Premium Continuity: Part II (Inside the Numbers)

Since my first post revealing “Premium Continuity”, there have been questions. A LOT of questions.

First, people wanted to know if this means you should never do a lower-priced continuity ($5, $10 or even $30/month). And the answer is… “it depends”.

I like to have multiple streams of continuity income. In fact, one of my most popular programs is FounderFly (and it’s just $19.95/month). Even a site I started (and recently sold) called is just $9.95/month.

Is there money to be made there? Absolutely. And the lower-priced continuity can be a great front-end for a premium continuity program.

BUT, and this is a big ‘ol but – if you forced me to pick just ONE thing to do. If you held a gun to me and said “Ryan, you have to make $50K-$100K PER MONTH from scratch, what would you do?” – it would be PREMIUM CONTINUITY. No question about it.

After literally creating hundreds of products (everything from DVDs, CDs and books to live events, ebooks, home study courses and webinars) and close to 100 continuity programs (membership sites, print newsletters, coaching and software) – nothing has ever been as profitable as premium continuity ($97/month – $1,000+/month).


It’s true – a premium continuity program will NOT appeal to everybody.

Here’s the truth. If you do a good job with a lower-priced continuity or even a one-time product, you can get up to 10% of the people to buy (that depends on your relationship with the list, your position in the market and the size of your list).

Now, if you create the right premium continuity program (most people screw it up!), you might get 3% or even 5% to take it. And while it’s 1/2 of the people who might purchase a lower priced product – you are charging 2X to 10X the price. Which means more profit. A LOT more profit.

This is just an example (you could obviously earn more or less). But look at how powerful this truly is to your bottom line:

$97/Month Premium Continuity
Get just one new member a day. That’s right JUST ONE.

After 6 months, that’s $17,460 PER MONTH in recurring revenue.

Obviously, there will be cancellations and some drop off – but you actually get LESS drop off at the premium pricing (when you follow my system).

Imagine if you spent 2 hours of your day just trying to get that one new member?

After only 12 months you are at $35,000.00 PER MONTH

Again, that’s just one person a day. Even if you are a terrible marketer you should be able to get one person a day.

$297/Month Premium Continuity
Here’s where the numbers get exciting.

With a few simple positioning techniques and a proven sales funnel – you can get a percentage of them to $297/month.

Let’s still assume you are a terrible marketer and still only get 1 person a day.

By this time next year – you are at $108,405.00 PER MONTH.

Yes, that’s a cool $1.3 million dollars a year – with just one new member a day.

Maybe one day you get 3 new members – and the next day nothing. You just have toaverage one a day.

Now, imagine you are a semi-decent marketer who already has a list. Or who is doing the right things to make an impact in your market.

2 new members a day? $216,000.00 PER MONTH by this day next year.

Remember, I’m talking RECURRING, DEPENDABLE income. There’s nothing that comes close to these numbers.

Do you see why I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I’m quickly transitioning all of my business back to this model? (why did I ever try anything else???)

And this doesn’t just work for the “Internet marketing” world. One of my friends is crushing it in the “self-improvement” world and I’m secretly testing it in the “fitness” market with awesome results.

Premium Continuity – I have a major crush on you.


Rock on,



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