership site going. Looked into membergate but did not find out what it cost until after I took an expensive course several years ago. Did not have $4,ooo in credit or laying around to start it up. Wish they had mentioned how much it cost to go the membergate route BEFORE they charged me for the other course. I couldn’t find much on their site back then divulging prices.

    So am trying the micro continuity with wordpres-wishlist-Amazon S3 and EzS3 thingy. Not easy to get it all to work. Am about at the end of my rope financially, ha ha.

    No one seems willing to actually show a person how to set this up easily without asking a bunch of money. If I ever figure it out, I think I will divulge the whole process for free just to screw with all the peeps charging people money for such info.

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