N.Y. Times Bestseller

This might be somewhat of a selfish post – but I really need your help.

One of my BIG life goals is to write a N.Y. Times Bestselling Book. I’ve already written 2 and contributed to a handful of others, but the NY Times list remains elusive.

Not sure why I want it so badly – but I do. And when I have a goal, I will do whatever necessary to achieve it (legally and ethically, of course).

So, I’ve been speaking with a major book agent who knows I can write one a NY Times Bestseller (and sell enough books to make it on the list). And he knows some major publishers who would be interested – but this is where YOU come in.

I can write on so many different topics in the world of business.

So I’d love your feedback, my dear subscriber.

Please tell me what TOPIC you’d like to see me write about for my next book.

Be as general (or specific) as you’d like. All ideas are welcome.

That’s it, just write your ideas below for my next book and let’s get this done together. I owe everything to you and truly value your feedback.

I can’t wait to see your book ideas…



  1. I’m not much of an internet entrepreneur as yet, but I am a writer. You could collect your posts in book form, sorted not chronologically, but sorted by topic. You could write on a ‘Getting Out of Debt’ focus. That’s ALWAYS a big topic in our ‘spend till you drop’ culture, and would be a great candidate for the NY Times. (I read Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau – mostly FLUFF. The 1st 100 pages offered maybe 4 debt cures. Tons of reading for little info – that’s not you, Ryan). You could do ‘The Best of Founder Fly’. Make the paper cover look like 100 dollar bills with your picture instead of Ben Franklin’s. Just a few ideas. Rock on…

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Great to hear this.

    I haven’t read your previous 2 books, but this is my idea:

    Your Story from Being a Gym Teacher to Making 7 Figures Online Business.
    The Struggle That Paid Off, How You Did It & How You Can Help Others To Do It Faster.

    I’d like to pre-order one copy now 🙂

  3. Factors for success – What activities (or lack of) lead to failure, mediocrity or big success? The playing field is fairly level – so why the differences?

  4. Hi Ryan

    What most people in IM are looking for is a system (business model) which is simple and easy to follow, and suites how they want to work. Some people like being in the limelight on video, some prefer to be in the background. Some like PPC, others like social media.

    So, what I think would go down well would be a book listing 10, 20, 30 (or however many) business models for making money. Having seen your content and being a member of founderfly, I know you could probably pull about 15 or more out of your butt right now. The nice thing about writing this, is it won’t feel like an up hill battle, as you can just write your business model title for each chapter, and then fill in the gaps (flesh it out). Set yourself a goal to write a chapter a week, or a day or whatever.

    Well, if you write this, you’ve already got one customer lined up…me lol

    Good luck!!


  5. I would like to know your take on how to make passive income from a topic I love and NOT QUIT MY JOB 🙂

    I like my job (college soccer coach) but would also like to know how to make extra income instead of adding a second job if need be.


    “The Second Job Solution”?

  6. An ALL INCLUSIVE book on building an online business ( /and making money)
    on the internet (the Ryan Lee way). YOU Ryan, could do it the correct, honest way.
    Its’ what’s needed right now in these economically challenging times in America!

  7. I would love to read more about business and lifestyle design. You know stuff like how to have a successful business and not have to sacrafice the wife, kids and so on.

  8. Ryan, most people have been conditioned to work at a job, not be an entrepreneur. You have compiled a lot of information from a variety of resources. Teach them how to change their mindset, and then give them a specific blueprint to follow. Obviously you can include all kinds of links which could provide you with backend income, and also give them a free trial founder fly membership (making it clear that the $10 thirty-day trial would go towards a charity of your choice ) so that they can engage with like-minded individuals in the community. Ryan, you already know what to do. Now just go do it.

  9. The get rich quick crowd is everywhere. Go against the grain. One idea: “Get Rich Slow,” then subtitle; “You can’t make a million until you make your first dollar. ”

    The latter is a negative title, but in keeping with believability it could work. Obviously you’re ready made lab here of people who know and like your work will be a great assist.

  10. I think that as a leader and mentor you know exactly what your students need to achieve their goals. Write what needs to be said versus what people want to hear. I think that will come though in a more authentic, raw, and compelling voice, and thus you’ll sell more books.

    Thank you for your time!


  11. “Building Numerouse 6-7K Businnesses Per Year From Starbucks”
    Can’t wait!!! 😉

  12. Hi Ryan
    Thanks for asking! I’d be interested in how you became so successful in your business, and the things you learned along the way (like how to earn good money without being a rip-off merchant). I’d also be interested in similar stories from people you know, like and trust.
    Looking forward to reading your NY Times Best Seller!

  13. Business Ethics. Mindset. Becoming the person you need to be to achieve and sustain the success you want.

    I think you have enough “how to, startegic, specific model” resources and if people don’t achieve success with what you already provide, they don’t need more of it, it’s themselves they need to work on now.

    Best of everything to you and thank you for all that you do and are.

  14. The most important piece to any online businesses success… “The Perfect Sales Funnel.” I still think a majority of existing online business owners and surely newcomers have very little idea of how a Perfect Sales Funnel can change their business overnight.

  15. Prove that making money online is real – show every day things that everyday people can do – and the people making money online are NOT just the ones selling products trying to teach how to make money online (because it can seem that way to most)


  16. Ryan, You have so many talents and so many different ideas you could talk about. But what do you feel your core message is to the entrepreneurial spirit? You can use all your experiences to illustrate this message.

    What has transformed you the most? What have been the defining moments in your career when you saw things you had never seen before.

    I think just wanting to have a NYT Bestseller is not the greatest motive. That can be the result, absolutely. But what idea can you share that will bless the most, help people break down the self-imposed barriers to their success? You are always about giving. What do you think people really need to hear that no one else is telling them? That may not be the book you had in mind, but just another “how to succeed” book is not interesting to me. Dan Kennedy says look at what every one else is doing and do the opposite. I say, Go for what no one else has the guts to do. I know you do.

  17. Here is a random idea –
    What if you were to speak to the Daddy crowd. And since you just referenced
    seeing Annie with your kids —

    How to Be Your Own Daddy Warbucks?

    Ways to create Money online. Interview other Daddy IM’s
    and how to balance time with your family.

    Dad’s are wanting to spend more time with their kids and provide as well.
    what if they can do both with your help and their are lots of fun ways to market
    plus Father’s Day. Are you a member of Urban Daddy? If not email me and I’ll have my hubby invite you. They have AWESOME perks that we have enjoyed.


  18. Great ideas already, but I especially would love to read about ethics and integrity and how they have worked for you in you journey to success.

  19. Like what was said already a lot of great ideas. I also would like to see the stories of some of the people featured at your last event and what they had problems with. Include a great resource guide and what events to attend. I also like Donna’s idea of a $10.00 trial with the money going to a charity. With so many people in your area I’m sure any donation would be great. Maybe do a ebook give away for charity also!
    Hope you and yours have recovered from the storm and being you came out ok you have a great Thanks Giving.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with. By the way are you going to do another event next year?

  20. Great goal to set for yourself Ryan. Someday I hope to accomplish the same.

    I have been following you for years and I have witnessed you “give” time and time again.

    How about a book directed around the topic of “giving” and the power it can have, not only to the person receiving but the person doing the giving. How you can help others and realize success in the process.

    Hope that helps.

  21. You already have a book , it’s your blog and your different products…However I would definitely buy today a behind the scene stuff. How to mix family and work . day to day emotions of business from the begin up to today, why you made that decision versus another etc…almost an auto-bio with the business angle …

  22. I think the topic you should talk about is ‘how to get up off your ass and do something with your life regardless what your situation is and to suck it up no matter what because no one is going to give you a hand out when other people are working VERY HARD for a hand up’.

  23. Maybe a title like “Hustler”? It will get people talking.
    You may write on the spirit of hustling to get work done ethically, effectively and seemingly effortlessly.

  24. Since you will be selling to the general public, who don’t have a clue who you are, you will have to start out with a bio, just like you do usually when you are introduced whether it be the Inner Circle to FounderFly or any other seminars. You are good at transitioning into how you started making it in the exercise-training field and moving into the IM arena.

    Of course you will be selling to us – your followers, so we can help you achieve that #1 ranking too.

    I think if you give some new and creative ways to make money online along with some of the ways mentioned in FounderFly, and then follow those up with some innovative marketing ideas, there would be tried and true information for your new readers to use and new information for your past and current students too. This will give incentive for everyone to buy your new book.
    Have a section highlighting your lifestyle and how it allows you to travel and spend time with those whom you love and to do what you love to do. This will sky rocket new folks to change their mindset towards ‘normal’ business ways.

    I know you will write an excellent book with valuable information for everyone across all kinds of niches and from IM via computers to brick and mortar businesses.

    (All of this above is just a suggestion because I know you always have the best and most unique ideas to put out there.)

    Just announce the day your book goes on sale on Amazon, and I will be right there to grab my copy to push your new book to #1 on the NY Best Sellers’ List. You definitely deserve being #1 on that list too, but you are always #1 on my list because you are such a generous and true person who has so much caring and goodness to give to everyone. You are the most ethical guru around.

    I am behind you 100% to make your book hit that #1 spot!

  25. Idea #1) The Definitive Guide to Making Money with Clickbank. Simple, focused, and you can be the first author to have a N.Y. Times Best Seller dedicated exclusively to making money online with Clickbank. You could create a Clickbank product that compliments the book to help promote the book to everyone who buys the product on Clickbank. If people buy your book before a certain date that you specify, give them an exclusive bonus like a series of live coaching webinars with you. If Clickbank affiliates promote your product, get them onboard to promote your book. If you do it right (and I know you will), you’ll have a N.Y. Times Best Seller and a Clickbank Best Seller.

    Idea #2) Bonusology – The Science of Building a Profitable Business Online By Giving Away Your Best Information for Free.

    Idea #3) The Psychology of Buying – How to Get More Customers and How to Get Your Customers to Buy More

    No matter what topic you choose for your book, your best chance in making your book a N.Y. Times Best Seller is to pull out all the stops and get everyone to help promote your book. Consider interviewing a handful of key marketers and include the interviews in the book, or ask them to contribute a chapter. You could also host a series of webinars before the release of the book and transcribe the interviews for inclusion in the book. Whoever contributes to the book will surely want to promote the book.

    If you like idea #2 or #3, I own the domains BONUSOLOGY.COM and PSYCHOLOGYOFBUYING.COM. If you want either of them to use for your book, just say the word and it’s yours. It’s the least I can do for all the value you’ve provided me over the years.

    Good luck. I know you will make it happen, and I can’t wait to watch you work your magic.

  26. Hi Ryan,

    How about:

    “How to Go From $0 to 7 Figures Using What You Already Know and all the steps in-between”

    That should get you some attention and appeal to a heck of a lot of people.



  27. “SUCCESS HACK: How To Create A Profitable Internet Business In 60 Days”

    You’ll crush it. If you like the idea, I’ve already registered the domains — which I’ll transfer to you free of charge with gratitude for all the help you’ve given me (and all of us) over the years.


  28. From what I have been studying, it’s easier to become a NY Times best selling author if you have a book in a category that is not as competitive, b/c ‘health/fitness/wellness’ or ‘biz opp/marketing’, etc. are harder to become a best seller with.

    That said, you can still do well, because of your strong & loyal following.


  29. Hi Ryan,

    Long time follower, first time posting. I think a general make money online book would be good for the masses. Your story, how you did it, helped others do the same(first heard about you from Tim’s blog and how you helped Mike with his ab site, being a guru to the gurus), and then the different ways readers can do it themselves. I think the title, packaging, and hook would be critical to stand out from similar books on the market. Perhaps focus on the amazing lifestyle an internet business provides in the first few chapters. Looking forward to the book!


  30. Ryan, you have tons of books on different topics. You have one of the best blogs on internet marketing. My suggestion is you take the best posts in this blog and convert that into a book!

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  32. Ryan,

    I think it is time for a step-by-step book that will help boomers to overcome the massive changes that occured in their lifetime. For so many, the high tech age came suddenly and many were not prepared for the massive IT changes that we’ve seen.

    It would be a great service, and, I think an enormous market waiting for a book that walks you through several ways of earning money online. It can be extremely difficult for the 1946-1964 crowd to understand a lot of the “how to” books. These are people who did not grow up with computers and there are millions of them. Many are struggling to stay in the job market and would surely be grateful to have some means of creating a bit of financial security.

  33. Hi Ryan

    I would love for you to document what and how you run your IM Business. So for example do you have a schedule of work that you set our every week or every day.

    What do you accomplish in the mornings and through the day. How do you plan and outsource your unskilled tasks.

    How much time do you spend doing things, and tips, tricks that you have learned along the way. I always love reading books that delivers and see other successful people and how they run there internet business.

    Just some ideas, cheers mate


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