Why You NEED "Continuity" Income (3 Models)

As marketers, we’ve been told people will buy what they WANT – but I’m here to tell you, “continuity income” is something you NEED.

This week, the northeast got hammered by Hurricane Sandy. And my town of New Canaan, CT was no exception.

We are already on the 3rd day with no power – and we expect to be “in the dark” for another week or so. But my family is safe (and we have a generator), so I’m not complaining. We are in a much better position that so many others and I’m thankful.

Since I couldn’t get online for a couple of days, it made me take a long hard look at my business.

I did an inventory of my products and programs and realized that a majority have some type of “recurring revenue” built-in (membership sites, software, etc.)

It gave me a sense of calmness knowing that I didn’t have to “sell” anything during the past couple of days (or even over the next coming weeks) to stay afloat.

Of course, there will always be drop-off in a continuity program (yes, no matter how good your program is, people WILL cancel), so you can never take your eye off bringing new people to your business. But the business won’t collapse without a new sale during the few weeks.


Just about any business can find some way to fit recurring revenue into their model. Here are 3 simple ideas…

Selling in a softer “hobby” topic like gardening or knitting? Try offering a $5/month “Nano Continuity” program that features weekly video tutorials. Heck, you can use your mobile phone to record short 3-10 minute videos, upload them, use clickbank or paypal, put them on a password-protected blog page and you’re done!

Are you a life coach? Or do you have specialized knowledge? Create your own premium priced online coaching program. Run live coaching groups through a webinar service like gottowebinar, use a wordpress plugin like Wishlist, and charge anywhere from $20 – $200+ per month depending on the market and positioning. Just 50 clients at $50/month is $2,500 per month!

Perhaps your market always has new information coming out (stocks, social media, etc.). Or, maybe it would make for a sticky community (golf, fan clubs, weight loss, etc.). You can build a membership site. If you want a full-featured membership site, go with something like Wishlist or MemberGate.

But always remember, don’t just throw together crappy content because YOU need a continuity program. Be smart and strategic about it.

Instead of thinking, “what’s the least amount I can do to charge $20/month”.. INSTEAD think, “how can I deliver $500 of value for just $20/month”.

It’s why FounderFly is kicking butt and it’s why the people who take my advice are building rock-solid businesses.

Are you ready for the challenge?


P.S. If you want the most complete membership site training program to date for just $1, check this out.


  1. Hi Ryan,

    For Life Coaching model how do the ‘big boys’ do it? It seems that model is not “niched” as other models. Or is ‘Life Coaching’ in-and-of-itself’ already considered niched?

    Is that the model Anthony Robbins and Les Brown use?
    I’ve been trying to wrap my thoughts around how they do it as that is the winning
    model I’d like to do in my market here in Asia.

    1. Hey Bill –

      I got into Internet marketing as a life coach with web skills that were in demand by other coaches.

      There are an endless number of niches within life coaching – from ADD, to home organization, to emotional intelligence, law of attraction, etc.

      Check out http://www.coachfederation.org/ for ideas.

      All the best to you – John

      1. Thanks John that’s fantastic…not the URL so much but, that you took the time to consider and throw me some support…

        Ryan, I GET-RAZZED about the support in your Inner Circle…Rock-On!

      2. Author

        I agree with John,

        The key is to niche down the broad topic of “life coaching” to either specific conditions or even specific demographics like “life coaching for stock brokers” “life coaching for accountants”, etc.


    2. Ashley, I completely agree that gernael education teachers do not have the proper resources to be able to carry over a native language into the classroom. Unless teachers are trained by the ESL teacher to be knowledgable in areas of various languages, they have no means to communicate effectively. In turn, the students’ learning will continue to be affected in a negative way. I don’t think that the students’ curriculum is made too easy, I just think that they may not have enough one-on-one attention with the teacher and therefore will not be learning basic concepts that will help them succeed.

  2. “. . . Or do you have specialized knowledge?” hmmmmm?

    It’s funny but I didn’t think I had such specialized knowledge for coaching (maybe for some tips but not for coaching), but the minute you asked it on here it hit me that I do. I”m sure many do as well and they simply do not realize that they can coach somebody and navigate them to avoid many obstacles that they already encountered in their field.

    Thanks for this reminder. I think many, like myself, CAN be a coach and it can be tremendously valuable for others beginning in our respective fields.


    1. Author

      Thanks for your comments Aviv,

      I’m glad this post helped give you a path.

      Keep on rockin’

  3. I love the idea of the membership site and the coaching. I think it would force you to be at the top of your game and to be the expert otherwise the people will be dropping out. By keeping the content at the top of whats happening you will be the self proclaimed expert in your field also.
    By the way glad the family and you are doing ok. Two final words for the future. Backup generator. Have a great week as well as you can.

    1. Author

      Hi Paul,

      If you don’t deliver at every step- people WILL drop out. And drop out quickly.

      And thanks for the words of advice.. we are set with a generator!


  4. Glad you and the fam are safe and sound!
    You are the master of continuity. The one email you did with me on our last coaching call sold out my monthly coaching program. One email! You’re good! Thanks again brother!

    1. Author

      Thanks Billy.

      And I’m going to feature your 5-minute continuity program in an upcoming FounderFly update!


  5. I love all of these ideas, more people should be incorporating them.
    I myself could also be incorporating these and plan to in the near future.

    It my be smart for freelancers to teach this to business owners and can make a good living just by doing that.

    Glad to hear you are doing good Ryan!

    1. Author

      Thank you Baris.

      And you are right, there are a lot of ideas.. I just hope that people choose one and implement it.


  6. Ryan,

    Great post as always. My business is long overdue for a continuity program.

    By the way, any chance on a Halloween special for the FounderFly membership…at least for those who may have lost power prior to the deadline and missed registering for the $9.95 price tag?

    I wasn’t one of those folks but figured “we” could use a break. 😉

    If not, no worries…I’ll glady invest the $19.95.

    Keep doing what’cha doing my friend. We appreciate it.


  7. As a Founderfly member one of the things I’m going to do is model that membership for the re-launch of one of my own. That right there was probably worth the whole investment!

    1. Author

      It was only a matter of time Logan.

      Keep us all posted on your progress…


  8. Stupid me.

    I just realized after clicking in to Ryan’s hyper link above and going into my FounderFly Dashboard I discovered: “How To Become A High-Priced Coach”

    Gettin’ ready to listen to the seminar with Tim Paulsin

    Perhaps that’ll nail my concerns…

    Thanks for that Ryan. No need to answer now…you already have the stuff on FF.

    1. Author

      There are so many hours of training in http://www.founderfly.com Bill.

      Login and enjoy… (make sure to also watch the one by Marie Forleo about charging premium pricing.. it’s really good!)


    2. Alissa Mansfield – You are amazing and we are so grftuael to have yu and Ryan take those special memories for us to cherish during our lifetime. You owe it to yourselves to get those memories on film! Thank you for being part of our special day. Where was this photo taken? It is AWESOME! I can’t wait to see the magic you and Ryan create for our memories!

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