Premium Continuity… (Your Ticket)

There’s been a lot of buzz about my “Premium Continuity” model. (if you don’t know what premium continuity is, please read the last post here).

After spending some time on the phone with a student of mine, he made some changes to his program and re-launched it following my “premium continuity” model – and within hours already had 25 people paying $99 PER MONTH (that’s $2,500 per month in recurring revenue in less than a day. I predict he will hit $37,000 per month during the next 3 months).

What was the secret to his success?

He offered less.

Premium Continuity (programs charging $99/month – $500/month and up) is NOT about overwhelming people with content. In fact, it’s often the opposite.

It’s that delicate balance between too much and too little.

For decades we’ve been conditioned to believe we must MORE is better.

If selling them one book is good – why not sell them 13 books?

But as a society, we are drowning. We are getting too much information and we need someone to help simplify things. And this is where premium continuity fits perfectly.


As I’ve said in previous posts, I will NOT turn this model into a “product” that people ripoff and sell a cheap $50 version of – as it will ruin it’s effectiveness. So I have decided to do ONE workshop teaching my system.

No cameras. No recordings. And no product.

It’s the ONLY time I will do this workshop in 2013. I will not be travelling or speaking or creating products about this model. And if you want to attend, you must sign an NDA agreeing not to disclose this content. In other words, you can’t come to the workshop and create your own program to resell. I am deadly serious about this.

This one-time 3-day event will show you exactly how to create your own premium continuity program. I’m talking step-by-step. Everything from choosing the exact amount of content to include. My pricing formula. How to drive traffic. How to sell it like crazy. And the secrets to a 97% retention rate (even for a $100/month program!). Litearlly EVERYTHING, step-by-step.

Me. You. One room for 3 days of the most intensive business/marketing training you’ve ever experienced. It will change your life.

However, here’s where I’m stuck

I was going to charge a lot for this workshop ($10,000.00 per person).

Yes, I know if you launch your premium continuity program following my steps, you can make that many times over PER MONTH.

But after speaking to so many people who desperately want to attend but simply can’t afford the $10K pricetag, it really hit me. It wasn’t that long ago when I was working full-time for $26k per year and would have done anything to attend a workshop like this. But even getting creative, it would have been way out of my league.

And I’m not one of those sleazy guys who says things like “well, just max out your credit cards” or “tap into your retirement account” to pay for it. That’s just not in my DNA and could never rationalize that type of selling.
Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 10.05.51 AM(on the right) A pic from one of my events… my workshops are 100% hands-on and pure content.

So here’s the scoop.

The workshop will be March 13th – 15th, 2013. It was supposed to be in the ultra-exclusive Ritz Carlton in White Plains, NY – but I might move it to a different location in either White Plains or Stamford, CT that is more affordable for attendees.

Like I said, I’m only doing this ONE-TIME and put a pricetag of $10,000.00 per seat.

If you really, really want to attend. I mean you’ll do anything to attend, let’s talk.

Email me directly at ryan (at) with the SUBJECT = PREMIUM and please include the following…

1. How your idea for premium continuity is going to help your customers
2. How the money you can potentially make will impact your life
3. What can you reasonably afford to pay knowing the value of this workshop.

I’m serious – you name your price.

Now, please don’t insult me. If you say you can pay $1, I won’t respond.  I want attract people who REALLY, REALLY want this. And I’m also not doing the “let me come for free and when I make money I’ll pay you” email. You must have some skin in the game.

This is something I’ve never done before so I don’t know how it will go. But I’ve always been about putting myself out there and taking a chance.

I look forward to reading your email.

You rock.


P.S. If you would like to attend on March 13-15th, email me at ryan (at) with SUBJECT = PREMIUM going over the 3 things I outlined above in the post.

P.P.S. DO IT NOW! This workshop will be limited in numbers, so it’s first come, first serve.


  1. Hey Ryan

    Just bought your 1kperday (with the ryan lee method included) this week and it is the best thing I’ve seen in 6 years. So thank you!

    As you know, many of us in the UK are hoping you hop (frogger style) over the pond to see us for a similar event.

    Good luck with the lauch

  2. Good stuff as usual Ryan. You make people have no choice than to fall in love with you and I’m married 🙂

    Absolutely love how you do business. Always looking out for your clients… BRILLIANT.

    You remind me of Jay Z’s verse “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    So, what’s new.

    You always kick the crap out of VALUE…you actually
    create new meaning to value. We all hate you!

    Not really.

    Hate ourselves more.


    ’cause–like Phil, above–we can’t make it.

    What a bloody awful time to be stuck on this
    side of the planet and away from home.

    Sure wish I could be there to watch another
    ass-whooping by the Starbuck-Slasher.

    Guess we’ll just pray good-ole-pal-of-ours
    Ryan will down-sell an edited version and
    slide it onto FounderFly


  4. Great idea Ryan. I love this approach so that you get the RIGHT people in the room and not just those with fat bank accounts. That is one reason why I enjoyed DCX event last fall, because the right people were in the room (oh yeah, the content was amazing too).

    Gene Hammett
    Business Coach to Small Digital Agencies and Web Designers

      1. I didnt mean to be rude. Shoot, as soon as I posted that. It was more of a tease. But Kerwin, Ryan says… if you are serious. Email him and he will consider a price.

  5. Wish I could make it but have our first baby due on March 8th. I am positive that it will be worth every penny!

  6. Yes you are crazy! We already knew this though. I will be sending you an email shortly with my direct and immediate response.



  7. Hey Ryan!

    Long time, no speak my friend! Hope you are ok?

    Phil is right, we need you in the UK man. Too much ‘max your card’ out stuff going on here… time to bring on the change…and you are JUST the man!



    1. …and if you can’t make it over Ryan, you might want to consider offering us a physical version of the product for a price close to the live event, I bet there are many of us in the UK that would pay for that.

  8. Hello Ryan.. I would like to talk with you in Skype.. please add me.. andreiacarvalho.15.. I am very interested..

    I am waiting your response.. Thank you Andréia

  9. Hi Ryan,

    I have sent you an email and hope to hear back from you. I am very interested in attending. Thanks!


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  11. Sounds awesome, as many people above it wouldn’t be possible for me to travel right now. But Id buy the video/recording or w/e – So hope you end up recording it 🙂

  12. Hi Ryan

    This sounds great and something I have been looking forward to knowing more about …. trouble is, I’m in New Zealand. For people like me who live outside the US, would there be an opportunity for us to at least be able to have a condensed, pdf or slide show version????

    Warm regards

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